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Published November 2013, Foods, Herbs and Pharmaceuticals that Extend Lifespan. A Summary Of Over 200 Research Studies Proven To Lengthen Lifespan.

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Immediate Download. E-book customers receive a discounted price compared to the hardcover or Nook version. Your E-book gives you full print, copy and paste access. It is also fully transferable between your computer, iPhone tablet or other electronic device or 100% your money back. Please checkout 1 title at a time, as after payment has cleared, you will automatically be transferred directly to the download link page where you can instantly download your e-book.


The 200+ Research Studies that this book was composed from may be viewed by visiting this page.

The Only Book of its kind with over 200 Summarized Scientific Abstracts on Longevity.

Herbal cocktail ka-mi-kae-kyuk-tang stimulates mouse
bone marrow stem cell

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The previous 20 years has seen more research into foods, herbs and substances that extend lifespan than at any other time in history. Just recently most of this information has been made available. Explore for yourself how it all connects together in this outstanding publication.

Since the release of the article titled: Stem Cell Therapy in a Pill? by Life Extension Magazine, many people have wondered what Nutrients were used and how they can make their own to provide protection against cellular aging.  This book lists at least 3 Stem Cell longevity formulas that anyone can prepare. By knowing what foods, herbs and extracts renew stem cells in the brain, blood, and other tissues, you hold the golden key to longevity.

This book focuses particular attention on Stem Cell Therapy and using it for Anti-Aging. Chapter 3 includes over 12 pages of what stem cells are and includes Nutraceutical combinations proven to grow new stem cells.

The Stem Cell Rebuilding Synergistic Combinations page includes the ground breaking natural stem cell formula covered in Life Extension magazine and explores synergistic techniques to enhance the effectiveness of the formula to create a simple, yet powerful stem cell anti-aging formula.

Chapter 11 includes a longevity stem cell formula discovered by Thomas E. Ichim that uses ellagic acid to enhance stem cells in the body.

Many people think that longevity foods taste bitter or are unpopular; this couldn't be further from the truth. Learn for yourself why dark chocolate contains high levels of antioxidants, why honey is one of nature's most powerful antibiotics and much more.

Number of Total Pages: 374

Book Chapters


Page 13. Basics of Stem Cell Reproduction via Nutraceuticals. A simplified explanation. What Are Mesenchymal Stem Cells?

Page 14. How Does an Increase in Mesenchymal Stem Cells Lead to Enhanced Physical Health?

Page 15. What the Experts Have to Say


Page 15. Herbal Methods to Stimulate Mesenchymal Stem Cell Growth to Prolong Lifespan

Page 17. Scientific Studies Proving Mesenchymal Stromal Cells Prolong Lifespan

Page 20. Scientific References

Part 2


Page 24. Why Don’t Pharmaceutical Companies Make And Sell Herbal Based Stem Cell Formulas?

Page 24. The Ingredients in the Carnosine Regenerative Restoration mix


Page 24. The Story of How FO TI was Accidently Discovered


Page 27. Scientific References

Chapter 1 –– Page 6

My Experiences Detoxing/Fasting, Energy, Tetrahydrocurcumin, Protocatechuic Acid, Protocatechuic acid RDA, The Herbal Combination Yunnan Degao, Fungi and Mushrooms that promote Longevity, Longevity Mushroom Synergists, The Amazing Longevity Properties of Common Beer Yeast, Rapamycin, Where does Rapamycin Come From?, Epithalamin, Melatonin, The Longevity Extract EGB761, Spermidine, Polyamines, Phenformin, Excess Iron Accumulation and Shortened Lifespan, Qucertin, Qucertin Synergy, Probiotics, Food Sources of Lactobacillus Rhamnosus, Lactobacillus Rhamnosus Synergists.

Chapter 2 – Page 25
The Miraculous Muscle and Tissue Building Effects of Carnosine

What is Carnosine?, What is Carnosine and How does it Work to Lengthen Lifespan?, How Much Carnosine is Recommended for best results?, Why Carnosine Outperforms Resveratrol, The Cost of Carnosine, Carnosine, A Scientifically Proven Missing Vital Link in the Diet of Vegetarians, My experience using Carnosine, The Anti-Aging Carnosine Mix Formula, What are Anthocyanins?, Anthocyanins How They Can Be Used To Test For Acidity Or Alkaline PH, Citric Acid Synergy, Species Of Plants That Contain Anthocyanins, Anthocyanin Synergy, Anthocyanin Bioavailability And Absorption, Citric Acid and Longevity, Anthocyanin Stability, Herbs And Teas High In Anthocyanins, The Remarkable Anti-Aging Anthocyanin - Cyanidin 3-Glucoside, Plants, Herbs And Teas High In The 3-Glucoside Anthocyanin.

Chapter 3 – Page 41
What are Stem Cells?

Stem Cell Building Substances Have Joint Anti-Inflammatory Properties, Stem Cell Rebuilding Synergistic Combinations, Sulforaphane, How Sulforaphanes Are Formed In The Body, Sulforaphanes and Gene Expression, Sulforaphane Synergy, How Fucoidan Contributes to Stem Cell Growth, My Personal Research Discoveries with Stem Cell Synergists, Carnosine and Stem Cell Production, Carnosine Synergism, How DMAE Contributes To Glowing Skin And Increased Mental Alertness, Carnosine Synergists used in Supplements.

Chapter 4 – Page 58
What is Protein Synthesis?

Facts about Casein

Chapter 5 – Page 61
Crosslinking and Glycation And Its Mechanism To Aging

Chapter 6 – Page 65
The Energy of Carntine

Carnitine as a Powerful Fat Burner

Chapter 7 – Page 68
Additional Methods, Extracts, Herbal formulas and Substances Scientifically Proven to Extend Lifespan

People Born in September Outlive People Born during other Seasons, Longevity via Resistance to Inflammation, The Indian Herb Asafoetida and Longevity, A Combination of Garlic Powder and Linseed Oil Extract Extend Lifespan, Sucrose, How Boron reduces Calcium Loss by 40%, The Life Extension Properties of the Superoxide Dismutase Enzyme, Ecdysterone, Resveratrol, Strawberry Fisetin Extract, Sesamin, Black Rice Extract, Kimchi, The Synergy of Beta Carotene, Lutein and Astaxanthin, Haematococcus Pluvialis, Acai Extract, The Combination of Hesperidin, Orange Juice, and Limonene.

Chapter 8 – Page 78
The Antioxidant Power of Selected Citrus Extracts

Chapter 9 - Page 80
Further Evaluation and Summary of Longevity Foods, Extracts and Pharmaceuticals

L-DOPA, Kapikachhu, Aged Garlic, Juglone, Juglone Synergy, Scientific Verification that an Upbeat Positive Attitudes Contributes to Longevity, Nitric Oxide and Longevity, Nitric Oxide and Longevity Studies, Increasing Nitric Oxide Levels in Your Body, B. Subtilis and How it Activates Genes, LPBNAH and the role of Nitrone Peptides, The Peptide PBN, What are Antioxidant Spin Traps?, N-acetyl Cysteine, Royal Jelly, The Longevity Benefits Of Omega 3's And The Danger Of Fast Food Omega 6's, N-6 PUFA and Lifespan Extension, CoQ(10), CoQ(10) Synergy, Polyphenols, Substances that Mimic Caloric Restriction, Nicotinamide, Tocotrienols as an Anti-Aging Substance, Acid Lipoic Acid, Green Tea Synergy, Valproic Acid, Tannins and Lifespan, Adaptogens and Longevity, The Amazing Life Extending Benefits Of The Herb Adaptogen Rhodiola Rosea, Cinnamon and Rhodiola Rosea, Tyrosol, The Chinese Herbal Formula Shi-Quan-Da-Bu-Tang, The Chinese Herbal Formula Huo Luo Xiao Dan, The Herbal Formulation Bushenkangshuai Tang, The Chinese Herbal Formula Juzen-taiho-to, How Adaptability to Environment Leads to Longevity, The Synergism of Oregano and Cranberry, Cranberry Synergists, The Acai Berry, Palmitoleic Acid, Chromium Pictolate, The 10 Herbal Combination called Dashmula, Diet and Longevity, Foods Highest in Vitamin A, Foods Highest in Vitamin E, Extending Lifespan by Reducing Carbohydrates, How Low Blood Sugar And Foods With Low Glycemic Values Lengthen Lifespan, Foods That Help Keep Insulin Levels Low, Foods That Contribute To High Insulin Levels, Ill Health and Disease, E. Coli and Lifespan, Lifespan Extension and E-Coli, Theanine, Sources of Theanine, Theanine Synergy, Extending Lifespan via Egg Yolk, Natural Methods that Lengthen Telomerases and boost Lifespan, What is P53?, Metformin and Life Span, A Nutraceutical Combination Proven To Expand Lifespan, The Chinese Herb Shilianhua (The Stone Lotus) And Its Longevity Properties, Slim Athletic Body Types Live Longer than Obese Types, Genes and Longevity, Pharmaceuticals That Extend Lifespan, MnTBAP, Levodopa, Deprenyl, Celecoxib, 2,3-Dihydroxybenzoic Acid, Vanillin - The Life Extender Nobody Knows About, Vanillin Synergy, Sources of Vanillin, Medicinal Plants Species That Contain the highest levels of Antimicrobials, The Sweet Taste of Maltitol and its Longevity Benefits.

Chapter 10 – Page 115
How Nature uses Moisture for Longevity

Propanediol, Lithium and Moisture, The Longevity of the Gymnosperm Tree Family, The Welwitschia Flower, Water Retention And Protection from Dryness and Heat, The Role Liposomes Play in our Body, Trehalose Synergy, Longevity Substances Scientifically Proven to Lengthen Lifespan in the Elderly, A Centurion who Ate Chocolate, Drank Port Wine and Smoked - Her Longevity Secret, Goddard Ezekiel Dodge Diamond Reed And How He Used Olive Oil To Live To 120.

Chapter 11 – Page 144
The Fruit Fly Longevity Experiments of Doug Skrecky

What is the Drosophila Melanogaster?, What Fruit Fly Food is Made Out Of, How Lack of Light Extends Lifespan, Longevity and the Wax Gourd Fruit, Citric Acid and its Relationship to Lifespan, Results of the Best Longevity Extracts from the 100th Fruit Fly Experiment, Elderberry Synergy, The Detoxification Effect of Activated Charcoal and its Connection to Longevity, A complete Summary and Analysis of Mr. Doug Skrecky's Fruit Fly Experiments, How Ellagic Acid Helps Create Stem Cells, Brilliant Blue Food Dye Synergists, Homocysteine and the Body’s Health, Nutritional Yeast, Taro Root Plaster Formula, Willow Bark Synergy.

Chapter 12 – Page 237
Simple Herbs and Foods that Fight Cancer

Chapter 13 – Page 238
Foods High in Water

Chapter 14 – Page 239
48 Herbal, Food and Berry Synergistic Combinations

Chapter 15 – Page 242
23 Synergistic Food Combinations

Chapter 16 – Page 244
List of Seasonal Foods for North America, the UK and Europe

Chapter 17 – Page 250
Misc Herbal and Food Formulations

The Best Foods For Positive Emotions, Great Hair and Glowing Skin, Foods That Make You Happy And Joyful, Foods That Create Great Hair And Glowing Skin, Anti-Aging Foods For The Skin, 13 Ayurvedic Anti-Aging herbs, A Formula that Calms an Active or Stressed Heart, A 300 Year Old Facelift Formula, Herbal Energy Combo, Sage with Tomato Liver Regeneration Formula, Herbs for Pain Relief, Anti-Inflammatory Turmeric Elixir, A Natural Combination For Migraine Headache And Pain, Oat bran Natural Facial Mask, A Quit Smoking Herbal Formula, Life Extension Mix Powder, How to Sprout Raw Peanuts for their High Natural Levels of Resveratrol.

Chapter 18 – Page 257
Longevity Databases and Further Sources of Information

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