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I’ve always purchased organic foods where possible, mainly due to the fact that Europe labels their GMO foods and because Organic food just tastes so much better. Over the years I had tried a few GMO foods such as Canola Oil, Sprouted Soybeans and Alfalfa and got allergic reactions to them. When I tried the GMO soy beans by sprouting them raw, or took canola oil with food or tried Alfalfa, all of which were GMO, my body suffered a terrible reaction. When I switched to the NON GMO organic variety, I had no problems. I have since started calling GMO foods "Frankenfood", due to the lack of nutrients it contains.

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Before going further, I strongly encourage anyone wanting to know more about the effects GMO, or Junk foods have on health and behaviour, watch the presentation video below. . The Video is titled: GMO Trilogy - Hidden Dangers in Kids’ Meals: Genetically Engineered Foods by forwarding to the 17 minutes and 16 seconds mark, he clearly explains where tantrums of young children and people in the prison system stopped their violent behaviour when their diet was changed. At the 18 minutes 15 seconds mark, you can see where Appleton School in Wisconsin threw out all their junk food and replaced it with highly nutritious food. The results speak for themselves: Violence, Drugs and Vandalism completely stopped when the cafeteria foods were upgraded to foods that were nutritious. 

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I than came across the following video, which I have shown below. The rest of this article is the result of the massive research effort undertaken by the scientist and his team carefully documenting the damage GMO foods are doing to people and in many cases killing livestock and animals. It also shows that the major companies have gone to great lengths to cover-up the evidence that GMOS are not as good for us as they want us to think they are.

Below is a summary text of the above video, but the video also shows many excellent illustrations of cattle fed GMO foods and cattle fed NON-GMO foods and the drastic damage done to the inside of these animals bodies.

When genetically engineered seeds were first introduced they were seen as a way to solved the worlds hunger and boost the nutrients of our food. Instead exactly the opposite has happened or none of that dream ever came into reality. GMO foods occur when the seed of that plant has had its DNA modified to produce pesticides to ward off insects. Other GMO seeds are modified to produce sterile crops that produce no seeds. They can also take the DNA from other species of plants or seeds to create an entirely new set of genes. Many of these techniques are used to maximize the profit for the corporations and their stockholders with no regard to the long term health consequences of the end use

It is now scientific fact that GMO foods are responsible for the following : allergies, and irritable bowel syndrome and intestinal upsets and complaints. The main factor causing disturbances in the body’s of people using GMO's are mainly digestive problems, although other problems are not uncommon. They completely alter the bacteria in the main intestine. Another disturbing factor is the toxin called BT toxin, which si being produced in our bodies when we drink milk that has been from cows that ate GMO foods. This toxin has been found in high levels in pregnant women, who then pass it on down to their babies

The largest consumer of GMO foods of which approximately 70% of their diet is made up of GMO foods are the South African People. One farm 1 person died monthly from GMO foods as the video shows. When the cattle ate GMO foods, they died within 24 hours, when the GMO foods were removed from their diet, they did not die and were healthy. There has been rumors that the large companies that make GMO seeds like Monsanto, intend to replace natures seeds with 95% of GMO seeds.

The GMO food crops consist of 9 varieties. These are:
Sugar Beets
Hawaiian Papaya
Yellow Crookneck Squash

Being a Raw Foodist, I can personally verify that GMO soybeans have made me sick, and I did not find out the reason why until I learned more about GMO foods. I also got sick from taking Alfalfa and Canola Oils that were GMO produced. Roundup ready plants which have been genetically engineered to produce the insecticide roundup were found to be lacking in vital nutrients compared to their organic counterparts. Research also discovered that drinking milk from cows that had been fed GMO foods, gave the person Manganese Deficiencies. This was because the cow’s milk was lacking in manganese. Manganese just happens to be an extremely important mineral for proper operation of the enzyme called Superoxide Dismutase, which is a key factor in retarding the aging process, for important immune system development and for reducing or fighting inflammation. A lack of the mineral manganese also has been shown to cause premature fatigue and a lack of concentration.

So in summary, perhaps a diet with only a few GMO foods every now and then is probably harmless, but if you intend to supplement your diet with a complete line of GMO foods, the chances of your health suffering over the long term are pretty good.


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Published September 2012 - GMO foods more dangerous than industry suggests by Half Moon Bay Review

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