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Carnosine Regenerative Mix

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This article is an excerpt from my latest book Foods, Herbs and Pharmaceuticals that Extend Lifespan. A Summary Of Over 200 Research Studies Proven To Lengthen Lifespan

This excerpt covers the following headings:

Basics of Stem Cell Reproduction via Nutraceuticals.  A simplified explanation. What Are Mesenchymal Stem Cells?

How Does an Increase in Mesenchymal Stem Cells Lead to Enhanced Physical Health?

What the Experts Have to Say

Herbal Methods to Stimulate Mesenchymal Stem Cell Growth to Prolong Lifespan

Scientific Studies Proving Mesenchymal Stromal Cells Prolong Lifespan

Scientific References

Part 2

Why Don’t Pharmaceutical Companies Make And Sell Herbal Based Stem Cell Formulas?

The Ingredients in the Carnosine Regenerative Restoration mix

The Story of How FO TI was Accidently Discovered

Scientific References


Introduction - Basics of Stem Cell Reproduction via Nutraceuticals.  A simplified explanation.

Many of us are familiar with the concept of how stem cells are being used to grow new organs for the body.  But did you know that stem cell growth can also be accomplished by certain herbal formulations to rebuild bones and extend lifespan?  This book will not cover the organ growing stem cell technology, but will instead cover herbal formulas scientifically proven to grow new stem cells in the body and lengthen lifespan.  Many of these formulas help contribute to bone growth and loss of bone is one of the major factors of aging.  It has been my experience from using a herbal formulation I developed that boosts stem cells that I have much more endurance, more flexible and stronger bones and a stronger immune system from using a stem cell based formula derived from herbs and combined with Carnosine, which I discuss in further detail, along with the formula in Chapter 2 of this book.

What Are Mesenchymal Stem Cells?

Mesenchymal stem cells are found in our bone marrow, circulating blood, and fat cells. These cells repair and replace damaged tissue. Our body depends on these adult stem cells in the bone marrow to repair damage and stay healthy. This vital role they play is one of the greatest health discoveries of modern times. It is a fact that if you don’t get enough minerals in your diet, your body starts pulling minerals out of your bones, which is why if you can keep your bones strong and healthy as your age increases, you offset the aging process.  Scientific studies have proven that the number of mesenchymal stem cells diminish in bone marrow as a person ages and is one of the causes for aging. Other stem cells are also used to grow new organs.  However, we won’t discuss this in detail in this book because the purpose of this book is using herbs and their combinations that promote Mesenchymal Stem Cells (bone marrow) for longevity.

The decline of adult stem cells in our body leads to irreversible damage in virtually any body part, causing tissue breakdown, aging and a loss of long term health. Without a resupply of constant adult stem cells, good health is compromised.  Let us examine the growing research showing that adult stem cell release rates decline as we age:

◦35 years - the stem cell release rate drops by 45%

◦50 years - the stem cell release rate drops by 50%

◦65 years - the stem cell release rate drops by 90% (At this age we have just 10% of adult stem cells circulating in our blood.  This is what makes us vulnerable to infection and osteoporosis)

When we are born we have an adult stem cell circulation of 100%. This is the reason children’s bones heal so rapidly when they are broken because their fresh supply of adult stem cells are released into their blood stream to create the physical healing and regeneration. Have you ever noticed how long it takes for a cut or bruise to heal now compared to when you were a teenager?

Taking stem cell formulas is the best way to optimal health levels for the long term. The good news is it is never too late to combat the process of aging . The optimal recharging window starts closing at around age 43, and may take longer to get to optimal levels if you start natural stem cell nutrition therapy if you are older. 

How Does an Increase in Mesenchymal Stem Cells Lead to Enhanced Physical Health?

Much scientific interest centers on the cells ability to divide or self-renew forever. This helps generate the necessary cell types needed for tissue and organ repair. A few scientists are even exploring regenerating an entire organ from a few cells.

Mesenchymal stem cells are being used clinically to treat many diseases. These include cancers, autoimmune disease such as multiple sclerosis, anomies including sickle cells anemia, lupus and arthritis and immunodeficiencies. They have even successfully been used on pets and animals.

Mesenchymal stem cells are the ones we want to have plenty of if we wish to offset the aging process. In clinical trials mesenchymal stem cells showed success treating patients for Parkinson’s disease as well as spinal cord injury. The FDA also just approved a study to treat juvenile diabetes in human patients by Harvard Medical School, using adult stem cells.

What the Experts have to Say

One of the leading experts in mesenchymal stem cell science is Dr. David A Prentice, Ph.D., who is a professor at Indiana University School of Medicine. In 2003 his detailed paper to the President’s Council on Bioethics stated:

Adult stem cells have significant capabilities for repair, growth, and regeneration of damaged cells as well as tissues in the body.  It is akin to a built-in maintenance crew or repair kit that needs only activation and stimulation to accomplish this repair of damage. It is the direct stimulation of adult stem cells within tissue that may be the easiest, safest and most efficient way to stimulate tissue regeneration.

If we examine the above wording closely we can see that by using herbs as the means to stimulate and activate adult stem cells in the body is probably one of the best ways to help regenerate tissue safely and cost effectively.

Herbal Methods to Stimulate Mesenchymal Stem Cell Growth to Prolong Lifespan

Because bone loss is related to aging, if we can prevent the loss of bone as we age, lifespan is significantly enhanced. The most efficient way of doing this is through natural herbal stem based therapies. There are already scientific studies confirming that healthy bones extend lifespan. 

If we examine people throughout history who used methods to rebuild their bones, we come across the story of Mr. Li Ching-Yuen who allegedly lived to 256 years. He practiced the exercise known as Bagua Zhang (also called Pa-kua chang). Bagua Zhang has been shown to strengthen the tendons/ligaments and bones. Here is a quote from the Bagua Zhang blog:

"strengthens the bones that supports the tendons and the quantity of bone marrow is increased to keep the bone alive"


He also attributed his long life to eating the herb FO TI. According to the English-Chinese Rare Chinese Materia Medica, the soybean-prepared ho-shou-wu is used as a tonic for nourishing the hair and strengthening the bones and muscles.

Source: Zhang Enquin (ed. in chief), English-Chinese Rare Chinese Materia Medica, 1990 Publishing House of Shanghai College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Shanghai.

An internet search for the term: fo ti + he shou wu polygonum multiflorum root lists numerous chinese herbalists and practiciouners using FO TI for strengethening the bones.

Now, getting back to Bagua Zhang.  It is described as the Internal Energy Art of Seeking Stillness Within Movement and is also known by many names. It involves circle walking, or "turning the circle" as part of its movements. Many Chinese exercises that involve circle walking have been proven to create strong, flexible and healthy bones. After performing Bagua Zhang for a number of weeks, people have reported significant reductions in internal stress. There are a few experts alive today who have perfected this art. Mr. Bruce Frantzis is one and has developed a course on this exercise and it can be found at:

Watch an excellent video of Bagua Zhang in Practice. You Tube Video Title: Bagua Sun Style 

Recommended Book:
Baguazhang: Emei Baguazhang Theory and Applications (Chinese Internal Martial Arts). ISBN: 0940871300.  Includes translations from Sun Lu Tang's "The Study of Bagua Fist" (pp. 112-132).  Currently 5 star rating on Amazon

Scientific Studies Proving Mesenchymal Stromal Cells Prolong Lifespan

Now let’s look at the scientific studies

In a study titled: Mesenchymal stromal cells prolonged the lifespan in rats, which was performed at the Institute of Experimental Medicine, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Prague, Czech Republic, researchers proved that mesenchymal stromal cells do indeed prolong the lifespan of rats. [1]

In a second research study concluded and published in 2011, mice transplated with mesenchymal stem cells lived longer. “Aging female mice were transplanted with mesenchymal stem cells from aged or young male donors. We find that transplantation of young mesenchymal stem cells significantly slows the loss of bone density and, surprisingly, prolongs the life span of old mice[2]

Now I firmly believe that certain herbal combinations can also increase mesenchymal stem cells without the need for transplantation.  Let’s explore the scientific evidence first before asking the question “Why Don’t Pharmaceutical Companies Make And Sell Herbal Based Stem Cell Formulas?

The 3 best herbal formulas scientifically proven to increase mesenchymal stem cells (or bone marrow) are Ka-Mi-Kae-Kyuk-Tang, Juzen-Taiho-To (extract TJ-48,] ) and Bo-Jung-Bang-Dock-Tang as well as the herbs Epimedium, Astragalus and Dammarane Sapogenin (a concentrated form of ginseng). Let’s review the scientific literature:

A research study confirmed that the herbal cocktail called ka-mi-kae-kyuk-tang stimulated mouse bone marrow stem cell. [3]

Ka-mi-kae-kyuk-tang is made up of the following:
Phaseolus Angularis (17.2%), Bletilla Striata (8.6%), Zanthoxylum Piperitum (6.9%), Angelica Gigas (6.9%) Benincasa Hispida (17.2%), Tulipa Edulis (8.6%), Asini Gelatinum (8.6%), Astragalus Membranaceus (8.6%), Panax Ginseng (8.6%) and Patrinia Villosa (8.6%).[3.1]

And another herbal cocktail formulation called Bo-Jung-Bang-Dock-Tang (also known as BJBDT) significantly increased expression of cytokines interleukin (IL)-3, stem cell factor (SCF). [4]

BJBDT is composed of the following ingredients as well as their major constituents:

Dioscorea batatas Decaisne 12 g (high in Allantoin), Panax gineseng C. A Mey. 9 g (high in ginsenoside Rb1), Poria cocos Wolf 9 g, Astragalus membranaceus Bunge 12 g (high in Formononetin), Dolichos lablab Linne 9 g (high in Naringin), Polygonatum sibiricum Delar 9 g (high in Diosgenin), Atractylodes japonica Koidzumi 9 g (high in Atractyloside ) and Coiz lacryma-jobi Linne 12 g (high in Friedelin). [4.1]

Another formulation proven to increase with mesenchymal stem cell is a mixture of Vitamin D3, Blueberry, Carnosine and Green Tea. [5]

In another research study scientists found that the effects of Panax ginseng increased mice embryonic stem cells into cardiac-like cells. [6]

And the extract known as Dammarane Sapogenin, which is a highly concentrated extract of ginseng was found to be a potent human stem cell-stimulating factor. [7]  

When we next examine the single herbs we find that the natural bone building herb Epimedium promoted bone formation, inhibited adipogenesis of mesenchymal stem cells and reduced bone marrow fat deposition. [8]

And the herb Astragalus demonstrated in scientific experiments to boost stem cell activation as well as extended the lifespan of mice by 33% or more. [9]

Besides this book you are reading, another book that covers all natural stem cell regenerative therapies is called Stem Cells, Cancer Stem-Like Cells, and Natural Products by Georg Thieme Verlag KG Stuttgart, Thomas Efferth.
Department of Pharmaceutical Biology, Institute of Pharmacy and Biochemistry, Johannes Gutenberg University, Mainz, Germany.

The book lists numerous scientifically validated stem cell enhancing herbs and combinations such as Curcumin, Pomegrante, Lupeol, Grapholide and more.

The link below gives an excellent review of the book, as well as more information on additional natural stem cell enhancers including resveratrol.

So we can see in conclusion that the right herbs or herbal combinations can promote mesenchymal stem cell growth.


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Why Don’t Pharmaceutical Companies Make And Sell Herbal Based Stem Cell Formulas?

Just as many people are discovering for themselves that for every pharmaceutical prescription there is a herbal formula or food combination that can be almost just as effective, and without harmful side effects. Stem cell herbs and combinations are no exception. The large pharmaceutical conglomerates don’t tell people about these natural alternatives because food combinations and many herbal formulas can’t be patented. So there is no profit in it.

Simply put if they can patent a pharmaceutical pill or drug that has the same beneficial healing effects as herbs they can make billions of dollars. This is especially true with stem cell therapy where I have pointed out numerous herbal formulations that help the body rebuild stem cells and have published these results in my latest book   Foods, Herbs and Pharmaceuticals that Extend Lifespan.

 The Ingredients in the Carnosine Regenerative Restoration Mix

This is a herbal formula designed to enhance Mesenchymal stem cells that we will cover in Chapter 2 of this book.  But first I want to cover FO TI, also called He Shou Wu. Besides being used to naturally return hair color from grey to the body’s original hair color, other people have benefited from its other multiple healing uses.

The Story of How FO TI was Accidently Discovered

Even though there are many legends surrounding this unique herb, I will list another, of which I have so far come across 3 stories. 

He Tien Er (who later became known as Neng Zi) was born impotent and had turned to drinking wine to ease this pain. When he was 58, he returned home drunk one night and became overcome by sleep while outside. When he awoke, he noticed in the distant field two shoots of climbing plants.  They stood about 3 feet apart.  He thought this to be strange and thought that this plant was "speaking to him" of the love between a man and woman.  This was because the appearance of the plant was twisted upon itself. He then dug out the roots of the plant and then asked the people in the nearby village and wilderness the name of the plant, however, no one was able to tell him. When he dried the root in the sun, a man living nearby approached Tie Ner and stated: "You are impotent, and you are old and childless. This climbing plant did strike you as peculiar did it not? Surely its purpose is to serve you as a divine drug. Why not eat it?"

Tien Er than made a fine powder and drank it with some wine. Several day later, he suddenly felt unburdened and strong.  Another benefit was that he could barely control his sexual desire. He was clearly recognizing the principles of human life!

A few years later he married a widow named Cen.  He continued to take the herb regularly and increased his dose to 2 qian (about 6.2 grams). After only over 2 years, all of his previous physical complaints vanished and he regained his youthful appearance and had a healthy son.

Over the next 10 years he had several more sons and ascribed his blessings to the herb FO TI.  He told others who asked of his health and ability to father well into old age "This was caused by the climbing plant. When a person takes it, they can live to 160 years old or more and strangely it is neither listed in the old Chinese prescriptions or in the materia medicas (The Bencao).”

Tien Er died at the age of 160, leaving behind 19 sons and daughters. His son He Yen, was also taking the herb and lived to 160.  He Yen left 30 sons and daughters. Yen's son named He Shou Wu, lived to 130 also while taking this herb, and he fathered 21 children.


Another one of our ingredients that synergizes with Carnosine is Astralaglus, which we covered earlier, showing it has been scientifically proven to boost mesenchymal stem cell growth.

And as covered earlier, Blueberry, Green Tea, Vitamin D3, And Carnosine, have been scientifically proven to increase stem cells. These are just a few of the synergistic ingredients that work together to naturally refill your body with stem cells, helping combat aging and improve your health.

I hope this introduction has shown that for every pharmaceutical discovery/breakthrough, nature already has a remedy that does the same thing, and many times without harsh side effects or major impacts on the environment.  This is why it is key that we value, preserve and respect our forests and oceans because without them, we would all have to rely on manufactured artificially produced "alternatives" that would not make these healing combinations available to the poor, but would cause a gross imbalance of nature and machine. 

We will go more into using stem cells for anti-aging in Chapter 3.   First let’s look at scientific studies exploring foods, herbs and Pharmaceuticals that have extended the lives of mice, fruit flies and nemotodes.


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