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Some of you may have heard of Alex Chiu who states that by using special magnets placed at certain positions of the body, it can stop aging.  It is a fact that magnets increase circulation in the body

From my research into herbs, I know that the herbs Cayenne Pepper, Hawthorne Berry and Stinging Nettle increase circulation in the body.  Cayenne Pepper happens to be one of nature’s most powerful healers. So does this mean there is a link between healthy circulation in the body and anti-aging?  For those of you who are familiar with Cayenne Pepper, it is like taking Mexican Chilies or Red Peppers, the burning is extremely powerful. I only use a few grains myself with Carnosine to get the benefits, as taking even 3/2 teaspoon will burn the mouth severely.

After researching this further, I came across a person who after taking A LOT OF Cayenne Pepper placed a magnet next to his cheek, which immediately stopped the burning. At 4:00 minutes into the video he talks about how you can use magnets to stop the pain from stinging nettle and Cayenne Pepper. The Video is posted below.


Also you can scroll down the page to Feb 12th, 2014 to read more information about the above video:


Anyway back to point, this person discovered that the magnets actually stopped the burning sensation caused by the Cayenne Peppers.

As just mentioned earlier, from my own experience in using Cayenne Pepper, I use just a few grains and take with Carnosine and have found that it boosts the regenerative effects of Carnosine significantly. This means the circulation that flows throughout our body is similar to, based on or affected by magnets.

We can visualize this flow using the same lines of force as the magnetic field flows around the earth, giving us a north and south pole.  And the Emerald Tablets Exercise positions the body at the north and south poles to increase circulation in the body at the end of the exercise. 


>This would also mean that taking Cayenne Pepper or similar circulation boosting herbs that after taking them, and then laying down north would help increase the health of the body, because it will stimulate healthy circulation.

This could explain why the plant Cayenne Pepper is one of nature’s most powerful healing plants, because it helps increase the circulation in the body, which is subject to magnetic fields. It would be most interesting to do experiments with Cayenne Pepper plants grown beside a magnet, and another in a Faraday Cage with no magnetic field to observe the effects produced.

So in conclusion, having a healthy flow of circulation throughout the body is important o health and well being and knowing where to position the magnets or orient your body in the right magnetic field direction and taking the right herbs can help increase the circulation in our body, as well as help keep us healthy.

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