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Time Compression Leads to Diamond Formation
Scientist Alexei Dmitriev termed the phrase “Vacuum Domains”, which he believes are responsible for vortex type energies that cause earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and most of all tornadoes. He studied the work of explosions occurring in earth’s crust, which create kimberlite pipes. When an elongated tubed shaped formation occurs after a seismic event, a very faint dome shaped ring appears on the surface of the earth and when you dig down to below this ring, you find the tube filled with newly formed diamonds.

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This explosive force leaving the kimberlite pipes approaches several hundred kilometers per hour from deep within earth’s crust. Kimberlite pipes form in several areas at the same time of the event, and can be tens of thousands of kilometers apart from each other.

See Article: “Diamonds the size of potatoes shoot up at 40 miles per hour from their birthplace 100 miles below Earth’s surface” Ref:

Dmitriev states that the flow of time is or speeded up and compressed during these events . Dmitriev also states that during these periods human consciousness also undergoes a “shift” and that our ionosphere, and lithosphere which can become supercharged during times of high solar activity is somehow connected to these explosions occurring in earth’s crust.

Dmitrieve also believes that these same “explosions” occur in our atmosphere and underwater. Considering that Icosahedron nodes are where diamonds form, and the Bermuda triangle is in an Icosahedron node, than possibly during these “explosions” it is causing extremely high energy fields that affect time and space and affect people and ships in that area.

Another interesting observation is that during high geomagnetic activity more poltergeists and other strange phenomena occur. During high geomagnetic activity periods, human consciousness can go two directions, if there are more cosmic rays or higher 2mev energies, than consciousness is positively stimulated, if there is a lack of 2mev protons or less cosmic rays, research has shown this to be detrimental to the physical and mental body, with effects similar to that behavior exhibited by the full moon. This means that because ghosts and other poltergeist activity comes from the past, or events are “looping” or repeating events from the past, than certain geomagnetic events are also “compressing time”. This means that geomagnetic storms are the battery, which pulls in energy to re-create and/or heal.

The polar vortex from which much of the weather on the earth originates, creates tornadoes. The interesting thing about this is the energy comes in through the north pole and than circles down towards the equator.

Dmitriev has also shown that these explosions can occur around geological fault lines and coincide with strange balls of light. He believes that the explosions occur when a low pressure wave collapse upon itself, capturing stored solar energy and then releasing it like a huge capacitor. This low pressure zone acts as a huge vacuum, drawing out large amounts of energy from earths cure, which causes the explosion. This than allows the energy to rise up into the atmosphere.

Most interesting he notes that our emotions and consciousness can trigger mini types of these explosions and if a group gets together with collective emotion and intent can create changes in the geomagnetic field.

From my experience with pole balancing, the energies are strongest along geological fault lines and Zaro Agfa, who lived to over 150 years of age, also lived in Turkey, which is on a major fault line. So this means that time these “rejuvenated time compression storms” occur strongest along major earthquake fault lines. And best of all because geomagnetic storms have can cause heart attacks in people, it also means we can see the reverse occur, we can also use our hearts to affect the local geomagnetic field we exist in. See the article How We Can Influence Earths Geomagnetic Field Using the Power of Our Heart on how this works.

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