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Published August 2016. Reversing Osteoporosis/ Insomnia using newly uncovered Secrets of Bone Breathing. ----

Published July 2016. Eternal Youth via Tao Te Ching. Longevity Secrets via Universal Energy. ----

Published May 2016. The Vegetarian's Guide to Longevity via Gene Therapy and Raw Foods. ----

Revised November 2015. The Complete Guide to Natural Toothache Remedies and Re-mineralization. ----

Revised December 2015Foods, Herbs and Pharmaceuticals that Extend Lifespan. A Summary Of Over 200 Research Studies Proven To Lengthen Lifespan. ----

This book has a special section on using Nutraceutical combinations to create stem cell longevity formulas that extend lifespan and includes scientific references and studies confirming this.  It also gives instructions on how you can make your own herbal formulas for extending lifespan based on generating new stem cells.


Revised Release coming August 2016. - Anti Aging Nutrition Secrets. The Fountain of Youth Seeker's Guide to Longevity-

Released August 2013. - A Centurion's Toolbox for Longevity Living Beyond 120 - 2nd Edition

Revised July 2016. Living Healthy Beyond 120, A Centurion's Plan for Longevity

 Revised April 2016.The Emerald Tablets: The Keys of Life and Death by Thoth the Atlantean

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