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Last night I did the condition yellow exercise and the results were not as strong. I attribute this to doing it when Sirius was just a bit higher over the horizon than usual and also because the solar flux activity was at a very low level, compared to the condition yellow exercise done on March 24th, 2013, where the levels were at higher levels the past few days.

View article on how Condition Yellow Exercise is performed at:

Below is a image of the suns solar flux level on March 27th, 2013.


And below we have an image of the solar flux levels on March 24th, 2013. 


Also higher KP levels "Trap" this energy flowing from the suns solar flux, which was also higher on March 24th, 2013, compared to lower levels on March 27th, 2013. KP Levels can be viewed at this link:

As another interesting observation, there were more cosmic rays entering earths atmosphere on March 24th, 2013. Because the main ingredients used in the condition yellow exercise are amino acids, science has shown that cosmic rays have created amino acids.
¨Comets May Have Delivered Life's Early Building Blocks¨

Cosmic rays are emitted by our sun, as well as from other parts of our galaxy.  So it makes sense, the more solar activity you have, the more cosmic rays are emitted.  It would also make sense that the brightest stars in our universe are also emitting cosmic rays, especially the bright stars of the Sirius System. 


My Theory So Far on the Revitalizing Energies from a Condition Yellow

Since becoming Vegan since 1997, and enjoying a diet consisting of mostly anti-aging foods and techniques, I have become extremely sensitive and intuitive to the energies flowing all around us and have found excellent results using mental healing visulizations to ward off disease and keep my immune system strong.  I intuitively know when my immune system needs boosting around flu season (I never get the flu anymore) and the right amount of exercise needed to keep my body flexible.  After experiencing with energies coming from the moon and constellations, I put together the condition yellow exercise.

Here is what I have put together. It is only my theory, and more research has to be done.  Electrons exist in the air all around us, and are at higher levels than normal during higher solar activity. Irish towers in Ireland have been used to collect energies in the air and channel them into the soil.

Towers of Power are paramagnetic antennas which collect and focus beneficial cosmic energies and direct them into surrounding soil. The spherical paramagnetic energy field around them stimulates biological processes in the vicinity, enhancing the health, vitality and well-being of plants and animals. Topsoil production is accelerated and bumper crops are often the result.

The new science of earthing also uses a wire that goes from the body into the soil, which has had extremely remarkable success in healing many ailments of the body.

When the solar wind "jumps" during condition yellow periods, the higher density of the solar wind becomes trapped in the magnetosphere, charging it with trillions of electrons.

"However, some high energy charged particles from the solar wind leak into the magnetosphere and are the source of the charged particles trapped in the Van Allen belts"
Source: Astrowiki

Now in almost every case when I do the condition yellow exercise, my body is outside in a remote area, usually under a tree and I stand on bare earth.   I believe that the trees act as an antenna during these higher electron periods and channel them down to the soil.  When you are on bare earth during the time these higher electrons are in the air, it creates a "discharge", just as when you touch a doorknob after walking over a floor that has carpet on it, these electrons become discharged.

To confirm the connection between electrons and healing just Google the search term: electrons and healing and you get multiple cases both scientific and personal attributing the power of electrons to healing.

Not only does the solar wind "jump" during a condition yellow, but earth's geomagnetic energy rises also. When this occurs, the electrons also increase.

"During geomagnetic storms, the number and energy of electrons and ions increase"
Source: Wikipedia

The condition yellow exercise also uses Potassium Glutonate and potassium has a trapping effect on electrons.

The trapping and release of electrons by color centers in potassium chloride

It also uses Vitamin E, which has been found to donate electrons.

Antioxidants like Vitamin E provide electrons to free radicals, thereby neutralizing the free radicals' harmful effects

So here we have a unique event that has so far been used with success to create healing and well being in the body.

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