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Forecasting Disease Prevention, Population Moods and Wellness Phases based on the Suns Spectrum of Energies - Visit Main Site

Welcome to The Institute for Solar Studies on Human Behavior and Health. The purpose of this site is to give advance warning of adverse solar conditions that cause discomfort to the human body.

The sun is the greatest teacher of all. By understanding how the cycles of its energy flow and govern life and matter, we can grow and evolve towards a better world for all. We can also learn creative methods to solve challenging problems and understand where we are headed.

The Institute for Solar Studies on Behavior and Human Health specializes in the field of Chirobiology. This rapidly expanding and exciting science studies the effects of lunar, solar and celestial influences upon living organisms. The Institute for Solar Studies on Behavior and Human Health has published 5 books, and includes a daily health and wellbeing solar forecast at As of November 2012, the Institute has used the previous 5 years of research and observation from research studies involving the sun and lunar activity which were carried out on the islands of Hawaii and Northern and Southern California to create an overall healing module. This module is divided into the following areas: Anti-Aging Techniques and Nutrition. Self-Generated Healing Technologies and the Fulfillment of Goals and Ambitions.



Predicting Large Scale Events that Affect Large Regions or Large Populations using Cycles of the Sun

Our sun makes a great tool to forecast large scale events that unexpectedly impact our civilization.  This is because our sun influences the collective consciousness of all living things on our planet.  Because our sun has cycles that we can now predict, once we study past trends such as weather, markets, disease etc., and how previous solar weather affected these trends, it gives us a guide map to plot and forecast future trends based on the future activity of solar weather. We can then create a rough timeline of when that particular trend will be affected, thus saving lives, time and resources.

These impacts can be both positive and negative.

Click on a topic below to explore the future trend of that category as well as see articles published by the Solar Institute showing how the trend is calculated.

Sunspot cycles and the Markets

Sunspot cycles and the Markets Part 2

Solar Cycles and Influenza

Solar Activity and Terrorist Attacks / Mass Shootings

Solar Cycles and Political Change and Civil Unrest

Solar Cycles and Lifespan

Solar Cycles and Glaucoma

Solar Activity and Instant Healing (exposing infected body parts to direct sun with a cloudless sky) (coming soon)

Solar Activity Severe Weather and Tornadoes

Solar Activity and immediate weather changes

Please note some of the above articles NOAA's links are out of order due to their upgrade.  These links will all be replaced in time.

Years of research by the Solar Institute has yielded new discoveries which have been developed and made available for purchase to our visitors. First and foremost are the library of interesting books with over 1,000 published pages on Chirobiology and Longevity Nutrition.

The 2nd range of products are a special assortment of all natural, non-pharmaceutical products focused on not only preserving the human life span, but making it healthy and enjoyable.

Mightyz Brain Booster came from researching special herbs proven to help ward of alzheimer's and improve the brain’s mental focus and concentration.

Mightyz Immune System Booster came about from researching the cold and influenza virus outbreaks occurring each year. A way was discovered to keep the immune system strong, helping to repel the cold and flu virus during winter season. As an added bonus, it helps keep the body free of upper respiratory infections. It gives significant strength to the body when it feels tired and under stress and attack from negative viruses and bacteria.

Scott’s SOD Booster  is one of our earliest discoveries. Its purpose is to give long term energy to the body when it “feels old and tired”. This works by increasing a special enzyme called Superoxide Dismutase. Because all these products are based on over 6 years of research and study, they have successfully proven themselves by the many positive comments received from our customers.
All products include an unconditional 100% money back guarantee.

Whatever path you may be on, the Institute's goal is to help you get there by using a module that suits you. By using these tools your journey becomes fun and enlightened instead of boring or feeling like a chore. Latest Books:
Solar Flares and Their Effects Upon Human Behavior and Health. Kindle Version.

Solar Flares and Their Effects Upon Human Behavior and Health. Paperback Version.

Learn About What the Book is About by visiting the Information Page. You may purchase the book in Kindle Format Directly From by visiting Amazons Bookstore. PLEASE NOTE THIS BOOKS IS IN KINDLE FORMAT

Coming Soon (Before July 12th, 2012). You may read the book in E-book format as a .PDF file, perfect for reading on mobile devices or printing directly from your computer. Payment is processed by Clickbank, and giving you the opportunity to make a commission if you wish to sell the book yourself.

Video - New Book Published on July 3rd, 2012.

A welcome message from the Director of The Institute For Solar Studies on Behavior and Human Health. Included is the model describing how illness and disease are responsible for some solar flares and how another stage of the sun is used to heal these diseases.

The Institute began studying solar weather conditions on human behavior and health in 2004. Through this research, practical solutions for health and well-being were created based on the frequency of the sun at a given time. The sun emits different frequencies, much like the earth goes through periods of different seasons. This information is then used as a tool by sports professionals and professional athletes, institutions dealing with the public and by single individuals addressing an audience. Those most vulnerable to Extreme Solar Activity are the Elderly and Extreme Athletes. They are more susceptible to pneumonia and respiratory infections at these times. These tools can also be used for individual health and and well-being.

Customized forecasting is also available for sports coaches, live television hosts, musicians and live bands, law enforcement, public speakers or any event where gauging audience mood and reaction/behavior is critical to a successful outcome of any chosen event. This science also applies to growing of crops, behavior and research studies, and physical endurance. Contact the Institute for Further Details.

One of the most recent examples of successfully using the sun to heal is the science of Sun gazing,
with thousands of testimonials citing a broad spectrum of healings from cancer to cataracts. There are 3 main solar and geomagnetic influences that affect the health of the body. These are the solar wind, geomagnetism and solar activity. Additional influences include seasons and how close the earth is to the sun or moon. The influences vary throughout the year, however there are times they all come together to create "disease" or “renewal”. A perfect example is when you hold a glass lens outside in the sun, and if you hold it too close to an object, it will burn or catch fire, however, if you hold it just the right distance, it can warm the surface, create a beam of light or any other myrid of positive beneficial functions. The same goes for a few minutes before the sun dips over or rises over the horizon (sunrise and sunset), this is the only time you can stare directly at the sun safely. The same effect occurs with the invisible energies of our sun. Anything higher or lower then these variables causes imbalances in living organisms. When these influences are “out of tune”, they “burn holes” in the body, creating sickness and havoc. However by knowing the times this invisible energy is at the right levels, we can use exercise, mental thought power and herbs as a lens to restore the body back to perfect health

The most notable effect from sunlight we gain is the natural increase of Vitamin D in our bodies. In the summertime, just 30 minutes of sun exposure produces about 20,000 IUs of vitamin D in your body. This is as much as drinking 200 glasses of milk, or the equivalent of about 50 typical multivitamins.The proper amount of sunlight exposure has been shown to protect against 16 Types of Cancer, Sunlight has clinically been shown to strengthen our heart, Sunlight has been used for improving Eczema (Atopic Dermatitis), Sunlight has reduced the risk of death from Multiple Sclerosis by up to 76%.

Now these are just the visible rays from the sun. The purpose of this site is to show the inner workings of the invisible rays from the sun, which I believe, cause illness at the sub-molecular level, such as pneumonia, mental disturbances, depression, allergies and more.

When these conditions are all “in tune”, spontaneous healing of the body occurs much more rapidly. When these influences are “out of tune”, groups most affected include the elderly, extreme athletes, those experiencing extreme stress, and the mentally disturbed, and in some cases, allergy sufferers may find their conditions worsened. This is good news because plotting these prime conditions can be used to prevent illness or restore the body to optimal health, especially if you are an anti-aging enthusiast.

Condition Red Warning Signs

Present Warning Signs: The X-ray background flux will double 24 hrs before -

At the start of this solar flux resonation, the sunspots will show a growing trend  

Humidity levels will be higher: #past_observations

Historical Solar Data

Last Events last 5 days: Misc Space Data Links: Solar Wind Plot:

Real Time Solar Flux:

Predicted solar flux shows increase: L

AML forecasted solar wind "jump":

Space Weather Links Courtesy of NASA, NOAA and other Space Agencies: Real Time Sunspot Activity (courtesy of NASA)

BZ polarity (courtesy of NASA)

Real Time Solar Flux (courtesy of NASA)

The background flux can remain high for up to 24 hours, it is only when the solar wind "jumps" does this trigger the negative immune system response, if the body is under stress or lacks antioxidants.