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The Ultimate Conduit For Healing
If you have an incurable disease, willpower alone will not cure it. You need a different form of intention. Intention coupled with going beyond reason and will alone. You must use energy from the Subconscious Mind which is already linked up with all you need to heal yourself.

The unconscious mind is capable of generating waves of powerful emotion
, which you can use to focus upon healing yourself. By doing this you set up “non-reproducible” events, also known as a miracle. Because there is no exact science or medicine to cure every disease, you need to create these “miracles” to heal yourself.

It is the intense faith and abandonment from the norm that causes a “disruption” in your normal way of life, it is a form of disintegration that reforms matter into a newly beneficial arranged state.

The way to tap into this is by inducing a very deep form of relaxation, than visualizing until the right amount of energy is reached and send this energy to the organ or part of body that needs healing. Once you have established this connection, the deep state of relaxation creates the necessary state of mind to do the healing. This is where the transformation occurs. This is why some people subconsciously will “take a break” to let their bodies mend from being overstressed or overwork. When we don’t pay attention to our intuition when our body tells us
we need to take a break to allow it to heal, major illness starts to set in.

This is because reason rules the mind when your body is sick and saying it can’t get well, however allowing the spontaneous to happen, provides a conduit where the energy of the unconscious starts to work. That is why these healing effects work best with sincere conviction and uncontrollability, just allowing events to happen of their own accord. Just as you can’t reason with an insane career criminal, you’ll never reason with an illness that is going to kill you.

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