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This hardware is adapted from the book 

Secret Gems Foods & Essential Oils for Intuition & Associative Remote Viewing. Published November 2017


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The device depicted here is version #2 of the remote viewing amplifier.

(Click here to view the first version).

After the upgrade was complete I ran a test ARV session to see where I was going to be 3 days from the date the ARV session was conducted. I originally had plans to be at home 3 days from the ARV session, but the session revealed I was going to be at the beach 3 days from the date of the session. So what ended up happening is my plans to stay at home and study, were changed at the last moment on day 3 and I ended up going to the beach instead. As a matter of fact I found myself arriving at the beach at exactly 3:59 p.m The ARV session revealed I would be at the beach at 4:00 p.m. So in summary this technology can be used to predict where you are going to be at a certain point in time. When using it to predict the financial markets, for maximum accuracy the AFV session should be conducted during favorable solar weather conditions and the right lunar phases. These can be found in the book Secret Gems Foods & Essential Oils for Intuition & Associative Remote Viewing. Published November 2017.


Video - Time Commander logo from an old VHS player. I thought it fitting to place on the device housing unit



Front Face



Tuing Forks and Wrist Grounding Clip



Pendants wore around neck


Coherence Generator


Lights used. UV light and LED flashlight with green lens


Overall view of device


Grounding Rod