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Throughout the years I have advocated and used a special combination that uses plant and cheese proteins to help relieve aches and pains and generally "reset" the body overnight after a hard day of physical activity or exercise.  Recovery time is greatly reduced using this technique. You can read more about the technique at the address below:

I am a vegetarian, don't eat heavy or processed foods and avoid excessive sugar drinks. This gives me a huge advantage in keeping obesity and other health issues at bay. I don't know if this method will work for meat eaters. For the purpose of this article I shall call it the "Cottage Cheese Mix". I noticed that uring the early to mid-winter months of each year that when I took the cottage cheese mix and had sunflower seeds for lunch after a mid to hard workout, drank lots of spring water, and if it was during a new moon, that the rejuvenative effects would be substantially increased. This I believe is due to a seasonal effect, when the body can handle more of these types of foods and use them for regenerative purposes, especially after an extra hard workout.

As previously mentioned, the combination that I use seems to have stronger effects from November to December of every year.  This means I can take slightly less of the formulas, and workout slightly harder without having to worry about excessive burnout or aches or pains.

The Link to Alchemy

After observing the incredible bounce back over the years, I have come to the conclusion that there exists a link between alchemy and the general restoration of health and well-being to the body. 

Just as a solar cycle goes from an increase in energy to a peak in energy and a decline in energy and than repeats this cycle, this same energy takes place throughout the seasons of each year.  Read more about this cycle of energy at the address below:

The peak period of anti-aging during this energy cycle is just after a peak, as it begins to decline. For exact solar weather conditions, the optimal time to take more anti-aging herbs and foods is just after solar flares have passed and as the Solar Wind enters 350 or at 420 (stage 2 green solar wind) along with a medium range KP.  You can find when solar flares are occurring or just after they have been active by visiting the link below and going to the bottom of the page to access solar weather details which are sorted by Q1, Q2 etc..

Just after this solar flare energy period is a period of energetic decline and is the time period to take more anti-aging herbs than usual and do more resistance exercises. So after understanding all of these effects, I decided to form a basic model that is simple, efficient and makes the best use of resources.   Also many homeopathic practitioners and people who never get sick know that eating local foods that are in season is one of the best ways to keep the immune system strong, the same goes for the cycles that govern the seasons each year.  The model that I am now using is based on the seasons of each year and during these certain times of year, to eat more of these certain foods, which help rejuvenate the body because the body is asking for more of these nutrients during these specific seasons.

The model is as follows:


In the mornings, take the detox mix with phy husk and clay.


Than get plenty of sunshine throughout the day


Sunflower Seeds and Raisins


At mid afternoon do resistance exercises such as climbing to a high elevation. Than aerobic exercise, such as a 15 mile bike ride at medium speed. There must be a minimum of 45 minutes of exercise, listening to and amplifying your bodys "rhythum". Refrain from sweet or high sugar foods or drinks for at least 2 hours after exercising.


Cottage Cheese and Sardines with Rice Crackers for Dinner


Drink 1/2 Gallon of Spring Water. Take Vitamin E, 1 Potasslium Glutomate Capsule, 1 Tablespoon of Sesame Seeds, Spirulina.

I also spray a small amount of Lavendar Essential Oil spray before going to sleep, as Lavendar has been shown to regenerate cells.


I make capsules consisting of the following and take with Honey and 1000 IU of Vitamin D3 LIQUID GEL CAPSULES before bed:

Just under 1/2 Teaspoon of Carnosine (Available from the Vitamin Shoppe for a good price)

1/4th Teaspoon of Brewer's Yeast

Just under 1/4th Teaspoon of Spirulina

1/2 of 1/2 of 1/4th Teaspoon of Stevia Herb (Not the Processed Powder Type)

1/2 of 1/2 of 1/4th Teaspoon of Astralaglus Herb

A pinch of Elderberry

Be sure to take the above formula with spring water.

The following morning you can take Zeolite, as your body will have undergone a rapid detox throughout the night and the zeolite flushes out these built up toxins.  You can learn how to make a synergized zeolite at the address below:

What will happen is you will wake up feeling really refreshed and rejuvenated.

I have had the best results taking the meal on Fridays., especially during November and when KP levels are higher.

During periods of higher KP activity, especially on Fridays, another good combination is the following:  A few grains of Cayenne Pepper, 4 to 5 cups of Spring Water, 2 Vitamin D3 Capsules, 5 Drops of Clove Tincture, 2 Drops of Ormus, 2 Tablespoons of Honey

Another good formula to take on Friday is the following:

4 Drops of Clove Tincture, 1 Drop of Ormus, 4 Black Olives, ½ cup of Parmesan Cheese, A few grains of cayenne pepper, 3 Tablespoons of Honey, 3 to 5o cups of spring water. 

This regenerative charge is also stronger between 3 and 4 days before and after the perigee moon, and maximized at perigee supermoons

Now let's connect Alchemy, Seasons and the Cycle of this energy which flows from a still energy to a peak and than declines.

Spring - February to March, Sundays, Planet - The Sun, Detox with Zeolite, Apples, Verbal Anti-aging Seasonal vowels, which can be found in my book: A Centurion's Toolbox for Longevity Living Beyond 120 - 2nd Edition

Mental Mind Building Herbs, Vitamin C, Immune System Care, Morning, Solar Conditions: Quiet Solar Flux Activity,

Summer - Tuesday, May to June, Planet - Mars, Plant and Nut Proteins, Cooling Foods, Melons, Lettuce, Grapes, Yogurt, Noon, Solar Conditions: High Solar Activity,

End of Summer - Wednesday, Planet - Mercury, August, Zeolite Detox, Grapefruit with Honey and a Vitamin C Capsule after waking up in the morning, Grapes, Immune System Health, Yogurt, More Calcium,

Fall - The Emerald Tablets Exercise, Cottage Cheese, Sardines, Oranges,

End of Fall - Thursday, Vitamin E, Potassium

Start of Winter and Winter (PEAK ANTI AGING TIME) - Friday, Warm and Warming Foods, Ginger, Vitamin D3, Foods high in Sulphur, Cod Liver Oil, Cottage Cheese, Vitamin E, Sunflower Seeds, New Moon, Evening, Solar Conditions: Solar Wind Speed 350, These are all periods just after a peak in solar activity going into decline as well as the end of excessive sunlight as sunlight is less in winter (in the northern hemisphere) and a period after a declining moon. It is also a fact that decaying uranium is transmuted into plutonium

So we have transmutation occurring after a period of high energy. This is why doing more exercise this time of year creates a larger peak for your body to recover from when you eat the right foods afterwards.So to use the above information, we can see that maximum anti aging windows are during a new moon in winter when we eat the right food combinations and another window is during March when we take more care of our immune system.

Now that we have built a basic model, we can also connect the dots after doing our research.

We know that when you eat more sunflower seeds at a new moon your hormones become naturally balanced again, so this explains why using the cottage cheese meal during winter has such a strong rejuvenative effect. Some doctors have found that during the winter months some people feel worse during winter, due to the possible decreasing sunlight which affects hormones.

An excellent scientific study titled: Skeletal and hormonal responses to vitamin D supplementation during sunlight deprivation in Antarctic expeditioners proved that a lack of Vitamin D affects Hormones.  

And a quote from MedPage Today states: 
The weight of the literature suggests that vitamin D is indeed a hormone, not a nutrient, By definition, vitamin D is a hormone," Holick told MedPage Today. "The body synthesizes it after sun exposure, and it's activated by the liver and kidneys. That activated form again acts like a hormone to regulate calcium metabolism."
Quote by Michael Holick, MD, PhD, of Boston University.

This explains why taking more vitamin D and D3 during winter has such a powerful restorative effect.

Ionization is Alchemy

From research over the years of performing the Emerald Tablets Exercise, the restorative energies peak during Oct to Dec, and during periods when cosmic rays are higher. Could this mean that cosmic rays, which are also linked to ionization are responsible for transmutation?

Below are some excellent scientific studies linking cosmic rays with transmutation

The Transmutations of the Cosmic-Ray Electrons and the Nuclear Forces. Phys. Rev. 53, 1016 � Published 15 June 1938

Ionizing radiation and tritium transmutation both cause formation of 5-hydroxymethyl-2'-deoxyuridine in cellular DNA

Additional Scientific Papers can be found by doing a search using the following terms:

transmutation + cosmic rays

ionization + TRANSMUTATION

Another interesting observation is that the Perseid meteor shower occurs each year around the night of August 11. And scientists have now discovered that there are more cosmic rays during meteor showers.

 What is interesting here is that the constellation Leo aligns with the sun during August of each year. Could the months between August and December be a time of year that not only evolution speeds up, but that transmutation in DNA and other biological forms occurs?

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