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This article is one of my more shorter articles, but I have done that on purpose. To keep it simple. The miracle of miracles is that they are happening around us all the time. Their simplicity and our lack of belief is what keeps them hidden from us.

The best way to create miracles using a condition blue is to find out what is getting you results or has gotten results for you in the past, than focus on this same method during a condition blue. From my experience in selling, I know what gets results for me, so during a condition blue, I will have more belief in my ability to follow the same pattern I know that gets results, and the final results will always multiply faster with much larger results, or in my case more sales. If you are using it for healing, use healing visualizations, or frames of mind that you know made or kept you healthy in the past, and apply them more during this period. If you play sports, follow the pattern or technique that you have used in the past to get results, and you will find that these skills will become even more amplified, than at other times, giving you a huge advantage over your competitors. So we can see that no matter how small the results are we are getting from our technique to heal or improve ourselves is, the results from this technique multiply themselves substiantially during condition blue periods.

At 7:39 minutes into this video, Tony Robbins explains this concept more clearly of how the power of belief creates miracles.

When Miralces Occur

Although miracles can occur at anytime by an experienced practictioner, there are times when the energy is more powerful and you can tap into it. The best time this energy is strongest is during condition blue periods

If you wanted to pinpoint the exact "energy portal" phase, it is these things to watch for: Between 4 and 8 C Class Solar Flares, or 80 or 160 sunspots. A major amplifier of this energy occurs when there are 9 or more S Class Optical Solar Flares occuring. These powerful periods, especially when they overlap, are when the mind can be used to do amazing things, as we are just discovering. Below I have highlighted one of these "miracle" energy burst periods. The graphic below shows 18 Optical C Class Flares with 4 C Class Flares and 79 sunspots. A powerful period. This is a snapshot that came from courtesy of NOAA at Daily Solar Data
miracle sunspots intention healing believe

Okay, so you are probably wondering, if these energy periods occur, than there must be video evidence of someone who has had a powerful miracle healing experience.  Well besides myself knowing about this energy, and of course using it, I have found a video a lady who for decades was crippled in a wheel chair, and during the "condition blue" period when there were 4 C Class Solar flares, she all of a sudden was healed. She stated that on On Dec. 24 2011, Jesus appeared and healed her.  This lady had been severely crippled for a very long time, even unable to move some parts of her body.  Okay, so let's take a look at the solar conditions on December 24th, 2011 There were 4 C Class Solar Flares and the Sunspot Number or Sunspot Area 10E-6 Hemis area had been rising for 4 consecutive days. This is the same as a condition blue. She is now fully recovered. I have also included a screenshot of the solar wind speed and C Class Flare Number. Solar wind speed at around 350, which is the time condition greens are maximized and that prayer is strongest.During this time Vega was in the east and the star Betelgeuse, a part of the Orion constellation was almost directly overhead, heading towards setting in the west.

Image Source:
Below I have posted the video for you to see.

I firmly believe that in the past or even in the present certain secret groups knew of, or are still using this energy.

solar wheels sunwheels sunspotsClick image to view more information
  This image of "sun wheels" shows 8 spokes, which I believe represent 8 C Class Solar Flares, the creator of the power of miracles. The page shows these descriptions of "sun wheels" containing between 4 and 8 "spokes" or "energy flows", with some as religious artiffacts. This is the exact same number of C Class Solar Flares that "stimulate" the body, which can be used for healing "miracles" or to get people enthusiastic about a product or service.  

To create a miracle you need heart generated emotion (HeartMath) energy and intention focused on the event or goal having already successfully manifested. One example of using this combination is where cancer can be cured in a matter of minutes.  This is possible because our DNA repairs itself in a mere fraction of a second.
"Dr Alexey V. Cherepanov, who works via a NWO VENI grant in Prof. Huub J. M. de Groot’s solid-state NMR group at Leiden University and under TU Delft enzymologist Prof. Simon de Vries in the Enzymology group, is studying DNA repair via enzyme DNA ligase. The entire repair process occurs at room temperature in a fraction of a second."
Source: Delft University of Technology

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Miralces can also be attributed to Healing.  One of the most successful healers is known as "John of God" in Brazil, South America.  He uses what is known as "distance" healing. He healed Dr. Wayne Dyer while he was in Hawaii of Cancer by performing non-invasive "distance surgery."  John of God did not even visit Dr. Wayne Dyer to perform the healing. You can listen to Dr. Wayne Dyer talk about his experience by watching the video below. A warm gratitude of thanks goes out to Dr. Wayne Dyer for kindly sharing with the world his secret of how he became healed. The real tragedy is how many people with the power of media at their fingertips, were cured of Cancer using the same technique, yet never told the world about it?

Here are 2 more Cancer Recoveries Attributed to "Healing at a Distance" which would be attritbued to Miracles.
Cancer Healing 2
Cancer Healing 3

Perhaps this is one of the main reasons the medical establishment does not want us to learn about this.  Because as we learn to heal cancer, we are also able to create miracles in our lives.

We already have visible proof of this on video.  In a healing center in Beijing, China, there is a video showing a patient whose tumor was completely removed without surgery. This was successfully invasively done using a group of focused minds using emotion and intention combined with a mantra that composed of the language "already done". The video is posted below. You can watch the tumor disappear during the video at about 5.00 minutes into the video. In the video, the left screen is a snapshot photo of the grey tumor and the right half of the screen is the real time video image.  This is the tumor that disappears.

You can view full printed report of the video here

Mr. Gregg Braden, who recorded the video, has proven research that we exist in a quantum field in the localized region that we live and work in.  This field is most affected by human emotion and feeling and that this quantum field recognizes this as a form of language which than creates the miracle or manifested goal. The formula necessary to effect this localized field is the square root of 1% or just 100 people per million or 8,900 people for all people on planet earth. This "butterfly wing" effect shows up in biochemistry where only 1% of the strongest chemical or herb is mixed with a "carrier" or dilution to deliver powerful results. Or why taking too much cancer fighting foods results in more harm than good and so on. From personal experience, I have found it easiest to affect this field during condition blue periods and during the first crescent moon, especially if this crescent moon occurs when the moon is perigee. A crescent moon symbol also happens to be used in many religious and business symbols.

This ability to de-materialize matter as shown in the above video is nothing new to the U.S. Air Force, who has also done extensive studies confirming this, as this report released by the U.S. Government confirms:

Chinese children teleport insects and radios in totally repeatable scientific experiments.

You can read the full paper at the page below:

There is also video documentation of other people who are known as "instant miracle workers".  At 9:05 minutes into the video below, you will see miracle healer Mr. Todd White restore sight to a person with 50% vision in his eye, and at 11:25 minutes into this video, he also makes a person in a wheelchair walk again.

A Simple Tool for Miracles

As research has shown that same tools that we use to measure, also create. So one excellent way to solve a problem is to identify and measure a problem you may be having and break it down into 2 parts.

The draining points or points that are causing you a drag or draining your resources to fix your problem and then part 2, identify the power points you currently possess in your life, and apply these to point 1.

This is because whenever you divide a problem into 2 points, it creates measurement, which in turn generates a new thought form, giving it a magnetic polarity.

1: Your power points may include time to study, friends who empower you, teachers, etc.
2: Your non-power points. These are areas that drain you in life.  Excessive work hours, time spent getting to work, ill health, or similar energy draining tasks.

Simply use your power points in part 1 to reduce the "energy" drain caused by part 2. This could involve finding a job closer to where you live, working from home, or taking time to study new subjects or knowledge that empower you. It may take time to generate more power points, but when you do, the miracles start happening.

Another way help miracles happen is to take responsibility for the consequent actions of your belief system and what ou judge. This involves believing in the actions you perform to heal yourself, which than gives you the power within to start the healing process, and you don't have to worry what other people may think.

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