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Using The Sun As A Time Machine

Cycles and Time

Because everything is composed of energy and this energy has been ongoing since the big bang, than events that have not happened yet, must be composed of energy that has not yet formed or materialized into our existence.

Physics tells us that gravity warps space time, and that a moving mass also affects time. Therefore large moving objects would affect space/time.

Earth has events of disturbed energy, or periods where geomagnetic energy becomes stronger and more active and this energy becomes highly concentrated during periods known as "magnetic reconnection"

This high energy period is maximized from September to late October each year, when geomagnetic storms are most intense. Because earth is a moving mass of energy, could these particles become so concentrated that we can form a model predicting certain events as we are trying to do in the Dow Jones Industrial Forecasting?

Let's form a simple model, based on using an event of Magnetic Reconnection of the Sun during a solar flare cycle. The cycle usually goes from Blue with a peak at red than to Orange, than to green and ending at Purple. To keep it simple, we will just use the blue and orange, which roughly goes from the start to the end of the cycle. If you want to learn more about the cycles of a solar flare you can visit the in depth page.

We are going to start at the point where the sun's energy starts to increase, known as a condition blue.




As shown above, the Orange X is the point of large mass which warps space/time.  As you approach this point, it sets up a type of "Time Machine" where particles are ejected from that point in time to the past to fullfill the goal at day 5, or Magnetic Reconnection. This could be why earth never dies as magnetic reconnection replentishes life on earth with new bacteria, which is the key to all living organisms.  Can bacteria travel through time?The energy begins at the condition blue, than "reconnects" back to itself during the condition orange period.

Let's say for example, we want to set a goal into motion and we set 5 days to make that goal a reality. Day 1 would represent the condition blue period and Day 5 the orange period. As we put our time and energy towards that goal, it builds momentum. Now as we approach day 5, circumstances and events in the form of energy go back in time to help our goal manifest itself on day 5.

This explains why all is energy and the more energy we put towards a goal, the faster it manifests. It also explains that as we approach an end point, which we can visualize as a point of large mass, this mass of energy is so large that it warps space/time, allowing it to send particles back to the past to manifest the goal in the future, especially more so as we approach day 5.

This explains why working towards a goal while the moon is headed towards perigee manifests the goals easier.

When the moon is in perigee, it is at its closest point to our earth. This increases the mass of energy particles that are occurring on earth at the time, allowing this energy to help manifest goals.

As mentioned earlier, September to October is when these particles are most intense. What is also interesting is that the earth revolves closest to the sun during the winter months. And the months of September to October are the months of the year, that earth is headed closest to the sun.

Another interesting point is that many breakthroughs in science occur around the month of December.

Like the Great Pyramid of Giza and Stonehenge, many churches and temples are built of stone. These large heavy structures may be causing a slight distortion in gravity in the surrounding area, especially if the church is built on a ley line, which is why prayer can be so effective at churches and temples, because once again, energy from the past pulls itself into the present to manifest future goals.

Geomagnetic storms also cause induced electric currents that flow from oil pipelines into the soil which corrode pipes faster than normal. This means that oil may going back in time to replenish itself which is why the earth will never run out of oil. This is just a very far out guess, but considering the mass of oil on earth, and that it is affected by these particles it is an interesting observation none the less. There is an excellent article from an expert showing why earth will never run out of oil.

Another interesting observation is that during a condition orange period, when taking anti-aging herbs and foods the effects are maximized. This could also be due once again due to the anti aging particles of the herbs going back in time to rejuvenate the body quicker.

It only takes small particles of energy to affect the aging process. Because the earth is closer to the mass of the sun from September to November each year, this would also mean that these particles, if taking anti-aging herbs would help the body live longer. It is now a confirmed scientific fact that people born during winter live longer than those born during other times of the year.

These are just a few of my thoughts on space/time and hope that it helps lead to a clearer understanding of how we can use this energy to better our future.




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