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How to Use These Boxes

Match the condition color according to the day than perform the meditations/visulizations to experience a shift in your reality. Click on the link below according to the condition color of the day

Condition Blue Visualization and Empowerment Tools

Condition Green Visualization and Empowerment Tools

Condition Red Visualization and Empowerment Tools

Condition Orange Visualization and Empowerment Tools

Just as each condition color affects the physical body and its immune system, they can also affect thoughts, consciousness and behavior, especially condition oranges, which our Institute has proven can lead to massive violence. The condition color toolboxes listed are tools that can be used to counteract or amplify specific emotions. These include belief, relieving anxiety and fear or learning to properly forgive. If our thoughts and emotions are responsible for disease, they can also be used to heal and prevent disease.

Because positive thoughts and a rise in consciousness have been proven to heal, this section of the site is devoted to mind tools to help with healing and goal setting. Many of us may have been disappointed in practicing positive thinking, repeating affirmations and mantras and achieved no lasting positive results. Here at the research Institute for Solar Studies on Behavior and Human Health we have discovered that positive thinking, applying the power of belief and intention is significantly magnified during condition blue periods. The 2nd most powerful period is during the most recent condition green and yellow periods.

The direct opposite of this when affirmations and positive thinking achieves little or no results are during condition orange periods, which is the time more outbreaks of violent behavior are more common, as we prove on the How Excessive Geomagnetic Energy Causes Psychological Outbreaks of Violence page. 

The 2nd worst period to begin a positive thinking course of study is during condition red periods, which has been proven to cause more mental anxiety. So the best way to use these exercises is to find a visualization that you feel drawn to, and practice it during the proper condition period. You don't have to wait until a condition Blue period or recent condition green period occurs to achieve results from using these mind tools, just remember that if you don't get results it is most likely because a strong recent condition orange may have occurred. But if you can time it right and perform a mental visualization exercise during a condition blue period, the positive results will be substantially better. I have also had much success using binaural beats accompanying mental visualization from the brainwave generator program. With this software you can pre-program presets to help achieve elevated and enhanced levels of consciousness. They also have many presets which you can download and modify to help achieve deep levels of relaxation or enhance your mental visualization experience.