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This Article is from the Book: Living Healthy Beyond 120, A Centurion&¦39;s Plan for Longevity published by

From my personal experiences, I have had extremely amplified results when taking Ormus with Maca. Other people have also tried Maca with Ashwagandha. Just 4 drops of Ormus to between 1/4 and 1/2 teaspoon of Maca are all that is necessary.

Added April14th, 2015

Using Ormus for Anti-Aging

Using Ormus over the years, I have found the most benefit mixing between 3 and 5 drops of ormus with Carnosine. Also I have found that the last 3 perigee moons and the last 2 perigee moons closest to the Full Moon supermoon, that the Ormus has a stronger affect than at other times the Ormus is made.

Updated Dec 9th, 2014


The best amount of Lye to use is just under 1 cup of distlled water to 2 tablespoons of lye and waiting for the water to clear itself before using.

When adding the lye to the water, you must thoroughly stir the water so the lye is evenly distributed.  This must be done rapidly and not too slow.  Gently add lye only a few drops at a time while doing this.

Once the point has been reached where the Ormus starts to form in the water, you will intuitively feel a “click” in the surrounding region you are in.  At this point, it is a very good sign to slow down adding lye and watch for the Ormus starting to form in the water.

When holding a flashlight at the waterline to watch for the Ormus forming, depending on the angle of the sunlight at the hour of day, you may have to hold the flashlight at 45 degrees to the waterline or 90 degress to the waterline to get the best results to watch for the Ormus forming.

Ormus does not make well in large batches. In other words making it in batches of 3 cups of celtic sea salt compared to the 1.5 cups makes it harder for the ormus to form in the water.

It is best to make the Ormus in separate containers containing 1.5 cups of celtic sea salt and have 3 or more of these containers already prepared so you can do each one separately in the same time period. This means you can use multiple containers and make a lot of Ormus without having to add lots of Celtic Sea Salt in a huge barrel or container, which dilutes the Ormus forming in the water.

Ormus is also called the Philosopher&¦39;s Stone, or the Elixir of Life. Ormus stands for orbitally rearranged universal monoatomic elements or m-state elements. In the biblical era it was called Manna or White Powder Gold. Today it is also known by other names as: monoatomic gold, white gold, white powder gold, m-state, Food of the Gods, Star Fire and AuM. It was originally conceived by alchemists looking to turn mercury into gold and searching for immortality.

In 1975 Arizona cotton farmer David Hudson, accidentally discovered the method of making Ormus via the wet and dry methods. The effects after taking Ormus include increased awareness, energy and in some cases, some people have been cured of skin cancer. This would make sense, because Aloe Vera, which is used by many people wanting to be healed of cancer is composed of a very similar structure to Ormus. I have also read reports from some people who put Ormus on skin cancers (melanoma) and it removed them, although further reserach is necessary to confirm this. 

Below is a short video about making a Maca Root Tincture.  More about tincture making is discussed in my book The Official Guidebook of How to Make Tinctures and Alchemy Spagyric Formulas.

Instructions and Directions:

How to make Ormus part 1

View Part 2 of the above video

Experiences with Ormus

Before you start, I must make it clear, that the most effective way to consume Ormus is by mixing between 3 and 7 drops in food such as Yogurt or Tea and only over a period of no longer than 3 days with a 4 day rest in-between. Higher solar activity seems to aggravate Ormus if too much is taken around higher solar activity. This can be relieved by taking aspirin. . The recommended dosage is 5 drops.  I never take Ormus during condition red periods, as it has caused allergies.  

But when taken properly the Healing and Well Being effects of Ormus are remarkable. Making Ormus is fun, and most of all you can control the quality and freshness. Instructions are as follows: 

Equipment needed:

Pyrex measuring cup. 2 plastic or Stainless steel or Pyrex bowls, to hold at least one gallon volume each, Coffee filters, Strainer to hold coffee filters (coffee pot top is ok unless aluminum.) Do not use aluminum containers to make Ormus. Squirt bottle with good lid, or dropper bottle, pH meter or paper that tests up to at least 11, Glass jar (spigot at bottom is useful), Turkey baster or 50cc syringe (esp. if you don&¦39;t have a spigot on the jar), or you can use a PH Meter.  I make my Ormus in Gallon Containers cut in half. 

Important Notes before starting:

1/2 gallon is between 6 and 8 cups.

Ph level to Harvest the Ormus is between 10.3 and 10.5.  I stopped at 10.3.  When I got to 10.0, I added the lye more slowly allowing the reaction to take longer, thus allowing more Ormus to come out of the water. 

I went through between 12 and 17 coffee filters to get all the contaminates out of the Celtic Sea Salt.  I ran the water with the Celtic Sea salt through a metal sieve first, than through the coffee filter.  At the very end I ran the water again through coffee filters, this time only needing about 3 to fully strain out any remaining contaminates. 

Crystal Geyser or similar type spring water is used for making the Ormus, as well as rinsing it. 


Ingredients needed:

Coarse sea salt,...Celtic Sea Salt Works Best.... or Ocean Seawater gathered from a remote area free of pollution.  Hawaiian Sea Water Works Best. The gray kind that looks damp and clumps together best. I get it from Trader Joes for ¤3.79/2-cup jar. Or you can order Dead Sea Salt directly from reputable online merchants or you can use Sea Water. I have good results using Celtic sea salt. 

Lye (Red Devil Lye is in most groceries in the Drano section). You can also order food grade lye from reputable online merchants.

1 Gallon of Distilled water, White distilled vinegar, Preparation: Do this over the sink, out of the way.


Pour one cup of distilled water in Pyrex measuring cup that is sitting in the sink. Add two tablespoons of lye powder. Standing back from the sink so fumes don&¦39;t get in your eyes and also wearing safety glasses, stir powder until  it dissolves. Note: The water will get hot. If lye powder contacts your skin or clothes, remove it immediately with water and soap---take off the clothing immediately. The powder will eat through clothing and skin. Place the squirt bottle or dropper bottle in the sink and pour the lye solution into the bottle. If water is still hot, leave the lid loosely placed over the top. You can fasten it later, when the water cools down.


Making the Ormus

Pour between 6 and 8 cups of water (I use Crystal Geyser Spring Water due to its purity) into a bowl or plastic container and dissolve 1 and one half cups of salt in the water (or use 1.5 cups of ocean seawater). (Different brands of salt have different yields. Dead Sea salt takes 1/8 cup per gallon.). Using a fork, gently stir the water until the Sea Salt has completely dissolved.

Strain the salt water thru coffee filters into the second bowl. You will probably have to use many coffee filters, as there is a lot of stuff in sea salt. Some people let the Celtic Sea Salt sit overnight in the water so that it fully dissolves. 

With pH paper ready (or digital PH meter), start adding dropper fulls (or very small squirts) of lye-water to the salt water, STIRRING CONSTANTLY. (Vary your stir pattern, as the lye-water will tend to concentrate on one section unless you blend it everywhere.)

As shown below I have found it faster to use a strainer with the coffee filter inside and the container at the bottom to catch the filtered water.
ormus from celtic sea salt

Check the pH of the water. You want the pH to reach 10 without going as high as 11. It will rise slowly until it gets to about 9, and then will go faster. When it gets to about 10 it will suddenly rise FAST. If it gets as high as 11, add a few drops of vinegar to bring the PH back down. When I get to 10, I add the lye drops slower until 10.3, so that more Ormus can be obtained from the water.

Note: The reason for the exact pH reading is that the m-state elements will drop out of the water at just over 10.5. If you go too high, other elements (Gilchrist Elements) will drop out of the water, and they are bad for you. So you want the pH to stay under 11. (10.78 to be exact). When the correct pH is reached, check several places in the water to make sure it&¦39;s evenly distributed. Usually at around ph 10.6 there will be a "quiet" period, during this time allow the ph level to naturally drop.  If you want more, than add more lye to keep the ph under 11.0. 

Sometimes, it wont&¦39; catch, and you will have to start over.  Why this is I do not know, but the only cure is to restart the batch.

You will than see milky, white "clouds" start forming. You have now made Ormus!

Below is a video showing what the ormus looks like when it is forming. It will be the first clouds that form that are the ormus.

Next let this water settle for at least 5 hours. Overnight is best. White or grey precipitate will form at the bottom of the jar which is the Ormus settling down to the bottom. 

When 5-12 hours has passed, drain or siphon off the clear water, and refill the bottle with good drinking water. I personally use Crystal Geyser Spring Water due to its high quality and compatibility with the Ormus. 

Shake it and let it settle again. This is called washing the precipitate. Wash the precipitate at least 3 times with clean water, each time shaking it and letting it settle at least 5 hours before repeating.  

After the last wash, pour the slurry of grey/white Ormus and water into a glass jar with a lid and save it for use. 

Store it away from sunlight and electric or magnetic fields and wrap the glass jar in Aluminium Foil. 

If some of you are privileged enough to live near an unpolluted wild flowing creek or river, making Ormus from these waters has a high mineral content, thus a higher healing ability than normal tap water. He is the method I am currently using.

For water that is less nutrient rich than Celtic Sea Salt, I than bring the PH level up to 11.1, than wait a few moments, than keep it at 11.1 until the elements drop out of the water. During the 3 periods of rinsing, I use fresh creek water to rinse the Ormus with. Note: This type of Ormus I make is for topical use, or for plants and animals not for internal use. If I want to make the edible version of Ormus, I use Celtic Sea Salt with Tap or Spring Water (Spring Water yields more Ormus, especially when it is around a full moon). 

If I want to make an edible form of Ormus from Seawater, carefully boil the seawater for 10 minutes, then make the Ormus from that. I have also used combinations of the Celtic Sea Salt/Himalayan Salt and mixed it with the Ormus from the Seawater to make a super nutrient rich topical Ormus healing compound. 

I use 5 cups of salt water from the ocean and add 16 cups of tap water. I have found that ocean water from the coast of Malibu, California has a higher activation PH than normal seawater from the Hawaiian Islands, probably due to higher levels of pollution (I use freshwater in the mix to get the reaction, than use creek water to rinse the ormus with for the topical version). 

I believe the reason Hawaiian Seawater yields more ormus is because it is fuller of natural volcanic substances, high in Ormus, because Hawaii has many active volcanoes. 

Since Ormus is strongly affected by intent and by energy fields, it seems to increase its potency if you surround it with high-energy objects or objects you are closely connected with or have a connection to. These range from crystals, to photos of beloved teachers or grandmothers, to written intentions of goals, etc.  

How to use. Take 5 drops at a time, no more than 2 times per day. Take during condition green and blue periods, or apply directly to the skin to remove pain from cuts, improve scars, age spots, wrinkles, discolorations, etc. Pets and plants love it. (You don&¦39;t need to use much on plants to get huge yields. If you use TOO much, yield drops. The ratio, is 3 gallons per acre once a season. I&¦39;ve also heard one-half cup per five gallons of water.) Flowering plants bloom like mad after receiving just a few drops of Ormus in their water.  A normal or slightly reduced application rates of nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus are recommended for crops that have received an ORMUS treatment.

Further Purification

Some people choose to go a step further and boil the Ormus to further remove impurities.  The method mentioned on this webpage is good for plants and exterior use and I injest a small amount for personal use.  If you want further purification the webpage below shows how you can take the Ormus to the next level.

The Best Times to Make Ormus

Because Ormus is related to the sun and intention, the best times to make Ormus is when the sunspot count is increasing, and especially at 80 and 160 sunspots, especially during condition green periods.

Another good time to make Ormus is during a full moon, when the moon is in apogee, and during the moons 1st and last quarters. These are periods that earth&¦39;s electrostatic field levels are stronger. Ancient texts also advise spring and late summer as being the best season to harvest Ormus.

Ormus is almost exactly like Aloe, except it is more concentrated. Ormus has a lifespan of approximately 45 to 50 days after it has been freshly made, whereupon it quickly loses its healing power after that. Aloe also expires approximately 90 days after opening the bottle. Usually I make it monthly and use the remaining Ormus for topical use or for plants and the garden. 

Another way to make Ormus is by dissolving gold and this method can be found at the address below:

Advanced Users:
After gaining some experience, making Ormus without a PH meter is very easy.  This is because a trained Ormus producer knows that the Ormus starts to form in the water in a series of small "bubbly clouds", which means the beneficial chemical reaction is starting to take place.  Than after adding a few more drops, the reaction is self-sustaining until the Ormus has fully formed.  If the white bubbles start to go from cloudy milky white clouds to a more thinly, grainy type texture, than you know you have gone too far and the PH is over 11.0.  It will take between 80 and 100 drops of Lye before the Ormus starts to form in the water.  One of the best ways to watch for this reaction taking place is to hold a flashlight with a strong beam to the side of the container flush with the waterline.  Once you start approaching between 80 and 100 drops of Lye, and start to see the reaction happening, add just a few more drops and the reaction will continue until the Ormus starts forming in the container.  Although you may not get as much Ormus as using a PH meter, it is a good way to make Ormus on the fly for small amounts.  The below text is based on making Ormus with 14 cups of water and 3 cups of Celtic Sea Salt.
It takes approximately 1 hour to filter 3 cups of Celtic Sea Salt with water. After you have filtered the first batch of sea salt, you will know if you have a pure enough batch because when you run it through the filters again you will end up using only between 5 and 10 coffee filters.
It is key you always use the exact amounts of sea salt to the exact amount of water, or the beneficial chemical reaction may not always occur.
It can be tempting to squeeze the coffee filter while waiting for it to completely filter the water, but all this does is stretch the filter, letting the contaminates through the filter, so it is best to just let gravity filter the water. 
When going through the 3 rinses of the Ormus, it is key to use only the same amount of water that is in the container that is left after the Ormus has been made. Put a mark on the side of the container, so that when you rinse the Ormus, you know the level you need to fill it up to again.
Do not mix Dead Sea Salt with Celtic Sea Salt when making Ormus, as it does not blend well and the reaction is not always constant. 
If you decide to use Dead Sea Salt, one experimenter has shown that the Masada brand works well.
I make my Ormsu outside and store my PH meter in the garage.  After many years the cool temperatures destroyed my PH meters, so now I use PH strips.  You can buy PH Test Paper on Amazon for around ¤5.00, which is more dependable and durable than a digital PH meter, which is vulnerable to the elements. PH strips can also be found at Garden Centers, in the Garden Section of Walmarts or K-Marts, Hydroponics Stores or Aquarium Pet Stores.
Personal Experiences Using Ormus

When harvesting Ormus from saltwater and the PH level of the air happens to be at the favorable oxygen PH levels, the body will absorb the Ormus energy in significant levels. So you don&¦39;t even need to ingest it at these times. Ormus has a "fermentive" period that it seems to go through. I have also noticed that after storing Ormus, it reaches its peak strength in about 4 weeks, than dies down completely after about 3 months. This is for an 8oz size bottle of Ormus. After that, as I just mentioned, I use it for topical solutions (heal wounds etc.) and plants. It has stopped pain immediately when applied to cuts and bruises, and helps heal scars. I have also left a fresh batch of a small amount of Ormus in my manufacturing workspace. After about 4 weeks, the Ormus seems to soak up and retain the manufacturing energies/intent in the area. I have than placed small drops of this Ormus in my finished work. It greatly magnifies/synergizes the end results. From personal observation, when the oxygen PH reaches perfect Ormus harvesting levels, there is a significant increase in the activity of moths. Moths are attracted to candlelight, which is in the infrared range. Ormus is best taken after you have "warmed up" your "intention engine". I have found when I am doing intentional work, I won&¦39;t take Ormus until about 4 hours later. The Ormus than accompanies my original intention, creating a "wave of energy" that helps complete the intention. This is because the previous 4 hours was spent creating/molding a "template" of intention/goal work and the Ormus merely "fills in" the template, thus manifesting the goal I am working on. I have also found that sleeping with a 1 ounce bottle of Ormus under my bed helps induce peaceful dreams and easier sleep.

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