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The information contained in this article is excerpted from the book Anti-Aging Nutrition Secrets, The Fountain of Youth Seekers Guide to Longevity

For Maximum Accuracy Learn how to Integrate Your Personal Biorhythms into the Forecast

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The Longevity Forecast page is divided into 6 sections representing the effects on the body from various solar and geomagnetic conditions.  These 6 sections show what spectrums of energies are being emitted by the sun, which affect mood and health. Every day check the "Longevity Forecast", than follow the instructions on the page.

I believe that as this energy manifests, just like a release of energy from an earthquake causes the plates to shift. it comes through at these points, changing or altering our consciousness, which than affects social and biological systems on earth. You can learn more about these grid points at or by viewing page 21 of the Becker-Hagens Planetary Grid System Coordinates article.
Quote from CrystalLinks: "It has been suggested that both the Curry grids and Hartmann Net are earthing grids for cosmic rays that constantly bombard the Earth, and that they can be distorted by other things, such as geological fault lines and underground mining"
Source: CrystalLinks

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This Report titled The Types of Energies Coming From the Sun and How To Interpret Them , which is highly recommended reading if you wish to understand these energies in more detail, shows how each cycle creates the current conditions that unfold during a particular cycle. Each condition period becomes "stimulated" or receives more energy and becomes amplified when there are between 4 and 8 C class solar flares, when 80 or 160 sunspots are present or when the S Class flares number 8 or higher. When any of these conditions overlap each other they cause a "synergy", which amplifies the condition to extreme maximum. This synergy could apply to any condition resulting in a more negative condition or a more positive condition.

Each condition color represents 2 categories that have 4 total overall effects.

Condition red - Increased Fear and anxiety -
Condition orange - Increased War, violence or hatred -
Condition green - Fear is much more reduced. More energy for trust, heroism and fearlessness -
Condition blue - No hate, violence or disbelief.  More energy for belief, courage and miracles -
Once you understand the condition color that has the most influence for the day, you can use it for healing and self-improvement. As an example: During a condition blue, perform the connect with the sun exercise, especially on a Sunday. Next bring forth the courage to heal yourself.  If a condition green is present, than  connect with the sun and do fear release exercises to alleviate emotional fears and anxiety, that may be draining your emotions, preventing healing.  
During condition oranges watch for negative emotions.  Connect with the sun and perform peace and love meditations, worldwide healing visualizations etc., or do mind relaxation exercises.  During condition reds, take in more moisture in the body by drinking more fluids and stay away from situations that cause you fear and anxiety. An excellent time to perform the fear release exercises
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 These periods are also strong during seasonal periods.  Such as Winter/Spring - More Courage, Summer and Fall - More Peace and Love exercises.
Another way to work with the sun is to locate the condition color on a Sunday.  Than perform the exercise to connect with the sun. As an example if a condition orange is present, do more peace meditations and watch your emotions, if a condition green is present than more prayers for peace and/or healing etc.
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View the Condition Color Easy to Identify Table. This chart simplifies the process of understanding the condition cycle currently occuring.

Condition Colors and their Behavior during Long Term Higher Solar Activity

Research over the years has shown that it is the cycle that counts, and during longer term periods of solar activity, the condition colors can manifest themselves for short periods. A cycle goes from blue, to green to red than to purple. This is a rise in sunspots and solar wind, than a decline in sunspots or solar wind speeds. This solar wind decline can be as low as 450, with lowest periods going as low as 350 for a decent condition green etc. A perfect example is that during spring, the solar wind speed can remain high for weeks on end, but goes through various ups and downs and gradual declines. For example it might start declining from 500 into 400, and also the 10.7 Cm Radio Flux levels (also known as the suns solar flux) will go lower.


Usually after the wind has been at high speeds for 3 days or more and then starts declining, it can start showing traits of a mild condition green.

The same goes for the solar flux, if it has been at high levels, than starts to slow down in activity, it means that we have a condition purple occuring.

Because there are higher energies occurring, I call this the "higher frequency" cycle of energy. So this is a condition green occurring that is also at a higher frequency than the other condition greens that may occur during fall or winter, when the solar wind speeds are at exactly 350 and the solar flux can go completely 'flat' for long periods of time. I believe that during these higher frequency periods there is more stress on the body, but the longer this high frequency is occurring, the more the body starts to naturally adjust to this new higher frequency of energy that is occurring.


Summary of Solar Influences and their Effect on Human Behavior


Background X-Ray Background Levels at 4.0 and higher = FEAR

3 days of increasing sunspots = SELF CONFIDENCE

Solar Winds above 350 + Peak in KP levels = VIOLENCE

Solar wind at 350 and Background X-Ray Flux above 4.0 = SPOKEN WORDS YIELD MORE STRENGTH AND POWER

Sudden Jump in Solar Wind Speed and Sudden Jump in KP Activity = What the mind has covered, seen or read and is dwelling on the most will materialize or affect emotions, depending on how the mind has perceived the information.

The Energy of Stimulation, Change and Causality

There is a gap or space in between the energy of stimulation (condition blue) and response (condition orange, yellow or green).  The ultimate key to personal growth and self-fulfillment is how we use that gap/space. In politics we can think of condition green periods belonging the right political spectrum and condition oranges and reds belonging to the left spectrum. Condition Yellows are a balance of both political systems.

Additional Condition Color Forecasting Aids


A forecasted increase in the sun’s solar flux can forecast an increase in condition reds and blues

A forecasted sudden drop in the sun’s solar flux can forecast an upcoming condition purple period

More Condition Orange Power - After June Summer Solstice until the December Solstice

More Condition Blue Power - After Spring Equinox until the June Solstice

More Condition Green and Blue – After the June Solstice until the September Equinox

More Condition Yellow – After the Winter Solstice until the March Equinox


The EZ Visualization Empowerment Toolboxes


The Visualization Empowerment Toolboxes are a set of tools that you can use to further enhance the qualities of a condition color.  For example condition blue color toolboxes topics cover: Belief, Miracles, Faith, Trust

Condition Green color toolboxes topics cover: New Awareness Consciousness, Observation Creates Reality, Health, Vitality

Condition Red color toolboxes topics cover: Fear/Stress/Anxiety Relief Exercises

Condition Orange color toolboxes topics cover: Emotional Clearing, Anger Energies Instant Erasure, Clearing Troubling Feelings and Thoughts

The toolboxes are available for free and are available at:

Additional Facts and Information Regarding Solar Effects and the Condition Colors

An energetic period occurs when the X-Ray Background Flux levels have been at high levels for a number of days and suddenly start “dropping”.  When this occurs the energy of the condition color is speeded up considerably. This adds major fuel to condition orange and purple periods.  This is a period where changes occur more rapidly and faster.  This is usually accompanied by more C Class or Optical Flares which are circled below.

An example is the 10.7 Cm Radio Flux levels (also known as the suns solar flux) may manifest a condition purple (lower solar flux) due to a sudden drop in solar flux values.

I call this the "higher frequency" cycle of energy. This can be categorized as the energy switching into a "second gear.� The Effect of the Interplanetary Magnetic Field (IMF) and the condition colors A strong IMF south will enhance or create a condition green. A north IMF will enhance stage 2 condition oranges and reds.
View the above image real time at the Space Weather Prediction Center Page

The Condition Colors and Their Effects on Health and the Environment

Print Image

During a standard solar cycle, which lasts on average 11 days these energies manifest 6 types of energy, as shown below in the boxes. These cycles extend themselves, lasting longer than usual according to the period that is currently occuring. Shown below are the periods:

Period 1 - (approximately 3 years, minimum sunspot activity). Peace, lack of unity among the masses, election of conservatives, autocratic, minority rule.

Period 2 - (approx. 2 years, increasing sunspot activity). Increasing mass excitability, new leaders rise, new ideas and challenges to the elite. This is the season we are in now as of 2012.

Period 3 - (Approximately 3 years, maximum sunspot activity). Maximum excitability, election of liberals or radicals, mass demonstrations, riots, revolutions, wars and resolution of most pressing demands. This is the current period we are in as of 2013.

Period 4 - (Approximately 3 years, decreasing sunspot activity). Decrease in excitability, masses become apathetic, seek peace. This cycle is due to arrive between 2014 and 2016.

View the Forecasting Tools Page for more In-Depth Forecasting Tools



Condition: Red

Period: Danger

Solar Conditions: This is known as a maximized Period 2. Shown below is the main indicator for a condition red period. This is when the X-Ray Background Flux levels are above 4.0 or higher. This energy is maximized for the first 3 to 5 days. After this period, healthy bodies get used to this new influx of energy. Those suffering from upper respiratory diseases, viral infections or are in frail health are most at risk during this period.

View the above image real time at the Goes Weather Satellite

Below is another image showing the X-Ray background flux levels at C levels. This is a stronger more intense energy period than B levels. These periods are most common from April to August during solar maximums.

Rising Sunspots. Solar winds at 380 or higher.  Reactions involving the nervous system become faster during this time, contributing to a swifter reaction time. If the solar wind is at high levels for 5 or more days and the 10.7 Cm Radio Flux levels (also known as the suns solar flux) has been higher than 4.0, pests and other bothersome insects appear more often than usual. This includes mosquitos and other biting insects. There is also more dryness in the air. This results in a severe lack of moisture in the soil, increasing the amount of airborne dust particles in the air, especially if you are in a climate that has warmer temperatures.

Effects Upon the Body: Moods Stimulated. Especially Fear.  If the solar winds are above 350, the fear is significantly stronger, especially fear from events in the past.  Fear at the collective unconscious level manifests itself. Stress and Anxiety. Muscles may ache more often, especially in the upper region of the body. More S optical flares will amplify the condition.

Usually after 3 days or more of high speed solar winds, most healthy individuals will remain unaffected. Only the most vulnerable with frail health will suffer more during these times. The immune system will undergo radical shift/change. Foods high in natural antioxidants and vitamin C are highly recommended during this time, especially yogurt and other healthy probiotic foods.  Foods highest in polyphenols, especially organic apples are best taken during this time. Large Numbers of unexplained Fish Die Offs may occur. The "drying up" and evaporation of moisture from Vegetation will occur, turning grass and leaves brown. More chance of the EGO consuming part of the personality. Complicated Electrical Devices heavily reliant on software are more susceptible to malfunction/fluctuation and “freezing” or taking longer than usual to “compute”. During the most recent 24 to 48 hours into this period events may seem 'speeded' up, leading to acts of "trying to make up for lost time". A more "collective" trance among large groups of people emerges at this time.  A good example is freeway "pile up" accidents, which occur more frequently at this time. If the X-Ray Background Flux rises above 7.0, during this time, Odors, Scents and Smells become amplified and stronger, and scientific breakthroughs happen more easily. Sunrise may appear pale red, dim orange. Long distance travel may drain the body of energy more. Recent condition reds have time compression properties. Repetitive Productivity is greatly increased. Productivity with tasks that use mental repetition is greatly enhanced. This includes tasks such as data entry, research analysis and the like. Allergies, Asthma, Pneumonia, and other respiratory infections of the upper part of the body may become more common. 


Overall Outcome: A period where you need to watch stress, anxiety and beware of upper body disturbances.


Suggestions: Avoid Foods high in Processed Sugar, Trans-Fats, Peanut Proteins, Wheat Products and excessive emotional and physical stress.  If you are doing Internal QI Gong type exercises, including the Emerald Tablets Exercise, it is not recommended to do the exercises if the x-ray background flux is higher than 4.0, it if is, than take the "super antioxidant" mix.  Massage the upper part of the body including neck, shoulders and other areas to erase tension and boost circulation.

During condition reds, try to avoid going with the “rush” of things and be more patient in achieving goals.  Instead incorporate more pauses throughout the day and avoid extreme emotions if you get frustrated from not achieve these goals.

One interesting discovery throughout observing condition red periods, is if you are just getting over an illness, if you still feel sick and the X-Ray Background Flux has been dropping, especially dropping below 4.0, the illness is psychological or in your head. When you can convince yourself that the remaining part of your sickness or illness is part psychological, the healing becomes accelerated.

For maximum protection, take the Herbal Mix #1 formula shown:

A Pinch of Granulated Lecithin (optional)

Between 2.0 and 10mg of Vitamin B6 (optional)

1/2 Teaspoon of Yerba Mate Herb

1/2 Teaspoon of Parsley Powder

2 1/2 Teaspoons of Brewer’s Yeast

1 Teaspoon of Echinacea Powder

1/2 Teaspoon of Brazil Nut Powder

1/4 Teaspoon of Chili Powder

3 Bromelain Enzymes

1 Teaspoon of Garlic Powder

1/4 Teaspoon of Coriander

1/2 Teaspoon of Clove Powder

1/4 Teaspoon of Rosemary Powder

1 Teaspoon of Basil Herb Powder

Allergy Inflammation Pills (Bi Yan Pian)

Removes Wind, Cold and Heat.  Use for sneezing, itchy eyes, congestion, sinus pain, hayfever, nasal allergies and excess mucus build up. Take 4 to 6 tablets 3 to 5 times a day.

Magnolia Flower 25%, Xanthium Fruit 20%, Phellodendron Bark 7%, Licorice Root 6%, PLatycodon Root 4%, Schisandra Fruit 4%, Forsythia Fruit 7%, Angelica Root 6%, Anemarrhena Rhizome 4%, Chrysanthemum Flower 4%, Siler Root 4%, Schizonepeta Herb 4%.

View the Condition Red, Allergies and the Immune System Page for further details.

Solar Forecasting Resources:

Forecasting Tools 1

Forecasting Tools 2

Condition: Green


Period: Health and Vitality


Solar Conditions:  This is known as a Period 4. Solar Wind Speed between 340 and 355.  The most powerful time is after a flare or when the solar wind speeds have been at high levels for a while and are just entering the speed of 350. The first 24 hrs. are strongest. This will also sometimes include between 4 and 8 C Class solar flares. May accompany rising Cosmic Rays. This occurs most common during late summer.  Good for physical exercise, communication, Healing, QI Generating exercises such as the Emerald Tablets Exercises. 

When the X-Ray background flux is above 4.0 combined with the above solar wind speeds between 340 and 355, verbal Intention such as in the form of Mantras (verbal intention) or requesting intention out loud is stronger, and the power of prayer is significantly enhanced.


Effects upon the Body: Appetite changes. Usually cravings for Junk Foods Begin. Could this mean that junk foods tastes good because of the result of clever advertising, which manifests it results during condition green periods? Shops may experience more customers, business improves. A new overall "Awareness" in the general populace occurs. When you do Internal QI Gong, the Emerald Tablets Exercise during this time, the aches, pains and other pains that are associated with solar flares are removed by doing these exercises. Carpal tunnel syndrome or symptoms associated with the wrist manifest themselves more at this period.


Pituitary Gland is stimulated. Physical exercise is more beneficial. Spoken word and communication is more stronger and clearer. Chakra Balancing exercises and other spiritual exercises are enhanced. Photosynthesis in plants is accelerated. Plants and Vegetation retain more moisture. Overall Temperatures start to become more temperate (more beneficial moisture is in the air). How you think about your life and what you focus on comes into reality more easily during this period. I believe from experience and research over the years this is when "evolutionary leaps" occur, due to the new awareness that arises during this period. This awareness matures when the KP energy rises or peaks. This is the period where clues or solutions to problems reveal themselves clearly, it can also accelerate the summary and clarity of scientific research and progress, leading to the next step of evolution or solving of a long term problem or issue. Information and solutions people are seeking become clarified so sales in book stores go well as well. Circulation of energy in the body is enhanced during this time because tension built up during a condition red has been released.


Personal observation has shown that being out in nature at the first condition green has a powerful "relaxation" effect on the body. It is like nature is restoring itself at this time and it also affects us if we are out in nature at this time. At higher elevations and remote areas, there is more harmony in the forest.  Foods higher in Carbohydrates are more beneficial during this time. This includes Molasses, Pasta, Cocoa, Fruits. This is because they provide short term bursts of energy.


Overall Outcome: Increased Health and well-being.


Suggestions:  Working with archetypical symbols is stronger. This is a powerful accelerated time for using healing archetypes. Good for physical exercise, especially resistance exercises. A perfect time to perform Yoga or Internal QI Gong, Emerald Tablet Exercises.  Life tools you need to further your path manifest easier at this time.  Add more meaning to your mantras, chants and prayers to maximize the results.

Finding the window of Prayer Power

The Power of Prayer is maximized when there have been 2 to 3 days of increasing sunspots, a C class or S Class Optical Flare, the X-ray Background Flux is dropping and the Solar Wind Speed is near 350.

The best way to find this "power window" is to keep any eye on the solar wind speed and if the above parameters come into focus, than you have one of the most powerful times for prayer and intention. Condition Green periods are a time to celebrate and to hold positive social gatherings.


View the How to Amplify Prayer page for more details.

Solar Forecasting Resources:

Forecasting Tools 1

Forecasting Tools 2

Condition: Stage 1 Condition Orange Period: General Danger Solar Conditions: This is known as a Period 3. Because condition orange periods are so unique, I have divided them up into 2 stages. Until mankind can learn to live in peace and harmony with one another, the 2nd stage will no longer be necessary.

The Stage 1 Condition Orange : Geomagnetic Energy Higher (also known as KP levels), usually rising towards a peak. Sunspots may be rising or dropping. Depression is more common during this time. Increase in seizures and epilepsy more likely. Chances for physical fatigue increases. Mental Instability may be more likely. When there is a decrease in the sunspot area or a decrease in sunspots for 3 days in a row with higher KP activity, the condition orange period is maximized. A stage 1 condition orange is a period of higher stress on the body. This type of stress is known as Geopathic Stress. The same sort of stress you feel if you lived under power lines or next to an area that emits waves of high electrical frequency.

The Stage 2 Condition Orange

Solar Conditions:  This is known as a maximized Period 3.  These are most common from July to November each year and maximixed during period 3 years. All of the above conditions similar to a Stage 1 Condition Orange, however the solar wind speed will be above 350, especially for 2 or more days and the sunspots will be dropping for 2 to 3 days in a row. When the X-Ray Background Flux levels are at high numbers, as shown above, this amplifies the Stage 2 Condition Orange even more.  New moons can also add to this bad energy.While we can only speculate, I believe that proteins are playing a part. Proteins express themselves through human behavior at Stage 2 Condition Orange high KP levels. If you eat lots of meat, it may express itself through violence and low vibration thoughts. If you get your protein through plant based foods, it expresses itself through thoughts of a higher vibration such as peace, kindness and progress, rather than destructive violence.A good example can be found in the September 17th, 2013 Naval Shooting Solar Analysis


View Latest Sunspot Numbers

View Real Time Solar Wind Speed (yellow graph)


Meat Eating and Violence

Recent studies show that trace levels of multiple pesticides cause increased aggression. At least seven studies have demonstrated that violent criminals have elevated levels of steroids, pesticides, antibiotics and other toxic chemicals in their bodies, compared with prisoners who are not violent. In a Harvard Study conducted in 1998 rats receiving natural food and hotdogs became violent and fought aggressively.

They easily cheat, tell lies, they forget promises, they are dishonest and tell bad words, steal, fight and turn to violence and sex crimes," the book states on page 56

Electrical activity in the brain as shown by EEGs has shown that the vegetarian diet induces alpha waves, which indicate a state of neuromuscular relaxation not just of the brain but of the whole body. Meateating leads to a phosphorus excess which is not natural for humans, whose milk has a 1:2 phosphorus-calcium ratio. Sirtori comments that this fact leads to a fall in calcium levels, leading to irritable and aggressive behaviour. During the Gulf War in 1992, US marines getting ready to go into action were supplied with 50,000 turkeys in addition to the normal, abundant meat rations.

Stage 2 condition oranges are unique, in that when the conditions are right, they have a tendency to manifest as acts of violence that can impact large numbers of people. A stage 2 condition orange is a period where there is an increased tendency for violence, physical danger and terrorism. These acts of violence will impact 7 or more people in a single event.  Examples include 911 and the Boston Marathon bombings.  As previously mentioned, for a stage 2 condition orange to occur, there must be solar wind speeds of 350 above with sunspots dropping for 3 or more days in a row. Incidences of Depression and Suicide Significantly Increase. A risk of "hallucinations" and other unstable behavior may occur in mentally unstable individuals.

View Full In-Depth Investigation Page here

Additional factors that boost the stage 2 condition periods include a condition yellow 3 days previously.  When this merges with X-Ray background Flux levels having been at high levels for the past 10 days, which is usually a period when there have been a higher number of S Optical or C Flares and there is a peak in KP levels, it creates a peak period of energy necessary for a strong Stage 2 Condition Orange. Stage 2 Condition Orange periods also happen to be stronger when the Planetary A index is at higher than average levels and during the period just after a solar maximum.

A Stage 2 condition orange is maximized from September to October

A Stage 2 condition blue is maximized from February to March

What is the Planetary A index? What does it mean?


The Planetary A index is a measurement of how disturbed Earth's magnetic field is. The values vary from 0 to about 400. These deviations are computed from actual deviations measured at a number of geomagnetic observatories based at mid-latitude regions around the world. A value defined as 30 represents minor storm conditions, values over 50 represent major storm conditions and the values greater than 100 represent extremely severe storm conditions. A Values are derived from the planetary KP indices. The A index is a summary of daily geomagnetic values, however the KP index is updated every 3 hours. KP values vary from 0 to 9, with the number 5 indicating a minor storm and the number 6 as a major storm. Values of 7 or more represent severe storms.


Real Time AP Levels and forecast:

Visual AP Levels with Database:


Effects upon the Body for Stage 1: Muscles are stimulated. Effects of Jet Lag Increase. Earthquakes More Common. Like Condition Reds cause bacterial destruction of the body, condition Oranges cause physical deterioration of the body and early fatigue, as well as the increased chance for mental disturbances and unbalanced mental behavior. Moderately favorable time for scientific research and breakthroughs. The ability to perform psychic feats such as seeing into the future/predicting future results is more accurate during these times due to the increased geomagnetic energy from the earth. Aches and Pains in body are felt more during this time.  Performing the HeartMath exercise during stage 1 condition oranges, experiencing the energy of unconditional love is very, very beneficial for health. I have received vivid lucid dreams and excellent health during this time.


Overall Outcome:  A time to avoid excessive physical activity.


Suggestions: Drink more liquids.  Avoid foods high in Trans-Fats and Sugar. Watch stress levels. Avoid excessive physical exercise.  Take more Vitamin E and Vitamin A than usual before bed.


Effects upon the Body for Stage 2: For the mentally unstable, avoid situations that could aggravate mental instability.


Overall Outcome:  To try avoid being in the wrong place at the wrong time, especially in high stress areas where large numbers of people congregate.

Suggestions: An excellent time to meditate and reflect on our thoughts, words, deeds and actions.


Stage 2 condition Oranges are maximized from September to October

Stage 2 condition Blues are maximized from February to March

Solar Forecasting Resources:

Forecasting Tools 1

Forecasting Tools 2

Condition: Blue Period: A period where dreams come into reality.

Solar Conditions: This is known as a Period 2. The   Sunspot Area 10E-6 is growing or increasing and/or when the sunspots are increasing/rising (especially when reaching 80 and again at 160) for 3 or more days in a row. A "rebound" in the solar wind and a slight rise in the suns 10.7 Radio Flux Levels will also add to this energy. Condition blues are strongest from February through June. Condition Blues usually signify the start of a solar flare cycle. Condition Blues are strongest when the sunspots have been "flat" for some time (just after a condition purple) and are about to start rising. This is especially so when the suns 10.7 Cm Radio Flux levels (also known as the suns solar flux) starts rising.   

View the Solar Flux Levels Real Time

Above and to the left are 2 images of the Sun’s 10.7 Cm Radio Flux levels (also known as the suns solar flux) increasing after a quiet period. At the first start of a condition blue, the local micro climate changes. For example it may suddenly change from sunny to wet and rainy, or from foggy to dry. If there has been an increase in the S optical flares the last few days, these sudden microclimate changes are more intense and the changes occur faster.

Effects Upon the Body: Mental and Thought is Stimulated. Ideas, Creativity. The power of Intention is significantly enhanced. The power of focus is clearer, leading to enhanced and "solidified" intuition. Mental energy is replenished faster than usual. A time of maximum self confidence where the feeling you can believe in your dreams becomes maximized. During this time the body is most resistant to disease and the immune system is strongest. This enhanced confidence fuels the intuition, leading to increased material wealth, success, creation and miracles.

The Stage 2 Condition Blue Just recently discovered, a stage 2 Condition Blue Period is the opposite of a Stage 2 Condition Orange. Solar Conditions: 3 days of increasing sunspots (especially when they are rising in the Optical range), higher KP activity and solar wind speeds at 350. A rising Milky Way represents a broadcasting of energy or intention.

Effects Upon the Body: This is a time of strong intellectual personal power. An excellent time to teach or to apply your energy towards constructive works that benefit your community. There are some ancient Sumerian texts that talk about this period as a time to use this energy to protect crops and for other uses.

Overall Outcome: The period 2 to 3 days into a new moon also have the same effects as a condition blue. The best way to create miracles using a condition blue is to find out what is getting you results or has gotten results for you in the past, than re-focus on this same method during a condition blue. From my experience in selling, I know what gets results for me, so during a condition blue, I will have more belief in my ability to follow the same pattern I know that got results in the past, and the final results will always multiply faster with much larger results, or in my case more sales. Additional Suggestions: An excellent time to make scientific discoveries. Use the power of the sun or other archetypical symbols to ask for healing or prosperity. Apply more belief to an intention or goal. Explore a little deeper/further. A good time to do Creative Visualization or Chants and Mantras. If you are using this energy for healing, use healing visualizations, or frames of mind that you know made or kept you healthy in the past, and apply them more during this period. If you play sports, follow the pattern or technique that you have used in the past to get results, and you will find that these skills will become even more amplified, than at other times, giving you a huge advantage over your competitors. So we can see that no matter how small the results are we are getting from our technique to heal or improve ourselves is, the results from this technique multiply themselves substantially during condition blue periods. Apply more belief to an intention or goal. These periods are classic "observation creates reality" periods. It seems that after acknowledging the sun and its sunspots do the miracles come out more easily. I have found from years of experience of working with condition blues, that the energy is extremely fast, and yields lasting results. It seems that after acknowledging the sun or using methods to "connect with the sun" and its energies do the miracles come out more easily. (
to learn how to connect with the sun).

An excellent time to take herbs, foods, exercises that heal the body. Foods especially high in plant and alkaline are most beneficial. These include Tofu, Beans, Sunflower Seeds, Quinoa, Brown Rice, Barley, and similar. Aloe Vera, Spirulina, Sprouted Flax Seeds are also recommended.

A Stage 2 condition blue is maximized from February to March

A Stage 2 condition orange is maximized from September to October

During higher periods of solar activity, belief in oneself is more prevalent. It means more people in the general population have the belief that they have the capability to succeed at something or a stronger feeling of certainty they have about something. They feel quite certain that they can achieve success. This last wave occurred during the year 2000, when the Dow Jones Industrial Average reached new peaks.

Because consumer confidence levels are actually the levels of confidence consumers have in the future, it means that they have a feeling of certainty that they have the ability to succeed and can succeed in what they are attempting. It means having a feeling of certainty rather than having certainty. Sunspot Maximums stimulate these feelings of increased confidence, possibly by affecting some of the hormones in the body.

Increasing confidence is based on a person’s perception. In a nutshell, the difference between a person who has confidence and a person who doesn’t have confidence may only boil down to their individual perception. "Perception is relative to the speed of the observer." Rising sunspot levels change and alter our perception. When we have achieved high levels of confidence from a high sunspot period or condition blue period, and suddenly the sunspots begin dropping, or we enter an overall lower sunspot cycle (which can last for 3 years or more), our perception is still riding on the previous "high", which creates a feeling of overconfidence. What we perceived was causing us to believe in ourselves, has temporarily faded. We than discover that we are not getting the same usual results that we were once used to getting. This may begin a cycle of lower self-confidence and lower expectations. Until we reevaluate our perception, it can make us depressive and fearful about the future

So when condition blue periods first start dropping or a condition orange period is starting, we should prepare more thoroughly than usual, and to a certain extent, never let the perception of our confidence stop us from moving ahead, making progress and furthering our goals. If we are in business, especially sales, and condition blue periods are flat and/or consumer confidence levels are low, than we need to re-evaluate our perception of the situation or products that are being sold. References:

Do Sunspots Reflect Consumer Confidence? An Empirical Investigation by Sharon G. Harrison (Columbia University)

Physics Professor Dr. David Bohm discusses Perception and the Human Mind

Finding the window of Prayer Power

The Power of Prayer is maximized when there have been 2 to 3 days of increasing sunspots, a C class or S Class Optical Flare, the X-ray Background Flux is dropping and the Solar Wind Speed is near 350.

The best way to find this "power window" is to keep any eye on the solar wind speed and if the above parameters come into focus, than you have one of the most powerful times for prayer and intention.

Solar Forecasting Resources:

Forecasting Tools 1

Forecasting Tools 2




Condition: Yellow

These are periods known as "magnetic reconnection" periods when energy and information comes back to the point of origin and becomes compressed into a single point. This energy can be used for adding physical strength to the body, for healing or for retrieving information.

Period: Extreme Health. Overnight Removal of Aches/Pains. During the evening of a condition yellow period the body responds more favorably to natural herbs, exercise and regenerative techniques. It is a time the pituitary gland produces more nutrients that increase the HGH (human growth hormone) in our bodies. This is due to the increased solar wind speeds at dawn and increased solar flux.

Solar Conditions: A strong condition yellow occurs when the suns solar flux is more active, the solar wind has suddenly "jumped" from 350, and earths KP levels have suddenly risen or jumped. All 3 of these must occur at the same time for a decent condition yellow. Condition yellows are strongest from December to January.

Events that take place during condition yellow periods have a lasting effect on the future, than at other periods. It is as if energy or events return from the future to the present, resulting in a compacted mass of energy manifesting itself during the condition yellow period.

Effects Upon the Body: A super charge from cosmic and earthbound forces fill the cells of the body with information relating to health, harmony and enhanced strength. Recovery time for exercise is significantly lessened the following morning when the right nutrients are taken.

These rejuvenative effects are significantly enhanced when moon is in perigee (closer to earth) and the sun is closer to earth (which is during January). It is at maximum during "super moon" periods. The main "energetic phase" is when the X-Ray Background Flux Levels have been rising for 3 or more consecutive days in a row. "Boosters" to this energizing effect also include rising Sunspots. Below is a picture of the indications of a condition yellow event that occurred on Feb 2nd, 2013. As we can see the solar wind jumped at the same time the KP levels jumped.

When the 10.7 Cm Radio Flux levels (also known as the suns solar flux) levels are at high levels or active as shown below, this creates a stronger condition yellow.

View KP Levels Real Time Courtesy of NOAA

View a 3 day Forecast of KP Levels Courtesy of NOAA

View Solar Wind Speed Real Time (yellow line) Courtesy of Cal Tech

View Solar Wind Forecast Courtesy of LMSAL

The main clue that is used to identify when condition yellows occur, is the solar wind will always "jump" or leap at the same time earth's KP activity also shows an increase in activity. Other amplifiers of this energy include increased optical S class flares and when the "C" Class Flares reach between 4 and 8 (this may occur sometimes just before a solar flare). These are not necessary, but they do provide more revitalization energy and are most common between October and January.

I believe that small interplanetary dust particles create a giant magnetic line of force that connects with distant stars, increasing the clarity of information and communication, generating new ideas. This has been verified scientifically when in 1949 Astronomers John Hall and William Hiltner proved that starlight is being polarized by cosmic magnetism, which is the lining up of interstellar dust grains, giving them a North/South polarity, thus contributing to a giant magnetic line of force, much like the lines of North and South occur on our earth.

Condition Yellows are like a mind reset key, giving our consciousness the ability to hold and absorb new information in the form of energetic light, much like a computer compresses its hard drive so that it can store more information.

View the above image real time at the Space Weather Prediction Center Page

Overall Outcome: Nervous System is Stimulated. An excellent time to obtain information and strengthen the body.

Suggestions: On the day the solar wind has jumped, perform 40 minutes of resistance exercise, taking spring water afterwards. Before bed taking Vitamin E, Potassium Glutomate, Sesame Seeds, Spirulina and a pinch of Garlic and Guar Gum Powder helps the body feel good the next morning.

Foods to take: Brewer’s Yeast. Foods that Boost HGH and are high in Vitamin E. Sunflower Seeds are the key seeds to take during this time. Other seeds include Pumpkin Seeds, Sesame Seeds and Pine Nuts.

Solar Forecasting Resources:

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Condition: Purple

Period: Non-Danger Physical Period

Solar Conditions: This is a Period 1. X-Ray Background Levels at 4.0 or lower.  Flat or lower sunspot activity and in some cases flat KP levels. Solar flux is “flat” with no activity. 

Effects on the Body and Environment:  Condition Purples are strongest from October to January. An Expansion of Consciousness. Mental focus and Intuitive communication between groups may become strengthened. Lucid Dreams. Clarity/Solutions to problems reveal themselves. An induced peacefulness, overall calmness prevails. A new Evolution of Awareness has fully completed itself with a new cycle about to begin. Your regular routine that got results before may no longer work anymore, so you may have to try new methods to get success for the future. Events, actions or circumstances that were once hidden concealed are now exposed for all to see.


Suggestions: A good time to sit back, reflect and slow down activity. Watch for what might reveal itself to you during this time. An excellent time to organize and prepare for the next cycle of activity, which usually will begin after the condition purple ends. Every place / region on earth is ruled via micro climates.  At the start/end of a condition purple, your local micro climate will undergo a change in the weather conditions.  These conditions can change from wetter/drier/more sunshine/less sunshine/warmer/cooler. Other changes include: Warmer to Cooler or Vice Versa, More fog or less fog, clear skies or suddenly overcast, windy/breezy or changes to calm and still. These effects happen faster if the X-Ray background levels are at high levels and begin dropping. Usually a condition blue will follow a condition purple, a time of increased sun activity. 

Moderate exercise of the body during the day.  At night Roquefort cheese or Goji Berries before bed, or foods that induce lucid dreams (See chapter Foods that Induce Lucid Dreams for further details).

Psychological Effects: Prolonged condition purple periods have been shown to lead to violent outbursts of behavior, due to internal frustrations accumulating possibly due to the lower solar activity, which stimulates regions of the brain associated with higher levels of endorphins. This can result in some mentally unstable individuals exhibiting sudden violent behavior.

Experienced meditations know that the silence between our thoughts gives rise to creation and what we experience is created in the gap between our thoughts. We can think of condition purple periods as a time to re-orient our efforts towards our goals, and focus more on them. Because when the sun becomes more active again, which is the condition blue period (usually occurs after a condition purple period), the actions that we perform during these quiet spells, become multiplied during condition blue periods, fueling accomplishment and creating new experiences. What is most interesting is condition purples are most common and strongest from November to February of each year. Chinese New Year happens to occur during February and the Tibetan New Year (Losar) is celebrated during February of each year. The New Year is commonly associated with putting new goals into action.

Recommendations/Advice: Moderate exercise of the body during the day.     


Condition Purples with a higher KP levels and a flat or low solar flux periods enhance intuition and pre-cognition considerably.  It is like a higher number of solar flares reduce the accuracy of pre-cognition.

View the Forecasting Tools Page for more In-Depth Forecasting Tools



How the Stimulation Process Works

In Summary the process follows a similar pattern over a period of between 12 to 24 days. 

Condition Purple usually starts the new cycle of energy with a expansion of consciousness occurs.  Next a condition Orange appears, coming from higher KP levels which contribute to physical exhaustion of the body, than as the sunspots start to rise before a solar flare a "prebuilding of energy occurs", resulting in a condition blue.  Next a condition yellow will appear and followed by a powerful solar flare, which is a condition red. During this time, the body’s immune and nervous systems are affected, as well as the mental processes. A few days later, "release" or "relief" of energy occurs, resulting in a condition green, allowing the body to adjust itself to the new conditions stimulating healing and harmony, and than the cycle repeats itself again.   To the left of this article is a link showing recommendations and advice and additional information on how to benefit from the effects of these solar and geomagnetic conditions or prepare ahead of time.


Simply put, we can say the sun and earth forces are stimulating various parts of our body and minds. Condition Green - Creates a calm, euphoric state of mind, that is conductive to physical exercise and Tai Chi practice. Condition Blue - Stimulates the intelligence, genius centers of the brain, leading to Invention, innovation and miracles. Condition Red - Stimulates areas of the brain related to anxiety, emotion, affects the cells and immune system of the body. . Condition Orange - Stimulates areas of the brain responsible for mental disturbances, affecting the physical muscles of the body, contributing to early physical fatigue. Condition Yellow - Stimulates the pineal gland portion of the brain, producing HGH (human growth hormone). Condition Purple - Stimulates the consciousness part of the brain, and physical part of the body which benefits from exercise.


The period of going to condition blue to condition green lasts an average of 8 days. During this cycle there are 2 major stimulation points that enter the body. There is also 1 danger period right in the middle or “overstimulation.” An overstimulation meaning all the energy from a solar flare, the body experiences bad health during this time. This occurs most often in Springtime. I have named this period the “condition red” zone. During the good stimulation periods, it is a good time to take foods and do exercises that heal the body.

Another way of understanding the process is as follows:

Usually just before a solar flare, there will be 3 days in a row of increasing “C” class sunspot activity and increased X-Ray Background Flux Levels. This is known as the “condition blue” period. This period is strongest during the solar flares that occur around June/July.

Right at the point where the number of “C” Class solar flares totals 8, the stimulation of the body is maximized. As the C flares continue to increase, leading up to the peak of the solar flare, going past 8, we move into a condition Red. This is also known as the peak of the solar flare where the energy is maximized. It is this period that over stimulates the immune system, causing bad health.

The most powerful effects of these outbursts are felt if the suns activity has been quiet for a while, or when the X-Ray Background Flux Levels have been below 4.0 for a period of time. This quiet period is most common from December to January, than starts becoming more active again around February to April. When the X-Ray Background Flux Levels rise to above 4.0, and there are 8 or more “C” Class solar flares, it causes a huge “shock” on the body because it has been so used to a quiet period for the last few months.

Now after the solar flare has died down, the sunspots will also usually go into a decline. If there are still more than 8 “C” Class Solar flares burning at this time, it will lead into a condition red. During condition red periods, watch stress levels and the amount of exercise performed. During the “dying down” process of the solar flare another “stimulation” period is reached. As the C class flares drop to the threshold of 8 or less, a new wave of stimulation enters the body. This is called the “Condition Green” period. In some cases during this period the sunspots will rise and the X-Ray background levels will drop for the next 3 consecutive days. This is the best and most powerful time to heal the body via Yoga or Exercise. If the moon happens to be headed towards or near perigee, this beneficial energy is boosted even more. It is at maximum during “supermoon” periods It is at these times the beneficial energy flows strongest. If the solar wind happens to “jump” its wind speed from 350 to a higher speed, it will cause an amplification of the effects.

The real danger begins when the sun has been quiet for some time, when the X-Ray Background Flux Levels start rising above 4.0. A “quiet period” meaning that the X-Ray Background Flux levels have been below 4.0 for at least a month or more. This period occurs most often from December to late January, with the 2nd quiet period occurring from June to late August. This is when condition reds can reach 80% or more for a number of days.

On the other hand, when the X-Ray Background Flux levels are below 4.0, starting to rise consecutively for 3 days, and there are between 4 and 8 “C” Class Flares, right in this period (condition blue and yellow),it is a time of beneficial stimulation for the body, a good time to do resistance exercises.

The 4 main active cycles of our sun:

From the months of August to Late October and February to April is when the suns activity is most active.  During a condition green at these times when the overall solar flux has declined for 3 or more days in a row, the "C" class flare count is below 8,  and the sunspot count has increased for 3 or more days, it is recommended to take more antioxidants mix and perform resistance exercises. This seems to result in SIGNIFICANT healing of the body.  This period most commonly occurs just after a condition red.


From the months of May to July and November to January is when the sun is least active: From the months of August to Late October and again from February to Late March are the times the sun is most active.  These are the best times to take more antioxidants.  During the active periods there are 8 or more "C" class solar flares with the solar flux at 4.0 or higher, and again during the times after the flare subsides, when the sunspots are on a decline for 3 days or more and the solar flux is above 4.0 and the solar wind speed at 350 or less for 2 or more days in a row.  It is good to take a break from taking the super antioxidant  mix when c flares fall below 8 or less.  The best times to perform physical activity are the months May to July and November to January, as these are the periods when condition yellows  are strongest.

  Using the Conditions in Daily Life:

For businesses, play music according to the mood of the current solar condition.  Soothing music during condition reds, more upbeat music during condition blues and classical during condition greens.

Condition Green - Health Seekers, Communication and Service Related Professions - Barber, Lawyers, Salespersons. Know the best times to clearly get your message across. Know the best time to exercise the body, reducing recovery time and enhancing health.

Condition Orange - Those Working with the Elderly and extreme Athletes - Know the times your body is more prone to physical fatigue. Identify those at risk for Increased mental disturbances.

Condition Red - Health Care Professionals - Know the times those who are sick are more prone to pneumonia and other respiratory diseases and when the immune system and nervous systems are most vulnerable. Know the times to not overstress the body.

Condition Yellow - The Elderly. Anti-Aging Enthusiasts, Those growing Old - Know the best times to restore your body back to health quickly and increase vitality. A good time to use positive thinking to make lasting life changes.

Condition Blue - Scientists, Engineers, and Healers - Know the best times to undertake the most challenging parts of projects. Know the best times to create "healing miracles" and apply the power of belief to healing situations.

Any condition becomes "amplified" or "triggered" whenever the solar wind "jumps" or leaps. I believe that the solar wind may be triggering the pituary gland, causing illness or renewed health to occur in the body.

There are 2 times yearly when the suns activity contributes to "bad bacteria".  These are during the months of February/March and September/October.  This also means there must be a time the sun creates energy that heals the body.  This renewal period occurs during the months of November/December and May/June especially when condition yellows and greens occur during these periods.

Just as excessive stress can lead to illness, so too it has been proven that stress leads to health. Just the right amount of resistance exercise to bring the right stress to the muscles during condition greens, rebuilds them quicker and stronger than usual. Performing yoga or tai-chi stresses the body to bring in the proper "internal chi" energy to restore the body at the molecular level, and the proper amount of physical exercise during condition yellows, stresses the body enough so that the pineal gland is activated to help heal the body.

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