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For some of you, especially those that have hands exposed to the cold weather and wind, your knuckles may become cracked. What happens is that when you have your hands immersed in warm water in the winter, the water gets under the skin and than when this skin is exposed to the cold, the small water "clusters" "crack" due to the rapid temperature change. Here is a proven and effective remedy.
Increase Oils that have a good EFA (Essential Fatty Acids) ratio. Such as Borage, and Flax Oils. Taking Liquid Wheat Germ also works well. If you have itchy dry skin, taking Wheat Germ and Cod Liver Oil cures this quickly.
Before showering/bathing rub petroleum jelly into the joints/knuckles of your hands.
Immediately after showering, dry the knuckles/joints of your hands with warm air or dry them as soon as possible, than rub one of the following on your knuckles/joints:
Aquaphor (available at walmart) and or Vicks Vapor Rub.
Use Vitamin E soap to help nourish your skin.
Before going to sleep at night, rub the above into your knuckles/joints on your fingers and wear socks over your hands at night. This will not only keep the cold out, but will also help increase the healing process.
Other good oils for the skin include:
Shea Butter
Olive Oil
Borage Dry skin therapy from Shikai available at whole foods.
Other important points are:
Avoid soaps/shampoo that contain MCI (Methylchloroisothiazolinone)
Limit Time hands are in Warm Water
Keep Hands out of the Wind
Use Natural Soaps Only
Dry hands thoroughly after each shower or exposure to water
Increase intake of Flax and Borage Oils during winter time.
Healing The Past. Changing The Present. (Healing Your Inner Child)
A very powerful and effective way to change a negative belief structure of starving, lack, distrust or disharmony.
Why are some of us attracted to certain people, why you react the way you do in particular situations, and what makes you feel helpless, scared, angry, or lonely. This is all based on a negative belief pattern/programming learned from the past. Remember there is nothing wrong with your feelings, there is no shame in being influenced by your inner child. The trick is to ask yourself how those feelings have been influenced by your past experiences. You need to mentally revisit your childhood and/or traumatic situation. See yourself as a child. Feel what your child-self is feeling. It is important to approach this inner child and offer comfort and acceptance in the form of a hug infused with positive, loving energy. When this is done, you are both healing and letting go of the wounded child's pain.
A good way to help change a negative belief pattern/programming or untrue thought structure, is to imagine yourself traveling back in time. Next visit yourself when you were a child, and use the current tools you now posses, such as courage, wisdom, and other healing tools to heal the pain/hurt and trauma you may have experienced at that point in time.
Use all the tools you have now, such as self worth, acceptance etc., and throw these at the situations that caused you trauma not only as a child, but any other traumatic experiences.
You can also use this for the future, see your future self guiding you successfully towards your goal. You can also use the EFT Technique on healing the inner child

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