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Herbs that Remove Parasites from the Body Return to Homepage

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Parasites are an organism that lives in the intestine and benefits by deriving nutrients at the host's expense.  This means that important nutrients that your body would normally use to help keep the immune system healthy would be taken up by the parasites.  One of the pioneers of parasites is Dr. Budwig and Dr. Clark who have found links between parasites and cancer.  When these parasites were removed, the cure rate of cancer increased significantly.  The basic blend these doctors use are tinctures of black walnut, wormwood and clove.  They must be properly prepared, and as fresh as possible.

From my personal experience, I have discovered that Pumpkin Seeds are very effective, and research has proven that people who eat a lot of pumpkin seeds have little or no rates of prostate cancer. Areca Seed works well when combined with Pumpkin Seeds.

Here are some of the best natural herbs to remove parasites naturally from the body:  Torreya Seed Fruit, China Berry Bark, Agrimonia Bud, Omphalia (Leiwan), Torrya Seed and Basket Fern.  (Torrya Seed can be combined with Basket Fern).

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