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The Emerald Tablets

Because the Emerald Tablets Exercise works with the Geomagnetic Energy of the Earth, when the Time Imprints from the Future are felt, it is because the earth feels these events before they occur, and if you are doing the exercise, these events manifest themselves as future events occuring in the "Time Stream".  The Princeton Global Consciousness Project is already actively plotting these events before they happen. You can view their website and data at the following address:

One of the more interesting effects of doing the Emerald Tablets Exercise is increased sensitivity to upcoming earthquakes. I have noticed usually a 10 day prediction window, where I receive an "imprint" of an earthquake that will occur about 10 days out. I predict that as earthquake prediction methods mature, the electronics and circuitry used will assist in seeing into the future. This is because the energies from performing the Emerald Tablets Exercise are felt stronger when done in areas where there is higher than usual earthquake activity, especially when performed on or near earthquake fault lines.



Human Pre-Cognition

Not only does the earth react before an event, showing it has a type of nervous system, but the human nervous system does so as well.  As Dr. Dean Radin proved that our body reacts seconds before we are consciously aware of a choice or decision we make. His experiments showed that when individuals were shown images on a computer screen, their eye dilation and body reacted seconds before they made a decision. In some cases people were given electric shocks, and their bodies knew beforehand, that the electric shock was coming.

The research paper is:

Additional Research

Dr. Deans Homepage is:



Self Confidence and Intuition

A series of small successes creates steps leading to growing self-confidence.  When we have a negative setback it causes a shock to our self-confidence. Rather than try and struggle to regain control, we should float freely and go with the flow, much like if you want to survive being swallowed up by quicksand or dragged underwater when pulled by an undertow.

Condition Blue Periods boost intention.  When we get results from our intentions, it gives us renewed self-confidence.  The opposite occurs during condition orange periods, which are periods the sun does not give us extra power to fuel our intentions. This is why self-confidence fuels our dreams and goals.

When our daily routine is impacted, our super conscious takes notice.  This is why animals can sense an approaching Tsunami and take action. Our super conscious is fed by our self-confidence, and it is this that warns us instinctively of changes ahead, especially when we are at an intuitive peak period, which is when we are more connected to our super conscious.

Therefore if we listen to our intuition when we have self confidence in something, and we get return feelings of good, light and joy, then the decision is a good one.  If on the other hand we get feelings of dread, darkness and pain, than the decision is a bad one.

These are signals that our super conscious picks up and warns us about, based on how much confidence we have in ourselves and our projects.







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