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QI Gong  recharges the central nervous system and improves the function  of the visceral organs. QI Gong  comes in many forms and can be practiced sitting, standing, laying down. These exercises all have the same 3 things in common.  Relaxation of the body,  Regulation of the breath and Calming of the mind. 

Some forms of QI Gong  such as the Emerald Tablets exercise involve visualization of QI energy (CHI) forming and moving along the internal pathways.  Doing this in concert with the breath over time as you progresses in practice, you sensation of QI is experienced more and more along the pathways.

There are many ways and types of QI Gong, and for the last 5 years I have used the Emerald Tablets Exercise to recharge my body with much success. One key point to remember, QI Gong  exercises should be stopped when your body's immune system is under stress, such as suffering from a cold or flu virus.  This same rule also applied to taking anti aging herbs. Spring is the time of year the body is undergoing transition and I believe that this is the critical period that peaks until the new adjustments have passed.  Anti-aging and QI Gong  exercises than are best to resume and work best just after the start of spring and lasting until about early December.  This is based on peforming QI Gong during the North American Seasons.

The best way to start is to relax your body and to erase all stress, tension and thoughts.  Next take deep, slow long breaths until you reach about 4 to 5 breathes per minute, your body will than fall into the QI GONG  state of consciousness, which is where you than use your mind to mold and form this energy into CHI, thus using it to recharge and send new life into your body.


It is the combination of qi gong energy and the right longevity/anti aging herbs that contribute to longevity.  We see this in the example of Mr. Li Ching-Yuen, who ate the Anti-Aging herbs FO TI and Goji Berries.  He also practiced a form of QI Gong called Bagua Zhang, which has been shown to strengthen the tendons/ligaments and bones, especially during winter. This article also shows that during Fall the QI Gong energy starts flowing strongest. Dr. Wayne Dyer, received QI Gong or healing energy from a person in Brazil and took herbs, which healed his cancer, as this video shows.

Restarting the Generation of QI Gong  after not practicing for a long period of time

If you have not done the emerald tablets or other QI Gong exercises for a while, it is best to re-begin the exercise at the proper moon phase. Usually 3 to 4 days before a full moon or 3 to 4 days after a new moon (the first crescent moon), this rejuvenation energy is stronger.  And also when the 2mev energy levels are higher, which you can find on the emerald tablets page if you want to learn more about this.

Over the years I have been mastering a new type of QI Gong which I now have named "Celestial QI Gong", in which you absorb the energy from the stars when the solar activity is higher.  You than mold this energy into QI Gong and use it re-generate the body.  So far I have had much success with this. You can learn more about this on the condition yellow pages. Celstial QI Gong works best from September to late March in North America.

Once you have larned to open the gateway (the automatic flow of QI Gong), the energy flow is just like typing or swimming. Your mind and body never forget how to manifest this energy.  All you do is relax your body and enter the "QI Gong " state of mind and the rest automatically takes over. Even after not having performed the emerald tablets exercise for over 3 months, and then re-beginning the exercise again , I was still able to manifest and absorb the QI Gong  energy without fail.  All I had to do was put myself into the "QI Gong " state and the energy automatically flowed towards me, all I did was direct it. It is like after practicing QI Gong  for a period of time,  the mind learns how to grasp onto and create and form and mold this energy and use it to revitalize.

During these times I have also discovered as well as after confirming this in some ancient texts that after the gateway has been opened, as long as you lay north or south and keep your thoughts or consciousness between your abdomen and feet, you will absorb the energy naturally. This means no more holding your thoughts between your head and chest and laying down for 20 minutes on the north direction. I like to do this just after spring, than go back to the thoughts between chest and head as summer approaches again.


QI Gong Gathering Areas in the Body

The QI Gong  points in the body gather in 3 main areas.  In the center of the abdomen, 3" below the naval.  The next one is between the chest.  This spot is located in between the nipples, around the location of the sternum.  The 3rd position is in the center of the eyebrows on the forehead. The chest and eyebrow CHI locations when you focus your concentration on these areas will raise blood pressure. While the abdomen area will lower blood pressure.  Gathering and increasing CHI energy in the abdomen area is good for older people who want to keep their blood pressure lower.


Types of QI Gong  that don't require a lot of physical exercise

T'ai chi ch'uan or Taijiquan, is another type of QI Gong  exercise, which also uses internal energy to recharge the body.

Also another exercise involving the condition yellow period, taps energy from the constellation Sirius, which is than used to re-charge the body.

Swimming Dragon QI Gong builds bones and is good for the kidneys. It also boosts circulation throughout the body.

 Another from of QI Gong  is called Dao Yin. This was invented by Mr. Hua Tou and nourishes the blood and promotes a long life.  It also wards off disease keeps the immune system strong and healthy. This Qi directed by the mind guides newly refreshed blood to specific areas of the body.  This vastly improves circulation and long term health. You can watch a video of it at this address:

Another Qi Gong exercise for people suffering from emphysema, bronchitis and asthma involves relaxing the mind and body, then gently clicking or tapping the upper and lower teeth or gums 36 times.  This produces a new form of saliva.  This saliva is than swallowed with the tongue.  This newly formed saliva is than swirled with the tongue, and then swallowed in 3 parts while visualizing this new energy flowing down into the middle of the chest and then again just below the naval.

Next you imagine a reservoir of refreshing white new QI energy entering the mouth, transmitting the energy through the body while exhaling, this energy than flows first to the lungs, and then next to the energy center, than the skin, and finally to the body and hair. This is repeated up to 10 times or until the body feels charged" enough.

The above exercise may sound odd or strange, but it is a proven QI Gong  exercise that requires no major physical movement and has been successfully used for thousands of years with success. You can learn more at the following addresses:


Solar and Celestial Forces of QI Gong Energy 

By utilizing the forces of the earth, sun and stars at the right times and by using the right methods, we can generate substantial life giving QI Gong energy into our bodies. By doing this, we cleanse the body and purify the mind much more efficiently than the mind can cleanse itself. It is like the newly acquired QI Gong energy is one of the most powerful cleansers of the mind there is.

By using these cosmic and lunar forces at the right times, they remove toxins, fears and tensions.  Also our minds and body stay ahead of the build up of pollution that occurs over time in our bodies.  By neglecting to bring in new QI Gong energy, the buildup of toxins from pollution overpowers the healthy QI Gong energy in the body, leading to disease.

You must be able to experience the feeling of restoration just as you would feel like you are sitting in the woods by a pristine clear stream flowing through the forest.

The correct tools to access these feelings are the condition yellow exercises and the higher 2mev levels that occur when practicing the Emerald Tablets Exercise.  Also the crescent moon phases are another poweful period, as well as 3 days before and after a full moon.  These are some of the most powerful periods QI Gong energy can be gathered using cosmic an lunar forces.

For those of you who want to experience the results of QI Gong quickly, Zhou Tian Gong is one way to experience this. This type of QI Gong strengthens the mind and promotes longevity. 

Another QI Gong that is often combined with healing herbs and used for rapid healing of the body is YI Jia Gong (medical QI Gong). It can also be combined with acupuncture.  This type of QI Gong is good for disease prevention and increasing the strength of the body.  It can also be modified to conform to the condition of the person according to their health status. This includes variations such as Dong Gong (Dynamic Qi Gong), Jing Gong (Static QI Gong) and Mo Gong (Self Massage).

The Secret of Combining

Just as foods when combined create powerful anti aging effects when we take one step further and combine QI Gong  with anti aging foods, we get a powerful anti aging combination.  As we saw in the life of Mr. Li Ching-Yuen, who practiced QI Gong and also ate the herbs Fo Ti, Ginseng and Goji Berry, a powerful anti-aging combination.

So in summary, by adding proper anti-aging nutrients to nourish the body and proper QI Gong exercises to nourish the spirit, we achieve perfect balance towards a long life with health and well being.

 To learn more about how the meridians of energy flow and operate according to the season, my book. A Centurion's Toolbox for Longevity Living Beyond 120 - 2nd Edition goes into more detail about this.

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