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I was appalled when I saw that children in San Antonio were required to have RFID chips on them.



What if this mandatory RFID program becomes widespread long term? Do you think these children when they become adults are going to object to wearing RFID chips for their employers? Or if an employer requires them to work from home, to wear a RFID  chip as part of condition of their employment in order to work from home? Or healthcare corporations, who train you to wear them full time so they can tell if you were in a part of the city with high levels of smog that caused you to make yourself sick, or you happened to be in a high germ environment that exposed you to the flu virus, when the news told you that part of town had a high number of people with the flu?. This would give health care companies reasons to boost your health insurance premiums based on this information, as well as many other potential ways to misuse this information to limit your freedom of where and who we can associate with.

This same trend happened with television cameras. When they became small and cost effective, they started showing up everywhere from streets and malls  to buses. Now that RFID technology is becoming small and cheap enough, certain people with privileged positions think we won't notice because it's so small and invasive.

Privacy is a right and so is our freedom. The only people who take privacy away from others or use tracking devices are those supervising prisoners. These people had that right of privacy removed as punishment.

Technology made for the sake of convenience is not an excuse to forfeit freedom

What major crime have school children committed to deserve to have their privacy taken away and what example does this set to the rest of the world if the United States preaches and boasts democracy and freedom?

By submitting to this violation of our privacy, we are really surrendering to an important part of our freedom.  But most importantly of all, is when this sort of treatment is subjected to schoolchildren, when they get older, they won’t give it a second thought to having RFID chips implanted into them.  Today this has already happened to 2 people against their will.  These people had RFID chips implanted into them via people who worked for the National Security Agency.  One of them contracted cancer from the implanted RFID chip and the other was able to get it removed before any serious damage occurred.

The first is Mr. Bob Bryce who was approached by a person with military intelligence ties, disguised as an investor to help fund his company that produces a new source of electrical energy.


"The first time Boyce noticed what turned out to be the first of two chips was in early April, 2009 when he was working with a former associate, Bob Potchen, of Precombustion Technologies Inc. (PTI), now “The Cell”, who he first met in July of 2008.  Potchen, formerly with NSA, was implementing Boyce’s hydroxy gas booster technology into a product to take to market. Their relationship had been growing tense, and Boyce was preparing to depart."

Source: Microchip Caused Cancer in Inventor

Second Source with Photos

Listen to a Radio Interview with Mr. Boyce.

The second person is Mr. James Walbert.

You can read the article and watch an interview below:

This RFID tracking program may look harmless, but over the long term it spells disastrous consequences for personal individual freedom, liberties and rights.

The other serious violation that is occurring here is corporations or business getting into schools.  Over the past few years many corporations and their tentacles have found their way into the school system.  Many educational institutions are not supposed to be doing business with corporations.  But what is even worse, why can a corporation go onto school property and submit their services or products, but a standard local small business never gets access to the educational agenda and to profit it from it like corporations do? 

Technology over the last few years has followed a curve.  This curve has grown sharply and more rapidly over the past few decades.  It seems that when technology seems to move ahead more rapidly, our individual rights and freedoms seem to also erode with it.  It is my prediction that eventually technology will move so rapid and so fast, that it will no longer have a chance to further erode our freedoms, but instead “reverse” itself and instead be used against those who are trying to enslave or track people with it.  We can see hints of this already starting to occur.  When the SOPA legislation was trying to be passed by the White House, Google, Wikipedia, and I put up notices on our websites saying that we would block access to our sites as a major collective form of protest against SOPA.  SOPA ended up not passing, but even today, the same people are trying to cook up new laws created to block our access to information, or posting information on the Internet, in essence destroying free speech.

When this point comes, when technology has advanced to the point where it can no longer be used to enslave or track people, but instead create, nurture and charge individual freedom, we will see yet another surge in social evolution, and technology that will propel mankind at a pace making today look like it was the 1700’s.  Ways this could happen include we end up mass producing a computer or device that runs on free energy or solar power that can access the Internet, create food, water as well as new technology and is capable of repairing and replicating itself.  This means that the device would be able to not only do all the things we can do on the Internet, as well as provide food, water and building materials, but would also have the capability to make or manufacture countermeasure technologies that if someone or some organization was trying to track us, we could just “print out” a countermeasure device to find the trackers and track them. 

Some people would say well this would give terrorists the advantage to no longer be detected.  But here is the best part, when this evolution of technology arrives, it will include a jump in consciousness, this would than be followed by a sentient computer system, which in theory could detect human behavior, thoughts and intention in advance.  So these new computer systems would be able to sense when danger was near either through previous profiles, methods or behaviors and warn us in advance.

So in essence, the cameras that you see on every street corner, would be used to spot future terrorist behavior.  This means that a sentient system, networked into a massive computer system, would be able to work together and as part of a mainframe ‘Team” effort and know anytime, anywhere in the world behavior that relates to terrorist activity and would than alert people in that community.

The technology for this to occur would mean that as technology advances and gets more sophisticated, computers will reach a “sentinel” stage of intelligence, or a stage where they will effectively be able to do crime prevention so effectively, we won’t need to worry about implementing a full police state style system of government ALL IN THE NAME OF PREVENTING TERRORRISM.

So we can see we are at a crossroads, as well as a very important period in our history where we should value, nurture and be grateful for our individual freedoms and liberties, as if things go the wrong way, all this future amazing technology that will reach the stage where it will help us will instead be used against us. 

The best possible way to contribute to this advancement is to continue to develop and build on technology that will help reach this next  evolution in computing.  Ways this might happen include:

Research and Development into Web Based Artificial Intelligence
Maintaining a Database of behavior, as well as purchasing habits leading up to a terrorist attack
Combining the above into a framework that can be used to prevent future attacks as well as monitor current activity so when an attack starts to take place, can be intercepted quickly and without major media attention, which just ends up glorifying terrorist acts.

Of course the very best way to stop crime and terrorism from occurring in the first place is to establish good relations with other nations and stop the hate against each other.  Governments should stop using fear to control the population and instead reduce their dependency on law enforcement to prevent crime and instead address the fundamental reasons crime occurs in the first place in their communities. Examples include: Treat Alcoholism, Restrict the use of Alcohol in certain communities, implement job training programs for people of all backgrounds and ages, and so forth.

To address the drug problem, I believe that technology is not far off when we can use technology to “sniff” or see if people are carrying drugs in their cars or on their person. For example lasers or microwave systems sensitive to these narcotic substances could use this type of radar to see through buildings, cars and people’s clothing.  This would mean affixing a series of these to orbiting satellites above our earth would theoretically eradicate the worldwide drug problem in 5 years or less.

Remote Laser Drug Scanner

That inconspicuous brown box above is reportedly a new kind of laser-based molecular scanner that can collect spectroscopic information from more than 150 feet away. It can instantly probe your clothing and luggage for chemical traces of anything--explosives, drugs, biological matter--and you will never even know it.
Source: Popsci

Even if the drug dealers used “jammers” to jam the frequencies of these satellites, a sentient computer network using ground based cameras with radar, even the radar used at traffic intersections to detect speeders could be modified to ‘sniff’ drugs.  A sentient based computer system would then be able to more quickly and effectively adapt and overcome jamming technologies faster than the drug dealer could put it together.

Now who would control a sentient based computer network? Many people would say the government.  But I don’t think this will happen. I believe that a sentient based computer system would be worldwide based, which means it would act as an all present all seeing intelligence that could see and implement multiple commands on any part of the earth at any time regardless of distance.  This computer network would have the following:

Would not be governed by a single corporation, individual or government.
Would exist for the purpose of advancing knowledge and the furthering of man’s social and technological development.
Would not only prevent crime, but would be used as a means to find solutions to the problems that cause the crime in the first place.


What makes this even worse is the fact that corporations are using the “failing economy” as an excuse to start gaining a foothold in the educational system.  The RFID tracking chip program in San Antonio is an obvious example, as RFID chips are made by corporations. 

The School Authorities, the Corporations responsible for issuing these RFID Chips and the Parents who are allowing this RFID monitoring program to take place should be ashamed of allowing this major violation of personal freedom and privacy to take place.  They are not only setting a bad example for the community at large, but they are contributing to a major erosion of freedom, privacy and liberty for each individual on this beautiful planet.

The only other forces that "track" people are a hidden Alien force, and part of their program is forced genetic manipulation. If this RFID tracking program continues next, mandatory Genetic Manipulation will soon follow. The Alien culture responsible for forced implants is hardly a democratic organization of beings wanting each one to experience and develop free will.  The same cowards requiring children to wear  RFID chips are no different.
You can watch the video of Alien implants being removed here:

 As well as my full investigation into the alien agenda here:

I hope everyone eventually finds out about this program and learns of the long term dangers this program can have on mankind and future generations.

Updated Jan, 3rd, 2012:

Texas School: Judge Overturns Student's Expulsion over RFID Chip.
The judge prohibited the district from expelling Hernandez and issued an order that prohibits the district from 'intimidating or retaliating' against the student, ruling that the RFID system is a 'clear violation of her constitutional rights

Source: Government Technology

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