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The Attempted Assault on our Free Will by Forces Existing Beyond our Dimension


Feeding Humans one Breadcrumb at a Time

I believe that the Roswell crash was a staged event by advanced aliens who seeded us technology, by allowing the crash to happen on purpose. Those monitoring us humans wanted to see how we would tinker with this new technology, what to them, would be outdated hardware, such as night vision technology and the transistor and other tech that we would think of as "magic". They could also record the public's emotions on a "Roswell crash" to continue the agenda of disinformation that UFO's don't exist. A perfect way to plan ahead.

I believe that the transistor, which was in the Roswell Saucer, was back engineered by an American Company. Here is a part of the lecture given by Jack Shulman, President American Computer Company:

"Did AT&T receive stolen alien technologies from the US Government in 1947 and thereby invent the transistor, the laser, the integrated circuit, and...on and on and on...different technologies?" Well, we figured the reaction we would get from the public would be one of, "Oh gee, isn't that cute? That's funny, X-Files, you know..." The reaction we got was not one we had anticipated. Three days after we placed the image onto our website, we received a very strange series of military faxes to our tech support fax machine, referring to a piece of hardware known as "Sky Station". We decided this wasn't right; we were going to call the Pentagon and tell them about it. That next day our offices were broken into. Our front door was smashed, our glass was smashed to smithereens all over the place, and everything was taken out of the file cabinets in our offices."

Carbon dating of the notebooks that Jack was shown have verified the notebooks are authentic. Jacks Interview with Nexus Magazine can be read at:

These new ¨recovered technologies¨ brought us night vision and many other advances, it is key to note here that the Roswell ship was loaded with only "generic technology" that would not be used to harm them.  They kept the invisibility, the tech to walk through walls, the sleep paralysis causing equipment and other technology out of our reach, just enough to hang ourselves on.  We even cancelled the space shuttle program, showing that they didn't even give us the tech to create mass anti-gravity craft or alternate propulsion systems, although we already may have them in secret, but not yet released to the general public.

I am sharing this with my audience because I believe that things in our current system are not as they appear to be and we are losing the ability to enjoy our journey of self discovery and freedom of expression, especially the freedom of true expression and spiritual progress. I touched briefly on this subject in my article titled The Attempted Assault on our Free Will by Forces Existing Beyond our Dimension .



My Story of Abduction by a Covert Group Abusing Advanced Technology

Before we go further on this subject I am going to share my experiences of encounters with this group. I was adopted by a family because my parents could not conceive children.  Around age 6, my family joined the Jehovah's Witness Religion.  It was after a few months of this my mother finally gave birth to a girl and another one a few years later. It was during this period of time I felt strange unwanted, negative presences in my bedroom at night. Did the joining the church help my mother become pregnant through her belief in God?  or was it a more sinister reason, perhaps some advanced technology pretending to be God, using technology to deceive my parents to think it was a miracle from God.  Even today, in remote areas, primitive people think of our cell phones as advanced technology that we take for granted. I believe that there is some organization that walks among us, deceiving us. Perhaps this organization with their advanced technology is using it to create "miracles" in people's lives, and the people attribute it to God or Religion.

When I was around 10 years of age, I recall many of the classic abduction scenario such as being paralyzed while laying down and a very deep dark negative presence in the room. I would pull the covers over my head and finally pass out. 
On one occasion, after abducting my sisters, they returned her not to her bed, but instead the floor of the room, where she had to be physically shook to be awakened.  She slept about 12' above my other sister on the top bunk, so there was no way she crawled down onto the floor to go to sleep halfway during the night.  She always liked to sleep in bed, never on the floor. 

I remember one night, when I tried to wake my mother, when this dark negative presence came into my room.  My mother was a very light sleeper, and she was in a trance.  All power to the house had been stopped, so the lights would not work.  I tried to wake her up by shaking her very hard, but she would not awaken.  The next morning I told her about it and she remembered everything. Apparently she had been paralyzed by this strange dark, unseen force that had also stopped the electricity running through the house.  Once again the next morning the clocks had to be re-set. This constant re-setting of the clocks drove my father nuts.

On another occasion, there was extremely bright light coming from one of the windows of my sisters room.  A light that was bluish, but so bright, it did not hurt the eyes, but was a glow that also stopped the electricity from running in the house.  We would have to reset our clocks the next morning because the power would go out for up to 3 hours at a time. When this light came all crickets stopped chirping, and all the night animals went totally silent. 

As my sisters grew older, they started showing traits of psychic abilities and my father stated having very bad migraines which were virtually incurable.  This is the sign of an alien implant and abductions. What we may be calling alien implants may be from a foreign alien species working alongside a covert group of people who are using advanced technology.  They are deceiving people by pretending to be "bad" aliens so we can think of future contact with alien beings as a negative encounter and judge all visitors from other worlds as wanting to take over earth and its people.

Until about age 22, I was able to stop these negative intrusions into my life through sheer will power and using alien resistance countermeasures, which worked well. They do not disturb me to this day. I believe that my sisters are still prisoners of this high technology today, so they yet have to learn the countermeasures to stop them from being taken or abducted against their will.

I am also fully convinced that these "beings" whether they be alien, man made, or both (such as a cooperation between aliens and human counterparts) may work with a secret military organization (or is an unacknowledged part of it) that is kept secret from the general public. When I was 17, I was approached a number of times by military personal, offering to give me rides in fighter jets and tour of the air force base. These occasions occurred in 2 different cities thousands of miles apart from each other in Australia. I believe they also have infiltrated the major religions as well as parts of the ruling elite and governmental system, such as medical and military.

I believe they also set up people to meet each other though "chance" encounters so they can study how these interactions play out. Perhaps to develop favorable relationships based on their agenda. I also believe they continue to abduct people through their family line. This means the children of parents who are abducted also have their children abducted.

I believe they help man progress technologically in order to increase the monitoring of humans and possible to induce control of certain segments of the population. As you can see, as more people are born on earth, there needs to exist a surveillance system of some sort to keep track of everything.


How I Overcame This and Grew Wiser and Stronger in the Process

I used these tools to stop the unwanted invasion this fear in my life 1: Increased Awareness of their activities and agenda and recognition of their agenda.  Using my willpower and intention to physical and mentally say a firm "NO!" to these beings, especially when combining this intention with a pure white powerful light almost always works well. Because their craft and technology works with consciousnesses, the white light backed by strong intention scrambles their electronics, much like an EMF wave destroys electronics. Also performing spiritual healings work well to keep them away. They will never appear out of the blue in a spaceship in a crowded area and take someone because the emotions of fear and awe generated to such a high level I believe disrupts their engines. 

I remember though after spending some time in the community of Chatsworth, CA that I had more attempted intrusions, but they stopped after I continued my alien resistance exercises. If you Google = Chatsworth, CA + alien abduction, there are an awful lot of stories and sightings in that area of Northern Los Angeles County. I believe they have some sort of base in that area.

I also firmly believe that good alien forces are also around us.  Just as we have people who rebel in our governmental structure, so too do these alien structures have people who rebel. One person who did this was a person named Enki, told through the story of the Anunnaki. Eki rose up against the Anunnaki and spread the truth about mans origins, while he was on earth overseeing the project of humans mining gold. I will go further into this later on in this article.

I also believe that when the condition yellow exercises are done, that the energy emanating from Sirius is good energy, as the Dogon have already visited earth from this star system before which shared their knowledge with man.  This is where I get a lot of my information to write such powerful articles, is by tapping into this energy emanating from the star system Sirius. Dr. Steven Greer has also started the Sirius Disclosure Project.


People in Contact with Alien Species Today

Now the above are just my personal observations and experiences. There is another person who regularly has ET contact with beings from other worlds and his name is Dr. Steven Greer, who now possesses a dead alien in his possession.

Dr. Steven Greer talked about PLF or programmed life forms created by the military industrial complex.  These may be the alien species of the dark side that myself and others may be encountering, promoting the agenda that all aliens are dark and evil and inflict fear and pain. These are called the Greys. Dr. Greer believes that another species of aliens are benevolent and non violent.  This makes sense because almost all of his contacts take place face to face with the intention of meeting them, not the other way around which is dark, secretive and full of fear. James Gilliland also has frequent positive open contacts with good alien races and species.

So I can only conclude that there must exist a parallel government that is deceiving the public that all visitors from other planets are evil.

How does this figure into the Sumerian literature? Easy, ENKI broke free of the Anunnaki controlling man and shared the knowledge of who we truly are with us humans.  This I believe are the good beings that Dr. Steven Greer and others speak about. Enki began the brotherhood of the snake, which was infiltrated by the evil part of the Anunnaki and turned around the truth of the knowledge issued by the Brotherhood of the Snake. There still exist this original control structure, however they work behind the scenes, using PLF's or programmed life forms to carry out what little power they have left through abductions, etc.

Once again, as I mentioned earlier, this explains why all the meetings Dr. Steven Greer has had, have been physical and visual face to face meetings involving emotions of joy and excitement, and the abduction encounters contain emotions of fear and implantation of devices and genetic monitoring of humans.


Their Future

The alien presence on earth may have been happening for thousands of years, but awareness of the negative ones is becoming more and more clear each passing day.  This in turn empowers people like you and me take control over our own destiny.  This means liberation from fear and bondage which keeps people in denial of truth. I strongly believe the dark side of the Anunnaki control is losing its power grip, soon to be replaced by humanity expressing its true potential, and positive contact with other worlds. When we learn that our fears can be dissolved through awareness, it makes us stronger, giving them less fear to feed off of. 

If some of these groups of beings were here to help us, they would not be so secretive in their abductions, or paralyze people while they sleep at night.  It shows that we have the free will to overpower them and their technology.  I believe that the good alien cultures want our earth to be a utopia for everybody on it, and must act with pity as they see the negative side of the alien culture tag and track some of us like cattle, but they do appear when asked with a strong enough intention and share this information with us. 

The Story of the Anunnaki

The story of the Anunnaki is very complex because it involves thousands of clay tablets that were discovered in Iraq.  Here is a simple analysis of the story of the Anunnaki.  Thousands of years ago beings from another planet who had life spans of up to 800 years came to earth to mine gold to repair their ailing home-world whose atmosphere was falling apart. They also used the gold as an anti-aging substance and for their technological circuitry. Upon seeing earth's primate man, the Nethandral, they used genetic manipulation to fast forward their evolution to a certain point where they created a first breed of human that was destined to serve as slaves to mine the gold. I can guarantee you that like all animals the Nethandral man's eyes squinted when he looked at the sun, but after the "genetic upgrade", he squinted when he looked at the sun.  Almost all the animals on earth, including Chimpanzees do not squint their eyes when they look at the sun.

Anyway, after sometime, a 2nd generation of man was created or another "upgrade" was made to the genetic structure by the Anunnaki.  This became what we now know as Adam and Eve.  We also know of the many stories of these giants who roamed the earth mated and had sex with women. Perhaps they wanted to continue to treat us as slaves so we could provide for them an administrative level of servitude.  Perhaps there was one group that was physical slaves and another group slaves that served food wine and sex. As mentioned earlier, ENKI, rebelled and gave these new humans the truth of the humans origin.  This was to become the Garden of Eden. Religion was than invented to not only try to keep man enslaved but to also hide the truth of mans origins. This video gives an excellent summary of the Anunnkai and mans origins. They even show gold mines that were abandoned thousands of years ago that were built by some unknown culture.

Fast-track to the present of 2013, the Anunnaki are now thousands of years advanced technologically than we are, I believe that they are using technology remotely to control us, much like we use drones and robots to spy on other nations.  They can no longer take physical control of nations because it would ensue a slave like system and slavery is gradually being phased out in industralized nations.  I believe they are trying to suppress our true potential, such as stopping us from exploring other worlds, not allowing anti-gravity systems for transportation, or having us use zero point energy and the curing of major diseases such as cancer and heart disease and other techniques and technologies that would make life on earth a true utopia for all. This explains why they monitor our space programs and rocket launches. Just Google ufo�s and rocket launches, and you will find videos and an amazing amount of information. They keep us from becoming aware of this truth by promoting a culture of ignorance and greed. Greed breeds ignorance and addiction to quick fixes, not long term solutions and prevention.  Couple this with alcohol and drugs, throw in a bit of fear and you have a controlled society.

Dr. Roger Leier's conclusion after removing these implants from people for over 16 years is that these devices are monitoring certain humans (many have been nurses in hospitals), and some are manipulating the genetic codes of some people via their nervous systems. Evidence for this and be found in the 16 alien implants removed by Dr. Roger Leier. It's a well known fact in research that genes and the human nervous system both interact with each other. Several diseases that directly affect the nervous system have a genetic component.

Even the famous Betty and Barney Hill cases mentions the nervous system:

"[The Alien]then tested her nervous system and he thrust the needle into her navel, which caused Betty agonizing pain. But the leader waved his hand in front of her eyes and the pain vanished"
Source: Wikipedia

Perhaps the nervous system is functioning as a sort of "frequency" that is supposed to be kept, and when this "frequency" is disturbed, it could mean people are "waking up" or other things that a negative alien culture would not like to see in their "lab rats" occur. Because many alien abductees have worked in public hospitals as nurses seeing many people each day, it must mean that other people who work with members of the public are also targets for abduction. These may include: Checkout Cashiers or people in high levels of government authority.  Perhaps they serve as a form of hidden camera sending information to some remote database or recording facility.  This would suggest the presence of a location on earth that has a Human Genetic Database where this data is sent, analyzed and decisions made about future abductions.  It would also mean there exists an Manufacturing and Repair Facility for these alien implants and monitoring devices. We are already developing one in the United States that has now been made public.

There have also been a large number of UFO sightings around military installations, and in some cases where the ICBM'S have been disabled by UFO's. So we can now assume a World War 3 will never happen.  I mean what zookeeper has ever killed all his animals? Also the Jehovah’s witness religion teaches hardcore that a world war 3 will never happen. They do however mention a earth becoming burned by fire, such as that from a solar flare as the next great extinction of man. However this could be another feature to keep people in fear and subdued.  Also I believe that any civilization advanced enough to come here and track man, would also be advanced enough to make sure the solar activity levels to do not high enough for that to happen. Solar activity is destined to decline after 2014 anyway, making a solar flare mass extinction rather unlikely.

On the few occasions I return to the Silicon Valley for business, there is always the strange presence of a certain controlled focused agenda.  Many cyberprofessionals call this presence ¨to guide mans destiny¨.  It is like in this part of the world, some sort of guidance is taking place, both positive and negative.  Not to mention the huge number of chem-trails that are sprayed over the Silicon Valley in California.  What is most interesting the strange unidentified disease called Morgellons Disease first popped up in the Silicon Valley, a disease which has wires coming from peoples body parts. What are the purpose of these wires? Is it part of an experiment to join humans with technology? The medical community totally ignores this new disease, which would make perfect sense if some alien presence had infiltrated the medical establishment.

As mentioned earlier, we should be grateful for the Anunnaki for furthering our genetic codes, making us into thinking humans, but it is very important to remember, it was done with their self interest in mind, and not to allow man to advance beyond a certain state, especially for him or her to realize their true potential.  Even today, they are still implanting people with implants to monitor them and to tweak our genetic structure, most likely to keep us from realizing who we really are and what we really can become when we use our true potential.  Fear is just one way to keep this in check.

This secret closed organization also let 2 world wars happen, without doing anything to stop it.  For all we know they used fear to inspire these wars to create more pain and suffering, of which they seem very attracted to. We must also not forget, they still abduct young children without their parents’ permission and disguise themselves as "Saviors of the Earth", while showing them scenes of the earth being blown up by hydrogen bombs during these abductions. Hardly an environment for one to nurture their true potential.
Children's Encounters with Real Alien Beings Case Studies

They also are well aware of the coming global cooling, not global warming. Perhaps this is a form of disinformation. They don't seem to promote the growth of one true potential and self discovery, especially in the spiritual sense.  They want people to become addicted to religion so this self discovery can be taught to them by preachers who blame fear and pain and human suffering on "Satan", which is just a figment of the imagination.


The Alien Hybrid Programs

Alien hybrid programs I believe are a way to start getting humans ready to become biological robotic entities, to accept technology and for it to become a part of them, or to create a highly influential group of people allowing this technology to infiltrate society and allow people to give up their freedoms in exchange for technology.

Quote from an alien abductee:
¨When Claudia Negr6n was six years old, a young hybrid girl explained at least part of the program to her.
I ask her why they're doing this. She says it's for the good of everybody and that they have to do this. It's very important and that I'm not the only one. There are many.... And one day I will know what it's all about, but not just yet. Because if they tell people what it's all about, then their project is ruined. So they have to keep it a secret for now. I ask her what kind of a project is it. She says to make a better world, to make a better place

Excuse me for butting in here, but the last organization that was secretive and thought they could make the world a better place was the Nazis, who used fear and intimidation to carry out their program.  Making the world a better place is never done in secret, it happens when we use our full potential and change who we are, than the world changes around us without any effort. 

I believe the final solution to the alien hybrid program is to merge humans with computers, stripping away their self awareness and allowing them to be the "perfect slave" race for who knows what reason.  Perhaps this civilization has become so advanced, they need slaves to generate some sort of emotional energy they use to feed on to keep them sustained or use emotion for some other highly advanced reason, this is just speculation, but I can only guess.

Perhaps over the thousands of years we have evolved to such an extent, we either possess something of value, or they see our accelerated evolution as a threat.

The beings behind this advanced technology posses the means to make life on earth a utopias for all.  However they choose to block this because perhaps they are so advanced they need the emotions of fear, pain and suffering to keep them alive, like a parasite feeds on infections and rotting matter.   Just like we train dolphins to deliver underwater bombs to ships, we are also being implanted with devices which perhaps alter our perception of reality, to deliver a message, or create certain behavior traits that are favorable to this advanced species agenda.  As mentioned earlier, perhaps we are slowly being prepared to be some type of new biological robot with an artificial consciousness, which can be fully manipulated at will.  This strips away our ability to say no and to resist alien abduction and unwanted intrusions.  By having complete control over a person’s soul, it makes them 100% vulnerable to intrusion and the harvesting of whatever they are after.  As of now, with the right knowledge and awareness, we can resist negative alien intrusions, but I believe they are becoming smarter and more sophisticated in their methods, trying to disguise themselves more and more.


The Men in Black and Time Travel

I believe that the men in black use fear and intimidation to silence those who expose them or come across as threatening to their agenda or who start to spread the word about their activities.  They infiltrate groups like the MUFON UFO networks to monitor what is going on.  Emotions are not bound by space or time, which explains why the men in blacks cars and their clothing always looks the same, whether they appear in 1890 or 1990, they always have the same appearance. Could the men in black be actual time travelers?  This would then make the majority of them a form of holograph, which could explain why they are totally untraceable and disappear so quickly.

The men in black exhibit no emotional trends, have robotic like mentalities and cannot think for themselves.  They are like automatic robots sent to deliver a message.  And in almost every case, no one has actually been physically harmed.  I believe they use techniques to get us to fight amongst ourselves, so we end up doing the killing ourselves, rather than them killing us.  This means there must be some universal law against them physically harming us, which they have to follow.  They let 2 world wars happen, but yet they don't use their spaceships to come and destroy the earth and take who they want as slaves, so there must exist some higher order that prevents them from doing this.

The Anunnaki were most likely responsible for making beer and wine to keep man lazy and unaware of his true nature and connection to the cosmos. These liquids are highly addictive and wreck family life and the human body when used in excess.  There are many herbs that cure alcoholism and cravings for alcohol, yet we never hear about it in the mainstream medical establishments. I believe they also helped man make Opium, Heroin and other hard drugs to keep people asleep and unaware.  Combine this with fear and depression and you can make any society dependent on anything that gives short term relief, and the cycle is self repeating.


The Future

The Anunnaki or whatever organization is responsible for suppression of man and his potential at this point in history, are at a crossroads.  Man is waking up, and they are doing their best to keep it a secret that they exist.  One thing that has come up is Hollywoods Fascination to control the Internet. Because history repeats itself, and because the beings have not publicly come out, until we as a species wake up and take control of our destiny and unleash our true purpose, and remove our fears, we can expect that emotions will continue be manipulated and taken advantage of to their advantage.  Predominate emotions such as fear, terror and hate defeat all reason and will continue to create more and more restrictions on our freedom by the use of never ending new "technology", disguised as freedom or freedom of our expression. 

We can expect to see more genetic manipulation and monitoring of humans, using new types of implants that may not even be able to be detected by machines that we possess anymore such as MIR's and Metal Detectors.  This is because they now know that we know about their implants and I am sure that right now they are working on more advanced versions undetectable to us.  Recent cases have shown they are now placing implants in areas that are almost impossible to remove, such as parts of the brain and other areas that if removed, would possibly kill a person.


What better way to continue to track people without actual implants, but via our own technology. As my RFID chips for school children article showed, we are now starting to make it mandatory for some schools students to wear tracking chips so we know their whereabouts at all times.
There is also the development of a huge DNA database called the National DNA Databank. These are programs not kept secret, but any advanced alien culture could easily hack into a database or RFID signal to track anyone at anytime. This leaves open the future possibility of future alien implants to be used for genetic manipulation of certain people and their families bloodlines, and also implants to possibly induce mind control effects, which may explain the strange nervous system response when an alien implant is removed. Or what if a company like Monsantos got hold of the DNA of groups of people and created foods that manipulate the genes of people to exhibit certain traits and other behaviors?
Quote from a medical study about the before and after effects of alien implant removal
¨Nerve fibers then surround the tissue and appear to be attached to larger nerves. The fact that both persons (from the first set of surgeries) objected verbally and physically could be an indication of this (nervous system) connection.” 
So here we have an actual behavioral reaction taking place when an implant is removed.
Keeping Man Asleep
One of the best ways to block mans connection to his true potential and self discovery is by diet and a steady of feeding of violence through entertainment that portrays pain and suffering, fear and intimidation.  It was the Anunnaki in the first place that modified our genes, making us smarter, now perhaps Monsantos and some other companies are being used as a tool to go backwards, reducing the ability for us to think for ourselves, to such an extent, we no longer have our individuality, question authority or think critically for ourselves.  Use machines to think for us, than we loose complete power over the ability to solve our own problems.
Perhaps companies such as Monsantos are either directly or indirectly influenced by negative alien forces. Their business profile fits the alien agenda perfectly = Modify a persons food by making crops that lack full nutrient value, to keep the body lacking in defenses against cancer. Also this could be the start of using nano technology through the foods that have been genetically modified to make machines out of us. I could be wrong, but it is just a theory. 
Think about it, if nurses who work in hospitals are required, under threat of loosing their jobs  to take a flu shot, and we have nano technology research to make nanobots that will increase our blood cells as shown below in the latest news below:
Researchers are developing a method to increase the immune response generated by vaccines by attaching the vaccine molecules to a DNA nanostructure that delivers the vaccine molecules to specific cells that are key in triggering white blood cells to an immune response.
It shows the first human biological machine interfaces will be nurses, because since they are required to have flu shots, once a nanotechnology is discovered that acts as a flu shot, nurses will be forced to take it. No wonder mainstream doctors ignore the ever emergence of Morgellons.
None of these flu shots are necessary to keep the body in good health. I have written volumes of information on numerous herbs that not only allow the body to fight off disease and illness, but in one case, allowed one man to live over 200 years. I also never get the flu anymore and have not had it for over 7 years since using these special herbal remedies.  I believe fear of the flu, keeps people afraid from discovering this truth. 
So no wonder we will never see hospitals endorsing herbs for as solutions to illness or prevention because some parts of technology are slowly being used as a means to enslave, especially the medical establishments. Not all tech is bad, only certain parts are being disguised as good like a Trojan Horse with an agenda to for control and enslavement.
The Yeti or BigFoot

The yeti is a being from another planet brought here, like the Inuit who vanished in November of 1930, along with their cemetery to another world and is under observation. I mean what technology can make an entire tribe of 2 thousand  people and their buried families graves disappear from the face of the earth? I believe they were relocated to another planet either to be bred as slaves or some other agenda.

The ancient Sumerians also had records of Primitive beings “lulu Amelu” who evoluted. They spoke of conflicts between the Anunnaki about the mining, which led to the breeding or cloning from these evoluted beings on earth with the Shaggies also known as Enkiduites who were beings covered in fur from other galaxies (your “Big Foot”); and then even the splicing of genes of one of the Anunnaki called NINTI to put a divine intellect in the beings called Adamites.



The Good Aliens

I also believe there are multiple beings from multiple planets in our universe visiting earth and the majority are good aliens with no hostile intent that can be met face to face or summon to appear via telepathy as Dr. Steven Greer and James Gilliard and others do on occasion. Read a Biography of Dr. Greer


How to Accelerate the End of Their Agenda

One key observation stands out in all of this, certain people who exhibit strong leadership traits though self discovery are protected by these negative alien implants, or became leaders by overcoming the implants. This is because most good leaders are able to take control of their thoughts, actions and feel a responsibility to share with the world what they have learned.

Dr. Steven Greer is a meditation teacher and medical doctor and Dr. Roger Leir is the head of podiatry in a surgery hospital.
Dr. Steven Greer taught meditation for many years, he has control how to direct his thoughts and mind and is not easily influenced by negative outside dark forces.
It seems those people who take control and responsibility for their own thoughts, actions and behavior and trust their intuition and inner feelings, combined with a strong sense of individual will and purpose are resistant to these alien implants and can see through their agenda.
One again, we see the power of intention and willpower at work. This proves that thought and intention can influence the waking world around us we identify as reality. It also means that because these negative groups are attracted to fear and pain, than projecting the opposite such as self expression, discovering and exploring our true self and other acts that help us discover who we really are, keeps them away.  
It is interesting to note those having the positive UFO contacts, lead lives not heavily dominated or influenced by religion or their belief systems.  
A person who has had negative alien contact is Whitley Streiber who was implanted and tormented by the Greys (which are really just engineered biological life forms known as PLFś) the same ones I encountered.  He is or was also a heavily involved in the catholic religion. Whitley Strieber us now a leading author and talk show host.
The Other Side of Leadership
I firmly believe that certain parts of the entertainment industry have been infiltrated by these dark negative aliens.  This may account for the tremendous number of UFO Sightings over Hollywood CA.  Just Google: Hollywood, ca + UFOS and you get numerous sightings and videos. It would make sense that the entertainment industry, watched by millions of humans would have to some degree been infected with the dark side of the alien agenda. After all, mind control is a large part of their hidden agenda.
Leaders used to Control Groups of People
I also believe they appear to religious leaders as "angels" using their advanced technology while the person stands in fear and awe. As when I was a Jehovah's Witness, we heard that the major clergy of our religion were paid "visits" by what they only can refer to them as 'angels", which I believe are just advanced aliens using their technology disguised as angels so they can maintain their power structure and continue their agenda.
Another case covered in this book concerned Hermino and his wife Bianca, a Jehovah's Witness couple. They were abducted on a road trip and met aliens from the planet KARRAN. These aliens had eyes similar to those described in the other Brazilian contacts.
Forbidden Knowledge


This original alien race that came to earth and first advanced us genetically, and created our culture, maybe never really left or may have transferred control and authority to some other species to continue on monitoring us, like an experiment that does not get out of control.  They are especially interested in our space and weapons programs

This is why open contact is such a sensitive issue. I mean if you bred a bunch of animals that could think for themselves and you than announced what you had been doing to them in the past, such as implanting devices, allowing 2 world wars to happen and so on, what do you think their reaction would be?  These aliens monitoring us won’t allow it to happen unless we wake up and invite contact with good positive aliens to occur, which do exist, as Dr. Steven Greer demonstrates in his CSETI training course.

When this new awareness that we are being visited by good aliens occurs and reaches a critical mass, the monitoring and genetic manipulation of humans, and their need to control outer space with weapons will cease, but the only way this will happen is via a critical mass of people to become aware of the truth and know that we have the power to stop this negative infiltration of humanity and open a new era of peace and new positive growth for all mankind.

If this does not happen, when future visitors from other worlds visit earth, a hundred years from now, they are going to discover a planet taken over by this dark race of aliens, with humans controlled by their own technology and with no free will. This may already be the, case on other planets. If they can visit earth and manipulate the genes of Nethanderals, surely they have done this on other, primitive worlds. The ultimate agenda of this negative alien race, I believe is to return the human race back to the first species that was created.  This species could not logically think for themselves.  They were of a lower genetic breed that knew only slavery and could not stand up to their masters. We are on the road to become machines inserted with artificial consciousnesses that has a 100% success rate of manipulating us.  A controlled hell without our ability to scream out or reach out for help.  The new breed of perfect slave that will not question, but do as its told.

This destiny can be avoided, once again by being aware of what is going on and taking measures to watch out for technology that can cause man to lose control of his ability to possess critical thinking skills, self awareness and the freedom to explore their true potential, spiritually as continue down the road of self discovery and to question authority.

Can you imagine 200 years from now a good alien species coming to earth and visiting it and seeing all the humans stripped of their freewill and self expression, and those aliens in control tell this visiting alien race "We had to do this to the humans because their violent ways and behavior was a threat to the rest of the cosmos"

What sort of message does that say about the true potential of the human race?


I want to give a special thank you to those people and organizations who are supporting the cause to bring this knowledge to the forefront and making it available to all so we can know that we have the potential to shape our true destiny.

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