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The 2013 Santa Monica Massacre. How Stress Impacts Communities. Return to Homepage

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Below is a live report from the Scene of the Santa Monica College Shootout.

View the Full Media Coverage at:

The Santa Monica massacre has all the classical makings of a condition orange. These include 3 days of declining sunspot area, a peak in KP values and a jump in the solar wind speed, all preceded by days of condition purples beforehand and on top of it, a new moon perigee period.

Measurement Instrumentation:

KP Peak Chart:

Numerical KP Archive:

KP Forecast:

Easy To View Visual KP Levels showing Peaks:

Sunspot Number and Sunspot Area:

Solar Wind Bulk Speed:

Solar Wind Speed Graphical Format:

Solar Wind Speed Graphical Archive

Solar Wind Speed Historical Real Time Solar Flux Levels:

New Moon Calendar:

Perigee Moon Calendar:

Our full indepth research page goes into much more detail.

The 2013 Santa Monica school and pedestrian shooting is especially dear to me as I live in Santa Monica, California, and it is the location of the Institute for Solar Studies on Behavior and Human Health.

This unfortunate incident occurred on Friday, June 7th, 2013 (a part condition orange period), while working on my 2nd longevity / healing book, which connects the 3 main healing modalities of Tibetan, Arveydic and Chinese Taoist healing / longevity methods, which have been used successfully for thousands of years. This new release is due to be released before December 2013.

How the Collective Unconscious Exerts Influence in a Given Area

This article will attempt to explain random mass violence in the context of Jung's Collective Unconscious Model. The current emotional state of the collective unconscious of a community affects the actions of those individuals in that community. This than propels the actions of those individuals, both good or bad, depending on the current emotional state of the communities collective unconscious to manifest themselves into events. During condition orange periods, the actions turn bad, during condition green, blue and some yellows, these actions turn into good acts of kindness, which improve the community as a whole. So if you wanted to run for mayor, which is a position involving community participation, you would avoid elective events during strong and recent orange and purples and instead schedule them from January to June, which are times when condition blues and greens are strongest. This means that during condition blue periods, there exist more feelings of joy and good via the collective unconscious. A person only needs to recognize and acknowledge these qualities during this period(s) in order to bring about positive change in their community.

The collective unconscious manifests itself strongest during periods of around the new moon, which our in-depth research has discovered and is especially amplified during perigee super moons.

The collective unconscious identifies and exerts its influence strongest and fastest through symbols and Archetypes. Therefore the opposite is also true, no major outbreaks of violence occur during condition blue periods, which I believe the collective unconscious favorably influences and empowers individuals in the community. This explains why ordinary people can commit extraordinary acts, both for the good of the community or the bad. Simply put, during condition blue periods, become aware of information and ideas that make the world a better place, and during condition orange periods, be aware of the stress in your local environment, nullifying its effects with positive emotions and archetypical symbols of love, tolerance, compassion and peace.

The effects of the sun on the collective unconscious are rapid, and are an excellent teacher for learning about ourselves and the collective unconscious of our community or ourselves.

Below is a quote from
According to Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, "All occurrences of violence, negativity, conflicts, crises or problems in any society are just the expression of the build-up of stress in collective consciousness. When the level of stress becomes too acute, it erupts into crime, violence, war and social disorder." (As stress and tension build in collective consciousness, the resulting social incoherence agitates individuals and groups within the society.) Source:

The goal of this report is to take this quote in-depth, exploring the underlying causes of stress and how the collective unconscious becomes impacted by it.

Repetitive Events and Manifestation

Just as a researcher continues to research the same subject and makes breakthroughs, which we know occur more often during condition blue periods, the same thing happens with stress. Stress and emotional events layer themselves and repeat themselves at certain points in time, which is during higher KP values. Here is a simple explanation of how this works:

The emotions of past events and feelings are stored in the collective unconscious, much like a computer’s RAM (random access memory). In the example of mass violence, during condition orange and some yellow periods, especially at around new moons and perigee super moons, the lines between alternate realities are more easily accessed by the collective unconscious. This means emotions are slipping through time, becoming multiplied at various points.

The effects of condition oranges emitted by the sun happen rapidly and in short bursts, much like the rapid “ideas” that lead to major innovations and discoveries made during condition blue periods. This energy travels through time and can contain the emotions/memories/information from past events with it. This is why a new moon, up until the moons first crescent, crates fields of energy where the fields of time are thinnest, allowing us to more easily access to alternative futures, which the collective unconscious makes changes to during this time. I personally have used this period to create major healing effects by using emotion and seeing the body in a perfect state of health and harmony.

Next the collective unconscious stores this emotional energy from the past in the form of information, much like we save information to our computer’s hard drive.

Next a form of energy is needed to release this information when the collective unconscious recalls it. During condition blue periods, it is increased sunspots, during condition orange periods, it is a peak in the KP values, which our research has shown almost every major shooting had a peak in the KP values within 24 hours of a major shooting event

Higher KP Energy is the engine that drives this information from the past to the present, much like the electricity we use to power our computer so we can access the information to our screens. This explains the immense amount of information we receive to solve complex problems and gain new insights when performing the condition yellow exercise. Go to the condition yellow archives.

As has been proven in the condition yellow exercises, emotion and symbols bring this energy into the present via information, therefore proving that information is the key to changing or switching into an alternative reality. It also proves we live in an information matrix, that is composed of varying highs and lows of alternating energy.

When the peak in KP values draws this energy through to the present, whatever the collective unconscious is most focused upon, or wishes to manifest strongest will occur. If the environment is accompanied by high states of stress, coupled with bad diet, nutrition and lifestyle, it creates a trigger.

For those of you familiar with Taoist Philosophy, chronic stress is excessive yin, which eventually turns into yang. When yin and yang are balanced, stress is quickly erased.

One of the fastest ways to restore balance is through nutrition. If yin or yang is out of balance one can become too aggressive or too submissive. Good food and plenty of water helps rebuild yin. If you build up your yin, you will have plenty of yin reserve. Yin reserve will save your heart and your mind in times of great stress.

How to Balance Yin Energy using Essential Oils

I have not researched this, but in some events of shootings, perhaps there was more moisture in the air than usual, which caused some people to drink less liquids, not creating the proper balance of yin and yang. Perhaps local weather conditions cause a person to drink less, creating an imbalance. Why do you think courtrooms always have a pitcher of water with a glasses? This is the collective unconscious balancing the yin and yang in that environment.

An Experiment to Prove Emotions Travel Through Time, Affecting Your Collective Unconscious

Try this experiment for yourself to prove this energy travels through time. During the next condition yellow or orange period, think back to a traumatic event in your life or event in which lots of pain and suffering occurred. Next think of the exact date and time it happened.

Next visualize a symbol or archetype that was related to the situation. This could be the symbol of an ambulance, a police badge, a tow truck symbol or similar.

Now what will start to experience are feelings and emotions and most importantly information coming from the past to the present. It is travelling through time using Earth’s higher KP values or higher earth geomagnetic energy as the conduit.

I illustrate it this way because it is the best way to explain it. I also strongly believe that this is also how some media groups, and some government agencies are using this method to inflict fear, spin and alter information in order to get some unnecessary laws passed.

Sending Information Through Time for Healing

You can also use this exercise, instead of a traumatic event, during a condition yellow, visualize the last time (the exact date) you were in a location or event, or locate an event related to health and wellness, this could be a marathon, gym or the Olympics that occurred during a peak in KP activity.

Now once again visualize a symbol or archetype related to that event. This could be the Olympic flag or your gyms logo. Just be sure the event took place during a period the KP levels peaked. As you do this, you will experience feelings of motivation, vibrancy and wellness, as once again higher KP periods are acting as portal points between two points in space, changing the way you experience the information. Could this be why crop circles, which leave huge symbols in fields from June to December (condition orange peak periods) are a form of information travelling through time?

As explained in our cycles page, we are in period #2. A peak period of condition oranges, which shows the months of June to December being especially high periods. View EZ3DBIZ.COM cycle page.

Stress and the Collective Unconscious

Our research is finding that stress appears to be the main trigger in many of these events. Because the condition colors reflect the collective unconscious, we can conclude that stress reflects the true nature of the voice of a community or given area (also known as a Microclimate). So if we truly want to understand the collective unconscious, we can study the impact stress has on communities.

Americans are some of the most stressed and pressured people in the world, excessive computer use further increase this stress. Just as there are beneficial types of stress (condition blue periods, increase sunspots) excess forms of stress cause condition red periods (a period of anxiety), this means that as the stress begins to decline (condition orange, declining sunspots) the stress turns negative and is further aggravated by a sudden jump in the solar wind if the focus of the mind during this stressful period is on negative thoughts, it also explains why condition purples, a period of flat solar activity, can trigger violence, as this is a period of decline.

How Stress is Successfully Handled in Business

We have more shootings occurring around educational institutions, than retail. Why is this? Because of how the stress is handled. A good example of mental stress being alleviated are optometry stores where mental stress from eyestrain is corrected using glasses, because the stress is alleviated. How many violent crimes have you heard of occurring near optometrists? Just Google: optometrist shooting, no results are found.

Information, Learning and Information Processing and its Impact on the Collective Unconscious

Information filters down through the collective unconscious of the individual or community, depending on the state of mind he/she is in, it can manifest as good or bad actions. Proper nutrition is really one of the best ways to handle and interpret new information.

This means stress and quantum states are both related. This could explain why major cities existing on fault lines such as Japan and the Silicon Valley in California have been responsible for some of the most major innovative technological breakthroughs, as new information, leading to ideas and awareness conducts itself along these fault stress points. And there is some theory that KP storms cause earthquakes. View Research Link showing KP storms and earthquakes. So people may be picking up information coming through from these stress points.

And some earthquakes have been linked to super moons.

One example of information being tainted or improperly is the National Security Agency gathering all the information of everybody’s emails and storing it permanently, this will never prevent future terrorist attacks as the information is never able to be properly processed and understood by our primitive society. It is how we interpret the information that leads to the decisions that are made either by ourselves or agencies who collect this information.

Information is constantly streaming throughout our consciousness, and how we interpret it will affect the world we live in.


The way to save money and prevent terrorist attacks is to induce cooperation between nations and communities across all religious, educational and cultural boundaries. This fosters a sense of compassion, peace and a willingness to work together to solve problems through cooperation, leaving conflict behind. This is a complex issue, but misinterpreting large amounts of information only creates more stress in the long term, which fails to address the fundamental causes of violence. The saying is so true, an ounce of prevention is worth more than pounds of any cure. Or the proper assimilation and the ability to understand and interpret information, is better than any written law designed to prevent future violence from occurring.

Because the condition blue periods show no violence occurring, it proves a second large collective consciousness is exerting its influence over humanity. This is the collective unconscious governed by our Sun, moon and planets and possibly the energy from distant stars. This energy creates new ideas and information. Sunlight is as abundant and concentrated as human beings and can be concentrated in small areas like people can (just as we concentrate sunlight with a magnifying glass), and condition blue periods are always periods of higher solar flux activity or increasing sunspots. Perhaps the concentration of sunlight from condition blue periods is what exerts a positive collective unconscious being emitted from our sun.

It also means people getting together focusing on archetypes or symbols representing love, compassion and healing during condition orange or prolonged purple periods can change the negative collective unconscious taking place during oranges/purples and some yellows.

Regions Identified as High Stress

Another location containing the three main variables of learning, information processing and stress is the post office, until the post office effectively learned how to manage stress in its environment, "going postal" occurred in communities. Once again the post office affects the community and at one time was called the "Black University", due to the high number of African Americans who got many of their first careers as civil servants, learning to serve their communities.

This is a bulletin being published by the Institute For Solar Studies on Behavior and Human Health. Valid from June to December of 2013.

Because many recent negative events have taken place outside of the normal timeframe of violence, which occurs from June to December during this cycle mentioned eariler in this article. If this stress continues unabated at high levels and is not dealt with, as we mention ways to deal with it in this article, we have to unfortunately expect the period from June to December being one of the worst for random outbreaks of shooting violence in recent history. On the other hand, it is also a profound time of great beneficial change and discovery, as many new innovations and discoveries will be made during this period, as we are well aware our new book will vastly revolutionize the self-healing module, utilizing the power of the sun and collective unconscious as discussed in depth in the books by Jung, as well as the many numerous beneficial discoveries to come from many leading educational ans scientific learning institutions. It is a time of great change and information.

This cycle will end itself sometime in late 2014 to early 2015. This is the time to avoid situations that can aggravate stress, furthering the stress loads on communities, especially during condition orange and purple periods. Although I see some departments already doing this, the more we understand where the stress is coming from, including the politcal arena, the more we can be prepared.

Prevention. How to solve this dilemma?

Taking away guns from the general population will not work. Fear works best, as history has shown. Although that changes during condition orange peak periods which we are in now. If you are a large government department, as we know no mass shootings occur during condition reds (which is a time of more collective fear or anxiety), so a projecting a forceful presence to prevent future conflict, may help instill fears of those plotting such hideous crimes in the future, as another portal point representing fear manifests during condition red periods.

Another idea is to use community participation to transform this collective unconsciousness energy into another form using symbols that the community can recognize. If the community has access to local media, playing free park movies or enacting plays and concerts, that project symbols of and archetypes representing peace and love, transforms a negative archetype of the collective unconsciousness into a positive one, changing the world in the process. This would be especially effective in areas where people who influence the world or world events are located. During the 2013 Santa Monica shooting, President Obama was 10 miles away from the event and the Bilderberger convention was taking place, both concentrated areas of stress.

Perhaps these twin points of stress, the Obama fund raiser (funny how Obama’s fund raisers always occur at perigee super moons in major cities) and the college exams, these twin points of stress were probably the triggers causing the emotional outburst to occur. Also we know that trigger points create mass rises and falling of the Dow Jones Index. View our Dow Jones Research on more about these "stress point" that occur in the markets.

If a play representing world peace and harmony was taking place at the Santa Monica college during final exams, would the shooting still have happened at the college?

What is so interesting is the same common denominator in all these events, is they occur in close proximity to academic educational learning environments. The Sandy Hook disaster took place in a school. The Boston Marathon event took place with the shooter executing his actions at MIT. The Batman movie theatre shooting took place at a movie theatre frequented by students, The Colorado Columbine disaster took place at a high school, the 911 Hijackers were students and so on.

The community collective unconscious in these environments pressures, and expects these students to perform to frustratingly high levels of academic expectations, putting huge amounts of stress on the students. When you understand that the collective unconscious responds to symbolism and information, and colleges are places that information is exchanged and received, than it makes perfect sense to understand why some of the most profound breakthroughs of our day came from colleges and at the opposite end of the spectrum, why some of the worst things can happen there. Some recent examples of good include Google, Facebook, self-driving cars, nanotechnology and much more. Colleges are an excellent example of large groups working together on a collective level, manifesting the results of a collective behavior on the community through the communities collective unconscious.

Therefore by studying intuitions exhibiting group educational studies, do we have a tool to learn about the human and solar collective unconscious. In locations stress takes place and there is no learning academic energy taking place, such as hospitals and similar environments that don’t have exams and academic related stress, we see very little incidents taking place.

How Information is Retrieved and Processed

At the institute for solar studies, we use the condition yellow exercise in connection with the Sirius star system to receive new information to make multiple anti-aging and healing and health breakthroughs. View our condition yellow archives page for more details.

So society as a whole is currently undergoing a fundamental shift in how new information is being received and processed. The real purpose of academic learning environments should be to gather this information, using it for constructive purposes, such as healing ourselves and the environment. Perhaps this new flow of information is being distorted or tainted in such a way as not to serve its true purpose, creating the wrong type of stress on the local community, therefore leading to a manifestation of events reflecting the true attributes of the collective unconscious. This happened with Harvard students walking out on some of their professors classes

Additional Thoughts:

The Israeli Gaza Air Strike Attacks, the first major outbreak of violence in the region after years of peace, occurred on 15th November 2012.

On 15th November 2012, PCC elections took place across the country.

Entering into Google November 15th 2012 + final exams comes up with even more people taking end of year exams.

And another place information is processed, along with high stress are DMV’s enter into goggle: DMV Shooting and multiple stories come up.

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