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Where Creativity Comes From and How to Ignite Your Own Creativity Spark

After reviewing over 2 years of research involving remote viewing the future dow jones project, the data revealed that whenever barometric air pressure peaked, remote viewing sesssions were more accurate. This peak would also coincide with an increase in the sun's 10.7 cm radio flux. I go into more detail about this as well as how to enhance the results of remote viewing in my book Remote Viewing. The Complete User's Manual on Experiencing Future Consciousness.

Because creativity and intuition are so closely related to one another could it mean that when pressure is higher more inspiration and creativity would be present? After further research I think I may have discovered a link. This could also mean that a more active 10.7cm radio flux, which is usually accompanied by increased sunspots, would also be a time creativity and inspiration peak. This also shows a cyclic period which usually peak at around sunspot maximum.

So let's take a look at the data between pressure and creativity.

Dr. Yoshiro Nakamats is an 89 year old man (as of 2012) born in Tokyo Japan who went to school at the University of Tokyo Faculty of Engineering.Dr. Yoshiro Nakamats received a patent for his floppy disk invention in 1952. Due to disputes between him and IBM, IBM has paid him a portion of the licencing rights. The front gate of his house is shaped like a floppy disk. His floppy disk invention was ignored by the 6 major electronics firms. After having learned this lesson, Dr. Yoshiro Nakamats states that true invention and innovation work best without any attached strings. This is because working on borrowed money or for others does not allow for full freedom of intellect.

Dr. Yoshiro Nakamat's patents have played important roles in the invention of the CD, DVD, Fax Machine, Karaoke Machine, taxi meter, digital watch, CinemaScope, spring-loaded shoes, fuel cell powered boots, water powered engine, world's smallest air conditioner, pillow that sounds an alarm when driver nods off behind the wheel and many more. The total number of Dr. Yoshiro Nakamat's patents exceed 3,377. This is three times as many patents as Thomas Edison and has won the Grand Prize at the International Exposition of Invention 16 times, which is a record. Also the Tesla Society has added Dr. Yoshiro Nakamats to its list of great inventors which includes Nikola Tesla, Archimedes, Michael Faraday and Marie Curie.

When he visited the United States, twelve U.S. Cities held "Dr. Yoshiro Nakamats Days" and the State of Maryland has made him an honorary citizen. The United States Congress has also awarded Dr. Yoshiro Nakamats a Certificate of Special Recognition.

Pressure and Creativity

Dr. Yoshiro Nakamats readily shares his secret to his great inventions. He states that his greatest ideas occur while taking long underwater swims. He says this is because if the brain has too much oxygen in it, it acts as a deterrent for true inspiration. The trick to starving the brain of oxygen for a short period of time is to dive deep underwater. This will then allow the water pressure to fill the brain with blood.

He states that after diving to the bottom of a swimming pool, he holds his breath as long as possible. He calls this the "0.5 seconds before death" zone. While in the "zone" he will visualize an invention then immediately write the thoughts he has received on a plexi-glass waterproof tablet, then he returns to the surface of the swimming pool.

The region at the bottom of a swimming pool is a region of high pressure. This matches the region of high barometric air pressure associated with increased accuracy of remote viewing.

Below is a video with Dr. Yoshiro Nakamats explaining in detail how he uses pressure to invent.

Dr. Yoshiro Nakamats and Health

Dr. Yoshiro Nakamat's states the reason people die younger then they should is because they eat too much and that 1 super nutrient meal with a maximum of 700 calories per day is what works for him. Speaking from 7 years of anti-aging research with over 2,000 pages written on anti-aging, I have also found this to be true. My reserach has shown this is because valuable energy that fuels the immune system is wasted when too much food is eaten. I outline this in greater detail in my series of anti-aging books published over the previous 5 years.

Dr. Yoshiro Nakamat's research into diet and intelligence have also earned him the IgNobel Prize and he has invented the following supplements:

Dr. Yoshiro Nakamat's Brain Drink
Dr. Yoshiro Nakamat's Yummy Nutri-Brain Snacks

Books authored by Dr. Yoshiro Nakamats include:
Invention of Politics and How to Become a Superman Laying Down

Dr. Yoshiro Nakamats states his spirit of invention is not driven by wealth or fame, but by the spirit of love and that for an invention to "make it", it must consist of the following 3 motives.

1 - Theory

2 - Inspiration

3 - Practicality


Increased Solar Activity Enhances Creativity

As stated at the beginning of this article, when the sun's 10.7cm radio flux levels are stronger, that it will usually, but always match the increase in barometric air pressure.  This is a time inspiration and creativity are enhanced.   


Suitbert Ertel writes in his article “Synchronous Bursts of Activity in Independent Cultures; Evidence for Extraterrestrial Connections” that a link exists between scientific creativity and solar cyclic variation. Eddy’s research into abnormal secular periods of solar inactivity (Maunders minimum) showed the opportunity to put the present hypothesis to a crucial test.

His research revealed the following -

1) Cultural flourish curves show marked bursts after the onset of secular solar excursions in both Europe and China

2) During periods of extended solar excursions, bursts of creativity occur in painting, literature and science. These succeeded one another with lags of approximately between 10 and 15 years

3) Reported regularities of cultural output exist throughout with eminent creators and decrease with ordinary professionals.

During the maxima of sunspot activity human behavior and creativity is stimulated. In order to make maximum use of our gifted talents, seeking inspiration at the right time and under the right conditions can make maximum use of our time while creating groundbreaking new ideas and information that can make the world a better place.

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