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Invisible Lines of Energy Create Reality
From my research, I believe that the new rejuvenative energy that I call "self healing mechanisms" occurs through geometric shapes and structures and at the right numbers of sunspots, with geomagnetic energy stimulating these organisms, creating re-newal and re-harmony to living cells and our environment. One of the most powerful shapes is the dodheceron shape. I believe that dodheceron shapes provide beneficial energy to living systems as well as restore harmony and natural perfection, and icodenehderal shapes contain a higher energy density, thus providing energy to more dense forms of matter. This explains why diamonds can shoot up from below earth at over 40 miles per hour

For example Viruses have icosahedron shapes, including the common cold virus. When you place a icosahedron "map" over the earth, you end up with the corners intersecting with the bermuda triangle
Sacred Art

Large Deposits of oil, uranium, and diamonds are found at icosahedron ribs and nodes. So it seems that living at icosahedron node points is not a healthy idea. However, because of these high energies, they do have a purpose, such as providing uranium, as well as diamonds. Another interesting facet is that because uranium becomes "supercharged" after it is enriched, when you enrich diamonds you get interesting effects, one of them being superconductivity.

So we can see that whatever minerals that come from icodenehderal node locations and we enrich them, have powerful scientific uses, enriched uranium for atomic explosives is just one example. It is also possible that nature is performing a natural "enrichment" process of her own, causing space-time distortions at certain periods. What we percieve as space-time distortion is really a re-emergence of new matter being created via a "slit" in space-time at these locations. One fact that proves this is the number of extinct animals and plants "reappearing" at icodenehderal node points. The Bermuda Triangle happens to lie at one of these "node points". Just enter the search term extinct animals + bermuda into a Google search, and you get a whole list of animals and plants "reappearing" after being extinct for some time.

I believe that icodenehderal node points contain concentrated points of telluric power, which cause levitation of large stones. The icodenehderal structure around the earth called the Vile Vortices, happens to be on the location where Coral Castle was built. Researchers have speculated that Edward Leedskalnin , the builder of Coral Castle, learned the secret of levitation and one theory in particular caught the imagination of many.

Now if you place a "grid" over the earth with a Dodheceron shape, you find the world's biggest Iron, nickel, Copper and Oil deposits. THESE ARE THE SAME MINERALS THAT EXIST IN OUR BODY, AND REQUIRE NO ENRICHMENT. Unlike the dangerous minerals found at Icodenehderal points such as Uranium.

A Dodecahedron is composed of 12 pentagons, it looks a little like a soccer ball. It has 20 corners and 30 edges. Plato believed it to be the atomic shape of cosmic spirit. Dodheceron shapes have been shown to clear entire swimming pools of algae and moss, just by placing the structure in dirty water. View Experiment One and View Experiment Two of Dodecahedrons affecting water for healing and purification. The dodecahedron is a space-filler, meaning it fills space without gaps. The octahedron fill space in complement (by working together with gaps). This explains why space is expanding because it is always filling space and the dodecahedron fills does not expand, but rather creates a “charging” effect. Many scientists now agree that our universe is dodecahedron shaped. Galaxies which are stationary clumps of mass, form in superclusters of form octahedron shapes

The great scientist Johannes Kepler discovered that the spacing of the orbits of Mars and Earth coorespond to a dodecahedron, and the spacing of Venus and Earth orbits correspond with a icosahedron. Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto have a very straightforward relationship with the Golden Mean -- Pluto and Neptune’s outer orbits to 99.5% accuracy, and Pluto and Uranus’ inner orbits to over 99.9% accuracy. Chiron and Pluto’s outer orbits are in a proportion similar to the Golden Mean nested twice (to 99.7% accuracy).

The formula works as follows:

• Take the Earth's sphere and put a dodecahedron around it.

• Put a sphere around this dodecahedron, Mars will move on it.

• Put a tetrahedron around Mars' sphere and surround it by a sphere, Jupiter will move on it.

• Put a cube around Jupiter's sphere and surround it by a sphere, Saturn will move on it.

• Put an icosahedron inside the Earth's sphere, then Venus will move on a sphere contained in it.

• Put a octahedron inside Venus sphere, then Mercury will move on a sphere just contained in it.

• Therefore the ordering is octahedron, icosahedron, dodecahedron, tetrahedron, cube (8-faces, 20-faces, 12-faces, 4-faces, 6-faces).

Although not 100% accurate, these dimensions are within 90% accuracy.

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