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 2015 Published Scientific Study. 
Association between acute glaucoma and the weather and sunspot activity

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For additional information, the following page below is an excerpt from my 2016 book:  The Vegetarian's Guide to Longevity via Gene Therapy.  This page also contains the original Ancient Chinese healing charts for using the mind to heal the eyes.  You may access the page by visiting the address below:

Spring is the time of year our eyes are most sensitive to the environment. This creates increased stress upon them. One method to help reduce this stress and strain is to observe the three R's. Reduce Workload, Reduce Sugar Intake and Remember Raw Foods. Just 3 days of following this will significantly reduce eyestrain.

Over the years, after having writing 17 hardover books (some of which are over 550 pages) including conversion of these into Kindle formats, sometimes eyestrain can be an issue.  Even at the age of 46, I still don't require glasses. This is because I never spend longer than 2 hours on a computer or writing without a 1.5 hr break in between. I also adhere to the ancient texts that state that excess eye strain during the summer season for years on end eventually contributes to poor eyesight.  I have found that taking more breaking more breaks than usual during the summer has had a positive effect on helping relieve my eyestrain.

My workday lasts between 4 to 5 hours never going past 6 hours, which is normal for a writer, as taking breaks is where the real creativity stems from. Besides the just mentioned tip, I am going to share some herbal remedies, as well as thoroughly scientifically researched and proven remedies to help keep vision strong and to reduce or eliminate eyestrain.

As spring begins, the sun's light intensity is growing.  This can cause more eyestrain than usual on some people. During early spring between sunrise and 8 o’clock is when the sun’s energy is most nurturing.  This period you can spend longer than usual in the sunshine and reap major healing benefits from it. Spend a half hour or an hour, even just ten minutes is great. During early fall, between approximately 6 pm and sunset is the next best time to get out and enjoy the sunshine, as long as the sun’s heat is not too intense. The worst time to be out in the sun is between 12 p.m and 2:00 p.m. During this time, instead of the sun revitalizing and giving you energy, the sunlight is so intense it can drain your energy.

My personal favorite is drinking one cup of Chrysanthemum tea with 9 drops of Goji Berry Tincture added to the tea. This really has a powerful strengthening effect on the eyes.   The best results of taking the Chrysanthemum tea and Goji berry combination is drinking it two times a day a minimum of 5 days in a row and no longer than 7 to 10 days in a row with a 2 to 4 day break in-between. Be sure to use loose leaf tea for best results, as studies have shown that loose leaf tea has more nutrients and is far more relaxing and calming then regular tea. If you are new to loose tea, use a tea infuser or tea press. I personally just use place the tea in a pot, heat and than place a strainer over my cup.  Now let's examine some of the more scientifically proven combinations that people have used for eyestrain relief and stronger eyes. 

Raw Kale

Out of the many natural eye strengtheners I have found taking a handful of raw Kale each morning to be one of the best. Why is this so? Because raw Kale happens to be one of the foods that contains the highest levels of natural lutein. A study conducted by Dr. Johanna M. Seddon and associates at Harvard University found that 6 mg per day of lutein led to a 43% lower risk for macular degeneration. (Johanna M. Seddon et al, 1994, Journal of American Medical Association 272:1413-20.). Other foods that contain high levels of lutein include Spinach and California Avocados. In a March 2005 study one cup of fresh avocado or 24 grams of avocado oil was mixed with lettuce, spinach, and carrots. The study found that the addition of the spinach increased the absorption of lutein 510% (Unlu NZ, Bohn T, Clinton SK, Schwartz SJ. Carotenoid absorption from salad and salsa by humans is enhanced by the addition of avocado or avocado oil. J Nutr. 2005 Mar;135(3):431-6). The absorption of lutein from kale is also enhanced when taken with foods high in saturated fats. These include coconut, avocado, sesame, walnut or olive oil. Therefore good combinations include Kale and avocado and Kale and Olives. (Association between dietary fat intake and age-related macular degeneration in the Carotenoids in Age-Related Eye Disease Study (CAREDS): an ancillary study of the Women's Health Initiative. N. Parekh et al. Nov 2009)


The AREDS Formulation

This is a thoroughly scientifically researched formula with multiple scientific studies backing its effectivenses. You can now buy AREDS at your local drugstore. The Federal government’s National Eye Institute  Studies stated that  taking high levels of antioxidants and zinc can reduce the risk of developing advanced age-related macular degeneration (AMD) by about 25 percent.

The AREDS formula consists of the following ingredients in the following amounts:

500 milligrams of vitamin C
400 International Units of vitamin E
15 milligrams of beta-carotene (often labeled as equivalent to 25,000 International Units of vitamin A)
80 milligrams of zinc as zinc oxide
2 milligrams of copper as cupric oxide. 

Even though I have not experienced the AREDS formula for myself, because I use other methods, the AREDS formulation does seem to have many scientific research studies confirming its effectiveness.

Herbal Remedies

Next we come to herbal remedies that are time tested.  These are my favorite and because they have been around so long, they must surely be doing something good to create healthy eyesight.  Many of these listed have been in use in Asia for 3,000 years or more. The herbal formulas have been taken from the QI Gong Institute, many of which used to be Chinese state secrets. Besides being used for healing eyestrain and creating healthy vision, the following combinations about to be mentioned can also be used for additional purposes.   These formulas also include the Chinese energetic meridian correspondences with each formula as shown below.

Below are the meridian codes used in the formulas:

LU means Lung 
LI means Large Intestine 
S or ST means Stomach 
SP means Spleen 
H or HT means Heart 
SI means Small Intestine 
UB means Urinary Bladder 
KD means Kidney 
PC means Pericardium 
TH means Triple Heater 
GB means Gall Bladder 
LV means  Liver 
K means Kidney
B means Bladder
HC means Heart Constrictor

How Taste Affects the Meridians 

Sweet affects SP
Piquant affects L
Sour affects LV
Salty affects K
Bitter affects H



Ingredients: Paeonia, Tang Kuei, Cnidium, Rhemannia, Platycodon, Ginseng, Gardenia, Coptis, Angelica, Vitex, Chrysanthemum, Licorice, Juncus, Theaceae.
Combination’s Energy Level: Low Cool.
Combination’s Taste: 30% Piquant, 30% Sweet, 30% Bitter, 10% Sour.
Main Meridians: Energizes LV, but sedates H, L, LI and SI slightly.

Because this formula energies the liver, it is best taken early spring, to help move the energy towards the liver. As a matter of fact this fomula contains so many eye healing herbs that just by doing a Internet search on any of the herbs you will get a whole list of eye health formulas, however I trust this one because it has been used for over 3,000 years.

Use for: Cataracts, near- and far-sightedness, Glaucoma, Unfocused vision or uncoordinated eye focus, eye disorders, eye infections, Elderly people with deteriorating eyes, and eye weakness and degenerative vision.



Ingredients: Astragalus, Chinese Ginseng, Atractylodes, Poria, Tang Kuei, Paeonia, Rhemannia, Cnidium, Cinnamon, Coix.
Combination’s Energy Level: Warm.
Combination’s Taste: 65% Sweet, 25% Piquant, 10% Sour, 10% Bitter.
Main Meridians: Energizes all meridians with emphasis on H, TH, LV, SF and U.

In ancient times this combination was used for the weak and elderly. The formula is enhanced when used with antibiotics for chrjavascript:document.forms['EditForm'].screen.value=3;%20%20document.forms['EditForm'].submit();onic infections.

Besides helping to help heal blurry eyesight, it also can be used for the following:

Increased immunity and antibodies, revitalization of all internal organs, tonifies the entire body, blood building, Recovery from surgery, Leukemia and multiple sclerosis, AIDS, Anemia, low blood count, low energy, Body building, following depletion of body's immune system from excessive use of antibiotics, exposure to radiation (including radiation therapy), hemotherapy, and cobalt treatments. Exhaustion in athletes, Improvement of blood circulation, Increase of appetite, Improvement of lung function.

Short and Quick Eye Remedies

Tomato with Cod Liver Oil

Vitamin E and Vitamin C for Sharp Vision.

Some people have improved their eyesight by drinking a combination of Green Tea and Spinach.

An age-old folk remedy recipe combining a juice blend of peppermint, Chinese parsley and celery and drinking a fresh combination of this each day has been shown to preserve vision.

Clove oil or Clove Tincture is also used to help preserve vision. Add 1 to 2 drops of clove oil or 5 to 8 drops of clove tincture to peppermint tea and sip daily.


Ingredients: Pueraria, Jujube, Cinnamon, Paeonia, Licorice, Ginger, Citrus.
Combination’s Energy Level: Middle Warm.
Combination’s Taste: 50% Sweet, 25% Bitter, 15% Piquant, 10% Sour.
Main Meridians: Primarily L, H, and B; secondarily LV and K.

Besides using for eye inflammation and glaucoma, it can also be used for the following: 

Adjustment to changing weather (making it great for travel or adjusting to seasons), colds and flu.  

Arthritis; rheumatism; Nerve tension; headache; toothache; stiff neck; acute polio and shoulder pain, allergies, boils, sinus and gum infections, menstrual difficulties with water retention and dropped uterus, during the first stages of stomach ulcer, indigestion; adjusting stomach acid; gastroenteritis, dysfunctional thyroid gland.

This formula is gentle enough to be used for children’s problems such as stomachache, lack of appetite, headache, bedwetting.

Use for minor infections such as; inflammation of ears, nose, mouth, throat, bronchitis; smallpox; chickenpox; tonsilitis; scarlet fever; thyroid, lymphatic system and brain.

Due to this formula expelling poisons, it may increase the occurrence of skin problems such as psoriasis and acne so use gradually until your intuition tells you enough is enough.


Combination’s Energy Level



Combination’s Taste

65% Sweet

30% Sally

5% Piquant


All herbs have a positive side and a negative side. Ginseng for example energizes the lungs and spleen-pancreas at a slow rate.  However this slow effect produces a strong side-effect if used by itself.  Therefore by combining ginseng with Astragalus, which relaxes the blood vessels, we can make a more potent version of the formula without having to worry about negative side effects. 



The Eyebright Formula

This next formula developed by the late John Raymond Christopher (1909–1983), who was an American herbalist, known for his numerous publications on herbs and natural healing and who founded the School of Natural Healing in Springville, Utah is a well known herbal remedy known as Herbal Eyebright. This herbal formulation is made into a tincture and can also be brewed as as a tea and made into an eyewash. 

Dr. Christopher's formula feeds the cell structures around the eyes. Dr. Christopher has also used this formula in many instances to help restore sight. He found it relieved the pressure of glaucoma and cataracts. In one case a baby from Missouri  was born with Coloboma (one eye was smaller than the other). Three specialists proclaimed the blindness to be permanent. This formula is so gentle that the mother used Herbal Eyebright with a dropper in each of the baby's eyes and in 3 months was the baby could see healthy again. By the age of three years old, he ran freely, his vision perfect. You can read many five star ratings of people who used Dr. Christopher's Eyebright Formula by visiting:

The Ingredients in the Eyebright formula include:  Bayberry Bark, Eyebright Herb, Goldenseal Root, Red Raspberry Leaf, Cayenne Pepper 40 MHU.

To make your own tincture or herbal mix 1 part each of bayberry bark, eyebright herb, goldenseal root, red raspberry leaves, and lobelia with 1/8 part cayenne pepper (the hotter the better). Some people have included adding to the above formula 4 parts comfrey root, and 1 part lobelia.

If using as a tincture, add 5 drops of the tincture to boiling distilled water in an eyecup. Use the eyecup to wash your eyes  several times a day.  It is important to always boil the eyecups so they remain sterilized and use separate eyecups for each eye. This avoids spreading any infection to the other eye.   

You can also make an olive oil extract to be rubbed externally around the eye orbit area to deeply relax and nourish your eye muscles. This works well during the early summer season, when eyestrain can become a problem from over studying or too much writing.  You can also add some olive oil extract and/or have beeswax with some bentonite clay to make a salve to be massaged into the muscles around the eye orbit as well.

Dr. Christopher also talks about another formula that uses eyebright for Ophthalmia or sore and inflamed eyes.  This formula is taken internally.  To make: combine half an ounce of the following;  raspberry leaves, agrimony, eyebright, and buckbean or bogbean.  Add to a quart of water and simmer the herbs for 20 minutes in a pan with lid.  Next stain and sweeten it with honey.  Drink 2 fluid ounces 4 times a day.

Comfrey Root

Comfrey Root is well known for its ability to heal and repair bones.  Especially bones that are small and detailed.  This includes teeth and the foot area.  Many people have made Comfrey root into a paste and applied to their ankle to relieve sprains or other foot problems. Comfrey root should not be taken internally, but works wonders used externally.

A paste made from Comfrey Root 

Use for healing pink eye or a black eye, by applying a paste of comfrey root over the eyelids twice a day. Allow to remain on the eyelids between 10 and 20 minutes each session.  The pink eye will have been gone in a few days. If using the raw herb, grind 1 teaspoon (5ml) of Comfrey with half a teaspoon of water (2.5ml) and gently mix to form a paste. 

Using a Tincture of Comfrey

If you decide to use Comfrey tincture, add 5 drops of the tincture to boiling distilled water.  After the water has cooled down, dip a clean, soft cloth into the solution and gently press around on and around the eye area.

Cautionary Notes About Comfrey

Like many of the most powerful healing herbs, less is always better.  Be sure to apply comfrey root no more than twice a day and 6 hours apart from each application, as overuse can cause the body to absorb unnecessary potentially toxic chemicals.

Potato Paste

This is a formula known to get rid of dark lines and circles under the eyes. To make your own potato paste, grate the potato and wrap in a cheesecloth, than allow the paste to be spread throughout the cheesecloth and than apply directly to the eye area. The reason potato works so well is because it is is rich in astringent properties that constrict body tissues that cause skin irritations. Raw potatoes also help to decrease inflammation and fight infection. 

Bilberry Eye Support Formula

This formula promotes eye circulation and helps repair damaged vessels, cleanse the tissues, improve night vision, and bring antioxidants to the eyes.  It contains Bilberry, Eyebright, Ginkgo and Cayenne. To make into a tincture or herbal mix combine 1 part each of Eyebright, Gingko with between 1/2 and 1/3rd part Bilberry and 1/8 part cayenne pepper. 


Herbal Healing Eye Pastes

The Ayurvedic Indian herb Bhringraj is mixed with Ghee and made into a paste and applied over the eyes twice daily, once in the morning and once before bed to help improve eyesight.  Allow the paste for 20 minutes each time than gently rinse with warm water.  


Body Exercises that Improve / Restore Eyesight

Note of Caution:  Many of these exercises should only be done until your vision returns to normal or is at a peak.  Overdoing any eye exercises can cause the opposite to occur by causing vision to get worse.  Use your intuition to decide when the proper balance has occurred from doing the exercises. 


The Bates Method

The Bates method is a series of exercises invented by Eye-care physician William Horatio Bates, M.D., who stated that almost all sight problems are caused by habitual strain of the eyes. While young he suffered from eye problems, and thus was able to heal himself by using the exercises he received from friends over the years, as well as perfecting and inventing some of his own. He also stated that exposing the eyes to sunlight would help alleviate strain.

Eye Palming

This technique involves placing your palms over your eyes.  Here are the following steps: 

First cover both of your eyes with the palms of your hands (be sure to thoroughly wash them first), and allow your fingers to be crossed on your forehead. Be sure your hands are warm when you do this. With your eyes closed, your eyes will achieve a greater degree of relaxation. If you know how to relax your body and mind, than put yourself into a deeply relaxed state of mind.

Next imagine absolutely black space in the space in front of your eyes. In most cases, the worse your vision is, the harder it will be to picture absolutely black space.  If this is the case than picture in your mind you drawing a circle with a black pencil.  Next imagine yourself shading it with the same black pencil. You can also use your imagination to think up what methods work for your mind to observe the darkness for a minute. 


The Long Swing

This is one of the more popular exercises and there are also a few videos on the web that discuss how to do the long swing. Many people have got the best results by practicing the long swing 2 to 3 times a day for a total of between 5 and 6 minutes each. If you don't have the time to do this, than performing the long swing for 10 or 15 minutes a day while swinging in a hammock also works.


How to Practice the Long Swing

The long swing involves using the art of distance.  It can involve looking out a window, being in a room, or standing in a field or forest.

First establish a point of reference for your eyes to focus on.  You can use a knitting needle or long thin stick of similar length. Hold this stick vertically with both hands directly in front of you and position it at eye level or a bit below.

The Swinging Action

Stand with your feet shoulder width apart.  Next allow your body to gently sway from side to side. Allow each heel to lift from the floor in turn.  After you have established a rhythm, begin observing the movement around you.  

Next turn your upper torso all the while keeping your head and shoulders moving together in the direction of your swaying.

This means, that as you rock toward your left foot, turn your upper body to face that direction, then as you rock toward your right foot, turn your upper body to face that direction, to the right.  There is an excellent video on YouTube titled: Bates Method 101: The Long Swing, that gives you an idea of this swaying motion. 

After you have established this rhythm, you should be able to comfortably turn 45 degrees to the left and 45 degrees to the right from your center. 

Next move your energy / attention to your heels. Allow them to turn further out. You will find that this provides considerable ease while turning at the top of your body, and soon without much effort you will be able to swing a full 180 degrees.

As your rhythm continues to flow, allow the heels of yoru feet to lift as you swing in and out.

Now that your rhythm is firmly established, lift your stick pointer and hold it at eye level. Observe the tip of it, and as you do so, you will suddenly see the world turning, from one side to the other, like a pendulum. 

Do this exercise with your stick pointer for five to ten minutes.  If you feel a little uncomfortable at first, take a rest and re-start over again.  With practice you will soon look forward to it.


Using the Rays of the Sun for Healing Vision

The sun is a powerful healing force, as some of you may know from practicing the art of Sun Gazing already know.  The sun's rays are most beneficial for healing during the early morning sunlight of Spring and again during the last rays of the Sun during Fall. The season where the sun's rays are least healing are during the mid summer sun. When performed properly, the sun's light will relax and stimulate the eyes.  This can be done by allowing the sun to shine onto your lids and allow yourself to sway back and forth, similar to the long swing exercise. Let's go into more detail about using the sun for healing the eyes.  

This technique is called Sunning.  Sunning was invented and perfected in the early 1900's by Dr. William Bates. Sunning involves allowing the sun to shine directly on your eyelids while they are closed.  Many people notice results after only 5 minutes of exposing their closed eyelids to direct sunlight.  It is key that your body is directly aligned with the sun as you do this.  This is why practicing the exercise at sunrise and sunset is most effective. Results include clearer, crisper and sharper vision.  

Safety issues:  Just as excess sun can injure the body, just the right amount of sun actually heals it.  This same effect has also been found with earth's geomagnetic activity.  During times of stronger geomagnetic activity the minds ability to be more intuitive is inhibited. Of course never look directly into the sun with your open eyes. Just as laser surgery gives you 20/20 vision because the laser used is of a weaker energy type, lasers that cut steel are not used in laser eye surgery.  The same applies to our sun.  

To begin, be sure to remove contact lenses if you have them.  Next close your eyelids and point them towards the sun.

Now expose your eyelids to the sun for only a few minutes.  

Now gradually increase the amount of time time your eyelids are exposed to the sun.  You can increase this time, over a period of days or weeks, much like sungazing. 

Now as your eyes are closed, turn your head in a relaxed manner from left to right. 

As you do this practice deep and even breathing.  Feel the warming rays of the sun and allow it to penetrate your eyes and forehead.  Allow better vision to form naturally using this method.

Now for extra results follow up sunning with the palming method as mentioned earlier. If you feel it necessary, repeat this cycle a few more times. 

As you do so, you will find that you will be able find that your eyelids will be able to withstand more and more sunlight for longer periods of time. You will also find your sensitivity to light will gradually disappear.  If your eyes are sensitive to light, it can cause your vision to degrade.  


Improving Eyesight Using an Eye Chart 

Start by making a test card with letters on it and pinning it on the wall. You can find numerous eye sight charts online and printing them out. Just do an Internet search term for "eyesight chart printable" and you will find many good charts. 

Next stand between 10 and 20 feet away, and observe the smallest line that you can without causing strain. 

Next observe one of the letters on that line and close your eyes. Now remember the letter and review every detail in your mind.  Shift from part to part and then from curve to corner and so on. 

Now open your eyes.  You should see that letter better, as well as the one below it.

Try to avoid staring at the letters. If this starts to happen, close your eyes before this happens. 

As you continue to open your eyes, shift them to another letter on the same line. Practice this exercise daily for five minutes or more for best results.

For additional information, the following page below is an excerpt from my 2016 book:  The Vegetarian's Guide to Longevity via Gene Therapy.  This page also contains the original Ancient Chinese healing charts for using the mind to heal the eyes.  You may access the page by visiting the address below:

I hope you find these tips useful as much as I have had using and sharing them with you!  

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