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Secret Gems Foods & Essential Oils for Intuition & Associative Remote Viewing

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Our previous 2 editions on remote viewing, Wormhole Theories, Sunspot Activity and Remote Viewing Stocks and Remote Viewing. The Complete User's Manual on Experiencing Future Consciousness, laid the groundwork for methods and techniques that enhance associative remote viewing. This third edition ties them all together, including how the body receives the information during remote viewing, both via quantum methods and the nervous system.

Total Number of Pages: 700

Table of Contents


The Breakthrough Discovery that Enhanced Associative Remote Viewing

Heart Rate Variability

The Parasympathetic Nervous System and Future Events

The Parasympathetic Nervous System Effects on the Bodily Functions

The Sympathetic Nervous System Effects on the Body

Heart Rate Variability and the Nervous System

Heart rate variability (HRV)

The Vagus Nerve

Depression and Sympathetic Dominance

Obesity and Sympathetic Dominance

Symptoms of Sympathetic Dominance

A Research Study Examining the Effects of Moon Phase on Intuition on Roulette

Pupil Dilation and Pre-Stimulus

The Effects of Solar Weather on Heart Rate Variability and the Body's Parasympathetic and Sympathetic Nervous Systems

The Schumann resonance and its Influence on Human Brainwaves

Chapter 1. Solar Activity, HRV and the Nervous System

HRV and Magnetic Storms

The Sun's 10.7cm Solar Radio Flux Increases the body's Parasympathetic Nervous System

The KP "Sweet Spot" and the Sun's 10.7 cm Radio Flux
The 10.7 cm radio flux and Anticipatory Reactions

Inflammatory Responses and Cosmic Rays

Magnetic Fields Influence the Human Autonomic Nervous System

Geomagnetic Storms and Heart Rate Variability

Chapter 2. Essential Oils for a Healthy Parasympathetic Nervous System

Meniki and Hinoki Increase Parasympathetic Nervous System Activity

Lavender’s Effect on the Parasympathetic Nervous System

Juniper Essential Oil and the Parasympathetic Nervous System

Rose and Patchouli Essential Oils reduce Sympathetic Nervous System Activity

Bergamot Stimulates the Parasympathetic Nervous System

Pepper, Estragon, Fennel and Grapefruit Increase Sympathetic Nervous System Activity

Anxiety During Remote Viewing

Anxiety, St. John's Wort and Valerian

Chapter 3. Lunar Rhythms and Remote Viewing

A Summary of the Full Moon and Its Effects

Gout Attacks and the Full Moon

Insect Flight and the Lunar Cycle

Strokes and the Moon’s First Quarter

Chapter 4. Alpha Brain Waves and Performance

Alpha Brainwave Activity during Air Pistol Shooting, Basketball free-throws and Golf Shots

Professional Golfers and Alpha Brainwave States

Alpha-Theta (A/T) Training

Sensory Motor Rhythm

Lavender essential oil and Brainwaves

Nicotine and Precognition

The Hippocampus and Nicotine

Photosynthesis and Quantum Biology

Quantum Photosynthesis and the Human Heart

Why photosynthesis in a remote viewing book?

Microtubules and Consciousness

Water Moisture and Intuition

Lithium and Moisture

Sap Flow and Season

Seasonal Variation of Photosynthesis

Chapter 5. Microtubules, Resonance and Precognition.

What is a Microtubule?

Quantum Effects observed at Room Temperature

What is Intuition or Psychic Awareness?

How Fear Can sometimes be Mistaken for Intuition

Using a Computer to Predict Dice Position

Can Computers Help Us Hone our Psi Faculties?

Chapter 6.Remote Viewing and Non-locality

The Schuman Resonance and Human Consciousness

How the Brain Receives Information via the Quantum Field During Remote Viewing

What is a Quantum State?

Chemical Reactions caused by Magnetic Fields

What does Non-locality Mean?

Method of Information Transfer during ARV Sessions

Ferromagnetism and Quantum Mechanical Effects

Where does Consciousness Come From?

Quantum Behavior Powers the Sun

Cellular Telephones affect the Brain's Microtubules

An Experiment to "Stretch Time" to get More Done

Chapter 7. The Hypothalamus and its Sensitivity to Light

What is Glutamate?

Nicotine and Glutamate

Linoleic Acid found in Cyanobacteria

Digoxin and the Hypothalamus

Blue light and the Thalamus

Light, Alertness and the Hypothalamus

Blue Light Enhances Photosynthesis

Light and Tubulin

Hypothalamus Activity During Midnight

Melatonin and Microtubules

Why the metal Tungsten Enhances Associative Remote Viewing Sessions

The Schottky Diode


Lead Molybdate

What does TMD stand for?

What is Tungsten Disulfide?

Quantum Dots

Mixing Tungsten diselenide (WSe2) with Gold causes a 20,000-fold Increase in Photoluminescence


Quantum Dots and Stained Glass

Carbon Nano-materials

Carbon Materials

Quantum Dot Size = Frequency

The Selenium Cadmium Photoresistor

What is Cadmium Selenide?

Associative Remote Viewing and Geographical Location / Region

Hexagon Shaped Minerals

Does Carbon Dioxide Increase Photosynthesis?

How Tungsten Diselenide is used to Make an Artificial Leaf Solar Cell

TMDC Catalysts

Chapter 8. Quantum Transitioning from Photons as the carrier of Information during Remote Viewing

What is Quantum Coherence?

Remote viewing and Time

What is The Universal Wave Function?

Chapter 9. The Hippocampus, Empathy and Psychic Ability

Where is the Brain's Hippocampus?

Extrasensory Perception and Hippocampus

Hippocampus Empathy and Psychic Ability

What is Telepathy?

The Results of an MRI Study on Telepathy

Where is the Parahippocampal Gyrus?

The Substance Bergamot and the Hippocampus

The Brainwave Frequency of 7hz. The Key Frequency to Remote Viewing?

Chapter 10. Substances that Enhance Remote Viewing

Is ATP Exhibiting Quantum Effects?

Linoleic Acid as Quantum Fuel

What is the Cytoskeleton?

What is Linoleic Acid?

Linoleic Acid Synergy

Linoleic Acid Amounts in Some Oils

Gems and Minerals that Enhance Remote Viewing

Chapter 11. Polarized Light

Polarized Light and Plant Growth

Left-handed Circularly Polarized Light and its effects on Lentil and Pea plant Growth

Chapter 12. The Mid-Brain Dopamine System

What is Dopamine?

What are the Effects of Dopamine?

The Zacks Functional MRI Experiment

What is Parkinson's disease?

The Reward Effect, Dopamine and Enhanced Precognition

Dopamine and Feelings of Satisfaction

Dopamine, Reward and Pre-sentiment

The Immune System and Dopamine

Foods highest in Tyrosine

Dopamine extends Lifespan in Worms

Linoleic acid Protects against loss of Dopamine

Excess Linoleic Acid Accelerates Aging

Chapter 13. Methods that Enhance Dopamine


The Herb White Peony and Dopamine


Geraniol and Dopamine

Cacao Essential Oil


Protecting Dopamine Flow

Lower Lipolysaccharide Levels

Brilliant Blue

Selenium and Dopamine

Garlic and Dopamine Interaction

Dopamine and Onion Powder

Clary Sage

Creatine Boosts Dopamine Levels

The Thyroid and Dopamine Function



Mucuna Pruiens and Dopamine


Is Transthyretin (TTR) the Psychic Gene?

Nicotine Protects Against Alzheimer’s

Additional Substances that increase Transthyretin in the body

Fish Oil and Transthyretin

Transthyretin Synergy

What is IGF-I?

The PON1 Gene

Resveratrol and Fish Oil reduces Catecholamine levels

Aspirin and Salicylate Protect Dopamine

Methods that Enhance the Release of Dopamine


If Plants contain nicotine would that not kill them?

Nicotinamide / NAD


Do Nicotine Patches Increase Endurance?

Lithium Enhances Nicotine Sensitivity

Nicotine as a Plant Defense Mechanism and Nicotine in Food

Jasmonic acid

GABA and Jasmine


Foods that contain Nicotine

Algae and Quantum Effects

Blue-Green Algae used to make High-Performance Battery Electrodes

Algae Makes Better Lithium Ion Batteries

Excess Nicotine and Parkinson’s

A flower that naturally contains Geraniol and Linalool



Bumblebees are attracted to Nicotine at Low Concentrations

Lavender and Nicotine

Chapter 14. Substances that Enhance the Brain's Neurotransmitters

What is OR?

Linoleic Acid and Neurotransmitter Activity

Exercise and Neurotransmission



Mantis Shrimp

The Sunstone and Polarized Light

Substances that Enhance Myelin Growth

Lithium and Microtubules



Foods that promote regeneration of Myelin

Foods Highest in Pyrroloquinoline from highest to lowest(


What are Gibberellins?

What is an MAO?

Foods that enhance Catecholamines

Rhodiola Rosea



Aspartate and Glutamate

Neurotransmitters and The Spine

What is Glutamic Acid?

What is GABA?

Geraniol is used for Spinal Cord Injuries

Valerian and Dopamine

Valerian’s Calming Effects on the Nervous System

Anxiety, St. John's Wort and Valerian

Valerian and Dopamine

Valerian’s Calming Effects on the Nervous System

Anxiety, St. John's Wort and Valerian

Valerian Root is as effective as a Pharmaceutical


Why Older People May be More Intuitive

The Connection between GABA and Enhanced Intuition, Psychic and Precognition

How to Generate acetylcholine and GABA in the body

The Russian Telepathic Experiments

Extending the 'Split Second' Retrieval of Information from the Future

The Underlying Mechanism of Telepathy

A list of former USSR PSI Labs

Nicotine Produces Alpha Brainwaves

Herbs for Healthy Neurotransmission

Ginkgo and Brain Circulation

Huperzia Serrata

What are Preganglionic Fibers?

What is Phosphatidylcholine ?

Bergamot Essential Oil


Monoterpenes levels in Essential Oils

Rosemary and Sandalwood


Vitamin B6

What are PAH's?

The Structure of PAH's

Alpha Brain Waves

Theta Brain Waves

Alpha Brain Waves and Remote Viewing

Properties of Alpha Brain Waves

Alpha waves and Heart Math

Tobacco Enhances Alpha Brainwaves

Theanine Produces Alpha Brainwaves

10 Hz Current Produces Alpha Brainwave Rhythmus

The Schuman Resonance and Alpha Brainwaves

Nicotine increases Alpha Brainwaves

Tobacco Enhances Alpha Brainwaves

Stochastic Resonance and Alpha Waves

Weak Noise Enhances Neural Synchronization

Alpha and Gamma Enhance Creativity

Sunlight, Opiates and Exercise

Essential Oils for a Healthy Autonomic Nervous System


Work Productivity

Self Esteem

Peppermint Oil and Athletic Ability

Exercise and Jasmine Rose and Lavender Essential Oils

Ylang-Ylang Lengthens Processing Speed

Essential Oils for Enhancing Attention

Topical Application of Ylang Ylang Increases Skin Temperature

Carvone and Limonene are Chiral Fragrances

Chapter 15. Techniques for Controlling the Signal to Noise Ratio during Associative Remote Viewing

What does the Signal to Noise Ratio Mean?

A Scientific look at the Signal to Noise Ratio

Radio propagation and Signal to Noise Ratio

The Signal to Noise Ratio and the Pareto Principle

Working with the Signal to Noise during Remote Viewing sessions

The Three Crucial Concepts to Remote Viewing Sessions

Methods to Enhance the Signal and Reduce the Noise

Chapter 16. Using Disruptors to Enhance Quantum Coherence in Microtubules

Microtubule Disruption

Monoterpenes and Citrus

The Action of Essential Oils at the Microscopic Scale

Essential Oils and their Effects on Microtubules

What is Carvone?

What is A Monoamine Releasing Agent?


Geraniol is used for Spinal Cord Injuries


The Effect of Citral on Microtubules

Citral Protects the Liver

Synergy between Citral and Geraniol

Synthetic Microtubule Disruptors

Anesthetics and Microtubules

Anesthetics and Microtubules

What is an Action Potential?

Katanin and its role in the Nervous System


What is Kinesin?


Substances with similar effects to Lidocaine



Anesthesia for Stress Relief

What is Phenoxyethanol?

Synthetic Disruptors

Vincristine as a Microtubule Disruptor

The Vinca Plant

Oryzalin as a Microtubule Disruptor

Griseofulvin as a Microtubule Disruptor

Nocodazole as a Microtubule Disruptor


Acetylsalicylic Acid (Aspirin)


Nicotine as a Central Nervous System Antioxidant

Psychotropics and Microtubules


High Pressure and its Effects on Microtubule Functioning

High Pressure and Microtubule Depolymerization

High Pressure and X-rays

Coherence and High Pressure

The Effects of High Pressure on Muscles

Sensory Deprivation and Remote Viewing

The Hippocampus And Extremely Low-Frequency Electromagnetic Fields

Moon Phase and Geomagnetic Activity

Chapter 17. Substances that Strengthen and Enhance the Operation of Microtubules

Ashwagandha as a Microtubule Stabilizer

The Pacific Yew, Taxol and its Microtubule Stabilizing Effects

Taxol as a powerful Anti-Cancer Substance

Taxol Stabilizes Microtubules

Where to Find the Pacific Yew Tree

Deuterium and Taxol

Reversing Aging using Quantum Coherence

Linoleic Acid and Lifespan

Acetylation and its Effects on Microtubules

What does Acetylation Mean?

The rare earth element Lanthanum Acetate enhances flexibility of the Arteries

Properties of Lanthanum

Lanthanum Enhances Photosynthesis

Chapter 18. How Plants ‘See’

What are Flagellates?

Eyespot Proteins

What is a Flavoprotein?


Algae, Quantum Effects and Photosynthesis

What are Chalmydonionas

Where are the Eyes located in Green Algae?

How Plants Utilize Quantum Coherence for their Photosynthesis

Detection of Quantum Fluctuations

The Quantum Process of Photosynthesis

Bacteria and Quantum Photosynthesis

Chapter 19. Monoterpenes and Photosynthesis

Monoterpenes are Produced by Trees During Photosynthesis

The Monoterpene Linalool

What are Monoamines?

Neurotransmitters for Calm Moods and Emotions


Manganese and Copper promote binding of Dopamine to Serotonin

Seasonal Variation of Serotonin

Essential Oils and Neurotransmitters

Molecules that Exhibit Quantum Effects

Low Phenylalanine levels and Dopamine

Where to Obtain Monoterpenes

Monoterpene Synergy





What is a Terpenoid?


What Essential oils that have a High Percentage of Sesquiterpenes?

Sesquiterpenes Effect on the Body

Sesquiterpenoids in Algae

The Scent of Burning Incense Induces Alpha Waves

Scents that Enhance Theta Brainwaves

Valerian and Depression

Valeriana wallichii DC and Depression

Could Monoterpenes be assisting Quantum Photosynthesis?

Chapter 20. Do Certain Essential Oils Exhibit Quantum Effects?

Some Essential Oils and their Molecular Composition

Transfer of Information via Quantum Effects is attributed to the Coherent Resonation of Water

Microtubules and hyper-computation

Heart Math and Non-Locality

Coherence and Super fluidity

Super fluidity effects in Nature

A Quantum Computer based on Superposition

What is Coherence?

Polymers and the Quantum Effect


Vanadyl Sulfate

Vanadyl Sulfate Protects the Heart

Chapter 21. Does Consciousness operate at a Measurable Frequency?

Geomagnetic Storms and 40Hz

The Ajna Light

GABA and Consciousness

Can Meditation Enhance Superposition?

Quantum Collapse and the Brain’s Microtubules

Chapter 22. Types of Meditation and its effect on Brainwave Activity

Types of Meditation and Brainwave Patterns

The 10hz Frequency

What are Gamma Brain Waves?

Flickering Light and Brainwave Activity

How to Generate 10Hz and 40Hz Gamma

Methods that Amplify 40Hz Gamma

Alpha and Gamma waves and Creativity

What is the Eye Blink Rate?

Nicotine Enhances Right Brain Functioning

Phenylacetaldehyde Enhances Photon Emission

What is Phenylacetaldehyde?

Hemispheric Balancing

Stochastic Resonance

Noise Amplifies Electrical Signals in the Brain

10 Hz Current Induces Alpha Brainwave Rhythmus

Seasonal Variation of Sesquiterpenes in the Essential Oil (Lamiaceae)

Chapter 23. Can Photons Travel Backwards Through Time?

Photon Emissions from Living Organisms

Thomas Edison, Luminescence and Silver Sterling Mine





The Time Travelling Photon Experiment

Quantum Superposition and Travel to the Past

Chapter 24. Remote Viewing and Alternate Timelines

Parallel Worlds and the Biophysical Field

Chapter 25. Neutrinos and Parallel Universes

Hydrogen and Alternate Universes

Do Neutrinos Behave like Quantum Waves?


Neutrinos Travel Faster than Light via Super-Luminosity

Why Aren’t Parallel Universes "bumping" into one Another?

Parallel Universes and Healing

Changing the Past to Change the Future

Chapter 26. Microtubules and The Quantum Brain

How many Neurons does the brain contain?

Why Meditation may strengthen the connection with the Liquid Crystalline structures within our body

Are Microtubules Quantum Computers?

A detailed interior of a Microtubule

Consciousness and Neurons

Microtubules in plants

Piezoelectric Properties of Microtubules

Microtubule Structures found in Basalt and Pumice Stone

A History of Microtubules

Chapter 27. Microtubule and Essential Oils

The Action of Essential Oils at the Microscopic Scale


The Terpenes

The Terpenes


Essential Oil Synergy

Seasonal Variation of Blood Pressure

Essential Oils that Lower Blood Pressure

The Composition of Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

Barometric Air Pressure and Blood Pressure

Seasonal Variation and Blood Pressure

Bergamot and Blood Pressure

Synergistic Ratios

Chapter 28. Essential Oils and their Effects on Brainwave Activity

Linalool and Brainwave Patterns

What is Methylisoborneol?

What is Geosmin?

Algae dissolves Radiation


Chapter 29. The Thalamus Region of the Brain and Remote Viewing

Chapter 30. Tungsten as a Photon Light Emitter

Transition Metal Dichalcogenide

What is a TMD?

Molybdenum in foods

Lunar Phase and Mung Beans

What is Tungsten Disulfide?

Microtubules and the van der Waals force

Composition of Rare Earth in Common Minerals

Chapter 31. Microtubules and the Schuman Resonance

The Schumann Resonance Affects the Parahippocampal gyrus

Chapter 32. How Tobacco, Photosynthesis and Manganese all relate to one another

Manganese and Photosynthesis



Acetylsalicylic Acid


Reduced Iron Enhances Manganese Retention

Chapter 33. The TXP Formula

Chapter 34. Favorable Environments and Solar Weather Conditions for Successful Associative Remote Viewing Sessions

Geomagnetic Activity Levels

Earth’s Magnometer

Favorable Gravity Bouguer Environments for Remote Viewing

The Tao

The Properties of Yang


The Seven System

Body Properties

Nutritional Properties

Food Properties




Chapter 35. The Brain as a Hologram and the Field of Zero-Point Energy

Chapter 36. The Zero Point Field and Memory

Waking Conscious states similar to Microtubules

Are Microtubules Interacting with the Quantum Foam?

The Planck Scale and Quantum Consciousness

Do Birds Utilize The Quantum Realm?

Birds may sense Earth’s magnetic field via Quantum Fields

What does Quantum Mechanics Mean?

Quantum Mechanics and Bird Navigation

Birds can Sense Polarized Light

Chapter 37. Variations of Water Moisture Caused by Moon Phases

Scientific Studies of Moon Phase and Water Moisture

Polarized Light and Effects on Microorganism

A list of Dextrogyre Substances

Theta Brainwaves and Rotating Polarized Light



Rainfall according to Phase of Moon

Perigee and Apogee Moon and Rainfall

Weather and Trauma

Time Travel, the Sun and Science Fiction

Air Pressure and Moon Phase

Barometric Air Pressure and Moon Distance

Seasonal Variation of Barometric Air Pressure According to Sunspots and Region

High Air Pressure and Births

Biodynamic Gardening and the Influence of the Moon's Forces

Seasonal Variation

Cosmic Rays and Water Moisture

The Moon's Influence on Nature

The Star Arcturus and Remote Viewing

Chapter 38. How to Find Favorable Solar Weather Conditions to Enhance Remote Viewing Accuracy

The 0.8 MEV Energetic Particles

An LST Time Clock

LST Seasonal Calendar

How to Use the Calendar

Peak Seasonal Remote Viewing Seasonal LST Accuracy Time Slots

A Remote Viewing Financial Markets Template

Why Time Flows at Different Speeds According to its Mass

Closing Remarks / Final Summary

Essential Oils and Creativity

A List Of 6 Tea Recipes That Enhance Intuition

Solar Eclipses and Wind Speed

Heart Rate Variability (HRV) And Exercise

Clinical Trials of Dr. Dardik’s Lunar Exercise Routine

Materials References

Monoterpenes in Essential Oils

Phenol Levels in Essential Oils

Keytone Levels in Essential Oils

Monoterpenes in Essential Oils Chart ¦2

Essential Oils that have the Most Popular Monoterpenes

A list of Terpene alcohols

A list of Cyclic ketones

A list of Aromatic ketones

Van Der Waals Radius of the Elements

Book Index

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