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Total Number of Pages: 52 Pages

In this book I share my secrets of how an aromatherapy blend becomes enticing and addictive. I also include methods on how to market your own essential oil combinations, as well as a short essay on how to make and sell your own herbal formulas. My scents have sold over 10,000 bottles in the last 6 years.


Chapter 1. Making and Producing Your Items
Discovering Your Niche, Profiting From Your Expertise – Page 1
Making Your Own Essential Oil Blends – Page 4
What You Need to Get Started – Page 7
How to Start Your Essential Oil Blend – Page 9
Creating Harmony with Your Essential Oil Blend – Page 11
How to Professionally Blend Your Essential Oils – Page 13
Mixing and Bottling Essential Oils – Page 14
Labeling Your Items – Page 17
Shipping Your Items – Page 19

Chapter 2. Managing Your Home Business
Growing Your Business – Page 21
Quality Control – Page 23
Inventory – Page 25

Chapter 3. Generating an Audience. Selling Your HandCrafted Items
The Confidence That Comes From Your First Sale – Page 28
Charging for Your Items – Page 29
Where to Sell Your Items – Page 30

Chapter 4. The Future of Individually Hand Crafted Items
Why the Marketplace is Shifting Towards Sustainability – Page 33
The End of the Big Box and Chain Stores – Page 35

Chapter 5. Making and Selling Herbal Formulas
Where to Get Natural Herbs – Page 38

Chapter 6. Competing in the Global Marketplace
Competition and Globalization – Page 42
Choosing a Quality Essential Oil Supplier – Page 44
Which is Best, Selling Essential Oils in Plastic or in Glass Bottles? – Page 46
Adjusting to Changes in the Constantly Fluctuating Marketplace – Page 47


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