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Eating in Harmony with Solar and Lunar Influences to Slow Aging


 Defeating Solar And Lunar Influences that Contribute to Aging

This chart is based on 5 years of researching foods, solar and lunar conditions

Test this diet and routine for a month and see if you feel any younger after 30 days.

Best Foods to Take

Solar and Lunar

When the boxes on the right 10
through 6 all come together, it boosts the regenerative effects

Regenerative Value
7 Drops of Ormus
Pumpkin Seeds

The Carnosine Mix 
consisting of the following
9 Drops of Clove Tincture, 
2 Carnosine Capsules, a 
pinch of Cayenne Pepper,
2 Vitamin D3 Liquid Gelcaps


Supermoon Full Moon
KP Levels Between 3 and 4



In this range, a healthy
body can handle higher
levels of anti aging substances

Meal same as above Perigee moon

Solar Wind Speed at 350


In this range, a healthy 
body can handle higher 
levels of anti aging substances

Organic Raw Sunflower Seeds
Spring Water
Dinner consisting of: Cottage Cheese,
Sardines and Sesame Rice Crackers

Before Bed: Carnosine Mix shown
earlier with:
5 Drops Clove Tincture and
between 5 and 6 Drops Astralaglus

HeartMath - Concentrating on
unconditional love

Friday Evenings (Anti-aging Alchemy) 6
  Between 4 and 8 hours before
the Star Antares rises in the East
Sunflower Seeds
Spring Water
72 Hours after New Moon or
24 to 48 hours before or after
Full Moon 
Carnosine Mix shown earlier At the first increase in Humidity 1


Proteins rebuild the body quicker during the right levels of solar and lunar activity, which peaks once per year and once a month. 


Monthly Peak: VOC Moon in Scorpio 

Seasonal Peak: From October 23 to November 22 each year (sun in Scorpio)




Solar And Lunar Influences that Acclerate Aging

Minor - The first 8 hours after the star Antares has risen in the east. 

Medium - Perigee Moon

High - Peaks in the Planetary A Index. Seasonal Peaks in the A Index are Spring and Fall. 

Recommendations to offset damage caused by these peaks: Take the Carnosine Mix with Cottage Cheese meal between 3 and 5 days after this peak in the Planetary A Index. 




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