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2014 Update - Excellent Documentary by Dr. Roger Leier.

This excellent documentary which premiered April 23rd, 2013, covers the investigation of an alien entity retrieved in a South American Desert with the DNA and Protein results analyzed by Stanford University of California.  It also gives revealing information from top government officials and scientists regarding the cover-up of Alien ET's and Alien Craft.

The video can be purchased at: Sirius

11:00 Minutes - Alien Visitors that have visited earth in the past.

14:00 Minutes - Actual ET Contact with Humans

25:00 Minutes - The Actual ET Alien and the scientific Results from research done at Stanford University, California

41:00 Minutes - Dr. Greer Briefs Congress and the CIA on Extraterrestrial Visitations

48:00 Minutes - Alien ET Cat Scan. 

52:00 Minutes - Attacks by unknown agencies and how to move on after experiencing attacks form these rogue elements

56:00 Minutes - How our Minds, Intention and our Awareness affects change

59:00 Minutes - Cover-ups by Government Agencies, Scientific Fraud and the death of a Whistle Blower

1:14 Minutes - The Air Force Black Budge Money Dis-Distribution

1:18 Minutes – Stanford’s Dr. Lachmans Analysis of the Alien Entity and the complete Media Blackout and Ignorance of the evidence that DNA and protein analysis proving this is an Alien Entity.

1:24 Minutes  - Alien DNA and Protein Analysis done by Stanford University, CA

1:28 Minutes - British Government Releases UFO Sightings Documents

1:38 Minutes - Final DNA Report on Alien Entity.  Results confirm it is not a mutation and that it contains 2 million base pairs of unknown DNA

1:47 Minutes - 21 Nations around the world have had their governments make all their UFO files available for complete viewing to the public.  Nations include Russia and the Vatican.  The reason the U.S.A. won't reveal its contents are because it is either partly guilty of engineering and flying some of them (Area 51 and Bob Lazar's Interview) or because it has something to hide.

Video Exterior Link:

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