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Sunspots, Confidence and Perception

During higher periods of solar activity, which can last up to 5 years) and condition blue periods,which last for a few days, belief in oneself is more prevalent. It means more people in the general population have the belief that they have the capability to succeed at something or a stronger feeling of certainty they have about something. They feel quite certain that they can achieve success.

Because consumer confidence levels are actually the levels of confidence consumers have in the future, it means that they have a feeling of certainty that they have the ability to succeed and can succeed in what they are attempting. It means having a feeling of certainty rather than having certainty.  More sunspots stimulate these feelings of increased confidence.

Increasing confidence is based on a person’s perception. In a nutshell, the difference between a person who has confidence and a person who doesn’t have confidence may only boil down to their individual perception. As this article states "Perception is relative to the speed of the observer."  Rising sunspot levels change and alter our perception. When we have achieved high levels of confidence from a high sunspot period or condition blue period, and suddenly the sunspots begin dropping, or we enter an overall lower sunspot cycle (which can last for 3 years or more), our perception is still riding on the previous "high", which creates a feeling of overconfidence. What we percieved was causing us to belive in ourselves, has temporarily faded. We than discover that we are not getting the same usual results that we are used to get.  This may begin a cycle of lower self confidence and lower expectations. Until we reevaluate our perception, it can make us depressive and fearful about the future

So when condition blue periods first start dropping or a lower sunspot cycle period is starting, we should prepare more thoroughly than usual, and to a certain extent, never let the perception of our confidence level stop us from moving ahead, making progress and furthering our goals.  If we are in business, especially sales, and condition blue periods are flat and/or consumer confidence levels are low, than we need to re-evaluate our perception of the situation or products that are being sold.   

Do Sunspots Reflect Consumer Confidence? An Empirical Investigation by Sharon G. Harrison (Columbia University)

Physics Professor Dr. David Bohm discusses Perception and the Human Mind


Sunspots and the Great Depression

Because sunspots have a motivational/stimulative effect, during declines when sunspot activity has peaked, especially when the cycle before has been stronger, we get depressions in the monetary system.  As the chart below shows, the last great depression began at a low of sunspot activity in 1933. We are about to experience another dramatic low starting around 2014, peaking to as low as 4.1 sunspots during December 2019.

The 2008 Stock Market Crash. If you look at the image below titled Sunspot Solar Cycle 24 (image #2), you will see that we had the market crash in the United States, which occurred during September 2008, a peak low period of sunspot activity.

Future Sunspot Levels:

Image #5 Below

The  1973-1975 recession was another depression in the markets.  These all take up the same pattern. They all occur during a lower sunspot cycle that was higher than the previous sunspot cycle. As we can see in Image #4, the 1970 sunspot cycle was lower than the 1960 sunspot cycle. As we can see in Image#3, the sunspot cycle in 2000, was lower than the previous sunspot cycle (called sunspot cycle 22), and we can see in Image #4 and Image #5, the great depression also began at a sunspot cycle that was lower, than the previous one. 


Looking Ahead into the Future

According to Image #3, between 2016 and 2018 there will be another great depression, if nothing is done about our monetary fiscal fiasco. This occurs because sunspot cycle #25 is much, much lower than any other cycle since the 1940's.

So in conclusion, when the last sunspot cycle peaked higher before the current one, as soon as the current sunspot cycle reaches its new low, it becomes a period of major financial crises, usually followed by war. Hopefully by 2025, we will be educated enough as a species to make prudent changes so that history does not repeat itself.

Image #1 Below

Image #2 Below


Image #3 Below

Image #4 Below


Image #5 Below


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