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Interpreting the clues related to Visualization

Staying connected to "the zone"

The Future and Raw Creative Energy

Finding the perfect place to live

Beneficial Energies Antenna

Staying Focused and on Track of Your Goals

Beneficial Energies Antenna


Amplifying Prayer

What the Urge to Meditate Really Means

Connecting With Your Higher Self

Grounding Energy

Reki Body Cleansing

Reflective Meditation

Turning an Idea into Reality Quickly and Effectively

How to manifest easily

Interpreting the clues related to Visualization
As you visualize your goals, and obtain them step by step, there will be changes along the way which is normal. When you become used to the same old routine after a while and things of all a sudden stop/change abruptly, than that is really a good thing, because it means that we are usually in for something better. Everybody hates boring old repetition and routine. When this flow of routine has stopped, it is time to stop and listen closely to what our higher power or whatever source you trust and believe in is trying to show, tell you. The more the "scenery" of life and ordinary circumstances changes, the more clearer the answer becomes. If the change is gradual, than we have less sight of the change about to occur. So in closing, when you are "in the zone" and things are going smooth as they should, than when the scenery changes, STOP, take a close look and listen to what it is telling you. It is when this"scenery" changes abruptly, and you are open to the answer, that the changes are best interpreted so that you may get one of the most clearer types of answers available.
Question: I have visualized a goal, yet am unsure of which course of action to take after the opportunities become available
To capitalize at the opportunity and choose the opportunity that comes up that will lead you to success after you have visualized, what will happen is the results will usually be "in sync" with what you wanted to occur, or "synchronicities" will present themselves. In other words, things will go smooth and there will be a tendency to be less or fewer obstacles getting in your way towards your goal. When you choose to pursue the choice related to the visualization you have been given you are on the right path.
Energy received during your peak times can be "layered". You can send this energy into other peak times into the future to create a "power spot" for when energy is needed. For example at your 1:30 p.m. peak time, see this energy flow into the next 1:30 p.m. peak time the next day and for the next 3 days in a row. Do this for three days, than on the 3rd day at 1:30 p.m., you will feel a tremendous surge of energy that will have come from the past. You can use this peak power of energy for all sorts of things, a day of healing when you see a doctor, for a sporting athletic event, for a brainstorming session etc.
When we are totally connected to what we are doing and are performing to our capacity in the gold zone, we enter a free-flowing state and become inseparable from our performance. In the same way, when we are truly living in the green zone, we also enter a free-flowing state that captures us and at the same time frees us, releasing us totally to the experience. Embracing such a state is necessary for higher levels of living in both the green and gold zones of life, but this state serves a different purpose in the two zones. In the gold, we are freed to excel in our performance, whereas in the green, we are freed to excel at living the rest of our life. A worthwhile human goal is to become inseparably connected with one's experiences, both in the green and the gold zones of life, and to stay connected there day, every opportunity, and in every performance. This is the essence of quality living and pure excellence. This is the heart of embracing your life and your potential. Don't let yourself get "locked into a state of mind" have the state of mind called "emotion and experience" when you go about your way in life. This invites and creates 'free flowing state". When you can get your body into this zone rhythm, it stays there for a period of time.
Time is only an illusion, things that we value the most, want most of all, time stands still, during that moment to help us reach our goal. Many illustrations of this are given in personal crisis where "time stood still", examples are accounts in war during a mortar attack and the person was saved etc. The exact same thing happens in life, when we are at our most desperate, "time will stand still" to help us overcome any adversities/difficulties as long as we are open to help. When we learn to live in the moment, and we are open to our good, we receive the good the universe wants to give us, including what we ask for.
This increases the manifestation energy and clarifies your intent and goals.
Whenever you feel misfocused, lost in your goals, do this meditation. This meditation transforms greed, and unfocused energy into your dreams and goals.
1: Visualize a silver cord from your spine running deep down into the earth.
2: Now visualize earth energies running up this cord throughout your body and out into the cosmos.
3: Now see cosmic energy flowing down into your head, mixing harmoniously with all other energies and throughout your body and down your spine, along the silver cord and into the earth. See them flowing in both directions harmoniously.
4: Now see your goal. Don't push it just let it flow into your mind. Just feel, touch, live it and taste it like it already exists. Don't push it just experience it.
5: Now let that image fade and repeat steps 1 through 4. Create a new separate independent cord each new flow. Do this in separate stages taking your time and let each new flow mix harmoniously with previous energies.
6: Continue seeing your goal in each new stream until you get a "fix" or "lock" on it and feel focused again. It can take 3 times it can take 7 times. It depends on how much energy is blocked or untransformed.
Most people as they grow older, their emotional and emotional bodies also age. This can result in a lack of continued fulfillment of goals. By using the techniques listed on the Body Rejuvenation Calendar, you can re-bring your bodies poles back into alignment, and when this happens, your goals also manifest faster.
We know that the future is composed up of uncreated / raw energy waiting for us to shape it into our destiny. Where does this energy come from and what is it made of? This energy comes from the sun and other cosmic forces. It has been narrowed down to as far as the 2mev cosmic particles that stream into the earth. They can be forecast 3 days in advance at this address:
as well as seeing them in real time at this address:
when these energetic particles are at higher counts along with higher cosmic ray counts shown at this address:
our prayers/visualizations go smoother and results are manifested quicker. Peak periods of this energy are usually 4 days after a big solar flare storm. They are closely related to the cosmic rays that stream into our earth's atmosphere and certain sandy soils, granite, as well as light/fine elements pick up and rapidly absorb this incoming energy that can be used for creativity. Why do you think people who sell Granite never go out of business? At these higher cosmic ray culminations, all past actions come to a "standstill or midpoint" and evolution "leaps" or "jumps" forward. It is like a culmination of all past actions maturing at one time.
1: Go into a relaxed state of mind.
2: Picture your goal of a good harmonious place to live or stay.
3: Visualize the energies of building construction in the past, present and future of all the places that are currently under construction in a certain geographic location or area. It could be near where you live, or a place near where you want to live.
4: Visualize this until you feel you have reached the right amount of energy needed to make this manifest, not too much energy and not too little.
5: Next see all these energies merge into your chosen goal of finding a good, harmonious place to live (or share), Visualize them manifesting or producing or transforming into your goal, or a nice affordable, beautiful, WITH LOTS OF HARMONY place to live
6: Next step into and picture yourself inside that pictured goal. See like you are stepping into a portrait and becoming a part of that portrait.
7: Have thanks and appreciation for that and know that you deserve to live in a good harmonious place.
This is a good exercise to clear out negative energy. Go to the top of a roof of a building if possible, or do in a room. Raise both hands above your head and see yourself attracting only beneficial positive energies. Attract just the right amount of energy needed to flow down through you and fill you. (Another method is to visualize energies from the sun flowing down and into your being). See this energy as it flows down around you filling you at the base of your spine, than into your body with only positive and beneficial energy. Next visualize this new energy flow out from manifesting you goals and dreams into reality. You will feel considerably different after this exercise. It works most effectively from late January until late April. Than running the energies of gratitude and thankfullness work best.
The power of fasting
A fast can result in quicker manifestation of goals due to clearer thought and consciousness energies which are stronger and the results of goals appear more quickly. So try fasting for even 1 day and visualize your goal. You will find the goal appears more quicker than normal.
To amplify prayer, when you feel the urge to pray, do it right then and there, because you will be given the tools necessary to pray at that time. Praying like this is one of the most powerful ways to pray. Also spend 24 hrs in an undertone of prayer and perform a 24 hour fast to amplify prayer also. Also chant, The power of the divine freely flows through me __(your goal)_____________. After the 24 hour fast, EXPECT miracles and welcome them into your life. This will further amplify the manifestation energies. Use the power of emotion to amplify prayer. See yourself skating on a frozen lake and as you fall in, see those same emotions of fear, divine intervention and fear flow forth, pour these same emotions into your prayer. And finally the most powerful method that amplifies prayer is to add meaning behind your prayer. Doing this means thinking of the meaning behind each word you pray about and allow this meaning to sink into the prayer as you pray.
Other Techniques to amplify prayer are:
1: Focus on the meaning behind the prayer request
2: Have more devotion
3: Have faith that what you pray / ask for will come to pass in its own good time
4: Be in a quiet, relaxed and calm state of mind when praying.
Another good idea is to visit popular prayer request boards on the internet and submit your request / prayer to these boards. This will send an flood of healing / prayer energy your way.
Whenever you get an urge to "meditate" or do some other "inner work", it is because a situation is changing in your life, and this "inner urge" is not only a way to help you accept the upcoming changes, but to push your ego aside while the new enters your life. It is helping you adjust to the new. This is why as of 2013, yoga centers are popping up everywhere, because the entire earth is going through changes.
What is Your Higher Self?
Your Higher Self is your Inner Being, the part of you within, that is connected to spirit. It is the part of you responsible for maximum creativity.
How to Align with Your Higher Self
When you follow what brings you bliss, harmony and joy in your life, you are connecting with your higher self. After practicing this for some time, you will receive a form of "guidance". It is important that this guidance leads your soul to joy, harmony and well being. The hard part is distinguishing the true higher self guidance, but over time with practice you will learn this.
Tools that help are
Surrendering your problems, challenges, or decisions you are facing.
Do whatever inspires you and energizes you.
Indicators of Alignment with Your Higher Self
When you are in alignment with your Higher Self, you will feel;
Fulfilled and following your life's true purpose
Happy, wonderful, and joyful
Confident, relaxed, and at ease
Groundings are a great way to increase the coming good into your life as well as your manifestation energies. It helps you get a clearer perspective of where you are headed.
1: Visualize a silver cord from your spine running deep down into the earth.
2: Now visualize earth energies running up this cord throughout your body and out into the cosmos.
3: Now see cosmic energy flowing down into your head, mixing harmoniously with all other energies and throughout your body and down your spine, along the silver cord and into the earth.
4: See both of these flows flowing harmoniously in both directions.
5: Now see your goal, feel, touch, taste and live it like it already exists.
6: DON'T TRY to force the images, just go with the experience.
7: Now let that image fade and repeat steps 1 through 4 with new separate, independent cords.
8: Continue seeing your goal in each new cord or "stream" of flowing in both directions until you feel a "lock" or "click".
It can take up to 3 or 7 times to get this "click". It depends on how much energy is going to need to be cleared.
Reki Body Cleansing
1: Listen to White Noise if your MP3 Player has it.
2: Put yourself into a relaxed state.
3: See the bottom portion of your body having roots flowing down into the earth.
4. See all negative energy and vibrations flowing down these roots into the earth. Deep down into the earth.
5: Now perform a grounding visualization.
6: Now visualize a pair of imaginary hands just outside of your body, and see them chopping or cutting starting at the top of your head and working its way downwards right down to the ends of your toes. See this as a swift chopping action.
7: Now with the palms of these hands comb the outside of your body with the fingers starting at the top and working down to the ends of the toes. You may have to visualize hard to get the image of the hands doing the work. But it works well when you get the clear image.
8: Now fluff the whole aura up and down as you would a pillow. Do this a couple of times.
1. See each person you interact with and see everyday as an extension and part of yourself.
2. See all that you do in life as assisting in the progress of evolution of advancement and not trying to change anything.
3. Let yourself ride the flow of the universe and go with the flow.
4. Lead your life by positive example. Visualize steps 1 and 2 at the same time to remove Negative Energy.
Because there is an ever flowing presence of energy flowing throughout us, we can tap into this energy and use it to turn our ideas into reality. One excellent way to achieve results is to do the following exercise. Do the grounding exercise shown below to get the cosmic and ground energies flowing throughout your body.
Next think clearly of your goal or idea and see it surrounded in a glowing sphere of white light
Next Visualize your body absorbing or charging itself like a battery until it has achieved the right amount of energy related to this goal. Hold this energy inside of you for as long as you feel is necessary.
And finally see what you or your higher self needs to do to take the simple steps related to help you get to that goal.
Next pay attention to any thoughts or feelings you receive from your intuition or "inner wisdom".
You can perform this "charging" technique 2 or 3 times until you feel you have received enough information to follow through on.
Goals and success are energy, we just need to "mold" this energy to create what we want.
1: Do a grounding exercise shown on this page.
2: Next visualize your goal clearly, like it was inside a gleaming, glowing diamond.
3: Next visualize your body gathering, attracting, the right amount of energy needed to manifest this goal.
4: Next hold this energy into your body until you feel "full".
5: Next ask yourself, "what steps do I need to take in order for this goal to manifest?"
6: Than listen to what knowledge you receive.
You may need to repeat steps 3, 4 and 5 until you feel you have gathered enough energy for the goal to manifest.

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