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Restoring Function of the Body via Celestial Energy / Discovering the Ancient QI Gong Secrets From the Masters


How Condition Colors Relate to the Yin and Yang Concept of Health and Healing

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After working with extracting and molding energy from the constellations Sirius, Cygnus and Vega over the past few years, using the Condition Yellow and Emerald Tablets exercises, I have decided to name these practices Celestial QI Gong, after the Ancient QI Gong masters who understood and used them, and from discovering that their information matches the discoveries I have made over the last few years. Many of my discoveries have coincided with the Taoist Nine Star Astrology principle, which I never heard about until running across the subject after 5 years of research into celestial regenerative healing of the body.

Besides coming across others who are also using this energy such as Dr. Steven Greer, I also came across the writings of Dr. Eisen who is a medical mathematical scientist, with a background in Chinese Herbology and who was the director of Education of Chinese Medicine and the Acupuncture Institute in Upper Darby, PA. Dr. Eisen has studied the practice of Ancient QI Gong very closely and how the energy from the moon, planets and stars flows down into the major organs of the body, affecting blood pressure and hormones at certain times of the day, as well as during certain seasons and phases of the moon.

These celestial energies enter certain acupuncture points of the body, flowing into and affecting the 5 major Yin organs, whereupon they create energetic "peaks", and if the organ is not healthy, aged or diseased, this new influx of energy can cause disease.  

However the opposite also applies.  By taking herbs, certain foods or performing QI Gong or acupuncture during these times the reverse occurs and this energy can be used to heal. In some cases the "Steam" is let out or in other cases the organs are "Nourished" with the right type of herbs.

When QI Gong and Acupuncture therapy are performed at the times this energy flow is strongest into certain organs of the body, the results of QI Gong, acupuncture or the taking of herbs is significantly enhanced.  It creates a beneficial synergistic effect, which promotes healing and disease prevention must faster than conventional methods. Please note in this article, QI Gong refers also to the condition yellow and emerald tablets exercises mentioned previously, as they are methods to move, direct and channel this energy into the body.

The key to making this all work together is to take the right foods that match the organ of the body at the right time for maximum disease prevention and longevity. This flow of energy from the planets and constellations at various times, I believe also caused an energetic peak in a local geographic region or locale, as Edward Leedskalin most likely used a similar method to take advantage of this energy to move large stones into place by reducing the gravity of the stones, as his moon garden features crescent moons
which are a period this energy "peaks".

This is interesting to note because the earth has acupuncture lines running throughout it called "Ley Lines".

What is most interesting of all is the 5 Yang organs that represent Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn are all organs that undergo energetic "peaks" at certain times of the day and months of the year according to the 10 Heavenly Stems shown below:


And Edward Leedskalnin who was famous for being able to levitate huge stones, from which he built coral castle, made the miniature replicas of Mars, Saturn and Juipter in his moon garden.  He also included the phases of the moon, which also contain energetic peaks, especially around the crescent moon and just before and after the full moon periods.

An area known as the "moon pond" comprised of three 18-ton pieces of coral represents the first quarter, last quarter, and the full moon. Nearby stand Mars, and Saturn which Ed believed sustained life.

It is quite obvious that Edward was taking advantage of these peaks of energy to levitate stones weighing hundreds of tons each. More about the energetic peak phases of the moon will be discussed later in this article.

We will now go into further detail of the information presented by Dr. Eisen, based on the ancient QI Gong masters.
One of the major discoveries, is many of the lunar and solar times about to be mentioned in this article closely or exactly match the seasons and times I have discovered over the previous 5 years of researching this energy and using it for renewal and rejuvenation of the body. It is important to note here that I had never heard of Dr. Eisen's work until I stumbled across his findings.  So I was so happy to find that the energetic periods shown by the ancient QI Gong masters, which are thousands of years old, matched my findings.  So I can now confirm that the system I am working with is accurate and the energies are very real and do heal and rejuvenate the body and were known thousands of years ago by Ancient QI Gong masters.

The ancient QI Gong masters believed that the Sun represents the Yang Flow of Energy and the Moon represents the Yin Energy. It is the movements and how close they are to the earth and the seasons that determines the speed of circulation and amount of QI Gong energy as it flows throughout the body.


The Big Dipper and North Star Region of the Sky

The ancient QI Gong masters believed that one source of major energy emitted from the cosmos comes from the Northern Star/Big Dipper region. This region of the sky is only a few degrees from the Cygnus/Vega constellations (which forms a rough triangle).

I discovered a few years ago this part of the sky sends out powerful rejuvenative energy that peaks in September/October when the Emerald Tablets Exercise is performed. Please note all these celestial position discoveries were made in California U.S.A., so a few hours may need to be adjusted according to your time zone.  I also used Googles Sky Map AP for calculating these positions. So from this I have now concluded that the Emerald Tablets exercise is an ancient form of Egyptian QI Gong, as the energetic peaks match that described by the ancient QI Gong masters.

The Sun, Moon and Constellations affect the hormones, blood pressure and amino acids in the human body.  My research has concluded that the Condition Yellow exercise significantly boosts the feeling of healing and well being of the body, to the point that you feel like you are walking on air sometimes. I believe that the condition yellow are a form of stellar energetic peak that occurs, and when coupled with thought it can create healing and well being.

Also research has shown that during certain condition orange periods, serious outbreaks of violence occur which has included the 911 and Boston marathon attacks. So some form of negative hormone may be produced during certain condition orange periods.


Energetic Peaking Periods

As the table below shows, Yin and Yang organs reach energetic peaks according to the season.  These peaks are strongest at the Equinoxes and Solstices and during condition red, orange and yellow periods.

If we look at Spring using the table above, we can see that the energy of the liver peaks in spring, which is why I recommend a spring detox each year, to be begun at the start of spring to cleanse and restore it.  This has proven so successful that during the past few years after having performed this, I never get sick any other time of the year, as the liver is so easily purged of toxins during this time of year that the results of being allergy free last the remainder of the year.

My spring detox period consists of Grapefruit for breakfast with plenty of water for the first 3 weeks of early spring.  Than a full 48 hour diet of nothing but grapefruit and plenty of spring water for a few days a few weeks later, when the condition red period begins. If we look at the table above again closely, we can see that dawn is the time that this energetic peak occurs.  So eating grapefruit at dawn is perfect. Grapefruit is a healthy food that is safe to eat if not currently on medication or while trying to detoxify the liver.
Source: Livestrong.com

If we look at the above table again, we can see that during Summer, it is the heart that receives a peak flow of energy, so foods that purge the heart of toxins work best during this time.  One of the best ways to do this is via exercise.  And another is via the food Hawthorne Berry.  Also Shiitake Mushroom I have found over the years at the start of summer also works extremely well. The exotic shiitake mushroom is heart healthy. The Japanese call it “the elixir of life”. These mushrooms are also said to help prevent heart disease by lowering cholesterol levels and to help treat infections such as hepatitis by producing interferon, a group of natural proteins that stops viruses from multiplying.


Energetic Peaks According to The Hour of the Day

As shown below, these energetic peaks also occur at hourly intervals during each hour of the day.table_2_1208

These energetic peaks are magnified even further during sunspots maximums.  There has also been long term research confirming ill health during sunspot peaks.

Research Paper: Sunspot Dynamics Are Reflected in Human Physiology and Pathophysiology
Source: Harvard.edu

Condition Colors and Peaks of Energy

Energetic Peaks occurring during condition colors create a 2 fold effect.  If it occurs during a condition red period, it may create an excess of Yang energy. So more Yin type foods and exercises are required to recreate this co-balance and neutralize this excess overflow of Yang energy.  This energetic energy becomes "bad" because there is much more energy in the air and sunlight from the suns infrared radiation and its solar wind. Vegetarians and those on a raw foods diet are the most affected by condition red periods. This period is strongest during February/March.

Yin Foods include: include melons, pears, bean dishes, mung beans, sprouts, sushi, non-spicy soups, and lots of water. Alcohol and sugar are best avoided. Mint is a beneficial cooling herb whereas pepper, garlic, ginger, and onions should be reduced.

You can discover an excellent chart of Yin and Yang Foods at the following address:

However if a condition green is occurring, the Yin energy is higher, and the Yang energy is lower, so Yang type exercises such as QI Gong and Yang foods are more beneficial.  Yang Foods include cooked root veggies, baked winter squash, onions, and mustard greens. Nuts and seeds are warming, as are butter, cinnamon, garlic, ginger, turmeric, and pepper. Helpful grains include oatmeal, quinoa, and buckwheat. Food and drinks are best eaten cooked and warm. Salads, raw fruits, juices, frozen desserts, pasta, white flour, and iced beverages should be minimized. I have discovered that QI Gong Exercises and the foods Tofu and Cottage cheese, as well as anti aging herbs such as Fo Ti, Reishi etc. work best during condition green periods. This period is strongest during October/November.
There is an excellent overview of Yin and Yang foods found at this address:
http://www.lindaprout.com/articles/goodfood_yinyang.html Condition Green Periods that last 3 or more days will generally create an overall balance and harmony of both Yin and Yang energies in the body.

During condition Blue periods, there is a stronger presence of Yin and Yang energy.  

During condition yellow periods a balance of Yin and Yang can be created by performing the Condition Yellow exercise.

The Ancient QI Gong masters describe these peaks and outline them in a simple to use Hexagram format.  A solid line = Yang Energy (an outflow of energy occurs) and a broken line = Yin energy (an inflow of energy occurs).

One interesting thing shown in table 2 earlier, is that at Dusk in September, the kidneys receive and store this energy the most.  This correlates with the peaking of the QI Gong energy that is occuring while practicing the Emerald Tablets exercise during September in the late afternoon. One other very interesting discovery to confirm this is that longivity herbs are kidney based herbs, that retonify the kidneys.  So during late fall to winter the kidneys are reservoirs of Yang Energy. If you do a Google Search for: kidneys store yang energy, you will get numerous professional sites confirming this fact.

¨The role of the Kidneys is to store life essence, govern reproduction and growth, maintain bones and brains, control the flow of urine and keep the will power strong.¨
Source: Tao Healing Arts Center

So it appears that during Fall to Winter, this QI Gong energy is stored, and from Spring to Summer, it is "released" or becomes more energetically charged.


Practicing Qigong during the four following time periods aids increasing internal energy in harmony with the energy 
changes in nature. 
1. The Fu Time Period (Midnight) is related to the beginning of the Yang cycle and is ideal for gathering Yuan 
(Prenatal) Qi 
2. The Dazhuang Period (Sunrise) is when natural Yang Qi increases due to the rising sun and so does the Yang Qi 
of the body. Practice during this period promotes the vigorous growth of Yang. 
3. The Gou Period (High Noon) is when the Heart meridian exhibits its energetic peak. Since the Yang energy Yaos 
decrease, practicing during this period helps the growth of Yin energy and suppresses the hyperactivity of Yin energy. 
4. The Guan Period (Sunset) is when the environmental energy changes from clear to dark. Practicing during this 
period encourages increasing primordial Yin Qi and the conservation and nourishment of Yang energy. 



From December to May longer inhalations of breath are beneficial and from June to November (which occurs naturally due to cooler weather),. Longer breaths are more beneficial to health and disease prevention (which occurs naturally as a by product of exercise).


QI Gong and the Moon Cycles

Areas of the body most affected by the moon are the blood and QI Gong energy in the body. As shown in the chart below, when QI Gong energy and blood are at excessive periods during a full moon, no tonifying energy should be introduced into the body.

During the cycle of a new moon to full moon, QI Gong energy completes a full rotation, starting at the top of the head during a full moon, and ending at the lower abdomen during a new moon. Than the cycle repeats itself at the next moon cycle.

This energy is increased during perigee super-moons, when the moon is closest to the earth.  The earth is closest to the sun during January, which is another peak period called perihelion.

Ancient QI Gong masters practiced various meditations called "Gathering the Moon's Cool Light".  The meditation is practiced 3 days before and after a full moon, and also during the peak of the full moon for a total of 9 days.QI Gong energy obtained from the moon nourishes the Kidneys, Bones, Jing (this is rejuvenation essence stored in the kidneys) and Brain, and it can also enhance longevity. This energy has also been confirmed while practicing the emerald tablets exercise, during the 9 days of the full moon period.

In one of my previous articles titled: How to Amplify Emotion and Thought with Rising Celestial Constellations, when radionic rates were set 3 days after a full moon in Taurus, lottery numbers had a tendency to manifest faster during this time. It is interesting to note that Taurus is 180 degrees opposite of the Big Dipper/Cygnus/Vega region of the sky.  So perhaps this energy flows into the part of the upper forehead area of the body, which is a part of the Triple Burners. During this period it is at maximum.  That would mean it helps give this region of the head energy to foretell/create future events.  The three main areas of QI Gong energy in the body are called the Triple Burners.


QI Gong Energy Directions


The Ancient QI Gong masters believed that QI Gong energy flowed from certain directions.  Although it is best to use your intuition, here is the general rule followed:

To boost Yang Energy Face South or East.  This is an energetic energy.

To boost Yin Energy face North or West.  This is an absorbing type of energy.

To heal the spleen: Face the ground and focus on the soil.


The Big Dipper / Ursa Major Region of the Sky

As mentioned previously, this area of the sky emits large amounts of energy, which like QI Gong energy, can be used for healing and protection. Just as the constellation Sirius is used to receive information, and bring a feeling of restoration of the body, and Orion (representing the Pericardiumis of the body) is used for foretelling future events and is the best time to put up a radionic rate for healing or other practice, this means the Big Dipper/Cygnus region of the sky has the most energy available for tapping QI Gong energy to use for longevity. 

Ancient QI Gong masters believed this region of the sky to be a large reservoir of QI Gong energy that could be tapped and molded by using the mind to send this energy to parts of the body, especially the lower abdomen where it was absorbed and held, in a type of reservoir and from which it was directed to certain parts of the body for healing and renewal. This energy is divided up into 12 months according to each particular organ.  This is similar to the seasonal peaks and lows that stimulate the organs as mentioned earlier. As earth rotates, it revolves in a 350 degree arc, with the Big Dipper/Cygnus region of the sky passing overhead in a semi-circular rotation. Starting around 2000 B.C., QI Gong masters harvested cosmic QI by facing in the direction of the Big Dipper constellation.  Depending on the corresponding month, certain organs were "charged" and nursed back to health by directing this energy to these organs at the right time.  They did this by visualizing certain colors associated with the organ.

The methods used to collect this energy can be done via the Emerald Tablets Exercise or via other exercises that resemble the harnessing the energy of the sun or moon.  It is the combination of qi gong energy and the right longevity/anti aging herbs that contribute to longevity.  We see this in the example of Mr. Li Ching-Yuen, who ate the Anti-Aging herbs FO TI and Goji Berries.  He also practiced a form of QI Gong called Bagua Zhang, which has been shown to strengthen the tendons/ligaments and bones, especially during winter.

The energy from the Big Dipper region of the sky can be used to balance the energies stored in the Yin Organs as shown in the tables previously.  These include the Lungs, Kidneys, Heart etc. This energy coming from the Big Dipper can also be used to create a "protective" force field in a location or your body.

I have successfully visualized this energy charging a pentagram with 4 of these pentagrams facing north, south, east and west and visualizing them in a glowing blue light, protecting my Yin organs from disease.  I have also used this same method with success to protect physical property of mine with much success. 


Planetary QI Gong

Ancient Qi Gong masters used 5 planets to represent the 5 major Yin organs that keep the body healthy.  These Yin Organs, which also happen to be most affected by the energy emitting from the Big Dipper. These Yin organs are the Liver, Heart, Spleen/Stomach, Lungs and Kidneys. QI Gong energy flows down into the body through these organs in a certain order. 

To send energy from the planets to one of the 5 organs in the body, first quiet your mind and then stand in the WuJI position

as shown below:

Next face in the region of the Big Dipper Region of the sky.  Next imagine a specific organ being filled with the light according to the color shown in the table below.

color healing yin organs

Next visualize this light flowing in through the top of your head and flowing to the associated organ.  An excellent example would be during spring in the morning, face east and imagine a crystal clear green light flowing down into the liver, recharging it, removing toxins and charging it in a healing light of glowing green energy.  In my location, which is the west coast of the United States, the Big Dipper/Cygnus region of the sky rises in the east during the morning hours.  So this is a peak time to send this energy into the liver of the body to keep it in perfect health while in the standing position.

If you are experienced at QI Gong, you can send this energy through your head than into the Thrusting Channel
than down into any of the 5 associated Yin organs.

This also matches Table 1, shown previously, that shows at dawn in spring is when the Yin Organ (liver), is most responsive to receiving this energy.  When combined with liver detoxing foods such as grapefruit, you can even eat less, as this combination of energy from the cosmos + grapefruit creates a synergistic effect between the food and cosmic QI energy.

If you want to send healing energy to all 5 Yin organs in one session, instead of doing them one at a time, it is best to send the energy in a specific order, which matches the natural energy flow of the cosmos.

Send healing energy to these 5 organs in this manner:  First to the Stomach next to the Heart than into the Kidneys and in through the Lungs ending with the Liver last. The month of late September to October are the best months that send healing energies to all these organs in one session, as they are all stimulated more together during this time. This is because the body can hold more of this energy during this time.

This energy is accumulated and stored in the lower abdomen.  If you are an accomplished QI Gong master, after storing this energy, end the meditation with an exercise called the Fire Cycle Cup (up the back and down the front) of the Microcosmic Orbit.


Using the Big Dipper to Access Wormholes

At certain UFO "Hot Spots" on earth, many craft appear to emerge from the Big Dipper region of the sky. If you Google: Big Dipper, Star gate, Portal, you get numerous websites and independent stories of people who recorded alien craft emerging from this region of the sky.

Here is one I found from a very intensive night sky watcher:
"around the 2200 hours mark in the constellation of the big dipper..between the stars Mizar, Megrez and dubhe...later on in the year the time you can watch comes down...right now it's around the 18:25 mark. The reason the times seem important to me is that's it when i have seen them most"
Source: Above Top Secret

Another UFO Hot Spot is Mt. Hood, near Portland, OR.  One person who has been doing UFO sky night watches for years has recorded them also emerging from the Big Dipper Part of the sky as the below image shows:

Click on the Above Image to Enlarge

His research page can be found at this address:

If you are interested more in the UFO Engima, my article titled How to Summon UFO's covers this subject more throughly.

What is also most interesting is is that just to the right of the Big Dipper is the North Pole Star (Polaris).  This is also an area where energy is channeled down into the body for QI Gong.  The Taoist Nine Star Astrology cooncept explains this celestial electromagnetic energy in further detail.
Astrology and astronomy have determined that as there are Nine Stars in the Northern Sky closely centered around the northern end of the earth's polar axis. Polaris, Vega and the Seven Stars that make up Ursa Major, the Big Dipper. They are responsible for the slight electromagnetic shift that occurs.
The address below goes into more detail:

So this region of the sky not only has the ability to heal and send restorative energy to certain organs of the body, it also possibly is being utilized by advanced civilizations to access parallel universes or other parts of the universe via a cosmic wormhole. So maybe healing energy is being channeled from alternate universes.

Qi Gong Energy and the Energy of the Constellations

My research studies over the years have confirmed that this energy is strongest 24 hours before after and during the New Moon, which is the best time to gather and absorb energy from the constellations. The Ancient QI Gong Masters called this the 12 Earthly Branches.



As we can see, this table is very similar to the Energetic Hexagram shown previously in Table 2, which represented the monthly and hourly variation of QI Gong Energy. The crescent moon helps the body absorb QI Gong energy the strongest, and during a new moon, it is not as conductive to absorption of this energy. However we can use the energy of the constellations during a new moon to generate beneficial QI Gong energy.

Therefore if we wanted to heal pneumonia faster, the tables show that late dusk in fall/winter is a peak time to send healing energies and herbs to the lungs during these times. Also the hours of between 1 and 3 a.m., the lungs are also most responsive to herbal and healing treatments. Meditations that can help channel and absorb this energy include the following: The Heavenly Five Yin Organ Meditation (Tian Wu Zang). You can find an excellent overview of this exercise titled The Energy of the Stars at the following address:


This exercise involves facing the Big Dipper region of the sky while you are in the WuJi position (image shown earlier) with your arms side by side.  While in this position, you imagine Golden Energy pouring out of the Big Dipper region of the sky and as you inhale, you visualize this energy filing the spleen thrusting channel. As you begin to exhale, the energy is than visualized collected and held in the spleen.

As you inhale again, you draw in the corresponding colored energy from the constellations as shown in the table 1 below, and filling your entire body, and as you exhale, the energy fills that organ corresponding to its color.

You can vary this exercise in any way you feel comfortable or integrate it into your current routine, however it is best to follow the same general outline procedure by inhaling the energy, sending the energy to a location and then storing the energy in that location.  During spring and summer, I like to "burn off" excess generate QI energy, as this is a period of more expelling or energy that is flowing outwards.  The storing of energy is more conductive during Fall and Winter.


One method that works well for me I have discovered over the years practicing the Emerald Tablets Exercise, is to use the "Sanctuary" exercise or go to my favorite place. I was taught this method by World Famous Meditation Teacher Shakti Gwain in her book Creative Visualization. After learning this technique for many years, I can now go to my favorite place at will.  Once you learn how to do this, you never, ever forget.  It stays with you forever. Anyway, back to the discussion. While in my favorite place, I visualize my body warm and relaxed.  I than imagine my favorite place being conductive to the Emerald Tablets Exercise. Than after imagining this for only a few seconds or minutes, the rejuvenative energy starts flowing into my lower abdomen, where I allow it to gather, and in some cases send it to various parts of my body for healing, and creating restoration of my body.  It also causes a lowering of my blood pressure. You can also, while in your sanctuary, facing east, visualize the energy flowing down from the constellations into your liver during Spring.  So by integrating your sanctuary into the meditations, you add a powerful booster to getting rejuvenative results for the body.

As mentioned previously, during Spring I will allow more of this energy to "burn itself off" as overloading it during spring can cause more problems than healing, compared to fall, when you want more of this energy to be absorbed and held in the body.


When working with all of the 5 Yin organs, using the constellations, it should be done in the order previously mentioned starting at the stomach and ending at the liver last. That way you are in harmony with the natural energy flow of the cosmos as it enters these organs during various hours of the day.

The energy is strongest when you face or lay directly in front of it from where it is being emitted from the constellations.  For example, on the west coast of the United States, the Big Dipper region of the sky is overhead during the late afternoon in September/October.  So I lay down on the ground facing up at the center of this constellation, with my arms by my side and perform the Emerald Tablets exercise.

During April/May, the Big Dipper / Cygnus region of the sky is rising in the eastern sky at dawn, so I can face east standing up during this time while performing the Heavenly Five Yin Organ Meditation (Tian Wu Zang), although I usually lay down on the ground as the energy is so strong during this time. What I have also discovered is that this is a good time to perform the Money Multiplication Exercise.


The 60 Year Chinese Zodiac

According to ancient QI Gong Masters, each year represents a certain organ that has a peak for that particular year.  This cycle lasts 60 years and if we look at Table 5


This calendar can also be viewed online at the following address:

we can see that the year 2013 is the year of the Snake.  Next by matching the Snake with Table 3, we see that this energy peaks strongest between April 20th and May 20th of 2013 and the hours this energy is strongest is between 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. and that the organ most charged during this time period is the Spleen. Perhaps this is representation not only for healing, but a slow form of evolution. As will be explained later in this article, this part of the body responds much better to treatment with herbs, foods and acupuncture that affect the spleen more during these hours and months of the year.

Let's take a look at the year 2011.  As the table shows, it represents Chen or the Dragon.  Peak energetic energy occurs between March 21st and April 19th and the hours this energy is strongest is between 7 a.m. and 9 a.m.  What I find most interesting from my research over the last 5 years is that at dawn during these peak energetic months, when I performed the money multiplication exercise, sales in my business would peak substantially, resulting in many more customers and much more interest in my products and services.  My company deals in green natural products that are all 100% natural and non-toxic and don't negatively impact the environment and are also used as an alternative to some pharmaceutical medicines.

I can only assume that these energetic spikes that are occurring are a type of energy molding the future.  And that the future is green products that don't pollute the environment and are safer than pharmaceuticals. This energy I believe is affecting overall awareness of man throughout the earth, an awareness that is changing not only consumer behavior, but can also be used for healing.

This cycle as shown in the table, lasts for a cycle of 60 years, whereupon it repeats itself. So we can see that after the green revolution matures, a new form of awareness, perhaps where technology will be so advanced 60 years from now, a new type of green technology will become better than this current generation of green products and technologies. In other words, future cycles get better and are more improved from previous cycles.

The 60 Year Chinese Zodiac Calendar started on February 2nd, 1984 A.D. and uses the alignments of Jupiter, the Polaris Star (which is very close to the Big Dipper), and the Sun and Moon.

 Using the tables we can calculate the following: Year 1 = First Stem + First Branch = Jia-Zi.  This means Jia = Wood and Zi = Rat.  So in year 1 of Chinese astrology, we get the year of the Rat.

This cycle continues on up to year 11, when no new stems appear.  So the cycle continues using the following: The first stem and 11th branch = Jia-Xu and the 13th year = 3rd stem and 1st branch = Bing Zi. What is most interesting here is one of the most powerful and predictable cycles in nature is the 11 year solar sunspot cycle, which lasts a total of 11 years. The 10 heavenly stems are responsible for the inflow and outflow of QI Gong energy and how the 5 major organs respond to this inward and outward flowing of energy and how this energy affects the yin and yang balance of these organs.

At the peak hours certain acupuncture points open up like miniature wormholes or portals and become much more responsive to the pinpricks of acupuncture needles.  This type of healing is known as Zi Wu Liu Chu Liao Fu.  This system uses 6 Ideograms based on Table 3, which represent one of the 5 major Yin organs, which reaches its energetic peak according to the specified time.


In Tables 3 and 4, we can see that 11 p.m. to 1 a.m., which is a peak period of Yang energy is also known as Zi, and the Gallbladder peaks at this time.  And 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. a peak period of Yin energy occurs which is also known as Wu, and the Heart peaks at this time.

As for monthly peaks of this energy, at the Winter solstice, Yin energy starts changing into Yang energy and at the Summer solstice Yang energy starts turning into Yin energy.  Thus using the tables as a guide, we can see how these highs and lows occur throughout the day and night as well as the months of the year.


Another part of the Ideogram represents in and out. Chu = Enter and Absorption and is Liu = Flow or outwards expansion. This can represent the blood responding to the needles of acupuncture points when they are entered into the body and how the blood flow occurs in relation to these needles. Combining all 6 of these shows an overall representation of therapy using the highs, lows and entering and exiting of energy throughout the body at various seasons and hours.

The 5 element school of acupuncture teaches that most diseases can be successfully treated by using the 5 element point form of therapy. For those of you who are trained acupuncturists, the points used in Zi Wu Liu Zhu acupuncture are the command points Jing (Will), Ying (Spring), Shu (Stream), Jing (River), and He (Sea). Also the Yuan points are used. There is an excellent page which goes into more detail at the following address:

All Yang Meridians have their own separate points, but the yuan points on Yin meridians are the same as their stream points.  Only 66 points are ever used which are incorporated into the 12 meridians and 6 yang meridians.  Five elements acupuncture uses the 5 command points in the following order:  For Yin - Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water.  For Yang - Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth. 

QI Gong Energy and Seasonal Energies

This method of disease prevention and healing is based on focusing on specific parts of the body according to the season or hour of the day, and is related to the table of the 12 earthly branches shown in Table 3.


The 12 earthly branches occur in 2 hour intervals with a peak of energy occuring during this time period. QI Gong masters use the heavenly stems to determine the flow of QI Gong in relation to the cycles of health and nature.  By combining the stems and the branches together, we get a complete visual cycle of death, birth and growth, based on the 5 Yin Organs and 5 Yang Organs. As has been explained previously in this article, certain parts of the body respond much better to treatment with herbs, foods and acupuncture during certain hours and months of the year which are energetic peaks.


Jing.  The Eternal Life Essence

Jing is the combined effects of balanced yin and yang energy in the main organs of the body.  (A complete balance occurs when all 5 Yin organs are balanced, which is most common during fall).  Jing is the total goal or objective, because it is this energy that revitalizes and restores the body the strongest. So the best way to incorporate anti-aging herbs is to take the most effective anti-aging herbs according to the above information.

The best way to work with herbs to send healing energy or energy responsible for longevity to the body is to understand the principals of Yin and Yang. The 2 primary organs most responsible for keeping the body in excellent condition are the Liver and the Kidneys.  Each of these organs should have a balance of Yin and Yang energy.  This energy varies with the seasons.  During late fall into Winter, the kidneys need more yin herbs to nourish the kidneys to restore a balance of Yin and Yang energy to the kidneys. The below address gives more information:

During early Spring into late Summer we want more Yin herbs to balance the liver and reduce liver heat.

In most cases, if illness is present, Yin herbs and foods are taken first, and when this Yin energy has reached a proper mass, the Yang herbs and foods are than taken.  This than leads to a 2nd stage of energetic influence upon the body called Jing.

The 2 primary organs most responsible for keeping the body in excellent condition are the Liver and the Kidneys.  Each of these organs should have a balance of Yin and Yang energy.  This energy varies with the seasons.  During late fall into Winter, the kidneys need more yin herbs to nourish the kidneys to restore a balance of Yin and Yang energy to the kidneys. 
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When this 2nd balance has been achieved a new type of energy emerges called "Jing".  Jing is the combined effects of balanced yin and yang energy in the 2 main organs of the body.  (A complete balance occurs when all 5 Yin organs are balanced, which is most common during fall).  Jing is the total goal or objective, because it is this energy that revitalizes and restores the body the strongest.

 To learn more about how the meridians of energy flow and operate according to the season, my book. A Centurion's Toolbox for Longevity Living Beyond 120 - 2nd Edition goes into more detail about this.

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