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Herbal Combinations for Health and Healing


Herbs that Replenish Essence or QI

Many of these are similar to the anti-aging herbs list that will be discussed later. QI herbs are designed to increase the QI flow, or life force essence of the body.  They should be taken in moderation.  If your body is currently undergoing illness from upper respiratory infections, such as if your body is fighting a cold or flu, you should stop taking these, and allow your body’s immune system to recover through more liquids and taking herbs that fight the flu.

QI herbs are also known by these names: Yin Herbs, Kidney and Spleen strengthening herbs, Oja, Central Energy herbs and Herbs that Invigorate the Kidneys. These herbs work best during the winter season.

These include the following: Fo Ti, Shilajit, Goji Berry, Plastrum Testudinus, Rehmannia, Codonopsis, Eucommia, Ophiopogon, Asparagus Root, Phellodendroon, Cornus, Cassia Seeds, Glossy Privet, Dioscorea opposita (nagaimo, Chinese yam, Korean yam) - Dioscorea is high in beneficial plant starches and mixes well with bone / tendon building herbs, Lotus Seeds, Epimedium - Epimedium also helps nourish the pituary gland, Cistanche, Solomons Seal, Cuscuta, Reishi Mushroom, Longan Fruit.  Longan Fruit synergizes well with Goji Berry and Schinandra Berry. Rhizoma Shatavari, Pueraria. Pueraria synergizes well with Ginseng and Astragalus.

The herb Poria, assists in nutrient absorption. And there have been patents issued showing that Poria is used to enhance the absorption of nutrients and other herbs. 

The best way to work with herbs to create perfect health in the body is to understand the principals of Yin and Yang.

The 2 primary organs most responsible for keeping the body in excellent condition are the Liver and the Kidneys.  Each of these organs should have a balance of Yin and Yang energy.  This energy varies with the seasons.  During late fall into Winter, the kidneys need more yin herbs to nourish the kidneys to restore a balance of Yin and Yang energy to the kidneys.
During early Spring into late Summer we want more Yin herbs to balance the liver and reduce liver heat.
In some cases, such as the herb Cordyceps, it is a both yin and yang herb. So it can safely be used over long periods of time.
A complete balance occurs when all 5 Yin organs are balanced, which is most common during fall.  
I have grouped the herbs by category. 
Category Class 1 herbs are the most fast acting and effective anti-aging herbs.
Below are the herbs sorted by Yin and Yang. 
Category Class 1 Herbs
Cordyceps: Both Yin and Yang. 
Reishi/Ganoderma: Both Yin and Yang. Stimulates the Heart. High in QI energy.
Rehmannia: Replentishes Kidney Yin. Stimulates the Heart. If making Tinctures, it should soaked alone in wine for 10 mins or longer before adding other herbs due to its high moisture content. 
Ginseng: Promotes yin energy.  Clears away excess yang. 
Lily Bulb: Increases Yin Energy.
Solomons Seal: Increases Yin Energy.
Sweet Apricot.seed also called tianxingren and water lily also called qianshi or chicken head kernel are as powerful as Fo Ti. Apricot seeds are slightly.toxic. Fry.5 grams of apricot seeds over a low heat until.dry than grind into powder and than soak in rice wine. Next strain and mix into 2.5 kilos of raw honey and boil over low heat again until it turns into a thick jelly. Seal in a jar and take 20 to 35 grams a day for disease prevention and longevity.
To heal severe illness and obesity, mix 450grams of apricot kernals and 450g of water Lilly and take daily.
Bitter apricot kernel called Kuxingren suppresses coughing, lubricates the.intestines, and asthma, 
Sweet apricot called Tianxingren good for dry coughs, lubricates the lungs and smooths the intestines.
Shilajit. Both Yin and Yang. Most assays show that shilajit, depending on its source, contains between 70 and 85 complexed minerals and trace elements.  It also enhances the bioavailability and action of other herbs.  
Poria assists in the nutrient absorption of other herbs.
Shanzhuyu (also called Fructus Corni).  Both a Yin and Yang herb. May be soaked in Rice Wine to create a herbal tincture that will also induce a peaceful, calm and deep relaxing sleep.  Tonifies the Liver and Kidneys.   Mixes well with Ginseng. 
Goji Berries. Slightly Yin in Nature.  Also creates a balance of Yin and Yang Energies.  
Momordica Fruit (also called Luo Han Guo). Replaces lack of Yin energy in the Lungs.  This is a fruit that is as sweet as Stevia. Prevents Cancer, Lubricates Intestines, Heals Whooping Cough.
Arborvitae Seeds (also called Bai Zi Ren). Slightly Yin in Nature. Nourishes the Heart.  Increases Resistance to Hot and Cold Outdoor Temperatures.  Helps to create a deep, relaxing sleep. Combines well with Tofu, Ginseng and Jujube.  Is mixed with Green Tea, Chinese Palm, Bitter Melon and Oriental Arborvitae.  This is made into a cream to remove wrinkles and create a clear complexion.
Black Sesame Seeds. Yin. Rebuilds Yin energy in the Liver and Kidneys.  Heals blurred Vision, Dizziness, Ringing Ears, Promotes Breast Milk in Women. High in Calcium.   
Acanthopanax Gracilistylus Root (also called Wu Jia Pi). A relative of the Ginseng Family, but is not completely like Ginseng. Yang.  High in Starch and Calcium. Adds more Yang energy to the heart. Can be purchased under the name Unsulfured Herb Powder.  Works best when a tincture is made from Rice Wine. Helps Relieve Rheumatism in the lower half of the body. Balances the immune system and fights inflammation. Has been used to cure Leukemia. 
Tonics can also be made from these herbs to increase yang or yin energy when there is an imbalance.
Yang tonics that you may know include walnut, black cardamom, fenugreek, and astragalus seed.
Herbs That Tonify Qi ---- FOR KIDNEYS
Herbs That Tonify Yang -- FOR LIVER
additional data:

Times to Avoid Excess Intake of Longevity Herbal Formulas

The longevity herbs both having yin and yang properties, are usually safe to take for long periods, except when your immune system is fighting a virus, such as a cold or flu, than it is best to take fruits high vitamin c such as Goji Berry and other fruits high in Vitamin C.

Fruits and Herbs with between 5 and 20 times more vitamin C than oranges include:

Goji Berry (Chinese Wolfberry or lycium barbarum), triphala, cashew apple fruit, Amalaki, Arjuna (Terminalia Arjuna). This is also an Ayurveda food. Centella Asiatica (brahmi),Gokshura (Tribulus Terrestris), Soursop (Graviola), Gojihva (Sedge Onosma bracteatum) Camu Camu Fruit (1 teaspoon of Camu Camu Powder has about 15 times the USRDA of Vitamin C)and Acerola Cherries.

Amla fruit (Phyllanthus emblica Linn) extracts contain as much as 35 times as much vitamin C as limes and 30 times more than oranges.  This fruit also goes by the following names: Coromandal or Amalaki gooseberry (Indian Gooseberry).

Other minor herbs and fruits that contain very sitnificant levels of vitamin c include: Maca, Acai berries, Sea Buckthorn Berries (Hippophaë rhamnoides L. ssp. rhamnoides), Cayenne (Capsicum annum), Guayabo, and Guavas.

Additional Chinese Folk Remedy Combinations for Health and Longevity

Herbs that replentish QI Energy. Ginseng, Astralaglus, Chinse Yam, Pilose Asiabell Root, Atractylodes, Rhizome, JuJube.
To nourish both QI and Blood.  Boil 30 grams of Astragalus with 30 grams of dates.  
To relieve Lower Back pain or Constipation. Boil 30 grams of Cynomorium songaricum (herba cynomorii) with rice and eat daily.
To relieve an Aching Back and Knees: Add 30 grams of Epimedium into 500 ml of wine and allow to soak for 7 days.  Next drink 20 to 30 milliliters 2 to 3 times daily.
To Increase QI Energy: Add 1 to 2 grams of ginseng to vegetable soup.
To Boost Yin Energy, Calm the Mind and Relieve Depression: Soak 45 grams of lily bulb in water overnight.  Than boil the lily bulbs until soft.  Next add a raw yellow egg yolk from an organic egg.  Next drink this to relieve irritability and nervousness.
This address can give more indepth details:

To Heal Constipation, Increase Sexual Drive and Vigor and Heal Erectile Dysfunction:  Mix together this herbal combination: Asafoetida, Fennel Seed, Turmeric Root, Senna Leaf and Ajwain Seed.
For A Perfect Sounding Voice: Asafoetida and Butter. Eat a spoonful of asafetida with butter to enhance your singing voice. A good combination for speakers and singers who want a powerful voice with a good voice tone.

Additional Anti-Aging and Longevity Herbs and Oils

Aconite root - Warms the Kidney and Promotes Yang or QI Energy

Wild Ginger (Asarum canadense) - Root used as ginger substitute, medicinally for colds and flu Dendrobium leaf - Usually combined with Eucommia, FO TI and Goji Berry. Promotes cellular energetics, repair, and function.

Liquidambar fruit - Keeps Harmony throughout the system.

Millettia root - Used with Astragalus to boost the immune system. Is also mixed with Rehmannia and FO TI.

Rosehip Oil - Combined with Grapeseed Oil and/or Baobab Oil or Green Tea is rubbed on the skin to create a clear complexion.

Over 100 anti aging herbs:

Additional Notes:

General Foods include: Walnuts, Lentils, Mussels, Spirulina, Chlorella, Cereal Grasses, Royal Jelly, Millet, Sesame Seeds, Chicken Breast, Chestnuts, Mulberry, Raspberries, Strawberries (organic only) because strawberries absorb and retain pesticides more than any other fruit.

Chinese Chive Seed.  This herb is commonly mixed with Chistnche.

Helichrysum, Angustifolium (Tree Of Life) - This oil has been found by European researchers to generate tissue, reduce tissue pain, helps to improve skin conditions, circulatory function, prevents phlebitis

Yang Building Herbs - Morinda Root, Flattened Milkvetch, Tribulus Fruit. Tribulus Fruit also Replentishes Testosterone and Rebuilds Muscle Mass 

More about the explanation of the Yin and Yang used in Chinese medicine can be found at this address:

This is a formula, soon to be released, making use of some of the best anti-aging, longevity herbs from both Chinese and Ayurvedic herbs. The below herbs are soaked in rice wine and grape seed oil for a period of days than strained and made into a tincture.  Just one drop per half gallon of spring water daily is all that is required for optimal anti-aging effects. Many of these herbs relieve lower back pain and lower blood pressure.  This could by why Mr. Li Ching-Yuen was able to sit up straight for long periods also used this term in many of this secrets of longivity (to sit up straight).

The basic formula is as follows:

Category #1: Large Parts of: Ginseng or Jigoulan, Reishi (also called Ganoderma) in the ratio of 1:1.

Category #2: 1/2 of the above amounts of Category #1: Rehmannia, Dang Gui, Atractylodes (also called Dang Shen or Codonopsis), Bai Zhu (also called Atractylodes) in the ratio of 1:1
Category #3: 1/3rd of the amounts of Category #2: Fo Ti (also called He Shou Wu), Eucommia, Shilajit in the ratio of 1:1 
Category #4: 1/2 of the above amounts of Category #2: Goji Berry (also called Wolfberry), Hawthorn Berry, Ginger, Epimedium, Basil or Holy Basil, Cordyceps in the ratio of 1:1
Category #5: 1/10th of the above amounts of Category #1: Chrysanthemum Flower, Cinnamon, Aged Citrus Peel in the ratio of 1:1

If the formula is to be taken daily, the above ratios are reversed.  Fo Ti (he shou wu), Shilajit, Eucommia and Atractylodes are moved to Categories 3 and 4.  Ginseng and Dan Gui is moved to Category 1 and Goji Berry is moved to Category 2. and Cinnamon is moved to Category 3.

These are approximate ratios to be perfected over time. 

Anti-Aging and Chinese Longevity Formulas

Ron Teagardens Return to Youth Formula

Jujube, Schisandra, Eucommia, Achyranthes, Cornus, Broussonetia Fruit, Polygala Root, Rhizome, Goji Berry, Rehmannia, Poria, Morinda, Fennel Fruit, Cistanche

Restore the Yin Combination

Rehmannia, Peony, Asparagus, Dioscorea, Dong Quai

The Rehmannia Six Combination

Calcium - 128 mg

Rehmannia Root - 320 mg

Poria Cocos Sclerotium - 160 mg

Tree Peony Root Bark - 160 mg

Dioscorea Root - 160 mg

Alisma Rhizome - 160 mg

He Shou Wu Root (Fo Ti) - 80 mg

Chrysanthemum Flower - 64 mg

Ligustrum Seed - 64 mg

Saw Palmetto Berry - 48 mg (may be reduced in mg dosage)

Lycii Fruit Extract - 40 mg also known as goji berry and available as a supplement.

Cornus Fruit - 18 mg

The Padma Basic Tibetan Anti-Aging herbal formulation

Padma Basic is based on an all-natural, Tibetan herbal formulation that has been used for centuries. Modern scientific studies now confirm the supportive benefits of Padma Basic in cardiovascular health, immune function and normal antioxidant activity. The herbal components in Padma Basic work synergistically to help support a healthy heart and an active life style. Padma Basic consists of a carefully balanced preparation of 19 dried and milled herbs and spices, together with natural camphor and calcium sulfate.

Padma Basic Formula - Iceland moss, costus root neem fruit (Azadurachta indica), cardamom fruit, red saunders heart wood (Pterocarpus santalinus), chebulic myrobalan fruit (Terminalia chebula), allspice fruit, bael tree fruit (Aegle marmelos), calcium sulfate, columbine aerial part (Aquilegia vulgaris), English plantain aerial part, licorice root, knotweed aerial part (Polygonum aviculare), golden cinquefoil aerial part (Potentilla aurea), clove flower, resurrection lily (Kaenpferia galangal rhizome), heartleaf sida aerial part, valerian root, lettuce leaf (Lactuca sativa), calendula flower, natural camphor (Cinnamomum camphora).

Additional Notes:

The herbs Jiaogulan, Dang Shen (also known as Codonopsis) are similar to Ginseng, and can be used in place of ginseng.


Infertility Herbal Concoction
Gou Qi Zi, Tu Si Zi, Fu Pen Zi, Che Qian Zi, Wu Wei Zi

Additional Anti-Aging Herbs Include:

Cynomorium Songaricum

Chyawanprash - Ayurvedic Tonic containing numerous anti-aging substances

Basil - Also called Tulsi - Keeps immune system strong

Chinese Chive Seed

Goji Berry

Tribulus Fruit - Synergizes with Dong Qui

Cassia Seed

Ming Zi

Glossy Privot

Dioscorea - Synergiszes with Astralaglus

JuJube - Combines with Fo Ti to treat insomnia

Fleece Flower - Also called He Shou Wu or Fo Ti

Chrysanthemum Flower

Sesame Seeds

Lotus Seeds - Synergizes with Fo Ti

Euryale Seeds

Cuttle Fish Bone

Epimedium - Builds Bones, Cures Infertility

Dadder Seeds - Cures Infertility

Eucommia - Builds Bones, eliminates fatigue, anti-inflammatory

Cistanche - Cures Infertility, cures low blood pressure

Flattened Milkvetch - Cures Infertility

Solomons Seal

Reishi - Also called Ganoderma

Shilajit - Synergizes with Fo Ti

Cuscuta - Synergizes with Fo Ti

Cuscuta - Synergizes with Fo Ti

Longan Fruit

Bai Shu - Increases Superoxide Dismutase Levels

Motherwort - Cures Infertility

Leuzea - Also called Maral Root - Synergizes with Fo Ti, Cures Infertility, Builds Muscles and Hormones, combines with Ginseng to build muscles

Prunella Vulgaris - Rebuilds Tissues, Anti-Inflammatory


Morinda Root - Increases SOD Levels, Boosts Immune System, Synergizes with Astralaglus

Cornus - Rebuilds Skin

Poria Cocos - Rebuilds Skin and Hair

Fructus Rubi - Cures Infertility

Amalaki - Boosts Red Blood Cells, Cleans Intestines

Rhizoma - Rebuilds Skin

Yi Zhi Ren - Cures Bladder Inflmation, take with Cranberry

Shatavari - Cures Infertility, rebuilds skin

Perilla Oil - Rebuilds Skin, Anti-Inflammatory - Synergizes with Vitamin E

Pueraria - Mix with Fo Ti to grow new hair, creates estrogen

Arjuna - Reduces stress, rebuilds skin and heart tissue

Fennel Fruit

Biota seeds - Enhances Digestion, used to treat irritability, insomnia, memory loss, anxiety, constipation

Wild Snow Lotus - Synergizes with Reishi and Fo Ti

Haritaki - Laxative, used with Amlaki and Bibhitaki as an effective colon cleanser

Indian Gooseberry - Heals Liver, Synergizes with Shalit and Corriander to remove grey hair

Siberian Ginseng - Used as an immune booster for the elderly

Kyolic - A form of garlic with powerful healing properties

Guduchi - Immune system booster

Saw Palmetto - Used to cure enlarged prostates

Gokhshura - Cures infertility, rebuilds tetestrone.  Synergizes with pine pollen

Plantago Major - Rebiulds Skin


Chlorophytum Borivilianum - Cures Infertility

Oroxylum Indicum - Anti Inflammatory

Vidarikanda - Rebiulds Bones, Cures infertility

Codonopsis - A native to Ginseng - Boosts Intelligence, making taking tests and exams easier

Cassia Seeds - Detoxes, Lowers Blood Pressure

Draksha - Rebuilds Liver, Enhances Digestion

Tang Kuei

Albizzia - Removes Depression and Anxiety

Yashtimadhu - Removes ulcers and helps increase the brains alertness

Puncture Vine - Cures Infertility


Nu Zhen - Cures Infertility

Angelica - Also called Dong Quai

Terminalia Chebula

Ligustrum Japonicum - Rebiulds Skin, removes wrinkles


Gokshura - Hormone Building, Cures Infertility

Huang Jing

Bai Shou Wu


Gotu Kola


Pippali - Rebuilds Hair




Aloe Vera

Although not herb related Russian Scientist Vladimir Skachev, professor at Moscow State University, invented SKQ1, also known as Plastoquinone Decyltriphenylphosphonium .

The addition of SkQ(1) to the storage medium improved energetic function of the liver, as was revealed in increased respiratory control index of mitochondria and ATP level. SkQ(1) exhibited positive effect on the liver secretory function

Source: U.S. Library of Medicine

Professor Skachev also placed a few drops on one of his eyes, which dissolved his cataracts. Further research by independent universities also revealed that it healed wounds, baldness, minor cases of osteoporosis and improved the appearance of the skin and health of people.

Other Single powerful healing herbs for various conditions:

Kikyo root also called Jie Geng cures pneumonia

Agrimony herb stops bleeding

Antipyretic dichroa also called chang shan or Mount  Eternity cures malaria

Pu Gong Ying also called Dandelion has been used to heal breast cancer, both by eating and applying onto tumor

Jin Ying Zi also called Japanese Honeysuckle stops bedwetting and diarrhea

Bai Tou Weng  also called Chinese Pulsatilla stops diarrhea

Coin grass also called Jin Qian Cao removes urinary and gall stones

Chinese clematis also called temples holy root or Wei Ling Xian helps with easing rheumatism

Dang Gui also called ought to return tones the blood, promotes digestion and is good for the heart, liver and spleen and is a powerful blood tonic and a good herb for women and menstruation

Dodder seed is good for the liver and kidneys

Evergreen spire also called Yin Chen Hao heals jaindice and liver

Wu Zhu Yu also called Evodia Fruit, is good for the liver and spleen, when mixed with Huang Lian also called yellow pearl rhozome, it relieves excessive stomach acid, gad and an overactive liver

Atractylodes is good for healing rheumatism, weak legs, itchy skin and night blindness  When combined with Huang Bai also called yellow fir, it creates a synergy between the 2

Ge Gen also called Kudzu Root treats headaches and when mixed with Ma Huang heals a stiff neck

Gan Cao, also called Licorice root helps treat leukemia

Magnolia flower also as Xin Yi Hua heals nosebleeds

Pseudo ginseng also called sanqi heals nosebleeds

Sealwort also called Huang Jing increases energy and treats the spleen, lungs and stomach   It is a lung herb  And should be soaked separately for longer periods due to the high moisture content

Teasel also called Xu Duan heals and strengthens bones and tendons and boosts circulation and energy in the body

Wuwezi also called chinese magnolia vine fruits heals tuberculosis, and heals the heart and lungs.  It also assists digestion and heals the liver

She Chuang Zi boosts sex hormones

Kulianpi also called chinaberry tree bark kills parasites round and hookworms

Tai Zi Shen also called Pseudostellaria fights cancer

Boosts memory, insomnia, depression and injuries from falls

She Gan or Blackberry Lily is a heart and liver healing herb.  It expands arteries and increases red blood cells

Qing Hao wards off influenza


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