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Solar Condition Analysis of the September 16th Naval Shipyard Shootout Return to Homepage

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This is a basic analsysis of the solar conditions from the September 16th, Navy Yard Shooting in Washington D.C. based on the parameters page

As we can see below, we had the 3rd day of declining sunspots, high solar winds and a peak in KP levels. There was also a drop in X-Ray background levels and it was also a period of prolonged condition purples.



Solar Wind Speeds (yellow line)

Sunspot Numbers

While we can only speculate, I believe that proteins are playing a part. Proteins express themselves through human behavior at high KP levels. If you eat lots of meat, it may express itself through violence and low vibration thoughts. If you get your protein through plant based foods, it expresses itself through thoughts of a higher vibration such as peace, kindness and progress, rather than destructive violence.

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