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Welcome to California Exotic Technologies

View our New Lamp Stove at

This new device uses 24 Peltiers (TEC's) wired in series to charge a 2.7 volt super capacitor in 3.5 hours. It can also be used to cook, heat and create a lot of light. More and more videos will be posted in the coming weeks.

Added February 22d, 2015.Below is a complete overall explanation of the device

Lighting the Lamps to Charge the Peltiers:

Detaching the Peltier from the Stove

Fits on bike rack

LampStove is a revolutionary new way to cook, heat and provide light in remote areas. With the ever and newly emerging technology of generating electricity from heat, lampstove is poised to make charging USB devices quick, rapid and easy.

Making Eggs with the Lamp Stove

How the Supercaps connect to the Peltiers

Lighting the Lamps to Charge the Peltiers:

Lampstove is water resistant and lightweight.

Jan 4th, 2015

TEC Test

TEC Assembly Close Up

December 5th, 2014.

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The Future, Using Body Heat to Create Electricity 
An Engine that Runs from the Heat of Your Hand
A Flashlight that runs forever by the heat of your hand

After almost 7 years of intense anti-aging and longevity studies, is now moving towards New Energy Engineering.  After over 3,000 pages and 5 books on how to extend life organically, we feel that we have accomplished enough on this topic and hopefully set a new trend towards life expectancy. The daily health forecast will continue, due to its numerous healing and creative benefits.

With the new energy revolution taking place, we are turning our focus on technologies that are sustainable, use little or no resources and are clean running.  We are going to name this section CET, which is short for California Exotic Technologies.

Our most recent project was the Zero Point Energy battery, which is a non-toxic battery that generates low power and is weather proof. 

Our next project is tapping energy from the electromagnetic flux.  Just as our earth is a large magnet and attracts magnetic flux energy from the sun, we can also build a non-moving device that works along the same principle.  This allows us to generate large amounts of energy with no moving parts. It also allows loads to run cooler and more efficient.  We are naming this project the Magnetic Flux Project .

One word of caution, these technologies have the potential to generate extremely high voltages. This is because the same energy that we are tapping is the same energy in every living creature on earth, and must be used cautiously and responsibly.  Now is the time for these technologies to come out and replace coal, oil, gas and reliance on dangerous nuclear energy.  Non-moving, silent and devices that power loads without wasting energy are the future and are part of the solution towards a more sustainable, healthy planet in the long term.

As a parallel project, we are also working on a generator for a bicycle that uses a cpu fan to charge a lithium battery.  Over time we hope to generate enough amperage to allow it to self-run an electric motor making the bicycle completely 100% self-energy sufficient.  We are naming this project the Magnetic Fusion Generator. Combined with the Magnetic Flux Project, we should be able to generate more than enough power to run an electric motor, with enough left over for charging electrical devices  and powering lights.


The Zero Point Energy Battery - A non-toxic battery with long lasting ingredients (click to enter)


The Future Dow Project (click to enter)

This is an ongoing current project that will research the last 2 years of Dow Jones Data with the daily condition colors to create  / plot a predictive pattern that will give a general range / forecast of where the Dow Jones will close higher or lower in the coming days.  This is based on retrieving information from the future via the condition colors and using current solar conditions to forecast 24 to 48 hours in advance.  We have tried this in the past with limited success, however our new models seem much more promising and we are going to list all the research and the methods used so anyone can also use this knowledge to help predict future Dow Jones movements. 

These are just a few of the promising technologies we will soon share with the world. We currently have another 7 under review that are just as exciting.


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