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Published October 2014, The Official Guidebook of How to Make Tinctures and Alchemy Spagyric Formulas

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Enter the world of nature&¦39;s herbal kingdom filled with enchanted aromatic blends that soothe body, mind and spirit. As you enter this private enchanted realm, you begin to realign yourself with harmony and well being, and your mind and soul begin to experience the healing of nature&¦39;s herbs.

If you are seeking to create tinctures for healing, or general well being, nature&¦39;s herbs are here for you and you won&¦39;t be disappointed with their unique ability to enhance your life with their mysterious re-vitalizing properties.

Nature has given us these unique herbs so we can enjoy the fullness of life and the rewards of living in harmony and absolute tranquility with nature. Many of these you already possess in your kitchen, garden or local forest and this guidebook shows you how to unlock their complete healing powers.

This book, written by professional herbalist Scott Rauvers, takes you by the hand on a journey to explore the exciting world of nature&¦39;s gifts.

Added November 21st, 2014

An important note about taking tinctures on a regular basis, I have found that over time the energies of the tincture will build up gradually in the body, so if you are taking say 15 drops a day for 7 days you will feel your body accumulating the energies of the tincture.  Tinctures work best for recovery and energy boost.  For example I like to use FO TI with the SOD mix for recovery or before starting energetic activity and rhodiola rosea and Black Walnut at 8 drops of rhodiola rosea and 2 drops black walnut before an energetic day. I have found that best results occur taking 9 drops of a tincture daily for 3 days in a row with a 2 day break in-between.

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Number of Total Pages: 188

Book Chapters


My Professional Background And Experience With Herbs And Tinctures                        

The Convenience Of Tinctures       

Why Tinctures Are More Cost Effective And Longer Lasting Than Herbal Capsules                       

Chapter 1                    

Beginner Question And Answers  

What Are Tinctures?               

Making Your First Tincture.  A Step by Step Simple Summary               

How do I Make a Tincture Using Glycerin?                       

How do I Make Flavored Tinctures?   

How to Make a Nasal Spray Tincture   

Does Exposing My Tinctures To A Few Hours Of Sunlight After Making Them Increase Their Potency?          

How Do I Use My Finished Tinctures?   

What Are The Best Times Of Day To Harvest The Leaves, Stems And Roots Of Herbs?                       

The Best Seasons And Times Of The Year To Gather Herbs 

Chapter 2

Preparing Herbs For Making Tinctures                       

Where Can I Find Herbs In Powder Form, Freshly Harvested Or Dried?                       

What Herbs Can I Make A Tincture From Without Having To Shake The Bottle Daily?                   

Because Some Herbs Soak Up Heavy Metals In The Surrounding Soil, Are Tinctures Safe To Consume?                        

Chapter 3

Common Questions And Answers Regarding Alcohols Used In Preparing Tinctures                        

What Does The Wording "Proof" Stand For On Alcohol Bottles?       

Why Is 100+ Proof Alcohol Best For Making Tinctures?               

How Long Should I Soak Tinctures?   

How Much Liquid Alcohol Should I Use When Making My Tinctures?   

What Is The Difference Between Everclear And Vodka?              

Should I Use Brandy Or Everclear Or Vodka Which Is Best?               

What Is The Required Strength Of Alcohol To Use For Herbs That Are High In Resins, High In Moisture
Or High In Gums?               

How Much Alcohol Do I Use For Fresh Herbs And Dried Herbs?        
Is There A Risk Of Getting Drunk From Taking Too Much Tincture?           

How Does A Glycerin Tincture Differ From An Alcohol Tincture?           

Chapter 4

Tincture Soaking, Bottling And Storage                       

How Do I Filter, Extract And Bottle My Tinctures After They Have Soaked?                       

Extracting And Bottling Your Tinctures After Soaking Them  
What Is The Best Way To Strain (Decant) My Tinctures When They Are Ready?                  

What If I Don&¦39;t Shake My Tinctures Daily, What Will Happen?                                

How Will I Know If My Tinctures Have Expired?                   

Why Do Powdered Herbs Soak Up More Liquid?                   

Where Is The Best Place To Store Tinctures?                  

Why Is It Important To Label And Date My Tincture Bottles?       

Which Is Better For Health And Healing, The Mother Tincture Or By Just Using A Plain Tincture?         
What Uses Are There Of The Leftover Tincture Mother (Menstruum) For?               

Chapter 5

General Questions And Answers   

How Many Drops Of Tincture Are Best For Infants, Children, Adults And Seniors?               

How Do I Remove The Tannis From Herbs?                   

Does Taking Echinacea Tincture In Cold Water Or Hot Water         

Boost Its Effects On Creating A Healthy Immune System?           

Chapter 6

Tincture Recipes For Well Being And Healing                  

A Tincture For Boosting Memory, Concentration And Focus           

A Tincture For Strengthening And Nourishing The Heart - Hawthorne Berry  (Crataegus Species)           

How To Make A Tincture For Eyestrain Relief And To Strengthen Vision                       

A Tincture For Cold And Flu Prevention - Elderberry              
How To Make Elderberry Tincture Using Elderberries               

How To Make Elderberry Tincture Using Dried Elderberry Powder       

How To Make Elderberry Cough Syrup                   

A Tincture For Instant Migraine Relief And Stress Relief - Fever Few                   

How To Make A Fever Few Tincture   

A Tincture for Mental Refreshment   

How to Make your Own Multi-Vitamin Tincture                   

A Tincture For Stress Relief And Insomnia                       

Anti-Aging Longevity And Physical Strengthening Tincture             

Anti-Depression Tincture - St. John&¦39;s Wort                   

How To Make St. John&¦39;s Wort Tincture                       

A Tincture For Instant Sinus Relief - Yerba Mansa                   

A Tincture For Instant Relief Of Cold Sores – Echinacea               

A Tincture For Weight Loss –  Ginseng                        

How to Make Your Own Ginseng Tincture                   

Longevity Tincture Combining         

Chapter 7

Advanced Tincture Making       

The Multipurpose Swedish Bitters   

Tincture With Over 40 Medical Uses   

How To Properly Prepare The St. Germain Formula               

The Overnight Rejuvenessence Formula                       

What Is A Flower Essence?           

What Are The Best Times To Take Flower Essences?                  
How Long Does A Flower Essence Last?                 

How Do I Make A Flower Essence?   

Preserving Your Flower Essence  

Making A Flower Essence Using The Boiling Method                   

Solar Infusions                   

How Do I Make A Solar Infusion?       

The Steaming Towel Method          

How To Make Herbal Infusions       

How To Make A Compress           

Chapter 8

Spagyric Tinctures                

What Is The Meaning Of The Word Spagyric?                   

How To Make A Spagyric Tincture   

Making A Spagyric Tincture With The Oven Method               

How To Make An Ens Tincture       

How To Use The Ens              

How To Make Ormus               

Tinctures To Attract Men               
Tinctures To Attract Women          

Chapter 9

Creating Customized Tinctures    

How To Make A Long Lasting Spring Wine Tincture                   

How Do I Make A Sweet Honey Infused Tincture?               

Additional Tips And Suggestions For Tincture Making               

Chapter 10

Popular Tinctures And Scientific Studies Conducted On Them And How These Tinctures Are Used To Heal And Enhance Overall Health.        
The Results Of A Scientific Study Conducted On Marshmallow And Rosemary Tinctures              

The Results Of A Scientific Study Conducted On Lavender           

The Results Of A Scientific Study Conducted On Jalapa               

The Results Of A Scientific Study Conducted On Hawthorne           

 The Results Of A Scientific Study Conducted On Echinacea           

The Results Of A Scientific Study Conducted On Daisy              

The Results Of A Scientific Study Conducted On Danshen           

The Results Of A Scientific Study Conducted On Dombey           

The Results Of A Scientific Study Conducted On Dendrobium Candidum                       

Chapter 11

Environmental Factors And How They Affect Tinctures            

Does Higher Than Usual Solar Activity  Affect Tincture Making?       

Do Tinctures Turn Out Better When Made With A Planetary Chart?       

Chapter 12

Tinctures For Pets                

Administering Tinctures To Your Pet   

Books For Further Reading           

Handy Cooking Conversions Drops, Teaspoons, Pints and Ounces       
A Chart Of The Planetary Hours For Making Spagyric Tinctures           


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