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Moderation is stressed in lifestyle because efficiency is achieved when things are done in moderation.   The Chinese system stresses balance, the balance between the opposing forces of Yin and Yang.  Where there is overbalance, there is disease and sickness. If you are leading an anti-aging lifestyle, this rule is of utmost importance, because many of the best anti-aging substances, if used improperly can accelerate aging or cause severe illness. In this short article I am going to list anti-aging foods, herbs and methods, and how overuse can cause problems.

A good example is wine, which contains the anti-aging substance reservatol, and explains why wine drinkers live 5 years longer. However too much wine leads to obesity and stroke.

Coffee is another example.  Some doctors claim it is an anti-aging substance. And best used in moderation, however we all know that too much coffee causes problems, most notably due to the caffeine content, which the body needs time to get rid of.


Fried Egg – This is a longevity favorite used by many centurions. One example is Florence Baldwin who lived to 130 years of age ate a fried egg sandwich every day
Source Wikipedia

However it is a fact that eating too many eggs causes high cholesterol

Walnuts – The substance Juglone is found in walnuts and their shells.  It is one of the most potent anti-aging substances. However it builds up gradually in the body over the long term and when used in excessive amounts will cause death.

One of many scientific studies proved that low levels of Juglone extended lifespan, whereas larger doses caused premature death. I personally use it in tincture form by taking 2 drops for 3 days in a row with a 5 day break in-between for best results.

ChocolateThese 3 ladies, all over 100 years of age all attribute their long lives to eating chocolate. Chocolate is also high in sugar.  Sugar is good for you in small brief dosages and Sugar Cane is used in Chinese Medicine flu formulas for people who suffer from fever a dry mouth, nausea and vomiting or a bad digestive system. This is because short term dosages of sugar boost the immune system, fighting disease.

And too much sugar raises insulin levels. It is a fact that Centurions (people who live to over 100 years of age) have low insulin levels

The Philosopher’s Stone – For those of you who are familiar with alchemy, only a few grains of the red powder, turn lead to gold or cause other incredible effects.

Too much and it will cause death. There are stories in the circles of Alchemy where a person took too much and it killed him.  In another case a person took the right amount, had his hair and nails and teeth fall out, which than grew back. Another instance a bird was given a few grains and lost all its feathers, which than grew back after a few weeks.

Earth Geomagnetic Activity – There are numerous scientific publications documenting heart attacks from higher than average KP activity (KP means earth's geomagnetic activity)

However, medium levels of KP activity actually restore and heal the body, as I have shown with the Emerald Tablets exercise.

Oxidative Stress – Many people try and avoid stress because too much causes health problems.

However the right amount of Oxidative stress has been shown to prolong life as the study below shows. Extending life span by increasing oxidative stress. M, Schmeisser S.


Doug Skrecky's Fruit Fly Experiments – Showed that as far as number of flies living together per bottle that the best results occurred when there were 10 fruit flies per bottle. This is due to less numbers breeding bad bacteria, perhaps 10 is the optimal range to keep bacteria at healthy levels Living together created the longest lifespan.  When there were too many or to little flies living together, lifespan actually dropped.
View Experiment

As far as Temperature goes the best temperature for the lifespan for fruit flies was the following;

52 F  ---------------152 days

64F  ---------------130 days

68F  ---------------81 days

70F  ---------------86 days

77F  ---------------62 days

81F  ---------------42 days

86F  ---------------25 days

86F  ---------------20 days


Physical Exercise – The right amount of physical exercise boosts the immune system. It is a fact that athletes that train hard suffer from a weak immune system..


So in conclusion knowing the right foods to take, the right amounts of exercise and other information are necessary to longevity.







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