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Using the Cycles of the Moon to Create and Retrieve Information

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As we discussed in a previous article where a conjunction with the moon and Saturn elevates plant growth, there are also periods of where the moons energy reaches a peak, much like the sun's solar cycle peaks and falls during the 11 year solar cycle. It is at these peaks that we have more energy than at other times available to create and invent new things.  

We all know the feeling of higher stress felt from a full moon, which is partly due to the increase in positive ions in the air, which contribute to moodiness.


Peak Periods of Information Harvesting

As we will cover later in this article, there is a period at just past the 50% Phase of when the moon is headed towards perigee where the information comes from to create / invent new things.  This 50% point is prevalent in the stock market, where when a moving stock that is growing, rises past its previous high (or 50%) and it will continue to rise. This is known as the 50% Retracement Rule. 
We can think of a perigee moon or solar peak as a time when the energy has charged itself up like a battery or capacitor.  The air holds a "charge" within it. And after this peak has been reached, the energy slowly fades and then begins again at the next cycle which is called the moons apogee. There are also scientific equasions proving a charge does occur between the moon and earth.

Peaks of this energy also occur at solar periods.  One is the 11 year sunspot cycle and the other is the cross point periods, which happen on average every 11 days or so as we investigate thoroughly in our article titled: Predicting the Dow Jones 48 hours in advance. Other peak periods of energy occur in our daily lives and are known as biorhythms.  However, in this article we are going to explore how to use the peak power of the moon to help fuel and utilize our creative energies to our fullest potential.

There are periods where the moon reaches a super peak of its point closest to earth and these periods are known as "Supermoons". It is during these supermoons that earthquakes and tsunamis are more prevalent, probably due to the earth also experiencing these stronger energies during this time.

Dissolving the Cosmic Firewall

David Icke mentions that there exists a spiritual firewall that exists between the moon and humanity. This firewall blocks us from our true creativity and potential, which also blocks our awareness and information that we receive from the moon which is used to create and further humanities evolution on a positive level. David states our world was created by an advanced being for experiencing a force beyond the oneness-one consciousness existence we all originated from and that when we have experienced this physical reality, we go back to the one source when we die. This means all laws of what we call "physics" are a form of software created by this advanced being. By knowing where the holes or "back doors" in this firewall lay, (as we will show in this article) we can create incredible things and change our world.  Besides the moon Matrix, David also talks about the Saturn Matrix, so a closer Saturn may also have effects, although I have not researched this.

The "back doors" to this firewall are shown in the below:

It is at these peaks that we have the energy available to create and invent new things.  Also at just past the 50% Phase when the moon is headed towards Perigee (shown on left click image to zoom in), is where the information comes from to create / invent new things.  Click here to view a full description of how a moon goes from perigee to apogee.  At the 50% point we do exercises to receive this new information, than at the perigee peak we use physical action to create based on the information received.  This must mean than at 50% into apogee the information is going back to the moon matrix and vice versa. 



Accessing the Information Matrix Through the Back Door

One exercise that works to access this information (at 50% towards perigee) is to go to a library or bookstore, and at the section 551 (which is the geology section), hold a book in your hands and visualize emeralds and diamonds flowing down from cosmic realms, and the information being received as good as 
valuable stones than go and study a topic you want more information on.  After a few minutes or hours, you will receive valuable information and ideas towards your goals/projects. This is just one method used to access the backdoor of the firewall existing between us and the moon and using that energy to create and further ones potential.  You may come up with some others that work for you, however I have got best results using this method. Perhaps libraries and bookstores are a form of memory storage for this matrix.

As far as using the energy from solar cycles, condition blue periods which are times the suns solar flux becomes more active is the time to gather information and ideas, than at and just after the sun's peak which is usually a condition red/orange go to work and use the information received to build/create/invent.  This energy than bottoms out and goes into the same energy force field as an apogee moon called the condition purple

A Dual Peak in the Sun and Moon Energy 

If both a perigee moon and a peak in solar activity occur together, it contributes to a more stressful, energetic period, a period where we can create more, and then after this peak wave, more relaxation
occurs, when we get a massage, meditate or allow ourselves to go into deep relaxation periods.  It is like a release occurs, which helps fuel our creative energies even more.

A reduction in the suns energy can always be measured by watching the end of a cross point cycle as shown below:

According to the image above, the solar activity starts at 14 peaks at 29 and declines to 1 on the 14th of July of 2014. This can be experienced when doing the emerald tablets exercise when the exercise is done during the period just after a perigee moon or peak of solar activity, when you face north and relax your body, the body will go into a deeper state of relaxation than usual, which lasts for hours afterwards, making it great to do before going to sleep at night. This would also be an excellent time to get a massage to remove all built up stress and tension. 

Links for above images;

Sun's solar flux:

Daily Sunspot Levels:

It is interesting that during the year 2001 there was a peak in the sunspot cycle which was a time the IPOD was released, after years of researching and receiving information on how to make it work. If we take a look at the sunspot cycle, the next peak is around the year 2013, when the first TABLETS were released, once again after a period of information gathering from the previous solar cycle.  This means around the next sunspot peak during the years 2023 to 2025, we will see another device surpassing the TABLET. 

Though we can invent and receive information at any stage of a solar cycle or moon phase, the results and success of our ideas are accelerated when we time them to the cycles of the moon and sun.  The moon is slowly moving further and further away from earth, so millions of years from now we will be on another planet or galaxy using the forces of that home world's moon to create and invent.

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Perigee/Apogee Calendar:

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