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Chinese and Aruyvedic Herbs that Energize and Stimulate the Mind and Upper Part of the Body Return to Homepage

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Herbal Combinations for Health and Healing

Calamus - Enhances Intelligence and Memory

Albizia - This herb is known as the Chinese form of Prozac.  It removes depression and induces a state of happiness and tranquility.

Pumpkin Seeds - Used to treat Insanity, and promoting mental stability and remove depression

Brahmi - Good for Healing the brain and promoting mental stability

Jatamansi - Promotes Intelligence, Muscle Strength and Tai Chi Energy

Haritaki - Creates a calm and peaceful mind.  Blends well with honey and ginger

Kustha - Used to heal mental disorders

Guduchi - Stimulates Mental processes.  Blends well with Gotu Kola and/or Shankpushpi and Chinese Licorice

Ashwagndha - Reduces stress.  Mixes well with Shatavari and Mandukaparni

Saffron - Helps remove depression.

Gotu Kola - Boosts Memory

Ginkgo - Increases Blood Circulation in the brain.

Oil of Shirodhara - Place on forehead to induce deep states of relaxation

Bacopa - Excellent Mental Stimulant.  Helps boost memory considerably.

Bringraj - Stimulates Hair Growth and Heals Premature Grey Hair

Bibitaki - Heals the Eyes, Throat and Lungs, Removes Fat from the body, Removes Parasites,

Bhumy Amalaki - Heals Liver, Treats Hepatitis, Used on skin for wounds, sores and ulcers, and helps indigestion.

For A Perfect Sounding Voice: Asafoetida and Butter. Eat a spoonful of asafetida with butter to enhance your singing voice. A good combination for speakers and singers who want a powerful voice with a good voice tone.

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