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If we are to move forward as a species, we need to accept and recognize that there is a presence that exists among us, influencing human evolution. This article focuses on the negative presence, however I believe "they" have been running the scenes for thousands of years, and are slowly losing control, due to the good forces.  These good forces counteract the negative forces and exist in a form that restores natural universal harmony. These fights between good and evil may have been happening since the human race was "genetically enhanced/modified"

One of the best pieces of evidence we have is from whistle blower scientist Bob Lazar on Extraterrestrial Species and how they are influencing man.  Here is a quote from the interview: "man was a product of externally corrected evolution and that man is a species that's been genetically altered sixty-five times" View an In-Depth Scientific Analysis of Bob Lazar's "Disclosures"

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For you skeptics, watch this Dr. Roger Lier video. Dr. Lier has removed over 15 objects inserted into people by extraterrestrial intelligences. Dr. Leir is a pediatric surgeon, in private practice for the past 43 years and has written numerous books.

The Video is below

At Dr. Roger Lier’s 16th implant removal, he believes they are monitoring man’s evolution.  This process uses the implants to “correct” and manipulate people (possibly those who hold positions of power). These implants may also be used to modify and track our genetic behavior. These dark color cantaloupe shaped objects, which have transmit/receive capabilities must be manufactured somewhere. This means that somewhere there exists a database with these people’s names that are being tracked and monitored by these alien creatures.


I highly recommend reading of this article titled:
Horus-Ra as the Archontic Alien Parasite: A follow-up interview with Maarit a Scandinavian MILAB-abductee
Read Article

This article discusses Genetic Manipulation by alien races going back thousands of years to when the Egyptians were documenting alien abduction. Other excellent physical evidence includes the Government Disclosure conferences by Dr. Steven Greer.  This conference includes top level government officals talking about the alien presence.

Another excellent researcher is Harvard Professor Dr. John Mack, who spent countless hours researching the alien abduction phenomenon.

Another good professional researcher is Richard Boylan, Ph.D, who has complied a list of the Disinformation Agents trying to discredit the extraterrestrial presence.

The International Community for Alien Research conducted a study of potential alien contactees and found that green eyed people were the largest group to report contact!

"Green/Hazel eyes make up 48% of the 1400 contactees that took part in this study and make up 70% of the O Neg. group. Blue eyes making up 36% of the blood types and 23% of the O Neg. group. Brown eyes make up 16% of the study group and 7% of the O Neg. group."

A full indepth analysis can be found here:

So we can see there is plenty overwhelming evidence that this Extraterrestrial presence is among us.

I believe that the good forces empower us to take control of our own evolutionary process, and break free of their planned enslavement of humanity through their introduction of " Authoritarian Technology". We have the free will to call upon forces to help free ourselves.  From my research I have discovered that the condition green and condition blue periods are the best times to do this.   I believe that the condition red, purple and green periods are when this Extraterrestrial force has more power over us.

Manipulation of Humans via Genetics


Based on the incredible work of Dr. Roger Lear, he has uncovered monitoring and central nervous stimulation devices that may beInfluencing and monitoring humankind.  These appear to be genetic Manipulation devices with technology possibly capable of re-sequencing the genetic makeup of an individual, usually women who than pass this down to their children. Dr. Roger Lear to date has removed more than 16 devices implanted into select humans by an alien intelligence species. Our leading research is just beginning to create devices this this ourselves as this article shows:

"These technologies were applied to engineer RNA-regulated controls in metabolic pathways. More broadly, we provide a framework for studying RNA functions and illustrates the potential for the use of biochemical and biophysical modeling to develop biological design methods." Reference source: National Institute of Health 

"Research in the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster has led to insights in neural development, learning and memory. Here, we summarize many of the techniques that help assess the role of specific neurons by labeling, removing, or altering their activity."
Reference Source: Genetic Manipulation of Genes and Cells in the Nervous System of the Fruit Fly

A full google search term of: genetic manipulation of the nervous system comes up with multiple research fields researching this field. So our nervous system must be of extraordinary interest to these outside visitors. 

Based on the most recent discoveries, the devices are stimulating a part of the body's central nervous system to possibly cause a change in the person's consciousness and/or awareness. Other implant devices may serve the purpose as a tracking and/or monitoring device, much like we "chip" our pets or track animals in the wild. This "programming" may have been occurring for thousands of years, only recently due to our evolving technology and open mindnessness in the medical and scientific community have these discoveries been made possible. I believe the ultimate program involves manipulating the DNA and Genes of certain people, programming them in such a way as to accept a new "host", which could include a new form of consciousness or awareness. Perhaps a new alien/human hybrid is being created for some ulterior purpose.  Because these beings are doing this in secret, the true purpose of their program cannot be a beneficial one or have a positive long term impact upon mankind. Especially if they allowed 2 World Wars to occur with all the pain and suffering and sat and did nothing to stop it. I believe certain people who have been implanted by these extraterrestrials are allowing these entities to express their intentions through their consciousness. I believe one of the windows they use to do this is through improper diet, and the breeding of negative behaviors and self induced depression.

I believe that one of the most obvious signs these alien entities are using their consciousness to influence their collective will is through religion. Religion and UFO and alien visitation have played a huge role in the past, and perhaps some "angelic" beings were really a form of alien technology designed to fool the person into thinking it was a "message from God", a form of high tech deception. One of the most popular cases is that of Mr. Whitley Strieber, who is a devout Roman Catholic. It is no secret that the Roman Catholic Church had an influence on Hitler. "I am now as before a Catholic and will always remain so" -- Adolf Hitler

Source: Multiple pictures of Roman Catholic bishops saluting and Associating with Adolf Hitler


And even today as of 2012, we are seeing once again the rise of racism occurring through the Christian right. 

Source: The Christian Right and the Rise of American Fascism Published 10/30/2011
Source #2: Wikipedia: Neo-fascism and religion

Because the alien organization appears to operate as a single collective, and seems to have been behind some of the worst genocides in human history, their ultimate agenda may be the formation of a fascist type regime, with the ultimate goal of complete submission to their organization or a complete takeover of the earth via a new form of human/hybrid. It may be once they have advanced the human species far enough that they will make it look like we invented new form of technology, than use this technology to enslave or take away our free will.  Methods that this could happen include taking away our responsibility for staying healthy in exchange for perfect health via Nano-technology.  Perfect health can already be achieved through proper nutrition and diet. The lure of having technology solve all of these problems for us, causes us to give up our individual rights, free will and in the end allowing a single entity or group of entities to make our decisions  for us. This is similar in principle to prayer, where we pray for good health, to remain safe etc., so is technology going to be the new religion, and if so, will we allow it to enslave us?, thus leading to yet another form of mass genocide to manifest itself?  Perhaps the aliens ultimate goal is to create part man and part machine, still with the capability to generate emotions and experience, as these entities seem extremely interested in human emotion.

 "Like bees that eat/store honey to survive, one theory is the aliens feed off human emotion such as pain, fear, sexual arousal to satisfy them."
Source: Paranormal News
Source #2: Alien LoveBite

From my own personal research and observations, I know that emotions create reality and could possibly alter it. If emotions alter reality and these entities are multidimensional, than possibly our emotions "leak into" alternative dimensions:

 "For both theoretical and practical reasons some researchers define emotions according to one or more dimensions. Wilhelm Max Wundt, the father of modern psychology, proposed in 1897 that emotions can be described by three dimensions: "pleasurable versus un-pleasurable", "arousing or subduing" and "strain or relaxation".[5] In 1954 Harold Schlosberg named three dimensions of emotion: "pleasantness–unpleasantness", "attention–rejection" and "level ofactivation".[6]"
Source: Dimensional models of Emotion

Perhaps human emotion is some sort of fuel they require to keep their dimension alive, especially the emotion of fear, hate, greed and other low vibration emotions. So we can see that we live in a multidimensional form of existence, sharing our space with life forms of varying character and agendas that can possibly move throughout our timeline or reality unseen due to their different energy density and access to alternative dimensions. Due to our having free will we can always make choices that generate positive emotions such as Love, Joy and Peace which "leak" into other dimensions causing good energies to counteract the bad ones and banish the negative entities, or invoke protective ones. Perhaps this is why you see the health and nutrition industry under attack from the pharmaceutical companies because nutrition is a form of self responsibility for good health. Perhaps these negative entities want to keep us lazy and uninformed by furthering the advancements in genetically engineered food, which causes multiple health problems and ignorance. 

So once again we see the manifestation of alien consciousness occurring through a corporation such as Monsanto, whose goal is to take over 95% of the seeds in nature and replace them with their own less nutritive counterparts. So when you receive an urge or vision, I encourage you to ask this question, is this urge I'm getting to invent or release this information based on the long term betterment of humanity, and does it include the light of love and joy for the population? If not, it may be a manifestation of negative alien consciousness working it's way through your consciousness. Remote Influencing is now a scientific fact. 
Article: The Truth about Remote Influencing

If we allow ourselves to become unaware, complacent,lazy and have improper nutrition or diet, it may make one susceptible to negative remote influence, which may be coming out of these dimensions. Theories such as string theory and M-theory predict that physical space in general has in fact 10 and 11 dimensions, respectively. The extra dimensions are space like. We perceive only three spatial dimensions 
 Read more: What is the difference between alternate dimensions and parallel universes?

If we look at the sun color meanings page, we see that condition Orange helps create new technology, as well as can cause mental disturbances. A condition green is the opposite of a condition Orange, so this can be a great period to use for protection against the negative alien agendas presence and evidence shows an extraterrestrial presence in front of our sun known as the "sun cruisers".  These are craft under some sort of intelligent control. The objects have been euphemistically referred to as "Sun Cruisers.

View pictures of the Sun Cruisers

Many alien abductees have UV markings, which can easily been seen with a UV black light.
Fluorescence Markings Found On Claimants Of Alien/Extraterrestrial Contact By Eve Frances Lorgen, M. A. - >View Article

Could these extraterrestrial entities be using the sun to generate unnatural manufactured "urges" in man to drive evolution. If our sun exercts such a powerful influence on earth, is something manipulating the energy? I believe they try their hardest to not allowing humans to achieve their highest potential or are creating ways to hinder this process, especially that of natural evolution.  Perhaps they think we are too primitive and will blow up the earth or destroy ourselves if left to our own devices. Think hard about this, if you were a scientist doing experiments on monkeys, would you want them questioning your motives, allowing them access to your keys or allowing them to think for themselves? I strongly believe many tactics used to keep man in submission include Chemtrails. Other forces include addiction to drugs or alcohol, addiction to materialism, addiction to technology (the latest), avoiding from taking responsibility for ones actions, a diet lacking in proper nutrition.  We have a choice to educate ourselves so we do not become entrapped by these shortcomings, but to rise above them and express our true individuality and start listening to our inner potential whereby we can allow ourselves to take control of our lives by living in harmony with the same universal laws and principals that create positive evolution. There is no reason we can't call upon a positive divine force or presence to assist us in our evolution, free of negative alien presences and attempted control. It all comes down to making the right choices and having trust in the outcome

Added September 9th, 2014

Floyd Sweet, who invented a remarkable energy device could never quite figure out how the group that threatened him happened to take photographs of him. 

Quote from Sweet:

"He walked me all the way to my building, telling me what would happen to me if I didn't stop my research," Sweet recalled. "How they took that picture through my window, I'll never know."

After researching this further, I came across an ancient text that has construction details fro devices that can take images at a remote distance using the suns rays.  Below is more information.

4. Roopaakarshana: By means of the photographic yantra in the Vimana to
obtain a television view of things inside an enemy's plane.
Source from the book.

The text also goes on to state to use part of the sun's solar rays to create a silent flying craft through the air.


So does this mean there is some covert group on earth that has been around for thousands of years that is guiding/watching us?  Does this mean the 15 actual alien implants removed from humans over the years are some sort of monitoring tool or genetic modification technology?

Could the Roswell crash have been "bait" so that man takes the transistor and makes new technological devices? with the aliens having the ability to control transistors at a distance?

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