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I have written about the discovery that taking sunflower and sesame seeds during condition yellows before going to sleep helps bring strength and feelings of renewal the following morning. This is because hormone levels have been naturally restored to beneficial levels overnight while sleeping. The condition yellow exercise is similar to an ancient discovery reported by Gilgamesh who used the energy of stars for strength. Recently I came across a new type of healing called Seed Cycling, which happens to use the exact same foods such as sesame seeds and sunflower seeds to restore the body's hormone levels. Could this mean that during condition yellow periods hormones in the body are being disturbed, which may be contributing to violence, we as have shown condition yellows are periods of increased violence.  And by taking the proper nutrition to restore our hormone balance, instead of a dis-balance, we are able to avoid feelings of restlessness, fatigue and instead contribute to overall phy and mental well-being.  There have also been numerous studies showing that when an excess amount of metals are present in an environment, it causes increased aggressive behaviour and it is a fact that metals affect our hormones. There is an excellent study showing done by the National Institute of Health showing how toxic metals affect mental health.  The title of the study is Toxic trace metals in the mentally ill patients and showed that Cadmium was high in Depressed people, but reduced in Mania patients.  Lead was high in the depressed group schizophrenics.  
The Study can be found at: 
What is most interesting is Sunflower Seeds and Pumpkin Seeds are used for metal detoxification and Suflower Seeds are used for Oil Pulling, which is another detox method. Let's take a look at how Seed Cycling is used to restore hormone levels in the body naturally.  
A book published by Louise Lacy in 1974 called LunaCeption showed that women’s menstrual cycles are synchronized with the phases of the moon. Click image below to zoom in.

Simply Put, Progesterone Levels Drop during new moons and rise during full moons.
This fox news report states the following about Progesterone:
"Progesterone serves as a precursor hormone, converting to estrogen, testosterone or cortisol on the steroid hormone pathway. Low levels of progesterone can lead to increased levels of cortisol and low levels of the sex hormones, which will trigger impaired immune function and a host of other issues associated with hormone imbalance."
Other methods  shown effective for increasing progesterone levels during a new moon phase include::
750 mg vitamin C per day (increased progesterone 77% and improved fertility)
600 mg vitamin E (increased progesterone in 67% of patients)
6 g L-arginine (increased progesterone in 71% of patients)
Increasing beta carotene (boosts progesterone levels in dogs and goats)
Increasing vitamin B6
Supplementing with Vitex Agnus Castus (increases progesterone and fertility)
120 mg Black Cohosh on days 1 to 12 (increases progesterone and fertility)
Supplementing with selenium
Consuming dairy products such as yogurt. (shown to raise progesterone in men)
Weight loss
Avoiding overeating
Improving insulin sensitivity (metformin increases progesterone levels 246%)
Replacing saturated fat in the diet with unsaturated fat
80mg progesterone cream (shown to be as effective as 200 mg oral progesterone prescription)
Eating a high protein, low carbohydrate diet
Lowering TSH levels in subclinical hypothyroidism
This confirms that during condition yellow periods, and new moon phases, progesterone levels are less than at other times and that they may impact "solar weather sensitive" people more than others during periods of intense solar activity. Condition Yellows are strongest from November through January, which is the winter season in North America.
The book LunaCeption also discovered that hormone levels could be restored by sleeping in complete darkness except for three nights each cycle (when she slept with a 40-watt bulb under a lampshade or with a 75-watt bulb beaming a shaft of light from a nearby bathroom (essentially mimicking full-moon light) triggered ovulation. She called the technique Lunaception, and found that it could be used to direct her fertility — and that of her women friends. By avoiding intercourse on the days they slept with light, Louise Lacey and 27 of her friends developed regular, healthy menstrual cycles, and used Lunaception to avoid pregnancy effectively until menopause. 
Below are the Seed Cycling Recommendations for Men and Women
For Men:
From the new moon until the full moon: 1-2 tablespoons of ground sesame or sunflower seeds and from the full moon until the new moon: 1-2 tablespoons of ground flax or pumpkin seeds. If you don’t like eating seeds, then you can take high-lignan flax oil instead of flaxseed and evening primrose oil in place of sesame/sunflower seeds.  Pumpkin seeds happen to one of the top 10 foods high in IronAnd flax seeds contain up to 32% iron.
 (click image below to zoom in)
For Women the menstrual cycle appears to be a time of hormonal imbalance, seed cycling recommends the following:

Flax and pumpkin seeds during the first phase of your menstrual cycle and sesame and sunflower seeds during the second phase seed cycling. This is because the lignans in these seeds block excess estrogens. Sunflower seeds are high in selenium, which detoxes the liver and restores hormone balance.

Pumpkin seeds, sesame and sunflower seeds contain zinc, and this helps promote hormone production.

It is the combination of these seeds that restores hormone levels naturally.
Seed Cycling throughout the Month
Day 1-14 of your menstrual period: 1 Tbsp of ground flax seeds AND 1 Tbsp of pumpkin seeds daily.
Day 15-28: 1 Tbsp freshly of ground sunflower AND 1 Tbsp of sesame seeds daily. This is a period when excess estrogens are not occurring and the proper seeds supply the necessary nutrition to restore hormonal balance to the system.

Hormone Peaks

Because scientific research has proven that hormones of the body peak in the morning hours. If we look at the planetary hours chart we see a peak of mars, a male aspect, as demonstrated in the mars effect occurring on Tuesdays around 8 a.m.It would be interesting to do a study to explore if higher testosterone levels occur around the hours of between 7 and 8 a.m. on Tuesdays mornings and further research is needed to confirm this. You can learn more about planetary articles in one of my previous articles titled: Planetary Forces, Alchemy and the Strengthening Power of Recombination.

View a Real Live Time Chart of the Planetary Hour According to Your Location

Consumer Purchasing Behavior and Hormone Levels
My research from selling to people using the direct method has shown that during new moons, and during condition blue periods (a time of increasing/rising sunspots), women will buy more Essential Oils or similar products that enhance their beauty, well-being and appearance than at other times.  This seems to be an enhanced period of self-nurturing and rewarding oneself.  Let's take an in-depth look at the research studies. 
A research study involving hormones and purchasing behaviour found the following:
"Building on the evolutionary logic behind such effects, we examined how, why, and when hormonal fluctuations associated with ovulation influenced women’s product choices. In three experiments, we show that at peak fertility women nonconsciously choose products that enhance appearance (e.g.,choosing sexy rather than more conservative clothing). This hormonally-regulated effect appears to be driven by a desire to outdo attractive rival women. This research provides some of the first evidence of how, why, and when consumer behavior is
influenced by hormonal factors."
So we can see from the above study, that hormones are affecting mental attitude as the destire to outdo rival women is having an impact on behaviour. 
And another study revealed:
"New research shows that women’s purchasing behavior is unconsciously influenced by their hormones. Specifically, it was found that women who are ovulating buy and wear sexier clothes, and their choices are less influenced by men than by the need to outdo female competition. This research, forthcoming in the Journal of Consumer Research, provides some of the first evidence of how, why, and when consumer behavior is influenced by hormonal factors."

So if purchasing behaviour is influenced by hormones, they must be affecting our perception.   Let's examine this further.
Hormones Affect Perception
One excellent way to understand how hormones affect perception is peoples reaction to sound.  When their hormone levels are disturbed they can hear hear bass, speech, and high-pitch sounds differently.  It is the hair cells located in our inner ear causes us to experience perception differently. This could be why some people working in office buildings complain about the vibrational sounds of leaf blowers outside their windows. This seems especially severe in some people during higher solar activity. A new method called the Hormonal Quotient can detect these changes.   The video below is called Consumers and their Perception of Sound and goes into much more detail about how hormones affect perception.
More details can be found at:
So from our research at the Solar Institute at, this means at each condition color, when the solar activity levels reach a high enough extreme, hormonal changes occur. This is especially so during sunspot peak periods, or periods when the solar cycle reaches a peak. Some spectrums of the sun are affecting hormones that rule perception, others mental health such as testosterone and others influencing aging such as progesterone.  There is an excellent Harvard University Study showing how testosterone affects mental health.  
The study can be founnd at:

We can also use the condition colors to understand how hormomes are affecting us. Because condition colors such as the condition red periods can cause increased anxiety in some people, this explains a hormonal change that occurs during condition red periods, or their hormones may be more affected and the person may be "solar weather sensitive" during these periods.  Because high solar wind speeds can contribute to more positive ions in the air, which is usually during condition orange periods, these higher periods of positive ions may be affecting our moods and emotions.  Let's explore this next. 

It is now a scientifically confirmed fact that Ions affect the Human autonomic nervous system.

Below is a short quote from the study:
"Results from the study were evident chiefly when results from the 34 subjects with a less resilient autonomic nervous system were separately examined. Those whose autonomic nervous systems appeared highly resilient - two-thirds of the total - showed no ion effects. The apparent effects of positive ions included increased tension and irritability as well as a slowing of reaction times. The reaction times were measured in terms of the lag between appearance of a red light and the pressing of a button by the subject." The complete scientific study, done by New York University, can be accessed below:
The autonomic nervous system is independent and beyond the control of our will. The sympathetic nerve is more influenced by positive ions and the parasympathetic nerve by negative ions.

Positive Ions and Hormones
When the brain is under environmental stress from more positive ions than usual, it produces hormones and chemicals to deal with this stress. These are melotonin and serotonin. Increased serotonin levels trigger adrenaline which allows the body to work harder. If the body produces too much serotonin over a long period of time, the adrenaline gets used up.  This means the body is now vulnerable to excessive positive ions, causing a major bio-chemical imbalance.
In an article in the New York Times titled: IONS CREATED BY WINDS MAY PROMPT CHANGES IN EMOTIONAL STATES they state that the Santa Ana winds in Southern California may contribute to mood swings and other irritable behaviour. 
Negative ions, which are beneficial, increase the flow of oxygen to the brain, which results in higher alertness, decreased drowsiness, and more mental energy, says Pierce J. Howard, PhD, author of The Owner’s Manual for the Brain: Everyday Applications from Mind Brain Research and director of research at the Center for Applied Cognitive Sciences in Charlotte, N.C.
Positive ions contribute to skin aging and negative ions temporarily weaken the skin barrier, opening up the skin to make it more receptive.  Positive ions can also be increased by the use of electronics such as cell phones and computers and also UV rays from the sun. These excess ions cause skin aging contributing to wrinkles and dark spots. The reason babies have soft skin when they are born is because the surface of their skin is perfectly balanced with positive and negative ions. A new baby's skin has only 20% positive ions, whereas as we age we accumulate more. To combat anti-aging the positive and negative ions must be perfectly balanced on the skin. This perfect balance causes slows aging and may in some cases may reduce wrinkles and dark spots. Estrogen overload, which can cause premature aging,  has been shown to be relived with a cream called bioidentical progesterone, available over the counter in a 2% cream.  This shows that the positive ions affecting us can be successfully counteracted using our skin by applying progesterone cream to it.

A herb that a person can take to restore a good balance of progesterone is chasteberry, also known as vitex. It stimulates  progesterone production and reduces levels of estrogen. What is interesting is Vitex is marketed as a powerful anti-aging herb. Another excellent herb is Evening Primrose Oil.  Evening Primrose Oil happens to be one of the top 10 Anti-Aging Supplements known.  Both of these herbs are high in essential oil acids necessary for the body.

So once again, we see a link between hormones amino acids and longevity.  Also the condition yellow exercises uses Brewer's Yeast, one of the foods high in Amino Acids.

The key is to have a healthy balance of positive and negative ions in our environment for peak health and well being.  During higher Solar Wind Speeds and Full Moons there are more positive ions in the air, this produces excess estrogens in the body.  Also during new moons the solar wind speeds remain at high speeds for longer periods of time.
Fred Soyka who wrote the book "The Ion Effect" was written by him shortly after moving to Geneva, which is an area known for high positive ion winds. In the U.S.A. there are 2 known strong positive ion winds. These are the Chinook winds in Calgary Alberta, and the Santa Ana winds in Orange County, California.  At the start of these winds, people tend to feel euphoric with lots of energy, which especially affects younger people. The maximum rate of positive ion concentration occurs a day or two before heat and dryness start increasing. This is accelerated by air blowing in from the desert.  Other sources of positive ions include: The Santa Ana, the sharav, foehn, the ghibli of Libya, the chinook of the Pacific Northwest, the sirroco of Italy, and the zonda of the Argentine Andes. As the days of these high positive ion winds continue, the temporary feeling of euphoria starts giving way to migraine headaches, exhaustion, apathy.  So this research is starting to show that the body’s hormones may also be affected by these higher positive ion concentrations causing psychological side effects as compulsion to meditate, exhaustion, emotional unbalance, irritation, vital disinclination, apathy, disinclination or listlessness toward work (poor school achievement), insecurity, anxiety, depression (especially after age forty to fifty).  Other reserach has shown that the rate of attempted suicide is about 20% higher, and there is a larger number of admittance's to clinics in drug cases during periods of higher positive ions. These are the same effects felt during condition purple periods using the condition colors.  This could mean that like solar activity affecting health, the older you get the more likely you become "solar weather sensitive" and are more affected by increased levels of positive ions. 
20 years of research by Dr. Albert Paul Krueger using mice  at the University of California in Berkeley revealed that mice exposed to high levels of positive ions raised their blood levels of the hormone serotonin.  This hormone impacts a person's behavior. Serotonin is also affected by negative ions,  and both positive and negative ions deplete brain levels of seratonnin. 
Source: The Ion Reserach Papers
A study done by Dr. Charry showed that people committed suicide when their hormone levels of seratonin were reduced and they became depressed when they had reduced levels of cerebrospinal fluid. Dr. Charry concluded that an excess of either negative or positive ions depress brain levels of seratonin.  Therefore a balance between the 2 is key to good mental and physical health. 
Source: N.Y. Times Article
Further research studies in Israel showed that during the high positive ion winds (a sharav) people who were "weathersensitive" showed excess levels of seratonin.
Other Studies linking an Overbalance of Positive Ions in the Environment to Ill Health
Other research tests to determine ion levels on humans included a psychological test called the Nowlis Mood Adjective Checklist. This test involves an alphabetized list of 100 adjectives which involves the subject expressing his or her state of mind. - from adaptable, adventurous, aggressive and so on to worried. The test results showed increased tension, fatigue and inattention. Results also showed that males were more vulnerable than females, with women being more vulnerable to long-term exposure. 
A 1972 study in Geneva showed increased traffic accidents by a rate of 50% or more during times of high positive ions. A Hungarian research study showed that accidents peaked at 2.6 per hour from a low of 1.6 an hour during times of high positive ion concentrations.
(Soyka, 1991)

 A Swiss meteorological report found Heart attacks occurred 50% more often during positive ion conditions. This is also interesting considering that extremely high KP levels have also been shown to induce heart attacks.
This may mean the opposite is also true.  A medium KP energetic period may be a period of a perfect balance between positive and negative ion levels, which is why performing the emerald tablets exercise around period of medium KP levels is most beneficial 
KP Levels (Geomagnetic Data) for 2014 
KP levels Real Time
Additional References:
Positive Ions by Geographic Regions:
Germany........................Foehn & Tramontana
Central France..............Autan
So in conclusion, some solar weather sensitive people may be affected by a higher concentration of positive ions.  Also we can use the right combination of seeds to help bring healthy hormone levels to our body to restore our physical and mental health. 



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