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This article is an excerpt from my book Living Healthy Beyond 120, A Centurion's Plan for Longevity.

Those of you who have already purchased my book, will understand the material covered here. This article simply is a basis summary based on what has been covered in the book. Now let's tie the most potent anti-aging methods covered in this book into an easy to understand model.

Let's Examine our First Category of Longest Lived Organisms. The Bristlecone Pine which lives for thousands of years, absorbs the amino acids floating in the air all around us, which the Miller–Urey experiment has proved. Our research has proven that during Condition Yellow periods, more of these amino acids are in the air.

Amino Acids - Have a detoxification effect, and form protein polymers (aka cross linking). This protein polymer formation is the key rejuvenation effect.

Most amazing of all is that oligosaccharides, which are found in Onion and Garlic, cross-link with the proteins in beans and other longivity foods.  This crosslinking effect than boosts the absorption of amino acids and trace minerals up to 10 times.

Our studies have shown that many N-linked are multivalent and can cross-link and precipitate with multivalent lectins 
Source: ACS Biochemistry Publications

The article Diets and Lifestyles of the Longest Lived Cultures goes into more detail about this process.

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Bristlecone Pine Trees - Soil Type - Dolomite ~ Dolomite is composed of high levels of Calcium and Magnesium.

Calcium uptake into the plant or human body is much more efficient and absorbed when Vitamin D is added. Sunlight contains Vitamin D.  This Vitamin D from the sunlight helps the Bristle Cone Pine Tree absorb the calcium/magnesium in the soil. Sunlight is very common in the areas that the Bristlecone Pine Trees grow in.

The other mineral that boosts absorption of Calcium is Vitamin K. Out of all the nuts, Pine Nuts are the highest in Vitamin K. Pine nuts come from Pine Trees of which the Bristle Cone Pine is part of that tree family. These trees also grow at a high altitude, free of pollution and toxins.

Let's Examine the Next Source of Energy that Goes literally Forever. The Zero Point Energy Battery  is a technology that makes batteries out of Magnesium and Potassium.  This results in a battery that can run for years, tapping the Zero Point Energy Field.

The zero point battery's main ingredient is Epsom Salts which is mostly magnesium. The Zero Point battery contains a pure magnesium rod as it's center core.

The 2nd most popular ingredient for making a Zero Point Battery is Sodium Alginate, which is a protein polymer. Sodium Alginate also happens to be one of the most powerful metallic detoxifiers, especially lead, meaning it will remove metals thoroughly from the body. The final ingredient in the ZPE Battery is potassium chloride. Potassium has the distinct ability to carry and hold a "charge" which activates the amino acids.

Potassium is an important electrolyte, the term given to a mineral that holds an electric charge and conducts electricity. It is vital for the functions that take place within a cell and across the cell membrane, as explained in "The Washington Manual of Medicine.

Source: The final ingredient in the Zero Point Battery is Sodium Silicate. Sodium Silicate gel's high surface area (around 800 m2/g) allows it to adsorb water readily, making it useful as a desiccant (drying agent). Silica gel is often described as "absorbing" moisture.
Source: Wikipedia

If you remember in previous chapters of my book, when the humidity was at certain levels or the PH of the water was brought to a certain level, the moisture "evaporated" causing Ormus elements to fall out of the water. It is this evaporation of moisture that the proteins are absorbing and using for restructure and renewal of the body.

You can find the full construction plans and research notes at the EZ3DBIZ.COM Zero Point Energy Battery Research Page

I've noticed over the years that around early spring an event in nature occurs that I have come to call the "healing rain". This is a strange type of rain that has a mist like effect and is accompanied by the first rise in temperature after winter. It is also accompanied by a high weather pressure system.  It is interesting to note that High Pressure is used to heal wounds and heal the body:

I have also noticed that using mental healing visualizations, such as visualizing my body in a wonderful healing light, there is more energy to perform this during this time.

I have noticed the effect on nature that this rain has in that it nourishes plant and animal life. Observations made in all types of forests, from the tropical islands to snow covered mountains during this period (which lasts for about 72 hours, and may reappear until full spring) include: Frogs Croaking, more birds singing, increased activity life in the soils, sightings of moths, spiders and other tiny life forms.

This rain is always the first rain that has an increased humidity level, it is also the time that the money multiplication exercise energy starts maturing, reaching its peak in early July.
View the Money Multiplication Exercise

When this rain occurs during a condition green or yellow period the healing energy is substantially amplified.

From observing this effect the past 3 years at different points on the globe, I have come to conclude that this particular type of light misty humid rain, carries with it a revitalizing type of nourishment that feeds the animals and soil bacteria before the full unfolding of spring, which is usually a few weeks later.

Now for the next Category. Tooth and Cavity Repair

I had to include this because the methods used to heal cavities are powerful natural bacteria killers, which also show significant anti-aging traits. The most powerful method to cure a cavity is by eating Natto or butter from grass fed cows, both of which contain high levels of vitamin K. Vitamin K happens to be necessary for proper protein polymer cross linking.

The 2nd most powerful method used to heal cavities is to swish the mouth with sunflower oil or sesame oil. This technique is known as oil pulling. Sunflower oil happens to be very high in Vitamin E, and also contains Vitamin K. The other substance highest in vitamin E is wheat germ and brushing your teeth with wheat germ oil has been shown to help prevent cavities. Vitamin E happens to be necessary for proper protein polymer cross linking conversion.

The final subject tying all this together are the stories of Zaro Agha and Mr. Li Ching-Yuen.

Zaro, who lived to 157 years of age  and did not die of old age, but was hit by a car, ate plenty of yogurt, which is high in calcium (organic yogurt is highest), magnesium and potassium. He did plenty of resistance exercise, by being a porter and bricklayer. This created a "charge" effect, rebuilding his muscles. He also ate lots of Cumin Seed which is high in protein, Vitamin A, Calcium and Potassium. Most people today are getting only one-tenth of the potassium needed for optimum health

Mr. Li Ching-Yuen, who lived for 256 years, also did not die of old age, but died voluntarily, ate lots of goji berries, which is one of the foods highest in Vitamin C. Goji Berries are a very rich source of vitamin C, having 500 times more vitamin C per ounce than oranges.Vitamin C, as well as copper, happens to be a key ingredient necessary for polymer protein cross linking conversion. He also ate lots of the herb FO-TI which boosts the anti-aging enzyme SOD in the body which is a similar effect to protein crosslinkng.

High Amylose Corn starch also just happens to be a very powerful crosslinking agent. I go into detail about how this special starch makes a powerful anti-aging food in the Diets and Lifestyles of the Longest Lived Cultures article.

The other substance that has a similar effect is Bentonite clay, which happens to be one of the best internal detoxers. Soaking in a warm bath filled with a small amount of clay leaves you feeling refreshed and energized. This same effect is felt after soaking in an Epsom Salt bath. But most of all, when you add a touch of clay to sunflower oil when oil pulling, it greatly enhances the detoxification process. Research has shown that excessive protein build up in the body attracts and holds toxins. Bentonite clay and Egg White are excellent substances to help detox the body of the buildup of these excess proteins.

In the April 1979 issue of Scientific American experimental research results proved that the most basic amino acids formed longer peptide chains on the surface of clay particles. This means the clay is acting as an amplifier or growth accelerator of the 8 essential amino acids. Experiments proved that when the moisture was absorbed (Humidity and Ormus harvesting PH), new chains of amino acids continued to form. If you remember in previous chapters of my book, when the humidity was at certain levels or the PH of the water was brought to a certain level, the moisture "evaporated" causing Ormus elements to fall out of the water. This explains why taking a small amount of clay 2 to 8 hours after the condition yellow exercise helps boost the rejuvenate effects. It can remove built up toxins, as well help build new proteins in the body.

And when come amino acids are combined, they create a synergistic effect as the below paper presents:

Italian Scientists at Pavia University tested these 3 amino acids combined together: Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine on mice that were also given aerobic exercise.  They discovered that the lifespan of the mice increased 12%. 
Source: U.S. Library of Medicine

The October 2010 issue of the Cell Metabolism researched this 3 way amino acid cocktail mix increased the activity of the SIRT 1 Gene (a gene responsible for extending life), and that it also reduced the ROS production in the cells (a form of antioxidant activity).  It also improved the cognition of the mice.

Normal mice given the amino acids beginning at nine months of age had a median life span of 869 days, while untreated animals had a life span of 774 days. This is the first demonstration that an amino acid mixture can increase survival in mice, Dr Nisoli stated. He observed that amino acid supplements do not have to be digested as do the proteins which contain them, enabling them to enter the bloodstream straight away
Source: Life Extension

Having researched successful herbal combinations that help restore the body as quickly as possible for the previous 5 years, one very interesting consistent feature stands out. Spirulina, used in the condition yellow exercise is one of the most effective foods that will remove the metal Barium from the body. Another food with an almost identical structure is Chlorella,  is one of the most powerful foods to remove metallic toxins and is also a Longevity food.

Cilantro (AKA Coriander), which is used for the Condition Red super flare formula, is one of the most effective herbs that remove lead from the body or foods, and FO-TI, which I use in my Anti-Aging mix, is also a powerful Detoxer, and amino acids, which is also used in super flare formula in the form of brewer’s yeast also detoxes.

If we identify all the similarities, we can clearly see that during the condition yellow exercise, toxins, in the form of metals, evaporate or are removed much more easily during these times. If Uri Geller can change the structure of metal using his mind and people can remove toxins and metals from water or purify water using their mind and our bodies are 70% water, than a condition yellow is removing toxins from the body, helping to restore it to perfect health and vitality.

My research also highly suspects that during condition red periods, these toxic metals that have been lying dormant in the tissues of the body are responsible for causing bad bacteria, infections and allergies. It is like these metals act as a tiny antenna, activating the bad bacteria to wreck havoc on our bodies. It is the higher levels of thermal x-ray background radiation (above 4.0 which is what we call a condition red period) that causes these metals to poison the body.

"Heavy metals do not linger in the blood after ingestion, but are deposited and lodge in cells, tissues and organs throughout the body"
Source: Stem Cell Therapies

Therefore during a condition yellow period when more amino acids are present in the air, they are helping remove toxins from the environment. And because condition yellows are at their peak from Late September until late December, which is the time when the majority of Meteor Showers are entering earth's atmosphere, could this mean that cosmic rays provide the "spark" to bring amino acids to life? As our article Gamma Rays and Anti-Gravity showed.

One of the more interesting examples to see this for yourself is the next time it rains during a condition yellow; you will see a significant increase in plant growth if it rains during a condition yellow period. Or take a look at the plants and ground right after a condition yellow and right after it has rained, you will see a significant increase in plant growth.


Taking Vitamin D (such as that found in Cod Liver Oil, which also has high levels of Vitamin A)  with calcium and magnesium will greatly absorb the amount of calcium the body retains. It can further be amplified with the addition of vitamin K, which you can get from Natto or butter from grass fed cows. This is one of the most powerful way to heal cavities.

L-Cysteine, of which yogurt is high in will amplify the protein polymer cross linking effect.

So in conclusion, taking these foods at the right times when a "charge" is present such as during condition yellow periods and when there are between 4 and 8 class flares transforms these foods into powerful anti-aging substances, which in turn heal and restore our body extremely rapidly and powerfully. I believe they create a "synergy" reaction which is affecting the amino acids, which in turn restore our body faster than it ages.

Foods high in natural protein polymers, which are responsible for he "renewal charge" that occurs, which is felt especially strong during condition yellow periods.

Albumin (from egg yolk), brewer’s yeast, vitamin b 12, cellulose, cornstarch.

Magnesium creates the charge. As we seen in the ZPE battery which contains a pure magnesium core and uses Epsom Salts.  Foods high in magnesium include spring water, cabbage, yogurt, carrots (extremely high in Vitamin A), beets (research has proven that a mixture of beets and brewer’s yeast send nutrients into the cells of the body extremely thoroughly), coconut oil (used with brewer’s yeast to make the skin "glow" Brewer’s yeast happens to be extremely high in Amino Acids, as well as Inner Leaf Aloe Vera). Grapefruit (used in the spring detox), oysters, mussels, coriander (one of the most powerful metal detoxers), oat bran pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds,  Foods high in Magnesium are best taken at the first condition green period, just after an active period of high solar activity is fading, or at the very end of a condition orange.

Calcium is the glue that helps rebuild the body using micro-bacteria. The best food is plain organic yogurt, which can contain up to 70% calcium. This is best taken during higher solar flux levels, especially when they rise above 4.0.

Potassium retains and holds this charge helping the polymer cross linking to take hold. Foods highest in potassium; Potassium Gluconate capsules, raisins, bananas and sunflower seeds. Many of these ingredients are found in the condition yellow rejuvenation mix formula. Because the condition yellow period includes higher KP activity, taking these foods during higher KP levels also helps improve health and overall wellness.

Excess vitamin E intake will lower Vitamin K levels. Which is why I only eat sunflower seeds every 2 to 3 days spaced apart.

Amino Acids - Are the very first process necessary for a protein polymer cross linking effect to start. They have a detoxification effect, form protein polymers (aka cross linking). The right PH level to gather Ormus is a form of cross linking.

Foods that show a Fibonacci spiral/ratio in their growth pattern will always be high in amino acids and contain Vitamin E.  Some good examples are Sunflower Seeds and Cabbage. Cabbage also happens to have extremely high levels of Vitamin K and is used as a natural cure for pneumonia.

Our bodies cannot make the full spectrum of the 8 essential amino acids, so they must be supplied through foods. Sahan Dosova who lived to 130 years ate lots of cottage cheese, which supplies the basic 8 essential amino acids.

Many centurions also eat lots of butter, which is also easy to digest and is high in saturated fat. Coconut is also high in Saturated Fat.

Egg happens to be high in the protein polymer cross linker albumin.  This person Ms. Florence Baldwin from the United Kingdom who are a fried egg sandwich every day, (when an egg is heated, it denatures the proteins in the egg, which is a form of cross linking) lived to 130 years of age , and we can see in the case of the monks

The Anti-Aging Diet combined with The Five Tibetan Rites of Rejuvenation This special monastery of monks were vegetarians but ate eggs, butter and cheese in sufficient quantities to 'serve certain functions of the brain, body and nervous system'. They had no need of meat, fish or fowl since they are strong and virile from practicing the Rites. The Rites being a form of Tai-Chi, which is a universal form of healing and wellness energy, similar to the Emerald Tablets exercise. We know that Butter contains butyric acid.

who eat a raw yellow egg yolk daily, whose bodies remain young and flexible well into their 70's, shows that the yolk of the egg contains special anti-aging substances, especially after its protein has been cross linked by heating it.

We see this same effect with foods that contain high levels of starch. When these foods are heated to the right temperature, it makes the valuable anti-aging proteins water soluble by the body, as this experiment with fruit flies showed that the longest living flies were the ones that ate french lentils, which are beans

This is the 127th update of my fly longevity experiments. Average temperature was 21.2 C during this run. Estimated maximal longevity using the formula (363 - T*11.2) is 126 days. Of the beans tested this time, French lentils had the best results. This could be due to chance, so run #129 will take a second look at this bean.

Foods highest in starch include; cooked navy and kidney beans, chicken noodle soup (famous for healing colds and a depleted immune system), Chinese wonton soup, steamed white organic corn, French salad dressing, yellow mustard, and roasted/baked bananas. Many of these foods are already known for their numerous healing and health benefits.

Most importantly of all, the majority of these anti-aging foods, also have the least burden on our digestive system.

Out of all raw plant based foods, berries take the least amount of time for our stomachs to digest, which is what Mr. Li Ching-Yuen ate lots of.  In his case they were Goji Berries, and Dr, Gabrielle Cousins of Arizona, famous for looking youthful even though is approaching 70, eats lots of watermelon, which is also one of the easiest foods to digest.

Mr. Li Ching-Yuen also ate lots of FO-TI with a small amount of Chinese licorice herb. Both of these herbs are renowned for their unique ability to help the stomach break down and easily digest food.  Chinese Licorice is used to detoxify other herbs, just as Coriander (aka cilantro) is used to remove heavy metals from herbs and foods. FO TI also has a detoxification effect also.

And finally plain organic yogurt, of which Mr. Zaro Agha ate lots of, is another food that is extremely easy to digest. You don't even need to chew yogurt, you can easily drink it, it's so mild on the digestive system.

So it appears that foods that overload our digestive system are burning up valuable enzymes needed to digest them. I believe these stomach enzymes produce a variety of valuable vitamins and essential fatty acids necessary to keep the body young and healthy.

So enzymes play a key role in anti-aging, but most interesting of all is the SOD molecule, which is the Holy Grail of Longevity, is classified as an enzyme. As a side point, as the human body ages, less of these digestive enzymes are made by the body.

It is this lack of important digestive enzymes, combined with foods that are hard to digest, and a lack of the 8 essential amino acids, which cause rapid aging of the body after it approaches 44 years of age, which appears to be the cutoff point the body starts to rapidly age. This is because research is showing people who can re-supply their bodies with these enzymes and amino acids after this cut-off point dramatically undergo a regenesis of health and wellness.

Any anti-aging wellness plan, especially those being modeled for future anti-aging studies should include how powerful or at what functioning capacity are the stomach digestive enzymes currently operating at, and what level, and how are the 8 essential amino acids being utilized by the body. These both work together, if your digestive enzymes are healthy, than you gain the ability to improve the absorption of amino acids. Most interesting of all is the discovery that after properly performing the condition yellow deltrons exercise, there is always an increase in the strength of the stomachs digestive enzymes. You can feel this the next morning when you eat. The nutrients absorb more fully into the body. You can learn more about the Deltrons at the following webpage address:

Also visit: What are the Deltrons?

This proves the link that when we are fearful or have anxiety in our minds when eating, food does not digest well. The condition yellow Deltrons exercise however appears to strengthen the stomachs enzymes through its mental visualization exercise, which in turn explains why eating foods a few hours after the exercise boosts the uptake of important vitamins and minerals into the body, which explains why the body feels so recharged and refreshed after doing the exercise.

So in conclusion, the ultimate way to defeat aging is by performing exercise to re-fuel our consciousness, which in turn re-strengthens the enzymes in our body that are responsible for renewal.  Eating the proper foods also, especially at the right times can really help also. My book Living Healthy Beyond 120, A Centurion's Plan for Longevity goes into more detail about this.

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