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Published May 2015, The Complete Guide to Natural Toothache Remedies and Re-mineralization
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 Haven&¦39;t you ever wished you could have all the very best Ayurvedic, European, Traditional Chinese herbal remedies and scientifically proven tooth and gum healing remedies all in a convenient book?  This book is the result of 5 years of research and writing, including feedback from readers of my website, the best natural remedies for healing toothache, gum disease and tooth abscesses. This dream is now a reality. You won&¦39;t find any other book that covers such a broad range of healing methods including herbal mouth rinses, and proven techniques to keep your teeth and gums free of pain and decay. Best of all you no longer have to believe what your authoritarian dentist tells you. Unlike some books that fail to cite references backing up their claims, this book lists full references and the original scientifically published papers behind each claim made, allowing you, the reader to look up and confirm the validity of the information in this book for yourself. 

This book covers the following foods and herbs a d how to properly utilize them in a combined fashion to relieve toothache - Many of these foods relieve Damp, which in Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is a term when excess fluid accumulates in certain regions in the body, contributing to dis-ease and / or infection. By removing excess dampness the disease causing bacteria are left without moisture to feed on. This creates dryness which then facilitates healing.
Echinacea Herb
Sunflower Oil
Yogurt (a damp food, but taken with cinnamon which is a drying food)
Vitamin C
Cod Liver Oil
Crystal Geyser Spring Water (or similar spring water)
Neosporin (anti-bacterial paste)
Natto (fermented soybeans)
Garlic (to fight infection)
Apple Cider Vinegar
Aspirin (or White Willow tincture/extract)
Grapefruit or Grapefruit Juice (flushes out artificial / processed sugars from the body)
Cottage Cheese
Vitamin D3
Carnosine (an anti-aging amino acid)

About the Author: Scott is the founder of the Institute for Solar Studies on Behavior and Human Health. He is the author of over 12 books. He currently lives in the Pacific Northwest. 

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Number of Total Pages: 260


How Mercury Damages the Body
What is Dental Amalgam?
Developed Countries that have
Banned the Use of Mercury Fillings
Why You Can Enjoy Better Health
Using the Holistic Approach
Why Your Dentist Won’t Share
These Secrets With You
A Special Message To Dentists
When You, the Reader Should
See A Dentist

Chapter 1

My Personal Story –
Natural Tooth Repair
Studies Performed By
Dr. Weston Price –
Why Vegetarians
Get More Cavities
What is Vitamin K?

Chapter 2
Simple and Effective Herbal Formulas
for Teeth and Gums
Rosemary Gladstar’s Healing
The Jean Valnet Remedy
A Preventive Health Mouth Wash
Jerthro Kloss Gum Healer and Mouth
An Ancient Chinese Herbal Remedy
for Toothache
Michael Moore&¦;s Tooth Powder
Jared&¦;s Tooth Powder
Jakob Lorber&¦;s Tooth Remedy Powder
Ayurvedic Methods for Healing
Time Tested Chinese Herbal Remedies
for Toothache
The Rehmannia Six Combination
(Liu wei di huang wan)
The Niu Huang Jie Du Pian
The Chinese herb Baizhi
The Chinese herb Xuchangqing
Native American Toothache
Watermelon Rind for Toothache
How to Make Herbs into
Fine Powder
Essential Oils and Herbs for
Relief of Toothache
How to use Eucalyptus Oil
Natural Tea Contains High
Amounts of Fluoride

Chapter 3
Keeping the Gums Healthy
Black or Green Tea for
Healthy Gums
Herbal Remedies for Healthy
Natural Methods That Tighten Gums

Chapter 4
Herbs to Build Strong Teeth
Natural Non-Invasive Methods that
Strengthen Teeth
The Best Tree Bark for Strong Teeth
Using Parsley For Re-Strengthening
Loose Teeth
The Best Teas for Healthy Teeth
and Gums
Methods to Tighten Gums
Natural Herbs for Oral Hygiene and
Healthy Teeth
Using Coconut Oil to Dissolve

Chapter 5
How Diet and Sugar Relate to
Dental Health
A Simple Sugar Detox Plan
My Experience of Abstaining
From Sugar
Dealing with Addictions to Sugar
Why You Crave Sugar
Methods that Help Eliminate
Sugar Cravings

Chapter 6
The Importance of Vitamins A,
D and K
The Miracle of Vitamin K
The Best Sources of Vitamin K

Chapter 7
The Cause of Toothaches
Foods and Lifestyles that Contribute
to Toothaches

Chapter 8
Weather and Toothaches
Solar Weather and Toothaches
Local Weather and Toothaches
A Dropping Dew Point Leads to
Better Health

Chapter 9
My Personal Experiences of
Years of Natural Healing of

Chapter 10
How to Properly Perform Oil Pulling
The Miracle of the Sunflower
and how it Restores Hormone
Levels Naturally

Chapter 11
Actions You Can Take to
Immediately Relieve a Toothache
In Case of Severe Tooth Pain
Why Cinnamon is More
Effective than Clove in
Reducing or Eliminating
Toothache. The Scientific
Herbs and Compresses for
Immediate Pain Relief
Using Ormus to help Relieve
a Toothache

Chapter 12
Using Hydrogen Peroxide
for Dental Hygiene and Health
Herbs for Mouth Rinses
How to Make Your Own
Natural Breath Freshener

Chapter 13
Proven Techniques and
Methods that Heal Dental
How Gum Disease
Increases Your Chances
of a Stroke
How to use Niacin (vitamin B)
to Heal an Abscess
Using a Ginger and Mustard
Footbath for Pain Relief
How to Use Golden Seal
and Myrrh
Edible Bentonite Clay and
Mineral Rich French Green
Rapid Toxin Removal
A Formula For Relief of
Inflamed Gums

Chapter 14
Methods to Fight Infection and
Boost the Immune System
while Alleviating Toothache
Boosting Your Immune System

Chapter 15
Foods for Healthy Teeth

Chapter 16
Cells Salts Known to
Relieve Toothache

Chapter 17
Use the Power of Your
Mind to Heal a Toothache
The Connection Between
Stress and Toothaches
How Stress can Bring on
a Toothache

Chapter 18
Natural Herbs for Gums
with Inflammation and
Bleeding Gums
Use Vitamin C in Grapefruit
to Stop Bleeding Gums
Herbs for Healthy Gums
Quick Methods that Stop
Bleeding Gums
Herbs for Relief of
Periodontal Disease

Chapter 19
The Complete Master Herbal
List for Alleviating toothaches

Chapter 20
Understanding How Teeth
Remineralize Themselves

Chapter 21
Natural Cavity Repair Simply
How Amino Acids Help
Reverse Cavities
The Miracle of Carnosine

Chapter 22
Reviews of the best
Toothpastes that
Strengthen Tooth Enamel
and Re-mineralize Teeth
How to Use
Remineralization Gels
All Natural Toothpastes
And Powders

Chapter 23
Nine % All Natural
Sugar Substitutes

Chapter 24
A Simple Diet Plan for
Dental Health
An Overall Summary of
the Nutrients that Create
Strong and Healthy Teeth
How to Use Grape
Seed Extract

Chapter 25
Herbal Mouth Ulcer and
Canker Sore Remedies
A Remedy for Canker Sores
and Dry Mouth
How To Make Your Own
Canker And Mouth Ulcer Salve

Chapter 26
Jakob Lorber&¦;s Tooth Remedy
Jakob Lorber&¦;s Second
Sun Remedy

Chapter 27
The Calcium to Phosphorous
Ratios of Foods

Chapter 28
The Calcium to Phosphorous
Ratios of Fruits

Chapter 29
The Oxalic acid Levels of

Chapter 30
The Calcium Levels of

Chapter 31
The Calcium Levels of

Chapter 32
Levels of Vitamin C per
grams in Vegetables

Chapter 33
The Vitamin C per
grams in Fruit

Chapter 34
How to Make Your Own
Zeolite Deotx Formula
Quoted Scientific References

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