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A Complete Biography of the Founder of is managed by Mr. Scott Rauvers, born September 20th, 1970 in Boulder, Colorado. He is an author and anti-aging longevity researcher. Scott is best known for his contributions connecting solar activity, anti aging and health. His findings have thus been confirmed as recent scientific studies have confirmed a link between solar activity and lifespan

In 2010 Scott formulated the theory that varying levels of energy emitted by our sun are responsible for illness and disease, especially those most vulnerable (such as the elderly ) or those with compromised immune systems, affecting the amount of time it takes to recover from illness. The opposite was also found to be true, certain levels of solar activity actually enhance health and overall well being. This has since been confirmed in numerous scientific studies. Scott was the first to plot the varying frequencies of solar energy to health conditions and invented the chart termed "the condition colors".

Scott's research has expanded on Russian Professor L. Tchijevsky's sunspot cycles.  He has demonstrated that the same cycle that occurs in sunspots also occurs during the average mini cycle period of solar activity, which lasts on average 11 days.  This discovery of the "mini cycle" pattern occurring during a solar flare cycle was what gave the Condition Colors their name. The condition color chart is used by matching the current levels of solar activity and comparing them to how you feel physically and mentally.

In 2011, Scott founded the Institute for Solar Studies on Behavior and Human Health,which contains numerous articles linking solar activity to health as well as his best selling book Solar Flares and their Effect on Behavior and Human Health. From the years 2008 to 2015 Scott pursued his research studies in San Jose, California, Hawaii and Malibu California and currently lives in the United States Pacific Northwest.


Experience and Published Research

Scott gained experience in solar studies and health after 6 years of carefully observing how strong solar activity affects the population. One of the most profound breakthroughs was what is now termed "The Condition Orange Period". This is a period where solar activity goes into decline causing events that impact large numbers of people. Three major examples include the Boston Marathon Bombings, 911 and the Baltimore Riots. Scott went on to pursue his ideas linking solar activity and health and longevity, publishing his findings in his 4 books on longevity and wellness titled: Foods, Herbs and Pharmaceuticals that Extend Lifespan. A Summary Of Over 200 Research Studies Proven To Lengthen Lifespan, Anti Aging Nutrition Secrets. The Fountain of Youth Seekers Guide to Longevity, A Centurion's Toolbox for Longevity Living Beyond 120 - 2nd Edition and Living Healthy Beyond 120, A Centurion's Plan for Longevity. Scott also seeks and utilizes herbal alternatives for healing and wellness, and has written numerous articles on this topic. Scott has since been renowned for his inventions and achievements earning him a reputation in popular culture as an archetypal scientist exploring new frontiers. Many of Scott's inventions can be found on the research and invention page.


Early History 

Scott's father is German and his mother from Iowa. After travelling the world, the family moved to the State of North Queensland, choosing to live in the city of Bundaberg, Australia in 1974. In 1977 he moved with his family to the Atherton Tablelands in Far North Queensland, and returned to the United States in 1988.

Scott attended Weber State University in Utah and studied Psychology, Sociology, Writing, Art and Criminal Justice. In 2008 he moved to California and started studying solar weather and its effects on health and began the website


It was discovered that solar weather had an effect on the markets, which we cover in depth in our articles titled:Confirmed Relationship Between the Dow Jones Industrial Average and our Sun’s Solar Wind Speed and the article titled Predicting the Future of the Dow Jones Industrial Average Using Solar Activity. Of most interest is the University of Boulder Colorado Study, which achieved a 100% forecast rating when remote viewing the Dow Jones. than launched an in-depth study of the University of Boulder Remote Viewing and have published the results in our article titled: The Best Times to Remote View the Future Position of the Dow Jones Industrial Average

After confirming these relationships and developing the beta site to further improve the forecasting, the conclusion came to be that if solar weather is affecting the markets, surely it must be affecting our daily lives, including our health.  This was confirmed through the hundreds (soon to be thousands) of scientifically published papers confirming this. than decided to do in-depth research linking the effects of solar weather to everyday health.  These have now been made available and labeled Condition Colors which occur in Cycles.  We have labeled these Solar Cycles.  We than devoted a part of our site to this and have named it The Institute for Solar Studies on Behaviour and Human Health As our research continues to grow, our major discoveries are posted on our webpage titled: "'s greatest hits"


Scott's Future Vision's vision is to continue to unfold the new paradigm for peaceful and positive purposes, and continue to use the sun for healing, longevity and health and to make these tools available to all. This is the dawning of new science and we hope to continue to be a pioneer by continuing to break new ground and go where no one has dared to go before. Exploring beyond ordinary science is the very core essence of's philosophy.


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