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Over the many years of researching health and anti aging, excess ammonia build up appears to be a cause for ill health and disease, especially bacterial related infections.  Excessive Ammonia comes from an overabundance of protein in the diet, especially from eating excess meat or nuts. 

"Diseases Associated With Elevated Blood Ammonia Levels"

What is even more interesting is the amino acid Arginine has been proven to be a powerful anti-aging amino acid. Such as the work done by Egyptian biochemist Mohamed Gad.

"If you're over forty and starting to notice signs of aging then, according to the Egyptian biochemist Mohamed Gad, there's a very simple way to restore your youth and vitality. Every evening before going to bed, take 5 g L-arginine and your body will soon start to function better"

The most powerful way to remove ammonia from the body is via the amino acid Arginine.  In order for Arginine to achieve its maximum bioavailability by the body, it should be taken with Glutamine.  The best Glutamine source is organic red cabbage, followed by Parsley and Raw Spinach.  It also helps to have vitamins B3 and B6 to increase the production of Glutamine in the body. Paprika, Cabbage and Plain Organic yogurt are high in Vitamins B3 and B6.
Cabbage Juice has also been used to help cure pneumonia. So this means that excessive ammonia build-up could also increase the chance of bacterial infections.
Source: Conquering Tuberculosis and Pneumonia using Non-Pharmaceutical Techniques

Foods highest in Arginine include: Spirulina, Sesame Seeds, Egg Whites and Light Canned Tuna.

Therefore excellent combinations include: Spirulina and Cabbage, Tuna and Parsley with a Vitamin C capsule, to boost absorption of the Lysine in the Tuna.

Some Facts about Amino Acids that Help Rebuild The Liver:

Citrulline removes ammonia from the liver.
Arginne creates Lipid Metabolism and helps detox the liver and regenerate it.

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