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The Solar Institute’s Remote Viewing Series

Our remote viewing sessions the past 3 years cover more than 76 associative remote viewing sessions.  Our knowledge and information gleaned from these sessions has been put into a 3 part instruction series of books. 

Book 1 - Wormhole Theories, Sunspot Activity and Remote Viewing Stocks. Topics Covered: Quantum Tunneling, Herbs for Remote Viewing, 13:30LST, The Star Arcturus, Cosmic Rays and Remote Viewing, Air Pressure, The Human Nervous System and Precedent Activity, Frequencies that Enhance the Results of Remote Viewing, Solar and Weather Conditions for Prime Associative Remote Viewing Sessions, Intuitive Biorhythms and Remote Viewing, Magnetic Midnight, the Ophiuchus Constellation, Mayer Waves, Moisture as a Medium for Conveying Information, The Associative Remote Viewing Procedure, Studies Involving Remote Viewing the Markets, Torsion Effects and Time, Magnetic Fields, Paramagnetic Materials, Angular Momentum and the Density of Time and much more!
Book 2Associative Remote Viewing Technology. Secrets of Precognition and Intuition. Topics Covered: 
Emotions as Sensors for Future Stimuli, Associative Remote Viewing and power of Expectation, The Maharishi Effect, Remote Viewing the Future of the Dow Jones, Remote Viewing Electronics / Technology, Dealing with Remote Viewing Interference, Schumann Resonance, Heart Math Coherence and Remote Viewing, Humidity as an Emotional Intensifier, Polarized Light, Finding the Ideal Remote Viewing “Sweet Spot", The Key of Time, The Quarter Moon, Neutrinos and the Nervous System, Tungsten and the Electroweak Force, Hydrocarbons, Barometric Air Pressure and Intuition, Maintaining Strong Brainwaves During Remote Viewing Sessions, Triboluminescence, The Color Yellow, Environmental Radiation and Remote Viewing, Biodynamic Gardening Phases and Remote Viewing, Photoelectrics and much more!

Book 3 – Secret Gems Foods & Essential Oils for Intuition & Associative Remote Viewing. Topics Covered: The Quantum Mind, Remote Viewing and Quantum Mechanics, The role Microtubules play in Remote Viewing, Remote Viewing and Non-locality, The Hypothalamus and Remote Viewing, Gems and Minerals that Enhance Remote Viewing, Quantum Coherence, The Hippocampus, Empathy and Psychic Ability, Substances that Enhance Remote Viewing, Linoleic Acid and Quantum Mechanics, Quantum Photosynthesis, Dopamine and Remote Viewing, Transthyretin, Neurotransmitters and Remote Viewing, Lithium, Monoterpenes, The Signal to Noise Ratio and Remote Viewing, Essential Oils and Quantum Effects, Anesthetics, Taxol, The Pacific Yew Tree, Bacteria, Monoterpenes and Quantum Photosynthesis, Consciousness and Frequency, Meditation, Brainwave Rhythmus and Remote Viewing, Photons, Alternate Timelines and Parallel Universes, The Zero Point Field, The Best Moon Phases for Remote Viewing, Favorable Environments and Conditions for Remote Reviewing and much more!

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