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Faith and How to Have More of it in Your Life

This exercise works best during condition blue periods and recent condition green periods.

"Life without thankfulness is devoid of love and passion. Hope without thankfulness is lacking in fine perception. Faith without thankfulness lacks strength and fortitude. Every virtue divorced from thankfulness is maimed and limps along the spiritual road." -John Henry Jowett

To have faith you must allow more of it to manifest in your life. Faith is like a muscle, the more you perform acts of faith, the easier it is to manifest faith in amy situation. This also applies to belief.

Faith and miracles are closely related. Sincere and unshakable Faith creates true and lasting virtue. To amplify faith, think of divine love and have utmost sincere gratitude and pure joy for Divine Love, until you shed tears, if necessary. Really put your emotion and sincerity into it. This will in turn let your faith express pure natural gratitude. When you can do this, your blessings from this just one act will increase ten thousand. All obstacles you will encounter on building your faith are testing your faith. When you continue to have faith when these difficult circumstances present themselves, you will always prevail as long as you don't let these obstacles/distractions cloud your true purpose and meaning.

Another method is to write down a list of all you feel grateful for, and then speak these things out while looking in a mirror. Using a mirror, look directly into your eyes as you recite the list aloud.

Set a Plan of Action for what you want.

1: Decide "what" you want and "when" you want it.

2: Pray and watch for confirmation that your desires are in harmony with Gods or the Universe's will for you.

3: Write out a gratitude affirmation, and repeat it when things get rough.

4: Count your current blessings

5: Review everything you have in your life and be thankful for it before you go to bed each night.

6: Become an example for others when you start receiving responses from using faith.

Faith teaches us to remove our Ego. When you receive blessings from using faith, and you let your Ego overtake you with these blessings, you won't feel grateful and you'll be unable to receive continued or maximized virtue, thus the cycle will continue to repeat itself. If a grateful heart has not been developed, you must realize that your ego is obstructing you.

Having Faith and Trust

Trust, Faith and Patience are the main keys to manifesting our goals and dreams. Sometimes fear and distractions can take away these attributes. It is an insult to the universal substance that manifests all to lose genuine faith and trust in the universe because it is constantly loving you. When you do this you avoid continuous disaster. When you focus on your task and not let distractions take you away but only following and being in the "zone" things go as they should and you continue to manifest abundance as you should.

Belief and Expectancy

When you truly believe in what you have produced from receiving guidance and it is accepted, than all you need is to believe in yourself and your product, purpose or intention for it to effectively multiply.

Belief and expectancy have to go hand in hand. You cannot have one without the other because expectancy is a belief, yet, it is one with intense conviction. To have belief without expectancy means you are just giving lip service to yourself. Having strong expectancy means walking the talk, being fully congruent. It is like the story of many people coming together in a time of drought to pray for rain because they believe that when many come together to pray for something the likelihood of it happening is greater. Yet, only one person actually walks in with an umbrella. That's expectancy! Like with desire, and belief, only you can determine how strong a feeling of expectancy you need to have in order to make anything happen. With desiring something to manifest, and believing it is possible, you develop a sense of knowing that it is going to happen. It is a feeling of expectancy. Expectation keeps you on the alert, looking out for what it is you desire, and it must be present at all times. You need to expect your desire to become a reality without a shadow of a doubt. To have full conviction that your desire will manifest will boost the success of it happening. Expectancy is hope, or certainty, and it is a direct result of your belief.

Goal Meditation

1: As you slip into "theta" relaxed state of mind, see the energy turn into your goals.

2. See it happening with God or the higher power you use help.

3: As you relax your left arm, picture your goal.

4: As you relax your right arm, picture your goal.

5: Do the same as you relax all joints in your body and as you do so, see different parts of your goal related to the whole. For example, one part might be 50 sales, relax joint, another part might be 500 customers, relax joint, another part 1,000 hits per day, etc. relax another joint and so on.

6. After all the muscles in your body are relaxed, sell all your goals manifesting with gods help and meditate on that for a while.

7: Give thanks and end.

* If you stay focused on your goal and task, you will always succeed. * When you have grace under any type of pressure, related to your goal, let whatever resistance you encounter go so that you can get to your goal. * Always use the forces of symbols (major events, mentors, landmarks, etc,) around you to accelerate your goals or projects, especially in meditation. * You must open yourself completely and be completely open to receiving what you want in life. Be open to opportunities related to success. * Follow your dreams with strength and convention and focus.

Using and Amplifying Intention to Shape Reality

Our intentions play a vital role in our lives. We broadcast our intentions on an unconscious level each and every day. Most notably against the people we meet. Your intention is mirrored back to you in what you do. If you practice intention in the same location, and if you move locations, it takes an average of 3 months of repetition for the location to "remember" and begin to start assisting in amplifying your intentions again. Focus is key to successful intentions. Keys to help you focus are being awake and alert, an empty stomach, being able to calm the mind through meditation or other techniques. Try this intention visualization exercise to help amplify your intention. This exercise can be done with or without a quartz crystal. The Intention Exercise contains 4 Major Keys.

Key 1: The key here is the more focus you have the more profound the results.

Key 2: Have a true belief with your heart and soul that your intent will manifest.

Key 3: Be very specific and precise about your goal. Know the time, date location, time period to obtain results etc.

Key 4: Location, the more you practice sending out intent from a set geographic location, the energy fields in that location remember the actions. So the next time you do the intention visualization, and as you repeat this process, the results are more profound over time. Keep doing the process in the same location. If you "move" or change location, it may take up to 3 months of repeated cycle work to get the local energy field to continue on showing positive results. Intentions build to a crescendo at the peak of the moon usually strongest 48 hrs before full. Also abstain from heavy foods before you do the intention visualization, as your mind is more sharp and clearer. Do not do the intention exercise if you are tired or sleepy as the results will not be as good.

Success Attractor

Works great if you have been out of work or your momentum has slowed down. It works most effectively at the very start of a condition blue period.

1: Put yourself into a relaxed state of mind, or use a special theta brainwave MP3 recording to get your mind relaxed and into a theta brainwave pattern.

2: Chant " I am where success is being born now right at this moment" See and feel the events through space time affecting you now. Chant until you feel that energy. If you like you can relate the success to what your project is. Example use sales success energy if you are in sales. Use academic success energy if you are a student. Other ideas are sporting, research, sales etc. Just see the places where success is created related to those events and than bring them to the present. Or you can combine all of the 3 just mentioned into the same energy force.

3: See yourself being at the places where success is being born and created at that moment by people, things or events, and you not being greedy.

4. See yourself at these events through space and time.

5: See yourself being part of the birth of that success and you are being born with it. See this success giving birth to you.

6: Give thanks for that success.

7: Now see yourself in all the work you do or are about to do, see this success merging itself into your work and guiding you into a successful outcome of your work or project, let it interact and mingle with your project. It is important that you maximize your focus when seeing this success energy merge with your future project(s). The more focus you have at this point, the more success will come your way.


This exercise works best during condition blue periods.

* This is done best on a Weekend Morning or late evening listening to white noise. During this time the energies are at their clearest and strongest. This is a great visualization to do when you need to find your life's path, are an artist or need to make an important decision. This exercise is a great way to ask what your purpose in life is.

1: Let your heart be filled with the pure divine love that exists all around you.

2: Go into an open and receptive state, (not pushing or trying) being filled with the power and presence of the divine (or love). Let it flow though you.

3: Ask yourself, "what is gods highest idea for me for ___(your challenge or question)___________________ (in business, health, relationships etc.)

4: Now relax and gently take in 2 real deep relaxing breathes.

5: Now watch your imagination and let it be called forth. Let your imagination call it forth, just let it happen, no pushing.

6: Optional - Ask yourself "what do I need to embody in order for this vision to manifest in my life?

7 - Create an affirmation to pen yourself up to embody this vision. (Do not do an affirmation to make it happen)

Visioning is pure, raw, untrained energy that comes through. It is the pure core of our spirit. Therefore it is very important that you have a clear mind when doing this.

Finding Your Power

This is the same as when singers "find their voice". It works on having belief in yourself, belief that you deserve success and abundance, than following on the guidance you are given relating to your life's purpose, and than finding your own methods/techniques to work on how to shape, focus and direct this new energy you receive. After molding this energy into a workable/useable form, you will have built up what is known as "confidence" which will than be the driving force towards your success.

Healing with Prayer

This exercise works best during condition blue and condition green periods. People can be healed without having faith. Never constrict prayer by doing it at a certain time or place or with restrictions. This blocks flow. When you get the urge to pray, that means the time is right, and prayers when done following this method yield extremely powerful results. Whenever you get an urge to pray do it right where you are at the moment. This does not mean get down on the ground and start praying if you are in the middle of a sidewalk, it means to silently pray in your mind or keep the prayer to yourself.

Amplifying Belief

This article explains how the energy of a condition blue can be amplified and discusses a litle about using belief. Like faith, the results of belief get easier the more you apply the power of belief to situations.

One effective way I have found to amplify my belief in something is when going by a church, reaffirm what I believe in. This may be a product, service or emotional issue I am working on. Another commercial "symbol" is to go to a bookstore and find the books written about belief and faith and than chanting or using affirmations quietly or in your mind the mantra related to your belief. Example "I believe I am in perfect physical health" etc., and this amplifies the belief energy that we can generate within ourselves.

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