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To stay successfully self employed - For the self employed -
Visualize you having gratitude for being a success in your business, and all the times you were a success in sales and all the customers and all the good circumstances that you had when you were in business that brought you success and harmony. Be sure to add meaning to this.
Next attach and hold onto these feelings of gratitude, and visualize all the other SUCCESSFULLY self employed business owners being spokes in a giant glowing wheel,
Next focus on the center of this wheel being like the center of a galaxy and as this wheel spins you all spin together.
This will help "recharge" the entrepreneur within, giving more energy to fuel your desire and emotional drive for a successful business.
 Give back 10% of everything you earn. Spend the rest of your time contributing to society in a manner that relates to your life's path and purpose. You must give unselfishly from your heart and be heartfelt genuine for this to really work.
Never Let Large Amounts of Money Change Who You Are
 Never allow increased money that comes into your life from you being yourself and doing your life's work contaminate your true/core personality, as this is one of the greatest ways that those that attain wealth loose it quickly as the money changes their core aspects of their personality. Your possessions begin to own you if you don't keep paying careful attention to and manicuring them. Especially if you are in business, don't let your new success change your personality into a monster. Continue on being yourself and you will have money and be happy. Rather than letting your business change you, use it as a creative force of energy to bring light and joy into the world.
To help get good ideas
When visions come to you in a flash or inspiration, write out EVERYTHING YOU GET (don't be afraid to) what you are getting is the "big" picture. And from this big picture, you get an idea of the information that you need to put together.
When you live/work in a certain area, you start attracting people and events and circumstances similar and related to your work. You can see this as a direct reflection of your thoughts.
Attracting the perfect business partner, roommate or other partner
This is a great way to supercharge your goal of finding compatible people to be around with.
1: Visualize you having the perfect roommate, employee etc.
2: Next visualize the last time you had the perfect roommate or partner.
3: Next have gratitude and appreciation for the last time you had a perfect roommate.
Making a right decision on the spot quickly
A good way to use your intuition to make a right decision is to do the following:
1: Hold both arms straight out in front of you between 30 to 50 inches apart.
2: Next turn your hands into a fist.
3: Next have one fist representing yes and the other fist representing a no
4: Next ask your question out loud, such as "should I purchase this used car?"
5: Next say, "I ask the higher choice to raise itself
6: What will happen is the right answer will result in a surge of energy that will rise one of your two arms in the air, as if by magic giving you the right answer. It will sometimes also be accompanied by a flash of intuition, giving you more information about the situation and which path(s) to take.
Tapping into the Prosperity Spectrum
Know that you deserve abundance and are worthy of all you are here to experience.
 Because the universe wants to give us all that we want, when we feel "resistance" affecting our emotional state, this is a sign that "flow" or the energy flow that wants to give us everything we want is restricted. When we unblock that flow, the energy flows again, creating a chain reaction leading down a path towards success, happiness and well being.

One excellent example is to try the act of forgiveness. When the emotions of un-forgiveness have been purged, you will usually find a sudden unexpected increase in money, however it manifests, as well as improved health. But the real core essence of attaining wealth goes deeper than this.

Here is an exercise to help release those blocks. This exercise will get your heart energies flowing again, allowing for the real expansion of happiness and success into your life. Let yourself fully experience the chemical reaction and let your awareness open up. This will bring you new ideas into reality and existence. Let yourself just become immersed and engulfed by the new experiences. These new experiences are really new ideas coming into reality. The heart energies visualization is really just a positive chemical reaction taking place, moving you onto the "next stage" in life. When you feel closer to this exercise, or perform this exercise when you feel you need it, your body's chemistry starts changing for the positive, because you are progressing into another positive stage that is good for you.
 The more genuine you are with your emotions and about yourself when you do this exercise, the more powerful the results.
 1: Be grateful for all that is in your life and that you resisted in the past, present and future. (these were lessons moving you ahead).
 2: Be grateful for those who triggered you into less than love behaviors, or tried to get you to love people, things and others less, again in the past, present and future. (these were learning experiences for you to evolve).
 3: Be grateful for all past experiences that caused you pain. (this was growth occurring).
 4: Be grateful for your present, including the future experiences that you'd rather not experience. (this welcomes the birth of the new).
 5: Be grateful for the contrast and resistance in your life.
 6: Next let your new awareness and freewill access the good end of the spectrum.
 7: Next count the blessings you currently have in your life, and acknowledge that you are prosperous, loved, content and enriched right now at this moment in time.
 8: Know that the finished results of christ (or other deity you feel comfortable with) has completed this cycle of learning and experience and that you are ready to go onto the next stage of experience. If you still feel resistance, than perform a forgiveness exercise, in this exercise is where you learn to forgive others, and release hurt, frustration and anger you may be holding against others.

That's it. Now just be open to new experiences and positive circumstances and you will find a "flow" starting to occur in your life.
  Good Health means Increased Prosperity
 Today people are dying of stress. We are working all the days of our lives to create wealth, at the expense of our health. Then we seem to spend all of our wealth we have strived to earn, trying to get our health back. We don't have to go down that road anymore. We can support our biology with longevity technologies, and with foods and nutrition that keep us up at full speed all the time without any downs or lows, or at least not the downs and lows that we knew before.
 One of the reasons that we have financial troubles in our lives today is because we are INTERNALLY bankrupt in such things as vitamins and minerals, in enzymes and polysaccharides, in the RIGHT kind of protein, in the RIGHT kind of calcium, and what is happening is that we are then manifesting that on the outside, in our prosperity, or should I say lack of it. This article explains how Steve Jobs used an effective diet to create change on a universal scale.
 If you are lacking sufficiency on the inside, you cannot attract and create abundance on the outside.
 The way that you can achieve this sufficiency, is by eating the "superfoods", organic foods and health foods, all those that still have all the minerals and vitamins still intact in them. That's the really important point. Raw foods are really catching on nowadays, there are now raw-food-only restaurants opening up around the world. Based on 150 years of solid research it has been found that there is superior nutrition in raw foods as opposed to any other kind of foods - processed food, roasted food, micro waved food etc.
 Just about all of us have experienced ups and downs in our financial careers at one time or another, one minute you have money and then the next minute its gone. We all know what that feels like - not good, it feels awful. When we have sufficient money in our bank accounts, we feel good, we can get a lot done, with less stress, we feel like we are in a state of prosperity and abundance which is a "good feeling" state.
 If we can create this kind of state in our body BEFORE, then the next thing we know we will create it on the OUTSIDE, AFTER.
 By actually getting the right nutrition, we are amplifying our ability to create. That's where these "superfoods", these herbs and organic foods fit in. Let's get back to food that still has "life" in it. Food that has all its nutrients and minerals still intact, all its chemistry intact, it has not been altered in any way. Food that's not coming from a factory, but foods that are actually coming from the earth.
 When we start to eat correctly, when we bring into our bodies some things that are easy, simple, that's actually food, not chemical stuff, but REAL stuff, what can happen is that we will start feeling good, really good! Then not only will we WANT to be here, because if we look around us we see a lot of people are totally stressed out because their biology is out of balance. They start losing the will to be here, to live. When you start WANTING to be here because your will to live increases, then your means increases, you become more creative, more imaginative, more solution oriented, this is prosperity. This is a prosperity equation that is really second to none. Then if we add in longevity, we have got more time and ability to try different things, become successful, and actually ENJOY life.
 One thing for sure is that we don't know exactly what the outcome of us using all the chemicals we have created, and now apply to our food supply and earth. But I think it's safe to say, we're pretty sure it's not going to be good. Cancer rates are up to almost 50% of what's killing people, and we suspect at this point that this has something to do with spraying food with chemicals, using artificial fertilizers and all the chemicals that surround us. So if we can just start at a baseline level, with some raw organic foods, then we will be on the right path to health. Just by adding some of these "superfoods" into our diets will make all the difference.
 By doing this, it will help us to adapt to the stresses that we are all experiencing, it will help to activate our imagination and creativity, and it will help us get into a state of SUFFICIENCY inside ourselves so that we're not in an enzyme bankruptcy or a mineral bankruptcy, so that we are in an enzyme and mineral abundance, and very likely if we are there, then on the OUTSIDE we will be able to create that abundance too. The best food to combat stress is B Vitamins.  I have always found that by taking a B vitamin complex I am much more able to deal with business stressors much more easier, leading to less frustration.
 If you change the biology of your body then instead of "pushing into the world", you actually become more "attractive" to prosperity. It is all about the person that you are. By transforming the person that you are, we then attract that prosperity that we have been looking for.
 You don't need to REMOVE anything from your diet - no denial, no hardship - just ADD something good to your daily diet and start there. Just add it in in a way that works for you. This world out there is offering us unbelievable foods and all we have to do is say "yes, let me just add in these great things" and we add in that prosperity. There is a new program called Longevity Now, by David Wolfe who is the leading foremost authority in the world on raw food, nutrition and healing. It is a one-of-a-kind health system. It is guaranteed to revolutionize your body, increase your longevity, bring more abundance and prosperity into your life, and most importantly, maximize the LIFE in your years - all by taking some tiny, steady steps that are simple and inexpensive to implement into your daily life. Find out all the facts in these Longevity Now videos on my website. Oh, and for you Baby Boomers out there, pay particular attention to the "health & wealth", video 11 minutes in (at 11:15 to be exact).
  For Entrepreneurs about to give up read this
 By the entrepreneur increasing their own wealth they have freed themselves from the bondage and exploitation of those who would seek to exploit their gifts. If an entrepreneur refuses to recognize and use their own gifts for their own good, more than likely someone else will find a way to exploit and take advantage of those gifts and talents, for their own good. For the entrepreneur choosing this path, they will eventually find themselves increasing the wealth of those who exploit them, while decreasing their own self-value, self-worth, and self-esteem. After all, the entrepreneurial spirit is the epitome of the human spirit. Strength. Courage. Wisdom
Opening the Gates to Receiving Wealth
 If you only limit yourself to one avenue of income, you restrict a larger open flow that you are entitled to. Try this exercise a few days in a row and see if your income does not improve:
 Be open to all channels of money flowing into your life
 Next remove any fears related to more money flowing into your life.
 As you feel the "trickle" of money flowing into your life, let yourself get into this "flow" or "trickle"
 Next intend that this trickle opens wider by just observing/focusing on it more with intention.
 Have gratitude for the small flow while the larger flow increases.
  The most powerful method to grow or start an idea, business or for health 
 One of the most powerful methods to grow or start a new venture or business idea is to spend money or funds without fear, doubt or anxiety or fear in the areas that your business will need to succeed and prosper. This could be the proper equipment, information or other necessities. Trust and listen to your inner wisdom as to what your business is crying out to you that it needs. This can also apply to your health or well being. When you send out this energy it returns to you and you "cash in" on its rewards or return of energy, but you must be open to receiving it and there is usually a time period when this energy returns so you must be open quickly and pay attention as this energy returns to you in either improved business, health or research. It is as we send out this energy it returns to us, and the more we can send out this energy clearly without thoughts attached to it that have fear, doubt, anxiety or other worrisome behavior the faster and more powerful it returns to use transformed to benefit not only our lives but the lives of those around us as we bring light into the world.
  What Business is and How it Works
 Any item you invent, comes from following your guidance and inner wisdom. When you have created what you have followed from your inner guidance, certain groups, organizations or people will unconsciously tune into your product or service and have intense interest in it. It is like a key opening a lock. People respond to your product or service and show interest. Your job is to have the courage to follow through and complete this cycle so that sales can flow forth. This is because we all have unique traits and gifts that bring what people are seeking into the world.
Feeling like giving up when pursuing goals 
Sometimes this may feel like we are being "attacked" We all have had this happen to us at one time or another. All this really is, is just a lack of connection with our true higher selves and the courage to move ahead. What's important is knowing how to identify and cope with it when it comes. This feeling may occur more often before something really good is about to happen to you. As long as you remain dedicated to your goal, you'll be fine. Try and keep within "the zone" success towards your goal. Most important of all never loose sight of your long term goal(s), because this is where the failure point is most strongest. Try and stay around people related to your goal. If you loose this connection with your higher self/goal you than INVITE OR LET this failure happen, and it affects you on the mental level and you than reap the outcome. Remember also to listen to what your intuition is telling you, your true core intuition or spirit.
* An "attack" tries to get you off your long term goal, not your short term goal.
* When you are working towards a goal and you feel like giving up, you are the one that has to develop the courage to move ahead.
* They are much more prevalent during high solar flare times. You can read the research here.
Don't let yourself ever be overcome to "sink back down" to the lower levels of thought and actions. To get back up to your advanced level, you will have to experience everything over again, wasting energy, time and resources. Have gratefulness and appreciation for the level in life you have attained and are at and are advancing. Challenges and emotional struggles that you overcome in life become the fuel source for overcoming future obstacles. They become fuel to get you on your life's path and goals. When you can control and understand these emotions and understand they are there to move you ahead, life is much easier.

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