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The information in this article, as well as similar articles, has been complied into a new book published by EZ3DBIZ.com. The book's name is: Secrets to Creating Money Effortlessly using Lucid Dreaming. The first 3 chapters are available for free viewing by visiting the address below:

Book Synopsis
Published by the Founder of the Institute for Solar Studies on Behavior and Human Health in Santa Monica, California, this newest release shows that by understanding the cycles of the sun, we can utilize life to the fullest. It offers simple exercises to transform this energy to be used for healing, wellness and financial success.  It also covers the fundamentals of Alchemy, Global Cooling, And How to Cope with the upcoming changes in our financial, social and political systems.The energy of the Sun was utilized for thousands of years by the Inca and the Egyptian Cultures. It was their understanding of the cycles of the sun that brought prosperity and well being to their civilizations for thousands of years. Through our latest research on how the sun affects living organisms such as the 2011 March Harvard Study, titled: "Sunspot Dynamics Are Reflected in Human Physiology and Pathophysiology" is modern proof that our sun affects us much more than we may realize.
Scott is the founder of The Institute for Solar Studies on Behavior and Human Health in Santa Monica, CA, where the science of Chronobiology is combined with Longevity Nutrition to extend lifespan. Chronobiology is applying the periodic cycle in living organisms to manifest wellness and lengthen lifespan by applying techniques to adapt to solar and lunar-related rhythms. Many of Scott's leading discoveries and breakthroughs are posted on EZ3DBIZ.com. By integrating Solar Healing methods with Longevity Nutrition, Scott has been able to create a unique system combining Chronobiology and Longevity nutrition to avoid disease before it manifests, thus enhancing one's well-being and lifespan. Scott was the first person to plot solar energy behavior variances, naming them 'Condition Colors', which are presented in a daily forecast on The Solar Institutes Website at ez3dbiz.com.


Chapter 1 - Using the Cycles of the Moon to Create and Retrieve Information. Page 1

Peak Periods of Information Harvesting. Page 1

Dissolving the Cosmic Firewall. Page 3

Accessing the Information Matrix Through A Back Door. Page 5

A Dual Peak in the Sun and Moon Energy. Page 6
How to Use The Moon and Solar Activity to Accompany Your Intentions. Page 10

My Personal Commercial Experiences with Essential Oils and Moon Phases. Page 13

Levels of Energy released via Solar Activity and Moon Phases. Page 16

Chapter 2  - How to Find Changes in Your Local Weather Using the Sun's Solar Flux. Page 22

Chapter 3 - How to Tap into Universal Feedback. Page 26
Chapter 4 - How to Use the Energy of the Sun for Healing and Positive Vibrational Change. Page 30

Chapter 5 - Planetary Forces, Alchemy and the Strengthening Power of Recombination  
and Renewed Strength. Page 32

The Possible Link of How Potassium Transmutates into Calcium. Page 33

The Restorative Power of Magnetic Reconnection. Page 36

The New Moon and Re-Connection. Page 38

Transmutation of Elements Occurring in Biological Organisms. Page 39

Ancient Temples, Mica and The Mayan Calendar. Page 45

The City of Izapa. Page 46

Photosynthesis, Hemoglobin and Transmutation. Page 49

Additional Researchers and their Experimenters with Transmutation. Page 52

Alchemical Transmutation. Page 56

Planetary Conjunctions and Recombination. Page 58

Photosynthesis and Recombination. Page 59

How Celestial Forces of the Moon and Saturn cause Biochemical Processes. Page 61

The 4 Elements and their Relationship to the Constellations. Page 63

Effects on Plants during the Moon Saturn Conjunction. Page 64

Sulphur and its Effect in Recombination. Page 68

Making Herbal Tinctures Related to the Planet Mercury. Page 76

Biological Organisms and Moon Cycles. Page 76

The Mars Effect. Page 79

Exercises to Feel the Effects of Planetary Energy. Page 80

Scientific Evidence Planetary Energy Affects Metals. Page 82

The Venus Elongation, A time of Extreme Polarities. Page 89

The Amazing Research Discoveries of Lili Kolisko. Page 93
The Solar Eclipse in Astrology and Alchemy. Page 95

How Less Creates More. Page 97

How to Perform your Own Capillary Dynamolysis Experiments. Page 103

Locating Moon Saturn Conjunction Dates. Page 104

Some Interesting Facts about Jupiter. Page 110

Planetary Resonance and Vibrations. Page 112

Evidence that the Energy from Constellations Affects Longevity. Page 114

Linking the Alchemical Planets to Herbs that Rejuvenate. Page 117

The Conduction of Planetary Energies. Page 123

The Year 10,500 BC and the Fate of Planet Earth. Page 123

Angkor Wat. Page 124

The Pyramids of Giza. Page 125

Times of Day the Salt Essence is most active. Page 128  

Times of the day Sulphur is Most Active. Page 129

Gold Grows on Eucalyptus Tree Leaves. Page 130

Chapter 6 - Where Creativity Comes From and How to Ignite Your Own Creativity Spark. Page 132

Creative People. Page 133

The Process from Which Creativity Emerges. Page 133

Why the Unconscious Holds the Answers and our Waking Consciousness Cannot Find the Answers. Page 138

Original Goals May Change While Experiencing Creativity. Page 139

Special Attention Showered on Groups Enhances Worker Output. Page 141

How to Effectively Ignite the Fire of Creativity Within. Page 143

Some Methods to Induce Creativity. Page 145

Creativity Is Sometimes Embraced as Public Opinion Changes Over Time. Page 148

Routine Artificial Creativity. Page 148

The Ah Ha Moment of Illumination. Page 149

Creativity Traits. Page 150

Creativity Peaks in Middle Age. Page 151

Field Dependence Studies and Creativity. Page 151

Categorization. Page 152

Traits of Highly Creative People. Page 153

Using Analogy as a Path to Creativity. Page 155

Experts. Page 157

The Conscious Mind and Creativity. Page 161

The Types of Creativity. Page 163

Chapter 7 – How to Change Reality by Altering Your Belief System. Page 166

Belief and Reality. Page 173

Self Confidence and Intuition. Page 179

An Exercise to Access Alternate Timelines. Page 182

Knowing when KP levels are going to be higher. Page 185

Using Asteroids To Create and Explore Potential. Page 187

Other Important Information Regarding Assistive Tools to Create. Page 193

Using Spirit to Create. Page 204

The grounding exercise to Help Aid Manifestation. Page 205

Chapter 8 - Utilizing the Energy of Ursa Major as a Portal to Wealth and Fortune. Page 209

UFO's Utilizing the Energy of Ursa Major as a Portal. Page 213

The Mars Effect. Page 213

My Experience and General Discussion Page 215

Starting Your Journey. Page 217

Beginning the Journey. Page 219

Forgiveness. Page 229

Chapter 9 - Accepting the New Forces Contributing to a More Efficient New System. Page 231

The Future of Currency – Bitcoin. Page 237

What is Peer to Peer?. Page 239

The Founders of BitCoin. Page 242

Bit Coin Security Basics. Page 243

Managing Your Bit Coin Collection. Page 244

Chapter 10 -  How to Amplify Prayer. Page 246
Concentration. Page 246

The Star Sirius, Additional Prayer Window Periods. Page 247

The Mars Effect. Page 248

The Abundance Prayer. Page 250

Chapter 11 - Achieving True Financial Freedom. Page 253

Where do feelings of unworthiness come from?. Page 255

Fear of Succeeding. Fear of Failure. Page 256

The Root Cause of Fears and Money Blockages. Page 257

Chapter 12 - How to Never be Broke and Always Have a Constant Flow of Money.  Page 268

How Money Flow Works. Page 268

Trusting in your Intuition. Page 269

Fear. Page 270

Removing Blocks to the Stream of Flowing Money. Page 272

The “Just Getting By Mindset”. Page 276

Connecting to the Source. Page 277

How to Connect with your Intuition. Page 279

The Right Balances Restores Flow. Page 280

Positive Pressure. Page 280

Learning the Art Learning to Nurture Yourself At the Right Time. Page 283

Clues to Nurturing. Page 284

Selling and Money Flow. Page 287

Responsibility and Courage. Page 289

Raising Your Wealth Vibration Too Quickly. Page 290

Don't Sell Your Soul. Page 291

Focused Short Term Stress Raises Your wealth Vibration. Page 292

Contribution Leads to Income. Page 295

Keeping What You've Earned. Page 295

Excess Comfort Leads to Decline. Page 296

Fear of Success. Page 297

Chapter 13 - How to Lose Weight by Expressing Your True Feelings.  Page 299

Re-Learning to Follow Your Intuition. Page 301

Choices Create our Reality. Page 302

Learning to Trust Again. Page 303
How to Take Action Based on Your Feelings of Aliveness. Page 305

Resistance and Imbalances. Page 306

The 3 stages that lead to Long Term Debilitating Illness. Page 308

The True Causes of War and Suffering. Page 309

How to Heal. Page 310

Addiction to Foods, Drugs and Sex. Page 311

How Coffee is used to Steal away our True Awareness. Page 313
False Beliefs Related to Excessive Dieting. Page 315

Chapter 14 - Why Our Earth is Getting Cooler, Rather than Warmer.  Page 317

The Period of Cycles. Page 317

How the Cycles Occur. Page 318

The Planet Related to Aquarius. Page 325

How does this Aquarian Shift Affect Me?. Page 329

Chapter 15 - Creating Miracles. Page 331

When Miracles Occur. Page 332

A Simple Tool for Miracles.  Page 340

Chapter 16 - Intelligence, Money and Longevity. Page 342

Human Pre-Cognition and the Nervous System. Page 344

Suicidal Behavior and the Sun’s Solar Wind. Page 346

Chapter 17 - How Solar Cycles Run the Gears of History. Page 349


The information in this article, as well as similar articles, has been complied into a new book published by EZ3DBIZ.com. The book's name is: Secrets to Creating Money Effortlessly using Lucid Dreaming. The first 3 chapters are available for free viewing by visiting the address below:

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